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8:51 PM
Not sure, I kinda see some correlation on how technical a site is to the percentage of answers:
Posted by Joel Spolsky on January 24th, 2011

2010 was an absolutely amazing year here at Stack Overflow. We grew from 7 million visitors to over 16 million, putting us in Quantcast’s top 400. We raised $6 million in venture capital, and we went from three full time employees to 27. We built a 7500 square foot office in New York, and we launched a ton of new features and sites, like Stack Exchange, a network of 33 Q&A sites on diverse topics from cooking to computer science. Stack Exchange grew 51% in December alone. Wow.

The expert Q&A model that Stack Overflow pioneered is really working. The statistic I’m proudest of is the percentage of questions that get a good answer, over 80% (and many of the new Stack Exchange sites have 100% answer rates!) …

Playing "Are we public yet?"...
Good place to advertise this site:
9:53 PM
Aaaaand we're public!
Now I need to keep chrome open all day long -.-
SO Team, why can't you fix the stackauth bug in FX4..
How come I didn't get a beta badge? :(
10:06 PM
I think you have to get >200 rep during the private beta.
I did!
Hmm...I wonder what constitutes as "actively participated" then...
oh well.
It was fun anyhow. :D
Q: List of all badges with full descriptions

Popular DemandWhat is each badge? Jump to: Regular badges A-L and M-Z Tag badges Badge families Area 51 badges Return to FAQ index NOTE: Some badges are awarded based on score. The term score, in this context, means the total amount of upvotes minus the total amount of downvotes.

Looks like you qualify for Beta...
Yeah. Guess there might be some grease in the tubes somewhere.
10:12 PM
I see people with 2 bronze badges and Beta, so that description is bogus...
I see people with >5 bronze badges, and no beta badge. Awkward.
40 new users and counting...
They need to start asking questions I can actually contribute to. :P
Waiting for a ton of JS questions to pop up :O
Want to upvote the new guy... that'll teach me to spend all my votes right before going public :D
10:20 PM
Hm wonder if I could post a question about HTML layout...
dunno if that falls under "code" though
it's mainly about semantics
Guess I'll simply try :)
@IvoWetzel: Why do you call it Fluff.js when it's not even JS? :P
Or wait, maybe it is? doublechecks
@Zolomon well it uses V8 so you can do some OpenGL stuff from JavaScript
Also: I suck at naming things
Hmm...some questions aren't appearing in codereview.stackexchange.com/questions?sort=newest.
10:36 PM
A good place to keep an eye on problems:
360 total users...
What was the user count at the end of the private beta?
194 IIRC
10:57 PM
Q: HTML5 semantics, any possible improvements?

Ivo WetzelSo I'm creating some sort of "portfolio" website for my self (a ton of placeholder content right now...) and I was wondering if I could improve the semantics of the HTML5 any further, especially the article stuff. I'm not completely sure if I should use section elements inside it, I read through...

Let's see if this gets closed or not :)
I hope not, looks good :)
@Andrew The questions page is cached so new questions don't always show up right away
11:18 PM
We really need collapse-able code blocks
@IvoWetzel We've got to show that CR is a viable site before the SOIS team is going to invest any time in enhancements for it
I know :/
Nonetheless, OP's will soon explode in size
Best thing IMO would be to embed GISTs
oh :)
11:28 PM
the good thing is that they have version history
right now when you update your code you have to post the whole thing again :/

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