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3:21 AM
Q: Concerning Pros and Cons

user173897I have two questions: When considering gains and losses, advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons, etc., what is a good word for the traits which are equal between the two options. "Equalities", "draws", "ties", etc. all seem a little out of place (especially stylistically and word-length-wi...

3:37 AM
Q: Word for skipping a grade or educational year?

Adrian SeeleyI think I've heard a word meaning to skip a grade, but after googling I feel like I am imagining it.

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4:39 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in answer, no whitespace in answer: Gender neutral alternative to Sir/Madam by StoleYourShroud on english.SE
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7:13 AM
Q: What would be the one word to describe this person?

Vijo VargheseA person who is silly, outspoken and not following the code of conduct and from a high class city.

8:04 AM
Q: what would be the one word use as an adjective to describe this person?

Vijo VargheseA person who is from a royal family, studious , obedient and with good values

[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Repeating characters in answer: "Awoken" vs. "awaked" by Jeff on english.SE
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9:20 AM
Q: How do you call a form with points that give you a solution / answer based on the points gathered throughout the form questions?

Huub SHow do you call something that resembles a form with let's say 100 questions. Each of these questions have a certain score/points that when you are done you add those numbers to eachother and that score gives you an answer based on that score. So between 100-105 you get : "Great" Between 106-1...

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10:33 AM
Q: Is there a word to say soft or flexible schedule?

ba1aExample, I have a schedule to have some recurring meeting every biweekly. But It is not mandatory to have all the time. Sometimes we can skip some occurrence of the schedule. More of a soft schedule. Is there any word / phrase to express that?

11:26 AM
Q: Word for the conclusion talk of a conference

IanWhat is the best word for the concluding talk to a scientific conference (usually held by the conference organiser)? They mostly just thank the attendees and praise their contributions before wishing them a good trip home. The following words come to mind: Conclusion Concluding remarks Summary...

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12:48 PM
I watched Kubo this morning. The first several minutes were very capturing and intriguing, but the rest was a disappointment..
It's interesting to see how after all the advancement in film and animation technology, a genuine original story is so often the crux of such productions.
> ... when he was confined to the chimney-corner he grew grievously irritable. A nothing vexed him; and suspected slights of his authority nearly threw him into fits
Curious use of a.
1:49 PM
@Færd Yeah. It's an intentional weird language use.
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3:41 PM
Sometimes I find myself wanting to +1 things it won't let me. Is that so wrong?
Like great edit jobs.
I usually +1 posts that the poster edits when they've done so specifically in response to a comment requesting clarification, but I mean when someone else than the poster takes it upon themself to render the post into something that reads well and looks good.
Probably because we have a greater bent on post ownership than Wikipedia, so we don't want to have a mechanism which explicitly encourages people to try and go overboard with their edits. Some people already go too far with the editing of questions to add meaning that was never there in the first place...
A great editing job can be a beautiful thing, but a system where we start putting words in other peoples' mouths for brownie points probably costs more than it's worth to us.
Also, what happens to a +1 for an edit that was reverted?
I wasn't asking for the feature, just noting my impulse.
@Mitch You may post your tense comment as an answer now.
3:59 PM
Q: Scientific-Sounding Adjective or Noun to Describe a Creature with Multiple Heads

Arash HowaidaThere are certain mythological creatures that have more than one head. I want to find a word that can be used to categorize them in a way that sounds scientific. I hope to create much of the same feeling of the word "quadrupedal" meaning "four legged". Here is one example: Dogs and cats are quad...

Q: How do you call an object which is not meant to be seen only from one point of view?

G MI am trying to understand how to call an object that is not meant to be watched only from one point of view (e.g. an apple, a bottle ...) . So it can be defined as a proper tridimensional object because it has no pseudo-bidimensionality (e.g. a painting or a low-relief are pseudo-bidimensional). ...

