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1:52 AM
Q: Position of the separable prefix

user268569In the sentence, "Why don't you come along to drink coffee?" Is it right to say "Warum kommst du nicht Kaffee trinken mit?" Or "Warum kommst du nicht mit Kaffee trinken?" Grammatically, I think it should be the first one, but for some reason I feel like something is wrong with it. Any feedback ...

7 hours later…
8:25 AM
@Vogel612 First of all, whose post do you mean at all? Mine or that of german.meta.stackexchange.com/users/28897/… ?
As for me, the worst thing I said about other users is that other folks (of course, I meant german.meta.stackexchange.com/users/28897/… ) might be trying to hide their incompetence behind bashing others. Note that I did not claim that they are indeed incompetent or that they are indeed bashing others. It was simply my reaction to their comments, which were, well, by all means below any criticism.
6 hours later…
2:33 PM
^ Für alle, die Emojis richtig platzieren wollen. Duden weiß Rat.
3:30 PM
Q: Why was Fraktur abolished in Germany?

KaiyouWikipedia’s take on the topic is roughly this: On January 3, 1941, the National Socialist German Workers' Party, or more precisely Martin Bormann, issued a circular to all public offices which declared Fraktur to be Jewish letters and prohibited their further use. German historian Albert Kapr...

8 hours later…
11:01 PM
@Stephie ;-)

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