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4:06 PM
I managed to get to the sign-in page via tricks, signed in, annd... I'm still not signed in, even thought the site claims otherwise
Only ~4 more hours in the election! I wonder if the election page will break again.
@Mr.Xcoder I don't know if it's still a problem for you but this is your profile page on my computer
@moonheart08 Works fine here, Chrome on Linux
wtf. I've cleared everything, too
@tfbninja It's fixed now, but thanks anyway.
4:09 PM
@moonheart08 Gremlins mate
I've even loaded up firefox with no plugins and everything cleared, still can't press that button
The good ol' goblins been messing with you, it appears
I just want to get the windows 10 insider preview iso damnit (For a virtual machine, so i can run some windows programs that don't work right in Wine)
(You don't need a auth key for the preview version :) )
The Insider Preview builds are also remarkably unstable
Meh. It'll work for what i need
I remember how unstable they are :P
4:11 PM
Like, reinstall-windows-multiple-times-a-month unstable
Edge caused bluescreens lul
Well, i'm not pirating windows (I like the law thanks) and i'm not paying for it (eXpEnSiVe)
@tfbninja Yeah, it's nice because it doesn't ever encourage people to vote for candidates you don't want to win
Most software, even when releasing Beta builds, it still going to be mostly functional. Not good enough for enterprise use, but usually fine for personal use if you don't mind the occasional minor bug every once in a while.
@DJMcMayhem exactly
Not Windows Insider Preview
That'll brick your computer at regular intervals.
4:14 PM
Good point.
but not like a genie is going to show up and give me a key
@moonheart08 I probably could. Since my dad works at MS, we have a few sheets of activation keys for various MS software.
That might get me in trouble though
I don't know if i should believe you or not. Would probably get you in trouble :P
Don't do it
Plus, those keys are probably universal keys, that can be reused.
So yea
(If he's a software dev, that is)
I'll try and get my own key. We have some old laptops that ran windows, might be able to get a Windows 7 key
Microsoft actually provides VMs running it's software (like Edge) to software devs for free, you might be able to get Windows like that (not sure).
4:20 PM
Probably not. Not yet 18.
Plus, the contract for that is probably horrendus :P
You weren't kidding
Not much of a contract either
I'm pretty sure enough people find ways of using Windows without paying for it that they just don't care
They make money off of windows by selling licenses to computer manufacturers like Asus, Lenovo, etc, not to individuals.
Well, thats a 20GB download
and is only valid for one month
if you're just trying to get the iso just find a torrent?
I don't like pirating
if you found a way to "log in" make sure you're getting a session cookie in the response
torrenting != pirating
4:27 PM
Oh, i misread that
oh thanks
> Windows 10 Insider Preview - Build 17025 English
Now they just need to fix their login, and these goblins are going to get smashed
Huh, i could've sworn virtualbox was installed.
pacman -S virtualbox
Total Download Size: 2160.97 MiB
Total Installed Size: 11823.11 MiB
I've been holding off upgrades for a little too long
4:40 PM
@moonheart08 my life in a nutshell.
May as well use school internet while i can. :P
ಠ_ಠ TIL the password of my school's wi-fi (presumably for teachers-only, but... well :P) is <school_name><school_name>...
the admin password of all computers in my school is zaq1@WSX...
My school actually has good security
@moonheart08 I have the opposite problem. I run dnf update every hour or so - "Aww, still no updates."
4:44 PM
Password for teacher account in most of PCs in school is something like classroom<number>
Only students are the weakpoint, their passwords are <schoolname><number>
Network and teacher passwords are secure as hell. :P
@moonheart08 My school district was forced to get good security because students kept breaking tech. One time all staff user accounts got entirely deleted.
Admin password for every computer in my college (at least in the compsci institute) is ICUFF2017 (though I assume it's been changed to 2018 by now)
@Pavel I'm probably the only tech savvy student in my grade (Which is sad)
