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4:02 PM
also, someone tell me an obnoxious childhood nickname. I need ideas
need to set my colors if I want to draw something.
@RavenDreamer oooo yeah, Squirt is good
Alright, you heard it here first. @Wipqozn is now named Squirt
I notice he didn't stay handsome for long.
4:05 PM
@RavenDreamer no, I crushed that dream pretty quickly
@RavenDreamer I just felt it was rude to rub it in every ones face.
@spugsley I'd change my name on another site and link it with chat, but it takes forever for chat to update so I won't bother.
@Wipqozn it's the thought that counts
@Wipqozn I wrote you a lullaby
@spugsley Go on.
@Wipqozn it's the same one I wrote for @GraceNote but more abusive
Hi there
I Made this question and tried to make it more generic not too much located to my problem, but i am not sure if I accomplish that, can someone take a look and give me some advise ? =) gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/62635/…
4:15 PM
"Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep dump @Wipqozn. Get the fuck into your bed, and close your stupid eyes. And then have lots of dreams and I hope they're the worst. And if they aren't is doesn't matter cause I'll beat you when you wake uppppp"
:bows: thank you, thank you
@spugsley You're a modern day shakespeare.
@Wipqozn duh
@spugsley Not sure if I should clap or run o.O
@MichelAyres Probably both.
@MichelAyres oh, you might be confused. I adopted @Wipqozn for the sole purpose of beating him up.
and then I wrote him a lullaby to remind him who's the boss
also, his new name is Squirt. And he is the worst
@Wipqozn definitely both. You have to like it but you should also be very scared
4:18 PM
@spugsley wife or gf ? (only those have the power to do this with a man)
Q: Conjuring doesn't always work

MakorAt level 23, Conjuration at level 31. Conjuring flame atronach doesn't always work even when majicka level is optimum. Is there some detail that I'm overlooking? When it works, it's great.

Q: Is it a game recommendation?

LifeH2OI was very curious and asked this question to get any game name (so that I can google it myself later). Is it considered a game recommendation question? I asked it because I have only seen other kind of games in videos, not those I was asking about.

Q: How can I improve Yorick's damage without making him too much squish?

Michel AyresI'm testing Yorick as AD carry (sometimes is needed a top or mid that are not AP and does not need more tank), so I tested some builds but I didn't like so much about the damage received. Here what I did in one test: Manamune Mercury's Treads Trinity Force infinite Edge Atma's Impaler and the ...

