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8:08 PM
Same here. I use linux at work, but I leave my home computer on Windows because of games
I need to try putting Fedora on my Surface, though...
I used Ubuntu for a while when I couldn't get Win7 working right on an old Dell Mini. Very educational.
"Hmm, this looks like a good app." 743 dependencies. Download? "Oh. Oh. that's.. Not for this desktop...."
@John there are a lot of recipes, including: craft a random 6linked rare poecraft.com/bestiary
Ooh there's another new one from a few weeks ago
I have no clue who to cc on things. Should I start compiling cc lists?
Or maybe make an add-on that gives notifications for custom @ handles?
Like I could "cc @Warframe" and everyone who subscribes to the @Warframe list gets a notification?
That does need to be a feature
Someone make a bot that does that
8:25 PM
Would probably use something other than @ though so I don't get any username collisions.
@KevinvanderVelden Might be an interesting side-project.
&Warframe, I guess.
Use the SE<->IRC bridge, done
Should be a few dozen lines of python (assuming pre-written lines and little to no sanity checking)
Eh, I'm not sure I'm comfortable with adding a bot that just creates giant cc lists for things.
Maybe a userscript that trawls the transcript, but that would be a lot of requests.
Well you shouldn't stop at the few dozen lines of python =p
@Yuuki # is a fairly common usage for something like that
8:28 PM
I don't use hashtags either, but it's a standard usage...
@SaintWacko Eh, the issue is that #thing has colloquial use too.
Not just for hashtags but for numbers too.
Same reason why I'd avoid $.
I'm leaning towards & or +.
Okay, but realize that it's only going to happen for things that have been set up to be a list
Probably & because I don't know any use of pre-pending ampersand to things other than maybe code.
Gotta be more obtuse. █ should be a good one.
What are the limits on how many people can be pinged (pung?) in a single chat message?
8:30 PM
I feel like this calls for science
Well there was an old exploit that pinged /everyone/...
@Wipqozn @Arperum @SaintWacko @Maximillian @Yuuki
Who didn't get pinged?
Well, I was the last person on that list and I got pung.
I hate doing requirements analysis. "The ... system shall ...<do something>, at the maximum rate possible ... given <these criteria>." What does that even mean? How the hell am I supposed to demonstrate that? We have no idea what that maximum rate even is!
So at least 5
8:31 PM
@Ash @Maximillian @Yuuki @Wipqozn @fredley @Frank @KevinvanderVelden @Dragonrage @kalina @Arperum @Hoi @Unionhawk @Fluttershy @StrixVaria @murgatroid99
Highlight but no ping
Anyone not get pinged there?
I got pinged
I got pinged
so it's either 10 or 11
8:32 PM
I feel left out
And @hoi is not at a pc right now.
Sorry, @MBraedley, didn't see you in the chat lol
@Unionhawk Probably 10 because 11 would so ridiculous that it's not even funny.
@Arperum easy fix: ping hoi first
8:32 PM
I wonder...
Unless off by one
so it doesn't really matter if they're here or not since we konw the first ping works
@Yuuki cc @GodEmperorDune @Ash
@Yuuki @Yuuki @Yuuki @Yuuki @Yuuki @Yuuki @Yuuki @Yuuki @Yuuki @Arperum @MBraedley @Unionhawk
Highlighted but no sound
8:34 PM
Careful, you could call ten different Yuukis in here.
Okay, so it's just 10
And this is what I was curious about
Duplicates count towards the limit
Yep, so if I do a bot that cc people in lists, then I'll have to filter duplicates.
Also interesting is that it'll have to handle username changes.
And the list can only be 10 people, but that's not a big deal
We just ban people from changing usernames
Could probably just store the user id and then query for the username whenever it's called?
8:35 PM
Can you make the bot so that people have to request to be added to lists?
@SaintWacko I could see some lists having more than 10 people.
So you can't add someone else to a list
Like naturally, everyone would be subscribed to &Puns.
@Yuuki It can just do multiple messages, then
@Yuuki NO
8:36 PM
And #Friday
sets fire to everything
I still think that # is a much more natural character to use
@StrixVaria honestly not off to a good start. It's interesting because very linux user I know also has a windows partition, I just don't find it as usable due to compatibility issues
Funnily enough, I had this idea a few months ago.
Especially in a chat that talks about C&C
8:37 PM
Mostly because I wanted to ping &Canadians.
And D&D
Just don't have a list for &D?
@SaintWacko Could easily filter on & being the first character in a word/term.
@Yuuki Yeah. Could also filter for # being followed by text and not numbers :P
Even possibly C&D.
