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12:06 AM
Video Games Treat ADHD (Video) http://bit.ly/ec7zDQ
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2:27 AM
Q: Starcraft 2: 4v4 Team Matchups

Fuzzy Purple MonkeyMy friends and I play as a 4v4 team and are currently ranked 6 in bronze. We are eager to break into silver, but have noticed that most of our matchups are against gold/platinum/diamond ranked players, and hence we get trampled. How does the 4v4 team matchmaking work? Why is it that we are bei...

3:15 AM
Q: StarCraft2: How to harass protoss with terran before stim-pack is researched?

BuddaUsually or too often (at least in my experience, when I play Terran against Protoss I see that left unattanded Protoss player doesn't build gateway army in the beginning and invest a lot in Robo-units (immortal, colossus) that is usually deadly for terran. Good treatment for that is early push w...

I killed the chat again. :(
It's cool bro.
Ew, homestuck.
shhhh it's okay, you're too uncool to read it, I understand.
Thank god, finally.
3:28 AM
what are you talking about now Gnome
what are you saying.
You finally realize that I'm not going to read it.
Maybe you'll quit bothering me about it now.
I'll never quit bothering you about it
On a side note, you missed some interesting shenanigans earlier, regarding twitter.
until the day we both die
Long story short, I'm a bit of a potty-mouth.
3:29 AM
well uh
I didn't really miss it.
I kind of scrolled through the history. Although maybe there was some removed text? Can't really remember.
"And then I (removed) her in the (removed) right in front of the (removed) children!"
...No, I don't think so.
double bass y u so hard :(
3:47 AM
So chill.
4:22 AM
Q: Red Faction Guerrilla: Get Parker sector to 100% support

Felix DombekI have Parker liberated and everything in it completed. I also drove through it for quite some time after that (only in the north part/can't figure out how to get to the south (?)) but no new events came up. It's currently at 84 % public support. How can I raise this number?

4:46 AM
Q: Looking for a new game for PC that's similar to Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance II for XBOX

rockinthesixstringOnce upon a time, I used to play video games. Not so much anymore. My favorite game from back in the days when I did play was BGDA II. I've since upped my PC to a whopping i7 920 / 12 GB Ram / SSD / 2x GTS250 (SLI) and I wanna break it in. I'm looking for game suggestions, and since my fave fr...

Hey, look, a game-rec. :o
@Shaun kill it with fire!
I did what I could. :)
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6:30 AM
Hmm, just received an invite for the private beta of APB: Reloaded. Didn't that project utterly fail?
Q: Why are my Ohm Robots not using Teleporters?

EricIn the game Universe At War, the first race in the campaign has teleporters to warp any of your units across the map, but my Ohm Robots do not seem to use them at all. Is this a bug?

Q: How to play Multiplayer in Little Big Planet 2

TeeOhI have completed 5 levels of Little Big Planet 2, but I can't seem to access any items on the pod menu except story. I also cannot accept any invitations from friends. Is there something I need to complete to be able to play multiplayer?

6:56 AM
Q: How to Play Sauron Zerg More Efficiently

YgamIt is confirmed: Zerg is the easiet race to kill. Master League Terran and Protoss pros say so, and even Idra says so. Of course there's still Fruitdealer, but since GSL Season 1, we never saw Zerg at the top again. Flame me all you want with me being a bronze league player, but here's what I h...