@MichelAyres Did you just ask if @spugsley and I were romantically involved?
@MichelAyres oh. my. god.
romantically is not the right term ....
@spugsley =P
O-o where the fuck is @IanPugsley when you need him
4:19 PM
@Wipqozn WIPQZN!!! Why did you took of my tag of Theorycraft ?
Hint: They have the same last half of username for a reason.
How do you adopt a husband anyway?
@MichelAyres It was a meta tag, which is a tag that describes the question and not the problem.
I'm trying to find a good meta topic now for you.
@RavenDreamer yeap i notice (but i can troll a little about it, married ppl also have the same last name xD)
@Wipqozn ~hugs~
and by a good meta, I mean one in which @GraceNote outlines all the issues.
4:21 PM
@RonanForman this seems like a good question. I'm sure it's been done
We should make a @GraceNote Overflow, which just searches through all answers posted by Grace Note on meta pages.
@Michael I'll you a hint, @Wiqpozn and @spugsley live in different countries and have never met.
@RonanForman and it's Canada's fault
I'm tempted to change my name to Wipqozn Pugsley now.
@Wipqozn I'll admit it, just this once. I lol'ed
4:23 PM
BTW, changing the subject ... Anyone have brought a Razer Mamba ? I am really into it, read a lot of review, but nothing like a friendly talk about it =)
@Wipqozn also, @IanPugsley would be so fucking confused lol
@Wipqzon Well you are their adopted son.
@RonanForman Michel not michael (Michael = english, Michel = french)
do you pronounce it "mick-ul"?
4:24 PM
@spugsley That's worse than regularly confused.
Google translator Michel (french speak)
@NickT The french pronunciation is kind of like "me-shell"
@StrixVaria +1 for you =)
@RonanForman quite worse
@MichelAyres: Having trouble finding a meta which I think does a good job of explaining it well, but you could just look here. The idea is that tags should be used to describe the problem, and not the question. was describing the question, and not the problem. If a tag describes the question and not the problem it is a meta tag and should be removed.
4:27 PM
@Wipqozn If you're moving to the Pugsley's, which one of us gets to keep @Gnomeslice?
@Wipqozn but in my question gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/62635/… the League of legends is describing the game and the theorycraft the problem in my POV....
The Judgment of Solomon refers to a story from the Hebrew Bible in which King Solomon of Israel ruled between two women both claiming to be the mother of a child. It has become a metaphor referring to a wise judge who uses a stratagem to determine the truth, tricking the parties into revealing their true feelings. Specifically, the judge pretends that he will destroy the subject matter of a dispute, rather than allowing either disputing party to win at the expense of the other. Biblical narrative The story is recounted in . Two young women who lived in the same house and who both had an ...
@RonanForman definitely you and that's not up for discussion
@Wipqozn LOL
@Wipqozn i was reading the other answers as well, and i see the point why you removed now =)
@MichelAyres Excellent.
4:31 PM
@spugsley DAMMIT!
@Wipqozn Following this logic, was the same as if i put tag:league of legends and tag:league of legends equipment
@Wipqozn now i want a cookie =D
would become...
@MichelAyres no spaces
But i learned something new =P
4:34 PM
How odd. Normally Garfield isn't very funny at all.
@WipqoznPugsley You used the term Meta-tag properly. I'm so proud... I think I'm tearing up
@LessPop_MoreFizz Hugs?
@LessPop_MoreFizz Did he change his name or are you just being savvy?
He changed his name
Well, damn!
Cya hugs everyone. food time =)
oh goody. I can't wait for @IanPugsley to get on.
4:37 PM
tortoise shades
@spugsley born on Tax Day as well?
@NickT yup yup :)
how old are you though?
@NickT 23
meh, got you beat by 3 yrs
4:41 PM
@NickT well, happy birthday :)
21 = alcohol, ..., 25 = rent a car, 26 = buy insurance to last until grad school starts
@NickT 23 = nothing
22 = nothing either :(
@Wipqozn why, when I click on your chat profile, are you associated with Parenting.SE?
is there a little @Wipqozn that we don't know about?? O_o
@RavenDreamer It's how he did the name change
without cluttering up gaming.se with it
4:52 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Exactly. Otherwise I would be stuck with this name for 30 days.
I did the same thing with You're Handsome.
just on a different site
Well, it's that time of day again
@RavenDreamer Time for lunch?
@LessPop_MoreFizz Where I post a question to GameDev, then go have lunch and wait for someone to bring me the answers.
Beer o' clock?
4:53 PM
So... close enough!
Freedom in 7 minutes. Time to close up :) bye guys
5:04 PM
Downloading .
@GnomeSlice never heard of it
@TZHX XBLA puzzle game, an indie darling. released 2 days ago
Having fun with the in-laws @agent86?
yeh... I was being sarcastic. there hasn't been a question asked on the site in the last two days not about Tommy Cooper, it seems.
5:16 PM
Does anyone want to play @fredley's Minecraft adventure map at 1900UTC (in 45 minutes)?
@WipqoznPugsley they went out for a few hours, so yes, it's lots of fun
@RonanForman I'll play
@murgatroid99 Woo!
If I manage to write 9k words in 40 minutes, I'd love to. That doesn't seem likely though. :(
5:25 PM
@RonanForman guess i can if you need more people
@Blem Talk to @fredley
We already have too many people, but you're welcome to drop in and watch the carnage!
@fredley wait, is it too many people if I play?
@fredley no thx, it was either join in the game or prepare for my job interview tomorrow
@murgatroid99 I have no idea who's playing any more
@Blem I should be doing that...
5:29 PM
Anyone happen to be a J2EE guru here?
@Blem I like how often programming questions crop up in the Gaming portion of chat
5:46 PM
@fredley That's because we're the best chat room on the network. tortoise shades
@Blem Gee I hope not.
I'm back!
You were gone?
Q: how to check my depth on a mac in minecraft

PsYchO_BuLL3TZi know if you have a pc and you want to check your depth you press F3 but on my mac keyboard F3 brings up my desktop screens 1,2 and my dash board. is there a way to check with out counting?

