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9:21 PM
What are some guidelines for releasing a package, mostly in regards to creating the documentation, if it's really necessary or just a readme file, or what is really expected?
@vlg CTAN like there to be something beyond a README
@vlg There are no strict guidelines beyond a readme, but most people would like to have some real documentation beyond that. It depends a bit on what the package does, of course.
Designing a logbook for diabetics, provides graphs, too. Wanted to make it pretty and automated. There were only 2 other packages two had some similar and they could use some work, imo.
For example, I'm not sure whether I should but color options in the preamble of a temple.tex or keep that clean and put everything in the .sty for the person to edit it.
@vlg Documentation on how to use and provided macros would be appreciated, I guess. It doesn't have to explain how thinks work in detail, just what is available at the user level and how to use it.
@vlg editing the sty file shouldn't be necessary. Make options available either via package options or with macros.
Would you happen to know how package documentations are made? Is it a template, because most seem similar- with the macros on the left margin and all that
9:30 PM
@vlg there are classes for that, e.g. my duckuments package uses l3doc.
@vlg See ltxdoc for the 'standard'
Great, thanks
@vlg Personally I draw a big distinction between user documentation and code documentation, and the 'standard' that @JosephWright refers to is appropriate for code documentation but not necessarily for user documentation.
@AlanMunn You don't like \DescribeMacro?
@JosephWright Oh, sorry, reading too fast... you're talking about l3doc. I haven't used it so no comment. :)
9:38 PM
@vlg don't assume people will edit a .sty file that make's things difficult in most setups
@vlg that is probably doc format which is common as it's distributed with the core latex release (and documented in the latex companion book) and used for the latex sources
9:59 PM
@ChristianHupfer Thanks :)
@ChristianHupfer I guess this really means that I'm spending way too much time here :P
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\foreach \X in {1,...,10}
\draw[black] (0,0,\X) circle ({\X*0.45});
\draw[thick,blue,->] (0,{\X*0.45},\X) -- ++(0,0.32,{-0.3*0.45});
\draw[thick,blue,->] (0,{-\X*0.45},\X) -- ++(0,-0.32,{-0.3*0.45});
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