8:38 PM
@SaintWacko But what if you wanted to ping people with numbers (#31337h4xx0r5)?
Or #42069?
Then just no
I mean, that is a good point. I'm just trying to keep the pattern used across most of the internet, where # is used to denote a topic or reference
There's also the thing where if you did do something like "We're #1!" the bot would trigger, but it wouldn't find a "1!" list and so would just go back to sleep
@SaintWacko So... "We Are Number One But There's No Number One"?
@Yuuki Exactly :D
user image
how most potgs are made
8:45 PM
Steamed Hams but Skinner is Number One.
@badp occasionally it's holding down left click action
I've seen some pretty impressive Brigitte PotGs and I'm kinda excited to play.
@Yuuki Ooh, is she on the PTR?
8:48 PM
@Yuuki *to watch everyone play loading screen races to pick her from under your mouse
Yeah, it's pretty bad in quick play
and no limits is bad broadly speaking
I mean you're signing up for six tracers
you're going to have to be the sixth tracer
@badp *six meis
8:49 PM
@badp He said bad
I'm sorry
Well, in the PTR it's 6 <new hero>
when this last happened and I mentioned I was terribad at tracer the group of four that forced the meme upon us offered to compromise on six moira
I haven't played since just after the hacker went in.
@SaintWacko I got pinged
8:51 PM
I had a few games that weren't entirely Brigitte. Some people will play those modes to see how a certain hero will play against the new one.
the real question is, do you get loot boxes in PTR and will they give you Brigitte things too
@badp You get loot boxes, but they don't carry over to the main servers
@badp I mean yes, no, and PTR is a separate region that doesn't transfer items or levels
(there are no brigitte cosmetics on PTR)
they occasionally refresh user profiles from live
I got pinged for something
8:53 PM
@Yuuki hue
Don't worry about it
Many people got pinged for science
@badp Yes, and no, but that's because I don't think there's any Brigitte things anyway, and the third unasked question, no, they don't matter, because they don't move over to the regular regions.
8:54 PM
And some people did not get pinged for science
People who got a highlight, but not pinged, did it give you the little yellow bubble?
@SaintWacko I don't remember.
@SaintWacko no
@Yuuki @Yuuki @Yuuki @Yuuki @Yuuki @Yuuki @Yuuki @Yuuki @Yuuki @Yuuki @MBraedley
@SaintWacko No ping notification (and I didn't have my earbuds in, but I didn't get the sound the last mass ping either).
8:57 PM
@MBraedley Bah
I was hoping it would be at least give you the bubble
Then it would be fine that it didn't audibly ping you
@badp Oh yeah, I don't expect to play her any time soon.
@SaintWacko I'm not sure if it'll even hit your stack exchange notifications.
9:00 PM
just a tasteful touch
9:16 PM
My parents just said "goodbye teenager!" as I went to my room. At dinner I also said "tomorrow there won't be any teenagers living in your home anymore" to which my dad replied "well finally! it took you 10 years dammit!".
@MBraedley Darn, that would've made things easier
Wait, am I older than @Arperum?
I'm turning 20, @arp is turning 30
but he's in denial
Oh man. 20. I remember 20.
I just recently hit 36.
@Hoi 30 is tough, RIP @Arperum
9:18 PM
i used to get injured from like doing activities
Okay, so I'm not older than @RIPerum.
now i get injured from sleeping
@GodEmperorDune Well, thanks to sleep apnea, sleeping could kill me if I do it wrong. Although I think that's a very small chance.
@arp is convinced he is eternally 22
9:20 PM
@Yuuki :/ we had a baby alarm thing that detected and alerted if she stopped breathing, surely they have similar things for adults
@arp ur old
@GodEmperorDune I recently got a CPAP machine that applies positive pressure to my airways.
@yuuki my dad has one too, my mum describes the sound as weird vacuumcleaner humming
I have one of the quieter ones and I think my breathing is louder than the machine.
9:22 PM
@Yuuki TIL, i thought a CPAP machine analyzed pap smears but that is A DIFFERENT THING ENTIRELY
@GodEmperorDune I worry about the picture in your head when @StrixVaria and I were talking about CPAP machines in the past.
It's ok @Arperum, @Stern'old is like 50 or something.
@Dragonrage 50 millenia, yeah.
@Yuuki i mean a machine is a machine, it doesn't have a special headcanon
@Arperum I definitely won't be reminding you of that fact on saturday, repeatedly
9:23 PM
There is also the chance I have a collegue that is younger than I am now. I don't know, haven't asked him.