5:54 PM
Ah, got my "I'm right because I know Sony engineers" argument
Almost as good as "My dad works for Nintendo"
@badp I don't think he's bad per se: I just don't share the same enthusiasm you had
@RavenDreamer I had not noticed.
@spugsley D':
yay, time to use FOIA.
5:58 PM
@ArdaXi That's because you weren't around when I was.
@WipqoznPugsley Fezzes are cool
@RavenDreamer You weren't around when I was!
@MarkTrapp as best as I can figure, you're wrong about that guy working for fez anyway
@MarkTrapp oh. Well he's objectively posted a few nice answers. I dunno how much original work was in some of it, like the alphabet one, though.
@RavenDreamer I was only 57% sure. Upon further looking, he seems to only have a presence on Quora and likes Earth Bound.
6:01 PM
and generally we're happy about developers joining in to ask or answer
@MarkTrapp Well, the simple answer is, there's no one named "Sean" on the Fez dev team.
@badp If they're asking questions for their own game to seed, that's promotion. If he had happened to be affiliated with Fez, not disclosing that would not be cool
@RonanForman need more?
I did say 'generally'
6:03 PM
And of course seeding a site with questions about a game when those questions are kinda lame is pretty lame in and of itself
@NickT Talk to @fredley
@fredley need more?
@NickT We're ok, but come and watch if you want, should be fun
Q: Is it a game recommendation?

LifeH2OI was very curious and asked this question to get any game name (so that I can google it myself later). Is it considered a game recommendation question? I asked it because I have only seen other kind of games in videos, not those I was asking about.

Q: Are the actions in Kinect games predefined?

LifeH2OI don't have a Kinect device but from the videos it looks like that in all its fighting games all the actions that avatar performs are predefined. The user make a move physically and in game character just do the action mapped on that move. Is that so? Are there any kinect fighting/action games ...

"It's not a game recommendation because I don't plan to actually buy the game"
Is this just me:
Q: Normalize and compress video audio

Nick TThe audio on the Avengers vs. X-Men promotion videos seems incredibly quiet. Can you normalize and/or compress the audio tracks in the future? e.g.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aqXpjy1FOs

6:12 PM
@NickT They should talk to StackGaming about video production.
@NickT Is there a timecode where it's apparent? I listened to the first 30 seconds and didn't notice anything
I mean on a whole; it seems far quieter than other videos
It is
Just the way the video was made, I guess
their audio track just seems totally raw
Who are these people anyway?
6:19 PM
"a panel of ...experts"?
The Googles say they are in UCB
Oh, the vide lists it deerp
I think they are just randoms from scifi
@WipqoznPugsley That'd be cooler, but none of those people are from SciFi
@MarkTrapp Well that's just stupid.
It's four people from UCB: not sure why people from a comedy troupe are experts on Marvel Comics
6:21 PM
Oh, Matt Little's from SNL, not UCB
@MarkTrapp Have you been to SCIFI.SE recently? They are quite the joke.
So why are they comparing their answers to those of the site itself?
@WipqoznPugsley There once was a time where people provided canonical answers to tough questions in SF and Fantasy with lots of sources. It was a glorious time. Now it's Story Identification and Speculation.
What would happen if a vampire built a werewolf? What happens if a vampire is teleported onto the USS Enterprise?
"vampire built a werewolf" => "Dracula's Puppy"
6:27 PM
Q: Framerate drop on the clock tower level?

zim2411Has anyone else run into a massive framerate drop for (what I think is) the clock tower level? It drops to about 1fps as soon as I enter the area. If I leave through the door I came in from, the framerate returns to normal, but tanks again as soon as I go back through. I restarted the game but it...

6:43 PM
@NickT Want to play?
We've got a player who can't get mumble working
6:54 PM
Q: Could the Enterprise beam a vampire into a house she didn’t have permission to enter?

Torben Gundtofte-BruunThere's this article on io9.com asking this exact question, and I thought that scifi.SE would be the ultimate place to have the matter settled. I present to you: This is a serious question that has been bothering me. We all know that in most vampire lore, a vampire cannot enter a house withou...

Yes, I was speaking about actual questions :P
Like, wow
Q: Bitten by a vampire, werewolf, and zombie... what happens to him?

SukottoI'm toying with the idea of having a character bitten by more than one bite-infecting monster and wondered about just what would happen. What are the generally-accepted time windows from bite to transformation for the above monsters? I'm thinking, from shortest to longest Zombie: Hours, 1 f...

I searched those as a joke.
I recall coming across the enterprise one before, but still
I think I just blocked it out of my memory. Since it's teerrible.
I wonder if Steam will forcibly kill the game.
Q: Is it possible to see the other players races once I am in the game in Starcraft 2?

ayckosterI often play 2v2 or 3v3 games. Usually it takes quite long until everybody is ready and I can checkout their races. But sometimes I forget to look or the game loads very fast and I do not know what my opponents are. Sometimes my ally knows or the opponents are decent enough to tell me their race...

