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12:08 AM
Turns out the local Best Buy was still selling the PXC 550 Wireless for $300. Had to pay for it in cash.
@Bob: Got the PXC 550 Wireless, but ran into fraud while attempting to use my card (see above).
I've disputed the fraudulent charge. Won't go into further detail.
12:46 AM
@Bob more filerecovery fun - the fat disk detects as a Willowsoft Overture File System (OFS1).;p
@JourneymanGeek ...what on earth
@Bob lol, yup!
@JourneymanGeek partition id 0x20 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partition_type#PID_20h
but no one's ever heard of it (google) outside of failed data recovery :P
@Bob that's more or less what I'm doing
Well, the data recovery isn't the point lol
Well, the process is, not the result.
> 20 Unused

Rumoured to be used by Willowsoft Overture File System (OFS1), if there is such a thing
12:51 AM
@JourneymanGeek Wat.
I swear someone just made this up
@bwDraco er... corrupted disk from a car DVR
At least it isn't slowing my linux box to a crawl
I wonder if this would be a valid question on Retrocomputing
Q: Is asking where an obscure filesystem was used off-topic?

BobWhile chatting about data recovery, an obscure filesystem has come up. It has a MBR partition ID (maybe?) — but while it appears in those ID tables there is never any indication of where it came from or where it is used. Some of them even suggest that this partition ID is only rumoured to exist. ...

1:16 AM
On the other hand, I'm not aware of any recipe police, so do what you like. — Tim Nevins 2 days ago
3 hours later…
4:35 AM
So... any hints on dealing with payment card fraud?
@allquixotic, are you on Gitter?
Already called my bank and started a dispute.
4:49 AM
that's about it
@bwDraco am now
Not seeing you there.
@allq, you're still showing as away.
1 hour later…
6:08 AM
@JourneymanGeek Things to do when bored: look at the lowest-voted answers on IPS
I'll stick to the techie sites, where its safe
A: How to make friends during class?

ChloeAlways carry a chocolate bar with you and offer a piece of chocolate to others.