Idk actually, I just know he is old because we call him @Stern'old
i think we compared birth years one time and @sterno was only like a year older than the next bridger
Yeah he's not the oldest here
@KevinvanderVelden preposterous
@KevinvanderVelden MULTIPLE WEEKS LEFT
9:26 PM
Time works differently on the bridge. @Sterno is several millennia old or something and @Ronan is forever 16
@Arperum Yeah but you'll be celebrating/mourning that fact on saturday
@Dragonrage 16*
I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Video games played offline off the shoulder of Orion. I watched super soakers glitter in the sun near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.
@Arperum say goodbye to your teenage girlfriend, old man :p
@Hoi rekt
9:33 PM
@Arperum 30 isn't bad, I have been it for 7 whole months
(I might be overdoing it at this point)
@Arperum I am not sure what you mean here
He won't be 30 for a few weeks
But then he'll be 30 FOR A WHOLE YEAR
I don't think you will suddenly shrivel and die
9:35 PM
He might, we'll just have to find out
I'm not 100% sure
@KevinvanderVelden and then 31 which is a pleasing prime number
And prime I think?
Though he's currently also a prime number of years old
(I am potentially plotting a prime birthday picnic for myself this summer)
Because I think "a perfectly prime picnic party" would be fun
9:36 PM
And there are ducks at the park and that is good
Can confirm, I did not shrivel and die.
The reaper does not show up for an annual review either.
I don't understand why round numbers make people panic. Round numbers are so friendly.
@Ash Are you going to eat prime rib?
And watch some prime-time TV?
@Yuuki I think I should!
@Ash that's why 32 is a great age!
30 ain't that good though
9:39 PM
I don't know, zeros are so nice and smooth and chill
@Ash You should get picnic stuff through Amazon Prime.
32 is good though because it can be made from so many numbers
Whatever the math word is for that
36 is even better
@KevinvanderVelden I'll be with @arp the moment he turns 30 so I'll be there for mental support and hugs. I will update you if he suddenly turns a different colour or something
9:40 PM
36 has so many numbers that go in
@Ash And how many numbers go out?
@Ash 2 and 2 and 2 and 2 and 2?
@Yuuki it depends how many were not friendly
@Ash The Thunderdome of Whole-Number Divisors.
@KevinvanderVelden all the 2s! So many the 2s!
9:41 PM
@Yuuki exactly
36, that's as many as six sixes!
@Maximillian and that's terrible
9:59 PM
@Arperum ooooooh guaranteed 6L would be super nice
I usually only find about 1 workable 6L per league
if that
This is a hell of a recipe though. You need four specific double affic bestiary mobs. And it gives a random rare. Which has no guarantee to be any sort of usefull to your build.
curious, is there a real significant difference between XDR and GDDR RAM?
@Memor-X ecks dee arr is more fun
(actually i have no idea)
@Memor-X .... xD
10:14 PM
I believe you mean @Memor-X D
@SaintWacko hue
Jesus Christ /r/dontflinch
I've never been more stressed in my life
10/10, would cortisol again
10:57 PM
This was more pleasant than I expected
@John Poor thing might've been fleeing a seal.
@John NINJA!
Happy birthday @Hoi! No more being a teenager for you!
@John "this isn't how happy feet went AT ALL"
@Hoi ಠ_ಠ
11:10 PM
@Yuuki well I'm no teen anymore now :p
@Yuuki it's europe tho
@Hoi while I appreciate your joking here, this strains the sort of acceptable stuff in a public and indexed chat room.
Can we not?
I didn't mean it quite like that, so sorry, I'll look if I can delete the comment
@Hoi @Ash certainly can do that for you.
11:16 PM
Yep, I have the magic delete button :)
(okay it's not that magic but it looks like a trash can and it makes things go boom so you know, fun for the whole family and all)
Just delete my past few comments, soz
@Hoi The offensive one is gone, the rest is no problem, don't worry.
It's all good, I deleted the needed bit, the rest is just a learning experience reminder, no worries
11:37 PM
Q: How to turn off wii remote sound completely

Julyano FelipeMy wii remote controller is with a intern problem, it's making an anoying sound and I really like to turn off completely. I tried to turn off all controller sound, turn off vibration and the anoying sound is still there.

11:55 PM
Q: Did "the east" in the game series "Cyberia" have a currency? If so, what was it called?

aendrewIn the video game series "Cyberia", was it ever mentioned in canon what the name of the currency used by The Cartel was? I'm struggling to find lore sites for the game.

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