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8:54 AM
@tzenes claps Nice <rant>.
@LessPop_MoreFizz the article is slightly off. Firstly, it only works on passwords of EXACTLY 8 characters in length (for legacy reasons) or passwords longer than 16 characters in length (Amazon doesn't check after the 16th characters). This is no less secure than any other website (or at least one that doesn't accept passwords longer than 16 characters), because you have to have exactly 8 characters to trigger this.
@Mana ty
9:52 AM
@Oak I pushed an edit to that "where do I find similar games" question; if you feel it's damaging to the intention of the question give me a heads up.
@tzenes my plans to use /dev/urandom for passwords are foiled!
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11:34 AM
@badp Gaming, like SU, has a lot of drive by traffic, where users only come to find an answer, not hang out and wait to get one
I don't see it as a problem, as I reckon that the growth has been pretty steady (as with most sites) and there are always a bunch of new visitors who 'get it' and stick around
I agree that the growth could be bigger, which I think is mainly caused by a lack of diversity in the questions. We need more questions about different games that attract new/different users. But we also need to make sure that if they get asked, they get answered
It's like Joel's blog post about being Amazon or Ben & Jerry's, I have a feeling that Gaming needs a bit more B&J at this point in time, until we have enough avid users to handle Amazon like loads
because while @GraceNote is right, there are already established sites that answer potential users questions, we don't get all this google-juice without good reason
if we had the answer, we would most likely rank very high, possibly higher than most of the establishment
I'm debating whether or not I should be asking questions I already know the answers to.
Like, I want to get the site to start focusing more on fighting game theory, like the indepth sort of questions SC2 gets
i.e. is character x a good counterpick to character y in fighting game z
but the problem is that then I'm worried I might end up having to answer my own question
which is what wound up happening here since there were no good answers to the question I asked. But that just feels wrong.
11:56 AM
@IvoFlipse Our questions often manage to be in the Top10 google results, if we choose the right keywords that brings enornous amounts of traffic. It is very noticeable for newly released games
@Mana yes you should ;)
btw awesome answer ;)
Just take a look at how many Fallout New Vegas questions got high views, it was pretty easy to get 1k views for those
you sometimes just have to keep on trying
@Mana just go ahead and ask. Asking a question you already know the answer for is OK across all SE sites, and besides you might get other quality answers.
indeed @Fabian
11:58 AM
Just wait till the next big release and we might get a traffic surge
hmm no big upcoming releases though :\
but still everybody plays a game and runs into questions that way
oh wait Dead Space 2 is coming out tomorrow
FNV questions have 1,5k avg views, Civ5 and Starcraft2 have 1k
I can tell you, those are pretty sweet statistics
those from SU look terrible
windows-7 only reaches 800+
Compare with the here popular Die2Nite which barely manages 200 avg views
you even get 4-5 times more rep here for the top tags
btw the end of february means Killzone 3 and March brings Dragon Age 2
so we'll get a nice new batch of games to ask questions about
12:07 PM
The voting behaviour here is much better than on any other SE site I used
I find SU voting totally unpredictable
not just that, non-existent is a better word for it
but I must admit, I don't find a lot of the questions/answers worth upvoting either
we've been messing around with the data explorer and searching for old, abandoned questions, without any answers or upvotes and simply started deleting them
and I'm tempted to enforce some more quality on newer questions as well
12:27 PM
might I remind everyone that Gaming has already grown so much that it's now only 8x smaller than SU and 6x smaller than SF, at this rate it will overtake SF within a year
@IvoFlipse We're currently shrinking a bit, we had 17k visits at some point
I'm sure there was one popular question, that just fell out of the 14 day window that's being used
SU's floppy drive question generate 300k views in a matter of a week, that inflates our page views for half a month
wasn't there a stack app that graphed the growth of all SE sites?
You mean this one?
It doesn't seem to work anymore
Q: Popularity Contest

FarseekerYes, I know it's too late to get in for the prizes ('sif this would win anything anyway) but hey, for the betterment of the community :) Screenshot / Code Snippet About I've (and others) been bugging about getting some stats so we can track our Stack Exchange sites against the others, so I m...

nope it doesn't :(
12:45 PM
Q: Any way to recover my gear from this bug? *spoilers*

yx01I recently ran into this bug where my commander lost all his gear. Unfortunately at the time, I progressed through the dungeon enough that my auto-saves all got overwritten, and my previous save is over 5 hours ago. Any way, via cheating or otherwise, to get me back my gear?