6:23 AM
@JourneymanGeek There's a certain amount of irony there :P
7:13 AM
Making your dog run java? Inhumane...
also watching agents of shield... Daisy/Quake's poking at a ethernet adaptor with a ...proble thing.
2 hours later…
9:19 AM
@JourneymanGeek which season?
9:43 AM
Not really a spoiler unless you missed the last few ;p
What do these agents of SHIELD do?
Shouldn't they all be dead already, as per Captain America 2?
@FleetCommand eh, not all.
And a quick trip to tahiti fixes things up. Its a magical place.
Oh, crap. Valentine's day is in two weeks or so.
Wow, this documentation is baaaaaaaaaad
Usage Guidelines
The format for the system date and time is as follows:
mm dd yyyy hh mm ss
The time uses a 24-hour clock format. You cannot set the year earlier than **2003** or past 2036. You have
the choice of inputting the entire time/date string. If you provide one item at a time and press [Tab], the
screen prompts you for the next item. Press <cr> to complete the input.
The following command configures a system date of February 15, **2002** and a system time of 8:42 AM
and 55 seconds:
'You can't set the date prior to 2003' 'This example sets the year to 2002'
9:58 AM
Funny how there are website that still think preventing the right-click is an effective form of DRM.
Most of them don't prevent the context menu key on keyboard, or the long touch on a touch screen.
And after all of these, Firefox still has the Page Info dialog box. Not to mention the F12 developer tools that every web browser has.
Finally, there is still Fiddler.
10:11 AM
@JourneymanGeek haven't seen this season due to having a static IP at home
ah, alas
I was in india 2 weeks and had some problems with my linux box so... just catching up
I still have ST-Discovery and the flash to catch up on
10:25 AM
you have to give money to rupert murdoch if you want to watch any arrow-verse shows legitimately here
disco is still "meh"
it would have worked with any other sci-fi franchise but star trek....
i think i'm getting properly old now.
there was a song on the radio just now that seemed to be encouraging young girls to get a fake id and go get drunk with men in a club....
i was very nearly outraged
10:51 AM
@Burgi well... I don't? ;p
But singapore is relatively chill about individuals torrenting TV shows
11:22 AM
@Burgi Extremely british!
It was ALMOST outrageous!
11:46 AM
if i had reach the level of outrage i'd have had, as the law dictates, to write an angry letter to the daily telegraph
Super blue blood moon lol
12:08 PM
12:35 PM
@Burgi it definately makes you think differently once you've got kids
@djsmiley2k these are the lyrics: genius.com/Riton-and-kah-lo-fake-id-lyrics
some are NSFW
> So you gotta get loose with the henny and the coke
how is that even allowed o_O?
I'm waiting for 'they clearly mean Hennesseys'
i think its whiskey and cola
see :P
yeah, sure
1:23 PM
@FleetCommand I don't have to worry about this until June... :^)
@JourneymanGeek Not as much as Brazil, I bet!
> what they discovered on the government servers was a small mountain of copyrighted movies, music and games in several folders. These folders are available to the Senate’s staff and the senators themselves, including the senator pushing for tough legislation against pirates. (...) folders included many top-rated PC games. Movies didn’t escape either, with Hollywood movies such as Iron Man, a DVD screener copy of Gran Torino and Happy Feet, all available for download by those running the country.
1:49 PM
@ThatBrazilianGuy eh. At least make sure its properly organised?
if our FE guy comes out with some bullshit about GIT not working on OSX this afternoon he is in for a fucking HUGE shock tomorrow he turned up as I was typing this
FE? Front-end?
electric shock administered via the chair?
Hmmm, we almost need a summary page of the happenings of R-A
We need more drama! Where's @rahuldottech and his girlfriends? And why no more untoward things didn't happen to @Burgi? If it keeps like this I might have to turn to soap operas...
1:56 PM
@rahuldottech - offline due to exams, girls girls girls!
@Burgi - Awaiting the moment he kills his FE (Front end) guy, has a very weird receptionist, and his CEO loves shopping at the Apple store.
@djsmiley - Regularly lets his kids in the chat, and his cats - possibly both are the same thing
@ThatBrazilianGuy - Works (haha!) for the goverment in Brazil, doesn't actually do anything ;)
