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12:38 AM
@David Thanks for the very useful link. But there's a problem with the sql query that a commenter brought up here: solidlystated.com/design/sql-to-delete-wordpress-revisions
I don't know SQL, nor do I understand the terminology. That didn't make a whole lot of sense to me. But it suggests against the use of the SQL suggested on onextrapixel.com/2010/01/30/…
2 hours later…
2:59 AM
This would be awesome, if possible. Is there a plugin that does this?
Q: Auto-embed link info from URLs in link post format?

BlairWould it be possible to make the link post format work the way links are shared in Facebook, i.e. auto-populate a title, description, and thumbnail? A plugin for BuddyPress (Buddypress Links, see screenshots) makes this possible for community links... any ideas how I could achieve something simi...

This will allow quick bookmarking of interesting websites
@userabuser Hi there, any ideas?
yes it is possible
of course some elbow grease would need to go into it
however I'd first start by looking at the buddy press implementation of it
hmm... but it's outdated too
then determine what rich media types you want to be looking for
3:04 AM
doesnt matter if its outdated... its all about stimulation the thought process behind how to achieve it
In the mean time, is there a way to bump this question to the top? wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/22386/…
how about starting a bounty on it
yeah just struck me
3:20 AM
Great, thanks @userabuser
and no doubt you'd be able to detect rich media in other ways directly through some providers or by even using regexp to evaluate pages/sites/links that are not using oembed
There's a plugin for embedly!!!
yes as there would be for oembed no doubt
if you're happy using a plugin then go for it
3:23 AM
Yeah... I don't know PHP. :) I tried looking into the buddypress plugin, it didnt make much sense.
@userabuser dood embedly is awesome! Just what I was looking for
thanks a lot!
im off.. have a great day or night
you too!
(it's day :P )
4:01 AM
@geekpanth3r you figure out your sitch?
@David I guess.
@David Do you know the SQL query to optimize WP database
what do you use?
2 hours later…
6:25 AM
@ericissocial I should have noticed that you misunderstood the question
@Rarst what good personalized bookmarking services exist now? (with search functionality, of course)
(And good morning?)
@geekpanth3r browser
I've lost some 300 valuable bookmarks trusting Google Chrome
ever heard of backup concept?
I did. I thought signing into my google account would take care of that.
And suddenly it won't let me signinto my account
my bookmarks are gone
anyway, forget it
There are so many, the ever-present del.icio.us, gimmebar, to name a few good ones.
6:34 AM
@ericissocial Do you use any of them?
Not particularly. I use one of my Gmail accounts to do it honestly. Just email myself the link.
oh, hmm.
You can set up a filter on subject lines with "Bookmark:" in them and then just view that folder if you really want.
All searchable, usable on pretty much any mobile device.
Yes, a good idea, but what I was searching for until now is a service that automatically pulls the title, excerpt, first image from the page when I embed the link -- like Google+ & Facebook do
That's the reason why I offered bounty on a WP.SE question today
As of now I am using GOogle+ to store my bookmarks.
Your suggestion is cool though
So, you're looking for an answer to that question just to set up bookmarks?
6:38 AM
yes :P
Bookmarks right on my blog! (which is my notebook) Can it get any better?
I guess that could be useful in some circumstances. Seems like a lot of work just for some bookmarks, though.
hmm... yeah. I want my rep. back! :'(
I'd definitely create that plug-in, because I can see usefulness in community-based sites, but certainly wouldn't have it done any time soon. Unless my job decided to pay me without me needing to come in for a week.
I understand, completely.
Good news is that I am learning PHP, and I can work on it for some 5 hours a day. So, I'll try to help folks on WP.SE until I jump on to a new language (if everything goes the way I imagine)
7:13 AM
@ericissocial If you use Google+ here's an simple trick to use it as a bookmarking service: blogdefined.com/9597/google-plus-bookmarking-tool
Hmm... it's nowhere better than your Gmail suggestion though. Off to gmail
I try to limit my involvement in social networking as much as humanly possible (still no G+), but that is an interesting way of doing it.
@ericissocial I realized it isn't a good idea. Social networks come and go. So, saving bookmarks there isnt a good idea
Well, if G+ wasn't sort of in a weird position of being used, but not really by as many people as they wanted, it might be, but it's future could be considered somewhat nebulous.
that's the case with any.
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9:18 AM
Could someone explain how to control RewriteRules with WD?
In other words, mySite.com/hello/test.html ----> mySite.com

...how to do the Apache one-liner like below?