I'll know in 2 minutes.
6:58 PM
Oh, they finally deleted most of those
Q: Why does Rainbow Dash refer to herself as a billy?

PureferretIn the episode Sonic Rainboom, right near the start you hear Rainbow Dash refer to herself as a 'Billy'? The only reference I can find to this is a 'male goat'. Why would she say that?

The asker heard wrong, it was filly, not billy. Shouldn't the question either be edited or deleted?
@WipqoznPugsley Seems too localized. Everyone called the asker out on it already
7:02 PM
oh and this one:
Q: Is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic canon with Star Trek?

Scott ChamberlainInspired by the various answers and questions about ET and Star Wars based on a cameo, I wanted to know is Star Trek and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the same Multiverse? Now before you go laughing me off of the internet I recommend you watch the following video. http://www.youtube.co...

I'm really tempted to make a meta post lobbying for the removal of speculative questions.
Although I assume no one would be for it, since it would result in most of thier questions being deleted.
Oh, they have a general reference close reason.
crashes through his new apartment
Damn it!
You missed.
@Fredy31 Oh, nice.
@WipqoznPugsley You're gonna have a bad time. One of the reasons I resigned as pro temp mod there.
7:09 PM
so I hear I have a son
that's not usually the way one wants to find out
@IanPugsley sooooo I have something to tell you O-o
@IanPugsley How's it going.
We should go to the park later or something.
Play catch.
@WipqoznPugsley I'm afraid you might have the wrong idea here
@MarkTrapp There is only one thing I can say to that
7:13 PM
@WipqoznPugsley I'm not so much the play catch kind of dad as the dad you always call sir, who you have a nervous and awkward relationship with until finally I say something sad but slightly encouraging on my deathbed, like "You weren't much of a disappointment."
@MarkTrapp that's what bothers me most about scifi (despite my participation there) - I'm fine with speculation in answers, but I see no value in questions whose basis are entirely speculative and lack any basis in canon
@IanPugsley Yeah. They could use a notability baseline like many of the other SE sites
Unfortunately, their culture is… unique. Example: they vigorously defend identification questions as high quality and the best SE has to offer
@MarkTrapp ...wow.
@MarkTrapp IT{X} is a complicated subject - the vote here wasn't all that one-sided, and to be fair is a semi-recent decision
A: Are story identification questions still appropriate?

GillesStory identifications will be banned on this site over my dead body. To clarify: if this site bans story identification questions, I don't see how this site can possibly become a reference for SF questions. Since there would be no point in my spending any energy to help a site that's doomed to f...

I found that to be rather concerning.
@IanPugsley True, but even the supporters on Gaming seemed leave it at "it doesn't hurt anyone" rather than saying they're awesome
@IanPugsley There is a huge gap between "They should be allowed" and "They are the best the site has to offer"
@WipqoznPugsley I don't know that "they are the best the site has to offer" is a widely held opinion there
@MarkTrapp definitely, but I do see a difference between the identify here and the identify on scifi
not to mention the difference of site maturity, given how long gaming.se has been around
@IanPugsley Eh, SciFi is only 6 months younger than Gaming and ITG was on life support here during the 2nd election in August: I don't recall any moderator candidate supporting them.
7:24 PM
In any case, I think we can all agree that Gaming.SE is the best site on the network.
tortoise shades
@MarkTrapp Other than Oak?
@RavenDreamer He didn't run in august.
Oh. THAT August.
Although we do have a fairly even split in our mod base as far as pro/anti itg goes.
@WipqoznPugsley shakes head sadly
7:27 PM
Q: Fez: how do you lower the water in the lighthouse area and main warp room?

Killingsam2I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas or if they knew how to lower the water in those areas, I know you can and I know you have to. I just don't know how. Soooo yeah, if anyone can help me, then thanks.

Q: How do I get down from this ledge in Fez?

markpascIn the early, blue-sky area of the game, there's a room with a stone arch and two treasure chests. One of the chests is on top of the arch, but the other is on a floating ledge far to the side. This is the room Gomez enters at 3:35 in Polytron's trial gameplay video, though the ledge doesn't appe...

Q: What are the maximum number of stars any one general can have?

ShoeMakerIn the interest of building the strongest armys and generals, I would like to focus one general at a time to get his stars. What is the maximum number of stars any one general can have, and do they lose stars if they are benched while I level another general up?

