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Q: When a single post has related sub questions

NokSome questions go further deep asking 'how', 'why' and 'what'. I am always tempted to ask about 3 sub questions closely related, otherwise it would seem I just want more votes, at least +1 for each, to increase my reputation if those subs were asked individually. Its rather sad I cannot search fo...

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10:17 AM
@ThomasShields And, as I was brought up Jehovah's Witness, I have always been opposed to religious control of government. "My Kingdom is no part of this world ...."
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11:31 AM
@PeterTurner "Marc Gravell's answer to my question on Lourdes ..."
I can't find this. I'd like to read it.
12:11 PM
@TRiG right, so i'm partially indifferent to the civil legality of gay marriage.
@TRiG he deleted it. you'll need the "see deleted questions" privilege, which I think is at 2k?
@ThomasShields Has Marc Gravell actually left the site?
@TRiG no, I mean Peter Turner deleted the question
@TRiG Marc Gravell is around, he works for SEI so even if he stopped participating he'd still be "around"
12:58 PM
@trig it wasn't much - I deleted the question because it wasn't really a question. He just informed me that regardless of whether Mary appeared on February 11th to St. Bernadette, she did not appear on the 11th of each subsequent month, so there was no particular reason for her to appear on 11th's. He was remarkably respectable considering how dumb and ill researched my question was.
1:22 PM
@PeterTurner Ah. Nothing too interesting, then.
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4:49 PM
Q: Can we read/study the bible with background music?

Javier DillanAre we allowed to read and study the bible with background music such as classical music or something instrumental?

most subjective yet?
or have you veterans seen weirder?
@ThomasShields Or, in some cases, asked weirder?
@TRiG haha, true
We've had some pretty weird questions from regulars.
@TRiG but they weren't closed-weird, right? just weird?
@TRiG thanks for that clarifying comment, too - nicer to the newbie than mine, lol
5:49 PM
Room Owners: update the "Christianity.SE" in the room description to a link? it'd be rather handy.
...just realized there's a link in the bottom right, actually, but a link in the description is nice too, since people read that
6:14 PM
@ThomasShields na, that's redundant...although we could use a better room description...
@waxeagle that was my underlying message :)
6:24 PM
@ThomasShields any suggestions?
@waxeagle hm... i had an idea. i can't remember now. i'll think about it.
@waxeagle we could name it after some Inn... i think there was one Luther met in often
kinda like White Horse Inn is named after an inn that Christians met and talked in
@ThomasShields I'd suggest the Wittenberg Door...but that might offend...
@waxeagle hm, yeah...
well, for the description: "We're like a small group minus the snacks"
WOW. We actually closed a question without the help of the mods! Good job guys!
@ThomasShields I've asked a few dumb things that have been closed. Something about whether God can do NP problems really fast or if He just knows the answer.
@PeterTurner I suspect the answer to that question is "yes"
I mean, technically he created both the problem, the procedure, and the answer, right?
6:39 PM
Yeah, but if you're of the mind that God can't square circles, or bend other parameters of Logic which he already instituted as one who is unchanging. He'd already know the answer, but it would take Him just as long to compute if He wanted to go through the trouble... But time is meaningless to God. Well, that's how I lump Catholic doctrine on to an unanswerable question. It's probably not a good idea to ask.
I actually asked the first question on Christianity.SE which was subsequently closed and reopened 2 or 3 times. I'll bet I could get away with asking it now...
@PeterTurner ah, thank you! Frg hgoy (stupid dvorak) You just reminded me of a question i had...
Be careful!
what, about the question I plan to ask?
oh, and "Frg hgoy" = "You just" in dvorak, lol
yeah, (just kidding though)
haha, we'll see how it's received, i guess
7:28 PM
@ThomasShields Paul stopped at Three Taverns and took courage.
@PeterTurner I've been reading recently, and that sort of question actually strikes me as very Western. I think that in some other religions, that sort of "logic puzzle" question would be regarded as basically meaningless.
@TRiG lol amusingly descriptive :)
7:48 PM
@TRiG ahh, cool!
So: "The Three Taverns: We're like a small group without snacks"
@TRiG I think we all need some "courage" from time to time :)

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