I know, but there's a difference between 'growing' by getting more sites up and running and growing by pushing for more content on those sites
by the way I don't think our problem is people that ask and don't wait for an answer
Those drive-by users don't even ask right now :)
that was what I meant too, guess it was poorly phrased
1:11 PM
@Mana glares
:( I rolled it back, okay??
The thing didn't tell me that you had edited. Presumably because you committed your edit while I clicked on the edit button.
@Mana Maaan, I edit so much stuff I forgot I'd edited something right now
I was just glaring, you know why.
oh maaaan. You're awesome.
Wait, why were you glaring? Maybe it's sleep deprivation but I actually don't know.
4 mins ago, by Mana
1:16 PM
I see.
I don't know what you fucked up, but I know you fucked up something! :P
hahahaha yeah you got me alright :PPPPPPPPPPPPP
We need someone to ask a new meta question complaining about Mana's edits ;-)
the old question gave us Batman
drunken hand-waving Back in my day we didn't complain 'bout no.....editing.
so if someone posts a new meta question I'll....uhhhh......maybe actually respond this time.
Since I had like this massive motivation for editing post typed up and then my name got edited out of the original question. So I was like damn! and couldn't really do anything.
If I had posted it, I surely would have gotten like at least 10000000 upvotes and would have become more e-famous than Jeff and Joel combined.
1:52 PM
Q: What is a good zombie clearing strategy in Die2nite?

Rasmus FaberI have heard people have success with proactively keeping the zombie-counts down. What strategies do people use? Clear zones completely? Leave one in the hope of it dying in the night? Contain zombies in one particular corner? Contain zombies in an enclave near the city? How early do you start?...

Q: Do save games travel between the online and downloadable versions of Minecraft?

Cosmic FlameI've just started playing the download version of Minecraft in single player mode. I was wondering how the download and online versions interact in terms of save games. Does the online version store and load saves to and from the computer that you're playing on or are they stored online for pla...

2:25 PM
Q: Starcraft 2 Server IP

configuratorIs there a published list somewhere of all the IPs of servers Starcraft 2 would need to connect to? I can only open my outgoing ports to certain IPs or to ranges of them, so for now I'm stuck with analysing firewall logs again and again to find various IPs I tried connecting to.

Freeware Game Pick: Tiny Barbarian (Michael Stearns) http://bit.ly/e7P80g
Made in Game Maker
I used to use that.
I was horrid at it.
3:04 PM
@Mana Probably.
Q: Does the Rock Band 3 Midi-Pro Adapter work in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock?

Andy EJust recently got my MIDI-Pro Adapter, but it doesn't work in GH: Metallica, GH:5, GH: World Tour. I was thinking of buying GH: Warriors of Rock, but the GH wireless MIDI adapter that came with the Band Hero drums is appalling — it drops notes all the time, whereas the MIDI-Pro in Rock Ban...

3:29 PM
I hate asking non-silly questions.
You never get any rep. :/
It's generally hard to get reputation for a question unless you bludgeon it with formatting or it's a question that lots of people want to know the answer to but has no real direct answer.
Makes sense, though. If you ask something that's widely answered, it's not as valuable a question.
@Shaun That's not really what I meant. I was referring to the difference between a "real" question, and a "silly" question.
For example:
Q: Can I Pass Out from Excessive Drinking?

GnomeSliceI've noticed that if I grab two or more alcoholic beverages in rapid succession, my sight gets wonky and blurry. The length of time this effect lasts for seems to increase if I grab a larger number of bottles. Is it possible to pass out, if enough alcoholic beverages are consumed in rapid succe...

So, 12 upvotes, as opposed to:
Q: What are each of the "Special Vehicles"?

GnomeSliceOn the challenge sheet for each area in Burnout: Revenge, is a challenge bearing the following description: Takedown a Special Car in [Area name] Can someone give me a complete list of where I might find each of these vehicles for each area? I haven't been able to find even one so far. ...

Q: How do I complete Level 02-19?

GnomeSliceI hate to ask for help with games like this, but I've been stuck here for quite some time. Can anyone give me the solution?

Q: Is Steam coming for PS3?