@Fredy31 grats
That reminds me. I might be visiting Toronto next year. I might need to meet-up with some of the Toronto located people here.
@fredley need to check chat more often I guess
@NickT Hey
We're ok it turns out
7:57 PM
Q: Blowing up TNT in Minecraft classic

What's up DocHow do I blow up boxes of TNT in minecraft classic? I just tried playing on the website and tried minecraft-classic since it is free (yet outdated). Within the game one of the blocks I can use is TNT. Tutorials mention redstone but I don't seem to have it. How can I blow up these boxes of TNT?

Q: How do I change my user icon on here to my normal avatar I use everywhere?

ShoeMakerThat green star next to my name is annoying, yet I haven't seen a link where I can upload my own avatar. I see other people with custom images, and I am hoping some-one can give me step-by-step instructions how to put mine up.

You're going to need muuuuuch bigger gun.
@badp I feel tempted to make a very immature joke at this point.
@ArdaXi You'd need muuuuch bigger gun.
@ArdaXi That's what she said?
@WipqoznPugsley Unfortunately, yes.
8:11 PM
@TZHX It's an indie game I've been following for a very long time.
And so far, it's excellent.
My verdict for Might & Magic Clash of Heroes: play Gyromancer instead.
Gyromancer was ever so slightly less tedious than this game for some reason. Probably the smaller levels.
The puzzle side of the game is also more interesting than match three.
Building defenses while you're trying to get champion attacks going instead gets old fast.
The second campaign is tedious.
Clearly you should write a blog post for the GSE blog about this. Assuming the blog still exists.
Does our blog still exist?
The above is all I have to say on the topic.
Oh, well then.
Wip.....qozn......... Pugsley?
8:20 PM
@John Yes?
@WipqoznPugsley You're still double notifying me. That's till annoying.
Anyway, I'm disappointed you didn't play.
@John That's good to know.
It would've been fun to watch you die.
@John I've been studying.
@WipqoznPugsley :(
8:21 PM
It's not like I would recommend Gyromancer to somebody who doesn't commute on a train for long enough distances to keep their laptop on.
Exam tomorrow.
Mind you, the game's not bad. It's just not as good.
@WipqoznPugsley We aren't Google. :P
@John I surely have no idea what you are talking about.
@WipqoznPugsley who vs. whom? :P
8:26 PM
@John I believe you are confusing me with someone else.
@WipqoznPugsley And I believe you confused this room with Google and now are attempting to troll me.
@John My word sir. I would never dream of trying to troll you.
@WipqoznPugsley Annnnnnnnnnnd there's the sarcasm...
@John Do you mean to imply I have a pattern to my trolling?
@WipqoznPugsley The rhetorical question...
8:28 PM
@John I find this all very insulting.
@IanPugsley If you haven't rendered that video you were supposed to have uploaded these are some less broken intros and outros dl.dropbox.com/u/895336/ultrahardcore%20day%201.rar
@Gnomeslice You know how you were complained you weren't doing anything, well we would like a special intro for this map.
8:46 PM
Q: When does Amnesia get scary?

user717572I know the title is stupid, but I mean that i've just started playing Amnesia for about 4 hours I guess, and it's not like how I expected it to be scary. I've played games like Doom 3 before, where it's more like jumping-monsters-scary, but i've seen a lot on the internet that Amnesia was suppos...

@RavenDreamer Not sure if I should close as not constructive or not a real question,
The Eternal Question
@Raven You do know you can just close it right.
@WipqoznPugsley I feel somewhat the same, but reluctant to close it just yet. I never played the game, I think we should see what types of answers come
:4236741 I mean, there could be a a straight answer
suppose this was a movie
@JohnoBoy Then it shoudl still be closed.
scary is subjective
8:49 PM
say, a horror movie, the sacry part would be "when people get killed"
We can't tell someone when a game gets scary
@RonanForman hard from phone
@JohnoBoy the scary part is not knowing when they're going to be killed
except the black guy, cuz they die first
8:50 PM
I guess it's subjective, but anything regarding this will be subjective.
So yeah, too localized I guess
@Johno What about the false scare? That's sometime scarier.
Q: What to do next in the burnt map room?

Keith However I have no idea what to do next. If possible please respond with a clue and hide the complete solution with spoiler tags!

