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12:42 AM
interesting = ?
5 hours later…
5:48 AM
Netbeans and Aptana for RoR? It seems like getting accustomed to netbeans might be a poor decision when Oracle is dropping their support.
9 hours later…
3:11 PM
Ready for the nomination phase ?
Hello Premier
i want to submit a question
i'm new on android
and i want to add a border to my button
button must show an image
any idea?
3:32 PM
That is the place where you should post that question
@kf0l I use Netbeans. Aptana IDE just doesn't work very well. At least, I couldn't get it to play nice.
Anna: how do you feel today?
3:48 PM
@Pierre303 Mostly tired. :) Excited for the primaries starting soon, though.
How're you doing?
I'm fine. I'm really excited too. I really hope my favorites will get elected.
2 hours later…
5:55 PM
Hi Tim
Tom sorry
me or towwij?
hey eitherway
@instanceofTom: I was wondering too.
I'm not much around on Programmers.SE anymore, might return in the future when I'm not a student anymore...
I leave it up while at work
seems like it slowly is gaining regulars
I should get notifications enabled on my desktop for various SE sites, I remember some kind of Growl application but haven't took my time then to set it up.
Hi Pierre, Gary, and the Toms. :)
6:03 PM
@AnnaLear hey
6:14 PM
instanceOfTom: you are an instance of Tom, so you point to the same place isn't ?
6:43 PM
@Pierre303, he is another instance of a Tom, so I'd say no :-p
instanceOfTom: the instance yes, the class is at a single place isn't ?
7:01 PM
guess so
Are you ready to vote?
That's the important thing ;)
Yep, when does it start?
@Anyone interested in building something with the SE API?
@instanceofTom I was going to build something for Android, but there's already a really great app already out. Maybe WinPhone 7?
@Pierre303 Hey, Pierre! I'm a huge fan of your answers.
It starts in less than 1 hour!
@Ryan Hayes: I'm one of your fan too ;)
I was thinking of playing around with the Apis to find patterns in user behavior- though I am not sure to what extend the data I am imaging is available ( I know some is )
7:13 PM
I was waiting for your moderator nomination. There's still time! :D
such as, find correlations between when a user gains a privilage, and how frequently they use it
or chart/map a users activity in different tags
Ryan: maybe next time.
@RyanHayes are you an android developer?
How many total moderators are to be selected? I want to be 3rd behind ChrisF and Anna. They'll do a great job.
10 will move from the primary to the election phase
7:21 PM
@instanceofTom Occasionally. I have my hands in a lot of things, but I did write an app for my church I'll be releasing in a couple months (in conjunction with a new website).
I know how that is, I am constantly wanting to release updates/more apps, but its hard to find the time
@instanceofTom Yea. I really want to get into iPhone dev, but I don't have a device, and objective-c makes me cry.
Haha, I feel the objective-c pain, doesn't help that Xcode feels generations behind other IDEs- thats the reason I havn't released an Iphone version of my Android apps yet
even though I do have an iphone, and dont have an android
@instanceofTom Yea. I've been a switch hitter in Java/C# for years, and Visual Studio 2010 spoils me. Even eclipse has so many plugins that I can get it close to VS +CodeRush. Xcode makes me feel like I'm an old school C++ dev...which...I guess that's kinda what it's made for.
plus with code completion all my fingers want to type is things like: pu{ctrl+space} vo{ctrl+space} ma{ctrl+space}(St{ctrl+space}... args), not public void main(String... args)
7:32 PM
@instanceofTom Yea, exactly.
7:44 PM
> Nominations close in 15 minutes.
> Nominations close in 10 minutes.
Everyone ready for the primary?
8:00 PM
3...2..1.... SPOLSKY! MOVE! THAT! BUS!!!
code completion... whats that? no seriously... people actually use code completion?
... yes?
wow. I don't know that I've ever used code completion
I tend to type faster than it would take for me to think "Oh, I can complete that" and then hit the right characters to complete it
in VS and RAD the member completion pops up as typing. You only have to hit tab/space to complete
I can hit tab faster than I can type ten characters
I tend to do my development over ssh connections, so VS and RAD are out of the question ;)
8:14 PM
shrugs they're useful tools, but I do a fair bit in VIM myself ...
@gms8994 its definitely faster once you adapt to using it... at least Id hope so
more important than just completing my typing is the fact that it provides introspection into the classes/types/etc that you are working with
@instanceofTom Probably. But seeing as how I've done about "" <-- that much M$ or java development, I rarely have a need for full IDEs
yes, it tends to create less typos, which is a benefit
@CRoss I like the original better
Q: 2011 Moderator Elections - Town Hall Chat

Rebecca ChernoffIn connection with the moderator elections, we will be holding a Town Hall Chat session with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for members of the community to pose questions to the candidates on the topic of moderation. Participation is completely voluntary. I am working with the can...