RewriteRule $hello$ /Test/hello.html [NC,L] or similar?
(perhaps related to this here)
9:44 AM
WD? What's that?
9:59 AM
10:21 AM
Since offering a bounty this morning, I seem to have lost my editing rights.
@geekpanth3r I asked th Stack Overflow mods if they want it.
@toscho oh...okay
10:49 AM
If post revisions can slow WordPress down, why doesn't it slow down StackExchange sites where revisions happen on a large scale?
@geekpanth3r WP and SE have in common... they both use HTML. that's about it.
I do understand that they are written in different languages and stuff. But both use MySQL
no, they don't
Damn! forgot
They probably use MSSQL
@Rarst I finally figured it out: archive.whatthenerd.com/how-to/…
Post revisions are actually quite useful. I just wish they were stored in a separate table.
10:56 AM
@toscho example?
@toscho next you are going to wish WP had sane DB schema in general... :)
@Rarst term meta … :D
I do understand that it allows you to switch back to an older version of a post/page, and stuff like that. But not everyone needs it. Am I wrong?
1 hour later…
12:10 PM
@toscho People who don't know CSS will love it. I loved Canvas theme before I actually knew that I should learn CSS.
@toscho eek...
So, you hate themes allowing too much customization in the backend itself? Bloated you call it?
@geekpanth3r People who don't know CSS should never touch the Layout.
@geekpanth3r Yep. A theme should do as little as possible.
people should never touch anything. unless they are willing to do it good (which is rare)
12:23 PM
@toscho Not a very valid comment -- and definitely not from a dev
or fall trying and bear the shame... which is how most of my design efforts go...
If I want to blog about Technology, I wouldn't be worried about CSS
@Rarst agree.
@geekpanth3r I am writing CSS since 1998. I think I know what I'm talking about …
@toscho ok.
A separate box for custom CSS is okay. Whoever uses that will know at least something about the language. But that's plugin territory.
12:30 PM
@toscho jeez wtf is that? lol
you made it didnt you :)
The last theme options I have build for a client. Was already slightly too much.
custom css panel for a client yeah? obviously they know a little css? or your entirely game :)
@userabuser Around 400 blogs, each with minor layout differences. Custom CSS was the only sane way.
blog farm or multi site?... either way for that many blogs - yeah you're right...
Multi site.
TV station, each show got its own blog.
12:41 PM
The help tab was bigger than the the options page. :)
lol.. good to see you provide thorough help... i also do the same
+ jquery tool tips .. good docs save headaches in most cases
what is more reliable numberposts -1 or nopaging true?
12:45 PM
@Rarst Because it works always, I had never a problem with it. :D
well, that is not argument for relative reliability of the two... both worked for me without issues so far
But nopaging doesn't mean that you get all posts. It just says: don't use the pre-set post per page setting.
it does, at least per Codex - "show all posts or use pagination"
@Rarst Oh, do we trust the Codex now?
no, that only made me more suspicious... looking at source
ok, numberposts is get_posts() alias for posts_per_page. posts_per_page is used for pagination LIMIT clause. posts_per_page -1 sets nopaging to true, nopaging true disables pagination LIMIT clause... I'd say nopaging is more cute :)
what is good practice to embed custom field (property) in post objects? currently I filter 'posts', loop and assign it
1:10 PM
@Rarst exactly that... at least my opinion
having a damn productive weekends since there is no one to bug me... :)
So, you all chat here while you work?
work..pfff :)
@geekpanth3r why not?
@userabuser must... not... starve... :)
my clients pay me to be here ;)
1:21 PM
@Rarst I didn't know that. I thought most of you are freelancers and DONT NEED to work all the time like other who work at companies. :)
@userabuser kewl
@geekpanth3r who says I need to work all the time? I work when I find convenient... rest of the time I have meetings :)
@geekpanth3r lol... I am a freelancer and I work twice as much as those who work at companies do.
@Rarst here? :P
@userabuser oh
@geekpanth3r sadly on Skype, GoToMeeting and whatever else :(
skype is poison.. such a time killer.. clients ring constantly
1:23 PM
what kind of meetings are they? dev - dev chat or dev - new client?
@userabuser true. And the alert sound... GODDDDDDDD!
@userabuser indeed
@geekpanth3r mostly internal :\
I hope I get to do some meetings too, in future. :)
yep.. i keep everything on silent now and stay mostly in invisible mode... it was a good idea in the begining but when you have 100+ active clients its just wasteful. You really need a VA to handle it