@FMLCat - has changed name, maybe
@CanadianLuke - Windows admin who does things properly
@DavidPostill - Call center guy and all round awesome mod
@djsmiley2k Heeeeey! I do stuff! Sometimes I even work!
@djsmiley2k he's a toucan.
(some of the time, when he isn't a creepy cult leader or a politician)
Or a comedian. Or a singer. Or a meme. Or a random weird stuff from Brazil.
Speaking of which...
@FMLCat if you want I can try to get you his phone number ;)
2:16 PM
Meow meow, I'm a meme cat from Rio, chilling on the beach
@ThatBrazilianGuy tempted to change your nick to..
That Brazilian Gato.
"Gato/a" = "Sexy man / woman". So, pretty accurate ;P
beautiful language.
We have a phrase with only vowels and no consonants. "Ó o auê aí, ó" which roughly translates to "Hey check da fuss ovah there, yo"
2:24 PM
Of course, no one speaks that in a IRL scenario, but it's a valid phrase (although just slang words)
Just got a Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless. For whatever reason, I'm getting persistent stuttering when connected to my main desktop via Bluetooth. Any ideas? I kinda suspect the Windows 10 Bluetooth stack is to blame...
@allquixotic, since you're the Bluetooth headphone expert, any explanation as to what's causing this? It works fine with my phone.
Wanna see me make @allquixotic go "eeeew"?
Hey allq I bought one of those for USD 8!
Only it's a slightly less polished version.
Its pairing announcement is in a mangled chinglish with a heavy accent.
I might record it and post it here when I get home.
And said announcement is at 300% volume and apparently can't be lowered.
@ThatBrazilianGuy That's what makes @JourneymanGeek go ewww :P
@bwDraco "persistent" how?
@Bob Stuttering repeatedly every few seconds.
2:38 PM
@bwDraco After some time or always?
...what's your BT adapter?
@Bob Always. Let me test on the netbook...
Hmm... No repro on Bifrons. Only Astaroth is giving me this issue.
FWIW, it's using the generic Bluetooth driver on the desktop.
10 mins ago, by Bob
...what's your BT adapter?
Realtek RTL8822BE.
I'd suggest trying a USB one first
2:58 PM
Oh hey there's fairly decent coverage of G. Fast in the UK already
@FMLCat What's G. Fast?
right... i fixed FE guys laptop by furiously googling until shit started working
3:06 PM
still don't get why he couldn't do that
congrats on passing desktop support 101
i'd got the spare Dell desktop out of the basement
...and the problem's gone. The Microsoft inbox driver is bad.
if you can't get OSX working in our workflow you will HAVE to use win10
TL;DR: Fixed Bluetooth audio stuttering by installing the OEM driver from the motherboard manufacturer's website. The generic Microsoft driver was responsible for the problem.
Now Chelsea Dagger plays totally stutter-free.
3:12 PM
@Burgi Because there are others that will do it for him.
yup, not going to do it any more
@Burgi Now you are making me go "ewwww"
Why can't Linux get a little love?
> if you can't get OSX working in our workflow you will HAVE to use win10
dude i cannot be arsed reinstalling an entire untested OS
i know that win10 works in our workflow
3:15 PM
nothing wrong with windows 10, and well, he gets paid to develop, not work out a unsupported build environment
I don't mean @Burgi has to fix anyone else's computer. In fact, I believe quite the opposite. Even his own computer should be fixed by competent tech support persons, so he can spend his time doing what he's paid to do.
you neglect to take into account that in small companies devs ARE tech support
What I mean is if I moved to a new job and they told me "use OSX, Win10 or say goodbye. No Linux" I'd be quitting ranting and shaking my fists when alone
@Burgi I said "I believe", not "it has any semblance with actual reality"
> I'd be quitting
in my experience linux is more faff than its worth
Well, to be fair I'd take the chance to learn OSX. But windows-only?
3:20 PM
also we run .NET web apps
good luck running them on 'nix/osx
also i've had enough of his brummie "its not my job" crap
i've worked until midnight every night this week
@Burgi Yay, overtime! \o/
I thought only the US had that stupid "You're salaried, no overtime for you" rule.
Here we have (...had?) overtime + time and a half if it's over 10 PM
3:26 PM
it depends on the company and your contract
Puppy reacting to bonfire:
> what is dis ting dat shines so bright?