8:16 PM
or were you counting on tab completion to save that one? :D
anytime i type foo.{ctrl + space}, I can conveniently browse all of the methods/properties available on foo
@gms8994 I have a two week old at home
that is my excuse for everything right now
non-sequitur: desktop notifications in chrome rule
someone @'s me, and I get a notification. very cool
and if you type, bar = foo.{ctrl + space}, it will sort the list of completions by things that return/are the same type as bar! its fantastic
@gms8994 Ill have to try the notifications
@instanceofTom I also don't work in strongly typed languages, so that's not a problem either
one of these days, I might try one
I've actually never seen the advantage of a strongly typed language
8:23 PM
@gms8994 I'd say the benefit of a strongly typed language comes as the codebase grows larger
I also find debugging/understanding/tracing complex code easier if it is strongly typed
Well, I guess I am more referring to the benefits of Static typing there
@room, cast your votes! I just did
Let the elections begin: youtube.com/watch?v=YXqMIZPx_Vs
8:49 PM
Woo, elections open
Hopefully town hall chat scheduling will be easy and everyone will be able to do the same time (;
@RebeccaChernoff Have you sent out any emails about it already and I missed it, or am I being too eager? :)
I haven't. I stopped to grab lunch. Working on it now. (:
I wonder what the best time would be to schedule that, considering the international nature of SO
Sweet. I cleared out my spam mailbox earlier today without really looking through it, so I was all "oh crap, did I miss the email?"
8:59 PM
Ah hehe, sorry.
interesting. I just noticed that, depending on the number of messages you send in chat without interruption, that your avatar gets larger, your name appears elsewhere, and your reputation shows up too
too bad I haven't much reputation yet ;)
If you had hit one more line
it would have shown
in the view
(It's four lines)
my rep isn't nearly what I think it should be
but that's because I've had some questions get completely ignored by the general populace
oh well
9:18 PM
Which questions ?
I think Anna will be our next moderator!
Not sure who will second her yet
@Pierre303 I think you're definitely right!
@Pierre303 mostly on SO
@gms8994: too specific questions ?
@Pierre303 hrm, looks like I lied. some of the questions were in very narrow fields
@Pierre303 I'd say ChrisF. I had no idea he's had so much experience on other SE sites. Plus, he's always been respectful to everyone I've seen.
9:29 PM
Looks like he has his supporters. And yes, he is respectful which was not the case of everyone, sadly
Primaries are an indication of what's likely to happen and some candidates can get eliminated early, but we'll see how they go for the next four days and what the actual elections turn up.
@AnnaLear Good luck, Anna! I'm glad you're in the running.
@AnnaLear Definitely going up there
Thanks. :)
I'm glad there wasn't a rush of people to vote as there was on SO
9:41 PM
Only 2500 users can vote
How many of them are still active?
How many of the active are online now?
How many of the online active members will take the time to vote?
Good points.
Apparently, less than 25
I'm just remarking on the fact 20-30 have voted so far
On SO you had about 100 +/- in the first few minutes
Also, how much are real P.SE members? How much are coming from SO just to vote?
Well you have to have > 150 rep
The limit isn't that high.
But it shows at least some involvement + an account link when joining.
Was the limit on SO 300?
Nope, it's 150 across the board.
9:44 PM
I'm proposing an alternative to that rule. A Citizen badge.
Q: Badge proposal: Citizen

Pierre 303Today it's very difficult to determine the real involvement of a member in a given community without analysing his profile activity and badges. By involvement I don't mean performance (such as reputation, good answer/question badges, etc). Some users may be very active but do not have any major ...