R. Canser YanbakanIs it true? Can we play bought games available for PS3?

1 upvote.
Dammit @feeds! You ruined my rant!
Nah, I got it. :)
Plus I was responding to one of the feed items anyway.
Generally-speaking, I don't see tons of people up-vote questions on Gaming.
I'd be interested in seeing a list of questions by most votes to see if there's a correlation.
3:39 PM
You might be surprised.
Q: How can I tell if a corpse is safe to eat?

Kaestur HakarlI am playing a human wizard, and I just killed a monster, leaving a corpse on the ground. How do I tell whether it is safe to eat this corpse? I leave the monster unspecified because I am interested in "how can I figure out whether this is edible," rather than whether any particular monster is e...

Only programming could spur on these conflicting emotions.
It's the worst thing in the world when it doesn't go well and the best thing in the world when it does.
True, especially when you're learning a new language or framework.
When I completed my javascript in-class assignment yesterday I accidentally did a loud victory thing and everyone clapped and stuff.
It was good times.
aww. It's so cute watching you grow up @Gnome.
I don't think I could complete it again. I have no idea what I did.
3:44 PM
It was apparently a simple enough assignment. Zebra striping.
Oh wait. Misread.
@Mana I'm not going to get any upvotes on my new question am I. No freehand circles/arrows. :(
3:49 PM
You should listen to Evan Carroll more.
Why did you bring up he who should not be named?
Dude, that guy is the best user. He's made Meta.SO trolling an artform.
Well, that's not really a good thing. Still, he's one of those few trolls who is actually genuinely amusing.
@GnomeSlice Maybe an answer will cheer you up. ;)
"Oy, you ask a good, serious-toned question..." hahahaha ♪
Q: Why has Microsoft not allowed browsing for the 360?

danixdI have always wondered why there is no browser on the 360. Sony has enabled internet browsing on the PS3, yet Microsoft hasn't. Are there an specific reasons for this?

Q: Strange connectivity issues with XBL and Black Ops

danixdI am having a very strange problem where my XBL disconnects when I search for a lobby on multiplayer. Here are the steps I take. (It hasn't happened with any other game) Turn on XBOX Automatic profile sign in (connects to XBL) Load up Black Ops (disc already in tray) (Sometimes) Connect to a fr...

4:15 PM
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5:32 PM
Q: Powered minecarts pushing paused carts

minermaximoI've been attempting to get powered minecarts to push an empty minecart from a break in the track. ====R==W======== (R is for raised level & W is for wood button) In the track above the powered minecart comes from the left and pushes the empty minecart that is resting on W onto the track ...

6:01 PM
I'm bored, Entertain me!
6:12 PM
6:28 PM
@badp That's rather humerous, but my first thought is "hacked game"
@badp Blocked here.
@Powerlord there's an input file. You download it, run it in the ad-hoc emulator for TASes on the game ROM and see the game played before your eyes
the input file for this one looks like this:
version 1
emuVersion 90600
rerecordCount 123553
romFilename trm-bage.nds
romChecksum 40BB7A81
romSerial NTR-ANDE-USA
guid 84BE2329-6CE1-AED6-9052-49F1F1BBE9EB
useExtBios 0
advancedTiming 1
useExtFirmware 0
firmNickname yopyop
firmMessage DeSmuME makes you happy!
firmFavColour 10
firmBirthMonth 7
firmBirthDay 15
firmLanguage 1
rtcStart 1999-12-31T12:56:32Z
comment author Ryuto
|0|.............000 000 0|
|0|.............000 000 0|
|0|.............000 000 0|
/* ... many frames with no input ...*/
|2|.............000 000 0|
7:08 PM
Q: Where to find a list of Xbox 360 games requiring HDD?

sarmackieHello world, do you by any means know where can I find a fairly comprehensive list of 360 games that require HDD for full functionality (i.e. multiplayer, downloadable content, etc.) ? Also, is there any, and if so, please tell where, a list of games that install game contents on HDD in order ...