Everyone else believes me opening a terminal to run a upgrade on my laptop is 'hacking'
@Pavel a freshman a couple semesters ago thought it a good idea to leave aircrack running on the university's wi-fi for a weekend. Lo and behold, when it finally cracked the password, the network's security failsafe disabled the whole eduroam for the entire university.
4:49 PM
@J.Sallé huh?
the network failsafe didn't trigger until after it was cracked?
I only remember one ''hacking'' incident in my district, of all my time here, which was someone figuring out how to plug a phone into the intercom system, and dial the entire building
@moonheart08 I'm pretty sure we have actual hackers.
(VoIP intercomm)
@Poke apparently so. According the the network manager, it doesn't block your access after n failed attempts. No idea what the failsafe is, though.
Knowing the university as I do, the network was probably configured wrong.
@moonheart08 We've had all printers across the district reject every print job and print "I KILL TREES" instead.
4:53 PM
What model of printer?
well WE've had the intercom start shooting bullets, because someone turned out to be an elite hacker spy /s
I just cringed at my own message
Various kinds of printers, but all print jobs go through one central server per school
Well that explains it
We have a competent tech team. (Plus i know them as friends, so i'm biased :P)
Until it got fixed, the workaround was to plug your laptop into the printer and print over USB
4:55 PM
@Pavel lol something similar happened at work, but it was an april fools' prank from the management. The printers would first print some funny message before printing the actual job
Only big issue at the moment is something they can't control: One of the classroom has a switch rack in it, where people can touch it
Well RIP. Looks like insider actually needs a key now. It didn't when i last used it
I'll just get one off a old laptop.
(It'll be a pain, because they're damaged, but eh)
I honestly forgot i had those
Also, i've nearly used only linux for a year \o/
@moonheart08 what do you need Wi^H^Hwindows for?
To run the Bizhawk emulator. I do TASing for some games you can TAS on linux, but Bizhawk is objectively the best. The old versions that DO run on linux (they're ancient, linux support is no longer a thing) don't support the SNES
@NieDzejkob huh? ^H?
@Pavel control code for enter^H^H^H^H^Hbackspace
5:10 PM
does SE use javascript for the sticky sidebar on the election page?
position: sticky plz
@moonheart08 Ooooooh, what do you TAS?
The various Super Mario games :P
Just for fun
Not actually trying to get a record :P
I've been thinking of doing some of that myself with Mario Golf, but n64 ASM is a pain to learn and mario golf is such an RNG fest I just gave up >.>
Isn't the N64's RNG predictable, like the Gameboy's? I forget.
For some games, it's manipulable.
Mario Golf doesn't have any (known) setup to manipulate RNG though
5:14 PM
(Gameboy uses an internal register updated at some interval with it's division by 4 for RNG)
(Might be wrong, haven't touched up on that in a little)
Doesn't the Gameboy have a clock
Yeah, I think it's similar to the N64, but there's some kind of setup you gotta do
Let me check. (Also, the pokemon red disassembly on github is amazing, on that note. It has the RNG function documented)
Have you seen the Super Mario Flappy Bird showcase? I think it happened during SGDQ 2015 or '16
Yup :P
5:16 PM
That was nuts. Also TAS block <3
rDIV EQU $ff04 ; Divider Register (R/W)
Yup, it's a division based randomizer.
To quote it's documentation,
"This register is incremented 16384
(~16779 on SGB) times a second. Writing
any value sets it to $00."
Not real division
but it's still great for RNG
Especially considering the technology at the time
Checking the way Pokemon Red does RNG, it uses that as only part of the randomizer. Two bytes in memory are also used to keep state (This is pokemon red specific, i like quoting things, i should stop talking)
Also, how did they use a right shift instead of a left shift in the Focus Energy move? :V
(It 1/4ths your Critical Hit chance due to a bug, instead of increasing it like it should)
CMP: How many RNGs does your language provide out of the box?
they typed <<2 instead of >>2 by mistake?
5:23 PM
@Neil I don't think it was written in C? eh, that would be a good point
Q: Integer linear programming