@RonanForman Is the false scare not scare?
Well it's like where the guy trips over a chair or gets caught on something and thinks he's been got.
9:21 PM
Q: What's the secret to the purple crate room in FEZ?

matttI don't have any pictures, but it's a purple room with a platform that has six purple crates on it and a pillar with two columns of symbols with five in each. The platform is also purple and is covered in grass.

Closing that Amnesia question makes sense, but the game doesn't really ramp up or anything. It's just sort of a slow burn the whole way through. If the guy's already got 4 hours in and isn't scared at all, anything in the rest of the game is unlikely to change that.
Honestly, I find that question in the exact same category as the "Will I be lost if I play <some game part 3> if I didn't play <some game part 1 or 2>?"
Which we never close, and wish we did
Over the last two days, whenever I go to post a new question on Stack Overflow or GameDev, I wind up realizing the answer in the process of writing the question. -_-
@RavenDreamer That happens at work all the time too, if I call another developer over to my desk to show them a problem I'm having
Usually halfway through the explanation I say "nevermind, go away"
9:29 PM
My Bit.Trip Beat clone is done! (Well, systems-wise, anyway). The only thing left to do is add in some levels!
Don't mind me, this is the fastest way to search a tag.
@RavenDreamer :o
@RavenDreamer Will we ever get to this magical, mysterious clone?
@WipqoznPugsley Do you have XNA?
@RavenDreamer Oh my no.
All the cool kids just program there games purely in machine code
Do you have Magicka / Terraria?
9:30 PM
No need for that fancy XNA
@RavenDreamer Yes
Then you have XNA.
Oh, I thought you meant the program to build.
Or some silliness
Let me just make a new .zip, and you can see it for yourself.
definitely the largest program I've written to date.
But that's probably because of the music.
See if you can't run that after extracting.
9:34 PM
6 hours ago, by Raven Dreamer
With the power vested in me as moderator of Gaming.SE, I hereby proclaim @Wipqozn to be adopted by @spugsley. You may now beat the adoptee.
@RavenDreamer oh.
(You said that just in time too.)
Hm? Just in time for what?
in time to stop me from pinging the Pugsley parents if they were cool with the impersonation :P
@RavenDreamer: Is the game only supposed to last for ~15 seconds?
9:37 PM
@WipqoznPugsley He's taking after EA's business model, and selling you additional 15 second DLC chunks for $.99 each
8 mins ago, by Raven Dreamer
My Bit.Trip Beat clone is done! (Well, systems-wise, anyway). The only thing left to do is add in some levels!
Emphasis on the last sentence.
@RavenDreamer ah, okay.
Seems good though.
The music and sound effects are really well done.
I hadn't realized how useless the Windows inbuilt association suggestions were
Gee, I have a file .7z, I wonder what program I will need.
File Type: 7Z Compressed Archive File

File Extension: .7z

Description: 7Zip files contain one or more files that have been compressed and packaged into an archive file.

Software or information available at:
WinZip 7Z Compressed Archive File
StuffIt Expander
9:41 PM
@RavenDreamer Are you planning to add in a message of saying "press space to start"?
@WipqoznPugsley Oh, yeah.
(although 7zip does have an horrific GUI)
@WipqoznPugsley Press Space to start!
installs WinRAR instead
9:42 PM
> 1 new question in Bacon filter on stackexchange.com
Q: Kevin Bacon number with Actors+Films+Instructors

user1261561To find Kevin Bacon number between an actor and Kevin Bacon, I'm thinking of using adjancency-list to do the standard BFS which should run in O(n+m). The Kevin Bacon game usually involes Actors and Films only. But if I have an entire list of Actors, Films and Instructors, how can I expand the BF...

I love that filter
@ThomasMcDonald The only person who cares kind of left a few months ago :P
Dude, I get an email everytime there is a question of interest.
@RavenDreamer I hope that's not the difficulty of the final product
9:44 PM
man, I hate graph theory...
@badp Those are the debug beats, currently.
Also, at times the cursor refuses to go below the middle of the screen.
As in, "Can I get something sinusoidal and pink on my screen?"
@badp Yeah, it's better in full screen mode (which I forgot to check before building it)
What I've seen games typically do is keep the mouse at the center of the window. At every frame they see where the mouse is, thus how much it moved and then move the mouse back at the center.
@badp Hm. That's interesting. I do that, but without moving the mouse back to the center.
I'll have to remember that.
Very easy to do, too.
Anyway, I am off!
9:47 PM
Is it? Perceived difficulty is why I didn't do mouse look in that stupid demo I made for the computer graphics course. Bai.
Make sure to share the finished product @RavenDreamer

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