7:46 PM
8:20 PM
Hi there! :)
@Shaun That doesn't really help me out. See the comment I've added. :)
@badp Wat.
@badp I'm in class, I'll check it on the break.
@GnomeSlice no sound reqd
@badp No, but I'm sure I'll get some strange looks.
@Nyuszika7H Hello. :)
Sorry for the delayed response!
8:54 PM
Q: Strange polygons appear in fullscreen

KeaanuAnother interesting Minecraft "feature" here. When I play from inside the browser and hit F11 for fullscreen, I get wildly moving polygons flashing across the entire screen: It doesn't affect character movement or button triggers, but it makes the game world hard to navigate. There are about ...

9:10 PM
What's with the notification in the top left of my screen saying [New feed items: Spaceward Ho! game recommendation] ?
Our reddit.
repeats, slowly this time Red-dit.
Red dit.
I think I'm getting the hang of this.
Read it.
9:16 PM
Ok you're confusing me again.
Readit? Or Reddit.
@ArdaXi OK, so how do I turn it off?
@GnomeSlice Read it, as in the past perfect singular.
@Powerlord You blame @badp.
@ArdaXi Is that how it's pronounced?
Read it? Read it.
@GnomeSlice Well, I would assume so.
9:17 PM
No, I mean "Reddit".
It's pronounced Read it?
@Powerlord Click on "dismiss"
Good old heteronyms
@GnomeSlice /ˈrɛdɪt/
@badp No, I mean stop those notifications from appearing at all.
9:18 PM
@Powerlord You convince me to remove the feed :)
@Powerlord Actually a homonym.
A heteronym has different pronunciation/meaning but same spelling.
@ArdaXi Yes, read and read are heteronyms.
Oh, in that sense. Yes, they are.
@GnomeSlice No, it's Red it, according to Google Translate.
9:19 PM
I thought you were referring to read and red.
How hard can it be? Read it!
I hope the roads aren't bad when I drive home... think I'll leave in 10 minutes to avoid rush hour.
Stupid snow storm.
@Powerlord Alliteration agitation!
@ArdaXi Stupid snow storm here / Messes up the drive to home. / Makes roads slippery. <-- Haiku now!
@ArdaXi We should form an alliance by that name.
The coworker I finally got to play TF2 yesterday wasn't here today. A shame, I was going to give her some tips for Spy avoidance.
9:23 PM
And we could alienate people from it.
I think everyone here who leaves at 4:30pm (EST) left early... the office is eerily silent.
Well, I'm glad the snow business all passed here last month.
@GnomeSlice Alliteration agitation alienation alliation.
Yes, I made up a word so that it rhymes both ways.
@ArdaXi "Alienation" =)
throws a deck of cards at Arda
See, I thought you had misspelled "Alienation" as "Alliation". But it's still there, so I guess not.
9:27 PM
I still have a Noid deck of cards that look like they've never been used.
Dominoes hasn't used the Noid in advertising since some time in the 80s.
There's your next big video game idea: 52 Pick Up.
@Powerlord I think it's about time they brought that back
I should eBay it and see how much someone will pay for it. :D
yeah...all those...Noid collectors
People collect weird things.
9:28 PM
that is true
I have a Clue: Master Detective board, cards, and pieces. I wonder if someone would pay for that. The box is bet up, and Mrs. White's piece is missing half its "head", but...
someone needs to make some questions about this
oh right, forgot to mention that the Mrs. White piece has always been like that for some reason
@sjohnston Isn't that just an arcade machine that had the NES version of the game?
Yeah, I was referring to the game, not the cabinet version in particular
I just happened across that particular link
ha, "this game ranks 2 out of 100 in popularity"
@sjohnston What is this, I don't even.
9:32 PM
8 mins ago, by Arda Xi
Yes, I made up a word so that it rhymes both ways.
@sjohnston I saw that... I mean, I imagine Cool Spot (the 7up game) ranking that high too... after all, they're done and gone advertising things.
Why did I just get hit with a deck of cards?
@ArdaXi Because I felt like being random.
Dice would've worked better I suppose.
@ArdaXi I don't have dice sitting at my work desk, though.
Anyway, home
9:36 PM
@Powerlord I've got a d4, d6, d8, d10, d100, d12 and d20 right next to my monitor.
10:01 PM
Q: Minecraft redstone circuit turns off all other circuits after any of them are turned on

minermaximoWhat I'm trying to do is to get the momentary switches to activate the paths on the left of the RS NOR latches and when you activate one it deactivates all the other activated switches. The idea is basically for one switch to deactivate all the other switches. I need as compact a design that allo...