it lite as day - but now is night!

it smells so good, it look amaze -

my hooman sez it is 'a blaze'

den tiny sparkles fly thru air

dey swirl - dey'r Gone! i donno ware...

i hear de way it cracks n pops

i hope dis magic never stops

i feel so warm, is dis a trick?

n Why is marshmelo on My stick?!
my last job it was time and a half on weekends and after 8pm
but we didn't get beer o'clock, had to wear business attire and i had to commute for 2 hours
3:42 PM
@Bob @Ave

I’m looking for someone that can create my very own Cryptocurrency with a website to go along with it. I will list some features that I want in the currency and website. Please don’t go over the budget which is set.

Crypto Features:
1. Developed on Windows 2016 Server
2. People should be able to mine this currency like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
3. Mining gets harder and harder as time goes.
3. The coin should be difficult to mine but not too hard at first such as Bitcoin.
This dude's gonna get scammed so bad
I love how he says "Anti-Hack" like that's just a particular feature you can add
Yeah, I'll just add an --anti-hack command line argument, implement the universal standard for preventing all security vulnerabilities, and ship it
@allquixotic I'm sortaaaaa tempted to make some crap up and get the money to fund for college, but I wouldn't
Besides, already has 20 proposals
> My budget is $5000 for the entire project
5k DelusiCoins, I suppose
> 15. Unique coding makes it harder to hack.
Oh god hahahahaha
Honestly, for such a clueless person, I really hope they get scammed
And it would be a delicious irony if the payment was in the form of the coins the coder is developing
which will be worthless
3:48 PM
@allquixotic I'm more concerned about the "mines". Just what exactly do they think mining is?
@allquixotic That's what I said (hm-hm-hmmmmm):
1 min ago, by That Brazilian Guy
5k DelusiCoins, I suppose
The whole thing is a shitty Get Rich Quick (TM) scheme anyway.
@Bob Obviously they need the ability to set up a new "mine" any time they want, so just wire up a button to create a new GPU instance on AWS... imagine the feeling of power they'll get when they realize they can create 10,000 mines with no problem
DelusiCoins, because delusional, get it?
and then, oops, I have a $200k bill from Amazon this month
3:50 PM
@allquixotic it's worse than that, lol
> Starting off there will be 10 mines (IPs) that will hold this currency.
> Mines: I'm able to add new mines, set the IP address where those mines are located, difficulty level, a name of mine, type of mine, how many coins are in that mine.
See, mines hold coins and mining is the act of ... digging them out?
@Bob Is it a cryptocurrency or a game of Warcraft 2?
the only people benefiting from this cryptocurrency craze are Nvidia, AMD, ASIC companies, and the people who really got in first
most other people are not making much off of it and will probably stick around until it crashes and lose all their money
the girl i crushed on in my first job was on QVC in america
3:53 PM
honestly I hope people lose billions of dollars when it crashes, because the amount of electricity wasted on cryptocurrency "mining" is just staggering
she is making millions now
How do i fix this
@rahuldottech don't have rats in your home?
Money. Alternatively, duct tape and patience.
@allquixotic is it like MLM scam at this point?
3:56 PM
> We found an Influencer you may want to follow:
HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
@allquixotic It was outdoors
Ran out from the window
to the other room
Actually was probably a squirrel
@ThatBrazilianGuy These wires are impossible to strip ughh
I would be screwed if I couldn't rely on my cables not being bitten by rats
@allquixotic Squirrels are cute tho
3:58 PM
@rahuldottech You... can't just tape ethernet cables back together.
wait you use rats as wire strippers?
@rahuldottech Get a rat to chew through them!
Ethernet really doesn't like interference.
@Bob that's the problem
IDK how to fix this mess now
!!s /wire//
3:58 PM
@ThatBrazilianGuy That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
Learn to crimp ends and run a new cable.
I suppose you could terminate the cable at both broken ends with a new connector, then have a patch panel to connect the two ends
@allquixotic apparently the break is outside
@Bob I'm not sure how that prevents him from laying a naked patch panel on the ground to connect the two cables to :D
@allquixotic rain?
4:00 PM
@Bob Needs special equipment?
or a F-F connector
@allquixotic The fundamental problem is the fact that it needs to be decentralized in order to be secure. So unless affordable dedicated low-power blockchain processing hardware is widely available, cryptocurrencies are going to be designed to favor GPUs over ASICs.
@rahuldottech Wait. How is it currently terminated? In male or female ends?
@Bob male
@rahuldottech You're best off just buying a new cable.
4:01 PM
just get some cats
Right now:

[male]====================/window//wire cut here//=============================[male]
If you wanted to self-crimp the ends you'd need the unterminated cable anyway, plus new heads, plus a crimper tool. Not particularly expensive but probably not worth it for a one-off.
@Bob 20m long. Expensive. Ugh.
@rahuldottech How much?
@rahuldottech why is ethernet cable running outdoors?
4:02 PM
idk how much of a markup your stores have
@Bob Wait. Pretty cheap online. Should I go for CAT5E or 6E?
@rahuldottech 6e doesn't exist
cat6 > cat5(e) but cat6e = ???
@rahuldottech I should say, cat6e doesn't exist as a standard
if $randomSeller labelled it cat9000 it's obviously better
@jokerdino Because of the conditions of the place where I live. Tough to explain
4:05 PM
they even called it "terabyte", lol
@Bob hm. Cat 6 is a tad bit more expensive, but affordable, overall.
@rahuldottech for most purposes cat5(e) is perfectly fine
I don't think you're doing 10GbE
oh heh this is a huge pile of cat 6 here :D
we only running 1Gb
@rahuldottech this is golden. this is golden. this is golden.
archived it bc why not archive.fo/qCIOb
> About the Client
6 Jobs Posted
0% Hire Rate, 4 Open Jobs
> First, I’m looking for an A.I that can speak with a woman’s voice and ability to trade on the stock market.
why do you need a voice on an ai dammit
> ability to trade on the stock market
this guy's just full of get rich quick schemes
4:13 PM
> Please read entire description before bidding! My site is OfferyAds.com
god this is amazing
user image
lorem ipsum...
I wonder which numbers are accurate
@Ave wow
> We have paid $0 worth in prizes to our 6 members
the $0 and 6 members or $6756 and 1014 members...
@Ave none
@rahuldottech I'm willing to bet that the $0 is accurate though
4:15 PM
@Ave yep
sounds about right
@Ave oh, I remember those... the reward is an inbox full of spam and possibly a side helping of identity theft
that's not how cryptocoins work
@Ave that sums up just about all of their requests, yes :P
4:23 PM
~USD8 for 20m seems okay?
cat6, that is
sounds about right
word of warning, sometimes those cables can be a bit poor and break quickly, especially around the connectors
@Bob Okay, thanks :)
that's why I switched to buying raw cable (usually actually has specified wire gauges) and crimping them myself
but, yea, they're cheap and work in a pinch :P
I honestly expected these to be wayyy more expensive
@rahuldottech I'd suggest some nice thick duct tape to wrap it (and/or pin it to the wall) to protect against future rodent attack
4:36 PM
@Bob yep :)
Honestly, any smart person will just get a {whatever}-to-3.5mm-jack adapter and live a peaceful life
I hate the concept of wireless earphones/headphones. Yet another thing to charge and keep track off? YUCK
India is going to crackdown on cryptocurrencies: qz.com/1195316/…
4:54 PM
@rahuldottech Er... I'm really not sure what all the consternation is about. My Beats Solo3 Wireless Bluetooth headphones give me about 50-60 hours of battery life (despite only advertising 40), probably because they go into standby mode when not actively playing audio. When using them 8-12 hours per day, they last me all week on a charge.
You charge your smartphone about 3-4x as often as the headphones, and the headphones only take less than an hour to fully recharge.
Sure, first gen BT headphones with only 10 hours of battery life are horrible, and earbuds are even worse because they only have a tiny battery cell. Buy some real BT headphones with 40+ hours of battery life and don't worry about it too much.
@allquixotic I know I'm being silly here
But I lose stuff easily. Earphones are easy to replace, and inexpensive, at any given point I have like four different pairs lying around in different locations
And I don't use headphones very much
I've never lost an electronics device; also, my headphones are very expensive, not cheap commodities
I keep track of them
@allquixotic Lol, I can't afford good quality wireless headphones
@allquixotic thing is, it's still more stuff to charge
my watch lasts a week but I keep forgetting to charge it anyways
I mean, I do technically have a very rich man for a father, but it's not like he cares about his children, he doesn't even pay our school fees
4:57 PM
in fact I had to return from istanbul and cancel a vacation-like thing just bc I forgot the charger and because I really rely on a smartwatch in my daily life
@rahuldottech same.
@Ave So? If you make it a habit, you don't have to think about it. Certainly less annoying than wheeling over the 3.5mm cable with your chair, or getting it tangled up on something, or forgetting you're tethered and getting up and getting your headset yanked off your head
makes sense, I guess
@allquixotic to each their own
I can't use headphones lately anyways: got my ears pierced and earrings get sorta hurty when I put headphones on.
I'd rather have wired earphones while cycling too, so they don't just fall off and I don't lose them
4:59 PM
I have tons of battery powered devices I use regularly: Apple Watch Series 3, Logitech MX Master mouse, iPhone 8 Plus, two pair of Beats Solo3 Wireless, iPad Pro, laptops, remote controls for my TV and air purifier, ...
and I spend about 0.01 brain cycles per month thinking about charging
@allquixotic Wait, you have an air purifier?
I just do it and I can't think of a single instance where I went "Damn, I want to use this device, but the battery is drained/low"
I should get one, considering that I live in the most polluted city in the world, but they're too costly here in India
@rahuldottech Yeah, house gets dusty because of human skin cells flaking off into dust (which happens to everyone) and magnified considerably by our furry cat
@rahuldottech not sure what you consider too costly, and not sure how they're priced in your market, but a bog standard air purifier with a HEPA filter for a room should cost about $100 - $150 US here
@allquixotic Starts from about $250 here
5:01 PM
they don't really remove pollution AFAIK; they don't convert soiled air into clean air... they remove dust and a few good ones remove volatile organic compounds, supposedly
For decent/certified ones
and they don't change the mix of oxygen / nitrogen / CO2 / CO / NOx in the air, either
so if your air is heavy on NOx or CO2, it won't help at all
@allquixotic obviously :P
I gotta go
Goodnight folks :)
@allquixotic dust in a big factor in pollution here
@rahuldottech good night
@rahuldottech Why is it going thru a window?!
5:18 PM
tho plants won't remove dust.
Evening o/
\o ooooo o/
There was a bit on You and Yours today about smart meters
(apropos of the chat in here on them recently)
Turns out the DCC has 90 smart meters connected to it
Sorry, 80 meters installed and operating in homes
~400 'testing' devices connected
DCC is a subsidiary of Capita (yes, that Capita)
> The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) formerly known as DECC granted Smart DCC Ltd a licence in September 2013 to establish and manage the data and communications network to connect smart meters to the business systems of energy suppliers, network operators and other authorised service users of the network.
"Supposed to be ~53 million meters installed and operational by 2020"
5:35 PM
@bertieb As a Smart Meter customer (against my wishes), I feel we should be compensated for using them
1. The utility companies get to save on manual labour of having meter readers
2. Potential and actual privacy concerns
3. Time of Billing is a stupid practise (coming from someone who used to just have a regular rate)
4. The ones we use in Canada (at least in BC) have been known to be QUITE random, and usually more expensive, when billing customers
5. The Utility Company can turn on the SMs to act as computer nodes, and sell the time to other companies
6. Explosions and fires
We pay for them here via higher bills :(
I'm not a huge fan either
I've heard through the grapevine that some States have been able to remove them and go back to reliable analog meters...
@djsmiley2k You're wrong, I'm a Linux SysAdmin in a Windows-client world :P But I miss handling Windows Servers
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