Weijun ZhouIntroduction Write a solver for integer linear programming. Challenge Your task is write a solver for integer linear programming (ILP). In ILP, linear inequalities of a set of integers (all of which are integers) are given, and the goal is to find the minimum or maximum of a linear function. ...

@NewMainPosts I read that as "Interlinear Programming" and began wondering what that is…
But i think it was probably handwritten ASM, due to the tiny space they had
It certainly resembles it
yeah, but it's still an easy typo I guess
Hmm. It'd be fun to make a small patch set that fixes a few annoying bugs in Red and Blue (they're the same codebase with slightly different sprites and pokemon, so a patch for both isn't too hard)
5:32 PM
@moonheart08 "think"? Don't you know github.com/pret/pokered?
I do know it. Its what i'm looking over right now lol
I think so, because the devs could've rolled their own higher language if they're that insane
@moonheart08 do you know the code quality of compilers of that era?
Not very good :P
5:34 PM
@moonheart08 that's an understatement
Hrm. How would i make a patch file for the ROM?
I don't want to be hacky about it :P
@moonheart08 just modify the .asm, run make, you have a new ROM
don't do patches, because those require you to keep the instruction sizes the same
Issue then would be sanely releasing a modification.
not like i'm going to release my patches
@moonheart08 git diff?
actually, what you want to do has probably been done already
I'm doing it for fun, and as an exercise :P
5:40 PM
oh BTW, you might want to help with decompiling the gen3 games
I'll look into it.
I don't own the gen 3 games, so i'll have to get them to help
@moonheart08 eh, not really
I've decompiled some daycare stuff, and I don't own these games either
It's a good timekiller
Heh, i'll help then
the ultimate goal is to write C code that compiles to the same assembly code, and surprisingly, it's quite doable
that is a suprise
Any good debugging emulators for the GBA? :P
5:44 PM
someone tracked down the exact compiler they've used. It's GCC
@moonheart08 I can recommend mGBA
well, thats why it's so easy then
that's why it's possible
Just use the same GCC version as them (Which is likely what's happening)
you basically translate assembly code to C, clean it up to look like code a sane person would write, and then try different permutations
but gamefreak's code quality is almost a meme amongst the community
That tells me it's awful
Just skimming through tells me they overused goto
Oh, nevermind, its a real scripting engine, unlike the one in Red and Blue
5:50 PM
they have had a real scripting engine in gen 2 too
Red and Blue just used a pseudo script that compiled right to ASM
I think that the scripts were just written in asm
They have enough patterns in them that they look like they were compiled by some shitty compiler :P
to be honest, they probably used assembler macros
or... also very likely, yank+put abuse
Looks like a lot of functions lack actual names
I want to fix that so much i'm going to do so, that bugs me :P
5:56 PM
@moonheart08 you are encouraged to do that
but look at the naming scheme of functions that have names
it's kind of a hierarchy, where each level is CamelCase and the segments are separated with underscores
Oh nice, they made it easier by doing that
devkitarm is still compiling :P
did you do make -j<N>?
Nope, because i'm dumb and didn't modify the buildscript (Arch)
Well, won't stop it now
it's halfway done
6:14 PM
Election closes in 1 hour, remember to vote if you haven't already!
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

PavelShell Glob Golfing code-golffile-systemstring This task is to output the shortest path to a file, after glob expansion. What is shell globbing? In most shells, you can use the * character in a path to represent any characters at the position. For example, If directory foo contains files bar ba...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

SteadyboxTurn Your Program into a Snake! Inspired by this challenge. Task Write a program or a function that takes no input and outputs its own source code formatted as a snake according to the rules below: If your code has any whitespace, it will not be output; it will just be skipped. There will be...

weird wikipedia article of the day:
This is a list of newspapers in Paraguay. == Current newspapers == ABC Color (Asunción) El Debate (Asunción) Democráticamente (Ciudad del Este) DiarioCDE (Ciudad del Este) ExtraPRESS (Asunción) La Hoja Digital (Pedro Juan Caballero) Itacom (Encarnación) Itapúa Hoy (Encarnación) La Nación (Asunción) Paraguay-Rundschau (Piribebuy) - in German Popular (Asunción) Tiempos del Mundo (Asunción) Última Hora (Asunción) Vanguardia (Ciudad del Este) Wochenblatt (Asunción) - in German == Defunct Newspaper == == See also == List of newspapers...
@Pavel 1 hour and 40 minutes. The time format SE uses is super unhelpful
prnt.sc/ihghya udderly amoosing
6:23 PM
@DJMcMayhem you good if i use the readme tutorial from BrainFlak for a challenge?
I bought a phone and fingerprint scanner doesn't seem to work .-.
that sucks
as if it was a secure form of authentication
but fast
6:26 PM
@NieDzejkob why isn't it
It technically is secure.
@Poke because you are leaving your password on everything you touch?
@NieDzejkob very hard to leave perfect fingerprints on stuff you touch and much harder to lift them then create a usable fake thumb to unlock a phone
There are a lots of tricks to "copy" fingerprint onto a foil and then unlock
and screen has a lot of fingerprints on it
social engineering a password is probably a lot easier than lifting a fingerprint
6:29 PM
More than probably
I won't be so sure about that
not to mention you still need to physically be there to lift the fingerprint
unless I misunderstood you
and why would we want to get on ur phone?
who knows
6:30 PM
@Christopher usually it's less about "i want to gain access to your phone" and more "i want to gain access to some phone"
@labela--gotoa do you have funny pictures on it
@Christopher Depends what do you mean by "funny"? I don't downloads memes often
@labela--gotoa ok I have no idea why anyone would want it
so you should be good
Funny funny or funny funny?
i only like funny funny funny funny pictures
6:33 PM
Fingerprint is definitely faster than my long dual-hand pin
Q: Approximate Brun's Constant