+20 a month?
But it applies to comments as well.
> Any community member with 150 reputation may vote in the primary.
So it means, it's enough to just link your account +100
I would be worried about falling behind one month and then loosing the badge for the next six months
I think if you complete your profile you get some points
Do you?
I haven't checked.
9:46 PM
you answer a couple of questions and you get the rest of the needed votes
Pretty sure that's just a badge, no points.
@AnnaLear Autobiographer?
@JoshK Yeah
It's like me, coming in US, as a tourist, showing my Belgian passport, then voting for Sarah Palin.
@Pierre303 Everyone loves Sarah Palin
9:47 PM
@JoshK: I know, she is very popular ;)
umm, you have to contribute some (50 points) to vote
Either for her achievements or for the inanity, depending on who you talk to. ;)
@CRoss 50 is not hard at all
I can do 50 with an XKCD comic
I agree it's not hard. I think 50 points for XKCD is a problem with your site.
Josh K: LOL
I'm not that worried about it... if somebody is interested enough to rack up the minimum rep specifically so they can vote, more power to them. If there's a chance of fraudulent votes, I bet there're ways to determine which votes belong to new users.
I hit the rep cap a few times with that question.
@AnnaLear But how do we determine what is a new user being enthusiastic and a [WP:Meatpuppetry] ?
It'll balance out in the end. And even then... these are moderator elections on a relatively niche site. It's important, but not THAT important.
My concern is that most of the users here were active for a few days, or even less, and have the right to vote. I don't know if it will impact the election.
Josh K: don't you observe users browsing in all your top answers and up-voting them all?
9:50 PM
If a moderator fakes their way past the voting system, they will fail to perform well either in general or to SE network's standards. They will then likely be removed by the powers-that-be and replaced with a next in line mod.
Anna: did you see the same behavior?
@Pierre303 I actually haven't.
I know I have gotten up votes on some of the more popular older questions but not in any kind of pattern.
@Pierre303 Today or in general? I don't think I got much rep today at all. In general, I've seen serial upvotes and downvotes happen on occasion, but on a small scale. More so on SO than here.
Yes in general
I have seen the serial downvotes once or twice.
Specifically on SU
9:54 PM
I've had serial downvotes on SO once. It does happen, but the tool usually catches it
Some of our candidates have a strong negative score already
I've noticed a pattern, yes
Martin and Jesse I'm not surprised.
Peter and Dean a bit
Seems to be a correlation between negative votes and lack of meta participation/a low-detail nomination pitch
I must confess I tough Mark would get much more down votes that he has now.
9:57 PM
@Pierre303 Mark Trapp?
Yes, right now he is at position 3*
You follow him
By one point.
it's just the first day
and it's just the primary
If I was not so against down votes, I would have down voted him to put you in better position
Everyone will move on to the election
Except Martin and Jesse
Those are my predictions for bottom rung.
Yes it's pretty clear
9:59 PM
@Pierre303 Good that you stick to your guns
You should have run.
At least that's my opinion. ;)
@JoshK I second that.
You've got my style, Pierre, but with more awesome.
If people withdraw, it might change who moves on to the final election
I don't see it
@Pierre303 The edit link?
10:02 PM
Yes, I don't see it
@JoshK I get a 404 on it.
weird. I see it and it 404s
Ok I see it now
Same effect on all other candidates
Do we have a diamond mod in here?
I guess it's only working on your own introduction
10:03 PM
But it still shouldn't be shown to me for other users.
Perhaps a conflict with how it's displayed?
if (rep > edit_rep) { show }
And then on the edit page it actually checks if you own the post.
Something to improve. Maybe you should report it on meta?
That's what I'm thinking
Yeah, sounds like a bug to me.
I find it interesting that M.SO is the only meta site where you can earn rep
It's not like the meta for other sites
But rather like meta for the whole SO/SE network.
Why isn't there a too broad tag in addition to too localized?
@JoshK There is, Not a Real Question: "It's difficult to tell what is being asked here. This question is ambiguous, vague, incomplete, overly broad, or rhetorical and cannot be reasonably answered in its current form."
10:08 PM
For example: Scheme vs. Common Lisp. This question sounds like it could be broken up into more then just a few smaller questions.
@MarkTrapp Ah, "Overly broad"
I knew I saw it somewhere
The master teach the disciple ;)
@JoshK M.SO is the meta for all other sites, although now they're bringing out M.SE, so I'm not sure how that's going to affect things. That's why they kept rep on SO separate from M.SO, though.
10:20 PM
I thought I could chat... but now you need to have an account on "stackexchange" as well.
Good thing this openid dealie works. :3
I'm wondering about something.
Oh, and @Pierre303 I think or @AnnaLear, I just noticed you can't vote for yourself.
Hit the DV link when fetching the vote breakdown and it alerted me.
@Spoike: What are you wondering about?
Maybe someone can help
Has anyone been in a situation where you're looking for a job... secretly?
@JoshK I assumed that was the case.
10:24 PM
@Spoike I never announce I'm looking for a job until I have something lined up.
anyone else having issues fetching gmail on an iphone either over wireless or 3g?
I'm with @AnnaLear
Same thing
@Anna Lear, yeah I figure that.
I haven't been able to get a single message since 6am EST today
10:26 PM
I'm a bit anxious, corresponding about some job with someone else that is a lot more interesting job opportunity... but my current work is very anxious about keeping me where I am right now.
Sounds like a good position to negotiate
It's more a question about how to cope with that.
Keep working on getting an offer from this new place (if you're interested in working there). Once you have one, decide whether you want to move there or use that offer to leverage something better from the place you're at now.
Spoike: The sales guy from a job site I contacted for recruiting told me in IT, 40% of the profile were people looking for another job
@Pierre303 :D
10:29 PM
I'd probably move on out of fear of damaging my standing at my existing job and out of desire to do something new, but your situation may be different.
I have a hard time balancing now because I'm working a lot of overtime on my current work.
60 hours last week. And now I have free time off during the weekend.
It's difficult to prepare for the new place.
But I'll try to hang on to it.
When you have a couple of positive interview, tell your boss you are leaving. Explain why. Sometimes there is a communication problem between you, and things get clarified.
@AnnaLear, email just went out. Sorry for the delay!
10:48 PM
@RebeccaChernoff No worries. Thanks!

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