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4:40 AM
@J.M.needshelp. Yes... but similarities of numbers used by Europeans and those written in actual Arabic are so slim you can basically forget the whole thing.
@J.M.needshelp. Have you been exposed to numbers in French? It makes English seem easy.
2 hours later…
6:58 AM
I need replacements for \*Message\* and \*Failure\* names parts for my functions to avoid possible collisions with System or GeneralUtilities functions.

But they should clearly indicate association with Message and Function so can not be completely different.

I was thinking about "Msg", "Flr". But I'm not so sure about the latter. Also "Fail" would be nice if it wasn't a verb.
Any ideas?
p.s. I don't like having a prefix for all package functions in this case.
7:26 AM
@Kuba can you give an example of the kind of function you're worried about? Do you want a raw Message function in the context? Could Msg and Err work? Or Exception? That's what python calls its Failure class.
@b3m2a1 I will still work with System's Message and Failure but will provide utilities for them. Good example will be ThrowFailure, which already exists in GeneralUtilities
So the problem with Err is that it is not clear that it really means Failure :p
@Kuba ah I see. Unfortunately I don't know of any nice abbreviation for Failure.
@b3m2a1 it seems that a fixed prefix is the most viable option. I don't like abreviations in code anyway
3 hours later…
10:34 AM
Is my brain going dull or are some questions really badly explained?
3 hours later…
1:12 PM
Is anyone interested in reopening this:
Q: Get the color from a spectrum

jamesI have the following spectrum (tabulated as {wavelength, power}): spectrum = {{400, 0.16196`}, {403, 0.14969`}, {406, 0.1379`}, {409, 0.12663`}, {412, 0.11589`}, {415, 0.10572`}, {418, 0.096116`}, {421, 0.087105`}, {424, 0.078697`}, {427, 0.070899`}, {430, 0.063719`}, {433, 0.0571...

It is technically a dupe, but there are a few different bits that need to be done for this specific case as well.
@kirma It has been a while since I took up French, so I had to look it up again. It's a bit like Spanish, which is also a bit confusing.
2:02 PM
posted on April 12, 2018 by Sandra Sarac

This year, we’ll be in Oxford for the European Wolfram Technology Conference. Join us June 14–15 for two days of expert talks showcasing the latest releases in Wolfram technologies, in-depth explorations of key features and practical use cases for integrating Wolfram technologies in your ecosystem. Catering to both new and existing users, the conference provides an [...]

2 hours later…
4:01 PM
@Kuba @J.M.needshelp. Now that Apple renamed OS X to macOS perhaps it's time to make macosx the main tag, and let osx and macos point to it? Otherwise, people may start getting confused eventually.
@Szabolcs Agreed. Let me do a little finagling...
@Szabolcs I used instead, and had the other versions point to it.
posted on April 12, 2018 by Stephen Wolfram

The more one does computational thinking, the better one gets at it. And today we’re launching the Wolfram Challenges site to give everyone a source of bite-sized computational thinking challenges based on the Wolfram Language. Use them to learn. Use them to stay sharp. Use them to prove how great you are. The Challenges typically [...]

4:34 PM
Finally figured out how to do this cartoon, after so many years:
2 hours later…
6:14 PM
sorry WRI, but your new web site design is horrible. so much RED bright coloring with white text is bad for eyes. I could not look at it for more than 3 seconds. My eyes started to hurt.
challenges.wolfram.com/#tracks I have no idea why some think that using so much bright colors on site makes it better. The above is a good example of what a web site coloring should NOT be.
@J.M.needshelp. that is really cool animation !
6:41 PM
@Nasser I understand your opinion on the site visual. When I have this kind of reflex ions, I do ask myself if I’m the target population. And recently, my thoughts are typically like this: if the target might include a younger generation and if that geration talks between each other more often with some social app than with sounds, most likely any opinion they might have is heavier than mine...
7:04 PM
@J.M.needshelp. Why didn't you ask the question for all those years then? :)
7:29 PM
@Nasser @P.Fonseca install something like Stylish. Create a new style for a domain "challenges.wolfram.com":
* {
 background-color: dimgray !important
and it already feels much better
Needs more than a simple rule in general but it is a start.
2 hours later…
10:00 PM
@Kuba I do not think dark background is good either. Even though it is just gray. Best thing is light white background with black text, just like we have there and on stackexchange, and most known websites. white background with black text is easier on the eyes. At least eyes which have been around more than few years. I do not know who designs these WRI web pages, may be some new hires from Microsoft word dept, but I find them not good at all. Lots of empty space as well for no reason.
10:11 PM
@Nasser It could be worse. They could have used more than 4 fonts.

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