virtual assistant?
or alternatively someone internally
1:25 PM
but in my office its just me.. in our uk office its two others.. but we dont have a receptionist/support desk person anymore...
@userabuser sneaking doesn't help against scheduled meetings :(
@Rarst agreed.. no avoiding that... its difficult when you are dev/designer/salesperson all rolled into one and have to do a lot of client PR. can be a challenge to balance your schedule so you actually get some real work done
are you a one man show?
nope, we are growing at mo...
themeoptions.wordpress.com/2012/04/20/catalyst-theme-options -- I see that this is a WP.com-only theme
How do I know that these are the latest files? wpcom-themes.svn.automattic.com/reddle
I would like to use it on my self-hosted site
1:35 PM
theoretically that should be the latest version as its the only one that exists in the svn repository
download it, use it, don't agonize over it too much... if it works great, if not - fix the quirks... otherwise trash it and move on.
'/".+?"|\b.+?\b\s?/'.... I thank myself for having good sense to comment this...
lol @ oracle so true
1:41 PM
I lol'd @ MS
@Rarst lol
@toscho up your alley - shorthand to assign larger of two values to var - max( $a, $b )?
@Rarst Yep
$large = max($a, $b) ?
thanks... probably hadn't occured last time, because had messy ternary in place
I could really use one of those futuristic experimental IDEs that show live as values flow through code... :)
1:52 PM
like the one i am writing in js ;)
its a bloody mess though hehe
attempting to completely rid my need of an external editor to the browser... so making use of node.js too
also has auto-completion for wordpress functions and inline codex lookup
short hand parser to compile prior to run-time too.. but a few quirks in that
do you want to see the values on the code end or on the front-end rendering?
@userabuser just thinking aloud... cleaning up search backend and it's a little hard to visualize how search string is getting torn apart and tokenized
hmm is there something that you are particuarly stuck on though thats preventing you from visualizing this?
2:11 PM
@userabuser I can visualize this, doesn't mean it wouldn't be easier to see it :)
@Rarst Do you know what you can't tweak in WordPress? I mean, do you know, or you'd only know when you get there?
@geekpanth3r meaning?
Do you know your weaknesses (wrt WP)?
why bother enumerating? there are much fewer parts that I know I have clue about :) WP core is large
oh... 8-O
2:18 PM
there is about eight megabytes of code in WP... try reading 8MB even of meaningful text... and code is not meaningful text
yeah, makes sense
farewell guys... I (probably) won't be back for a few days. See you when I finish learning PHP (to a good level), and start doing something in WP. (should be 2-3 weeks)
@Rarst , @toscho , @userabuser , @kaiser , @Brady -- and anyone else. Miss ya. :P Buh, bye!
good luck!
@userabuser thank you :)
regexp refactoring in PhpStorm is a bliss...
@Rarst ...
Okay, bye all!
4 hours later…
6:09 PM
Gentlemens! Is there a means, via XML-RPC, to determine what post types a blog has registered and additionally if those post types have any custom fields/metaboxes applied to them. I have a number of custom websites each with different CPTs, each with different metaboxes. I want to post from a custom admin (locally) to any blog, by retrieving the aformentioned information and building on screen somehow the the custom fields that apply to the given post type. I'm spinning my wheels tonight...
1 hour later…
7:38 PM
@userabuser not my area but CPT and other advanced thingies in XML-RPC are kind of a mess as I heard... I think they are working on improving in future versions
7:49 PM
@Rarst It sure is a mess isn't it! I think I've figure it out though, via extending the XML-RPC - actually seems quite straight forward. I think it will be more complex trying to get the post-edit screen to return the display with accompanying meta-boxes.
Sparse documentation thats for sure.. been digging for a while
8:28 PM
odds that new VPS is going to die 5 mins after I head to read and sleep? dangerously high... :(
9:10 PM
Q: What languages were used to build Wordpress?

GomaWhich programming languages were used to creat WordPress?

Is this a question based on actual problems that you face?
9:39 PM
> Problem: How do plugins that introduce completely new functionality (I.E. BuddyPress/bbPress) interface with themes, without needing to move template files directly into a theme's folder?
> Solution: generic.php

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