10:14 PM
Looks like something you'd expect in Kaizo Mario World.
10:25 PM
Hey! You got DOOM in my Half-Life 2. http://bit.ly/hwERGL
Q: Not getting rep from votes on meta.codegolf.se.com

marcog Possible Duplicate: How does reputation between the main site and its meta work on SE 2.0? I'm getting up-votes and badges, but no rep for votes on Code Golf's meta. See my profile.

Yay, I had a twitversation with Jon Skeet! I'm proud of myself now.
I wonder why, before I owned the game, I thought that you could launch headcrabs using the gravgun... Disappointed me that I couldn't, really.
10:52 PM
@ArdaXi Well, you kind of can.
sure, they're dead but...
Here's a question to the room at large -- is there a stack exchange site where I can get help for technical computer problems? (I.e., how to detect if my graphics card is failing?)
11:08 PM
@RavenDreamer Super User?
what's wrong with your GPU? :)
and yes your question is welcome with me
Super User is aimed at computer related questions, so troubleshooting hardware is definitely part of that @RavenDreamer
New Mortal Kombat Series Officially Announced http://go.ign.com/eHykez
@IvoFlipse Yes, but they'll see GPU...
GPUs are off-topic, it doesn't stand for Gaming Playing Unit ;P
we even have over 500 questions on graphic cards
11:23 PM
weird, it's got an API but it didn't onebox
Q: Tidalis: How do you solve 71-Reaction Action?

Harbour MasterI can't seem to find a way of solving this Tidalis puzzle 71 "Reaction Action!" that has 4 colour reactive blocks in the centre. Every time it ends in disaster, there's no way I can clear 55 blocks by colour reaction. I had to skip it and now that I've reached the end of the game, any help going...

11:39 PM
@IvoFlipse I'll ask you since you seem to be the only person with enough area51 rep around
do you get a problem too when you click on the edit link for, say, this question?
hell yeah :P
When I click edit, the question title vanishes and that's it.
I'll put it up on MSO
Please do, if I asked Jeff'd just blame my using a nightly
though wait, this should normally work
and I'm use Chrome 10
wait ill test it in IE9
works in IE9 @badp
11:46 PM
@IvoFlipse Possibly nothing. I suspect something's up, though. I get random crashes to a black screen...well... randomly.
I know it can't be overheating issues, because it's happened within 10 min of the comp starting up when all I've done is browse Gaming.stack exchange, or whatever.
"Or, as Jesus summarized, "an orgy of absurdity that not even Michael Bay can match.""
That's a great statement.
Holy ** this is awesome.
@RavenDreamer I think there are some questions regarding troubleshooting
11:52 PM
@RavenDreamer That could be pretty much anything, do you have a second GPU you could put into your computer?
I do not.
And it can go weeks without happening. I'm stumped.
Though I do have two cards in SLI. I suppose I could try disabling that and running on only the one.
@RavenDreamer I suggest you create a question on Super User and then we'll look for steps to eliminate possible factors
I won't but I'm sure users will and if you ping me the question, I'll look at it when I wake up again
Q: dungeon siege 2 has no sound during cinimatics

shaosslooking for a solution. im trying to run my dungeon siege 2 game with windows 7 64bit and it has no sound during cinimatics, but sound works in gameplay

omg that movie is just absurd!
@IvoFlipse absurdly amazing.
11:58 PM
the animations are funny though
I mean I have seen cartoons that are more serious than this one
That movie is bad in the most epic way possible.
omg the helicopter scene is just hilarious
@LessPop_MoreFizz +1 for the scream.

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