MegoBrun's constant is the value to which the sum of the reciprocals of twin prime pairs (1/p and 1/(p+2) where p and p+2 are both prime) converges. It is approximately 1.902160583104. Given a positive integer N, approximate Brun's constant by summing the reciprocals of the twin prime pairs where bo...

It takes like 5 seconds to unlock with single finger
i think you're missing the point
also if I lost my phone and someone stolen it, the phone will require PIN, if not unlocked for day or was shutdown
6:35 PM
i think most if not all phones with fingerprint readers do that
that's the point
so it is secure
pin is probably only "more secure" in the sense that a court can order you to unlock your phone with your fingerprint but they can't order you to divulge your pin
A: The Programming Language Quiz, Mark II - Cops

ChristopherI hate your BrainFuck derivative I really do, 508 bytes [1]>[2]>[3]>[4]>[5]>[6]>[7]>[8]>[9]>[10]>[11]>[12]>[13]>[14]>[15]>[16]>[17]>[18]>[19]>[20]>[21]>[22]>[23]>[24]>[25]>[26]>[27]>[28]>[29]>[30]>[31]>[32]>[33]>[34]>[35]>[36]>[37]>[38]>[39]>[40]>[41]>[42]>[43]>[44]>[45]>[46]>[47]>[48]>[49]>[50]>...

Managed to get safe with a BF derivative :P
@Christopher I don't mind at all! Just provide some credit and a link
6:38 PM
@DJMcMayhem thanks
divulging your pin falls under self-incrimination whereas a fingerprint does not
or something like that
5th amendment ftw i guess
@DJMcMayhem i sandboxed the challenge btw and it appears to be close to ready codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/2140/…
@Christopher it's not a bf-derivative
@NieDzejkob it really is
@Poke 'murica is so great.
In Brazil the police would probably just lop your finger off and pretend it was an accident.
6:41 PM
note to self: add brazil to places not to live
@DJMcMayhem what do you think about the challenge so far?
@Christopher Idea is not bad, but haven't reviewed it yet, so I can't really tell
@Christopher That's a smart choice.
i saw a challenge last week about changing the source code line ordering
anyone have a link
i don't remember what it was called
6:50 PM
@Poke this?
asked 11 days ago.
trying to get 4 on deranged rearrangements
yes thank you
@Christopher it's got completely different commands
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

wastlNavigate my Taxi code-golf string Introduction Taxi is an esoteric programming language simulating a taxi. You can pick up passengers (values) and drop them at special places to modify them. For example, this program squares the input. The places are all in Townsburg: To travel from one pla...

@Christopher Good luck. It would be cool to see such.
6:52 PM
@NieDzejkob ,eh
@WheatWizard brain hurt
it's got a different execution mode
Death-Flak: When running the program a hitman first attempts to kill you, if you live the code will run once
^ actual language
You just linked the sandbox
not a particular answer
6:58 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ChristopherText to Brain-Flak Your challenge is to turn text input to brain-flak code that will output the text. Tutorial taken from here with permission here Brain-Flak has two stacks, known as 'left' and 'right'. The active stack starts at left. If an empty stack is popped, it will return 0. That's it....

the -1 is left from comment that is fixed
I think it is a good idea. But I still think it needs work.
I'm not sure why its strings and not fixed numeric output.
I think fixed numeric output would be more interesting.
I'd also like to see a more comprehensive test battery.

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