@Feeds Describe yourself! @Cerberus
4:25 PM
@tchrist thanks.
@Mitch If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well it were done quickly.
4:38 PM
Q: Area in front of outdoor stage (Picture included)

SprottenwelsWhat is the grassy area where people are sitting called, specifically? I am not looking for a general term, like meadow, but for a word to describe an area that is for the purpose of accommodating people watching a show where no seats are available. The people were watching from ____

The International Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo, Incorporated is a fraternal and service organization whose members are involved in the forests products industry. Hoo-Hoo has members in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and South Africa. == History == The organization was founded on January 21, 1892 at Gurdon, Arkansas by six men: B. Arthur Johnson, editor of the Timberman of Chicago; William Eddy Barns, editor of the St. Louis Lumberman; George Washington Schwartz of Vandalia Road, St. Louis; A. Strauss of Malvern Lumber Company, Malvern, Arkansas; George Kimball Smith...
4:56 PM
I see the Queen of England develops websites for royalty, not for commoners.
Heh, somebody voted to reopen it, and not me.
@terdon I've got a question for you. You respected the unicode standards when it came to emoticon vs. emoji. How do you read this from the Unicode F.A.Q.?
> Q: Are emoji the same thing as emoticons?

A: Not exactly. Emoticons (from “emotion” plus “icon”) are specifically intended to depict facial expression or body posture as a way of conveying emotion or attitude in e-mail and text messages. They originated as ASCII character combinations such as :-) to indicate a smile—and by extension, a joke—and :-( to indicate a frown. In East Asia, a number of more elaborate sequences have been developed, such as (")(-_-)(") showing an upset face with hands raised. Over time, many systems began replacing such sequences with images, and also began provid
@Tonepoet It was I, actually. Seems like a decent question to be honest.
@Tonepoet Seems reasonable, why? That's how I understand the terms anyway, as is also nicely explained in the article you linked to above.
@terdon We were debating regarding whether or not emoji had to be pictorial or not and I was wondering whether or not that permits textual emoji. Also, when I said it'll never be reopened, I meant that the article makes it so that the gen. ref. test fails on its objective merits 'cause it's an easy google result.
@Tonepoet I'd say that article could serve as the basis of an authoritative answer instead.
@terdon Votes to reopen expire, so would you make your case on meta? Our peers will probably respect your opinion on the matter more than my own, and I'm not so sure that this is a question I'd want reopened if it wasn't for a personal bias. XP
5:11 PM
Um. I don't feel that strongly about it to be honest.
Oh well.
@tchrist Look man I have my own internal deadlines. Like lunch!
Emojeese is a fine language, but I prefer Runic.
Emojeese and crackers, I can swear in punctuation!
If people who don't know how to read are called preliterate, then people who don't know how to read music are pre-musical.
Then during the 60's when Paul McCartney was making the best music ever, he was pre-musical.
5:30 PM
Q: Word for someone who is an incompetent intermediary?

jodagI'm looking for a single word that would be used to describe someone who is an incompetent intermediary. To be more specific I would like to describe someone whom it is necessary to communicate knowledge through, however this person doesn't have the proper skill set to understand or further commu...

@tchrist ^^
Flagged as abusive since it's kinda like posting "asdlkabsdlkajbsdklasfiaugfalhkvfaf"
6:23 PM
Q: The emotion of beauty

MoonlightIs there a word for the emotion you gou get when you see or hear something beautiful? There is a certain feeling somewhere between happiness and sadness, a sort of tingling in your stomach... Is there a word or phrase to describe this feeling?

2 hours later…
8:33 PM
@Tonepoet (-_-) = upset face. (-_-( = Rosie The Robot. Explain.
@MetaEd The Jetsons give Rosie many reasons to be upset:
@Tonepoet That's from Alien.
8:48 PM
Q: A single word to encompass both "generation" and "annihilation" concepts

remmargorpIn the context of metallurgy and material science, there is a well-known process called differently but commonly "vacancy generation/annihilation" where a vacancy or void (or simply a tiny hole) is generated or annihilated in a piece of a material (due to some external factors such as temperature...

9:39 PM
Q: noun for wishy-washy

housequakeI am looking for a noun form of "wishy-washy." Something like waverer, though I am not certain that that word exists. It is for a fairly formal text I am translating, so "the wish-washy" would not work... THANKS

9:58 PM
Q: Help with proper english word for my previous position

Zaurbek Zhakupovdear StackExchangers. I need to put my previous activities on some form for High School and need to find an accurate word to describe what I did. I participated in event organization in school (helped planning the event, added several things here and there) + I spoke at all school events(prom, ...

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11:49 PM

ANNEGIRL123if I had to survive in the woods how would I do it? FROM THE GIRL WHO NEEDS HELP ANNEGIRL123


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