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9:01 PM
My mind went to really dirty places for a moment.
> I once knew a warlock player who loved drawing swords on isometric paper.
> He was really into hexblades.
I know there is no such thing as sanity damage but i just took 1d4 sanity damage from that joke.
I believe the term you're looking for is either Necrotic Damage or Psychic Damage.
Possibly both.
> An elf and a half-orc walked into a bar, but the halfling walked under it and the human ducked.
9:05 PM
WIS drain
> Why couldn't the bard multiclass into a monk?
> He couldn't handle the ki change.
> While defending a desert watering hole, the bard kept the goblins at bay by casting prismatic wall.
> Anyway, here's Wonderwall by Oasis.
do bards get prismatic wall?
While fighting off a horde of goblins the fighter managed to walk 400 feet within six seconds. He was called Cleaver
9:21 PM
@SPavel No, but they can fake it if you hum a few bars.
What's the opposite of Starmas?
Speaking of Starmas... Six chat lines from the last year which pleased me:
May 23 at 20:37, by MadMAxJr
I had a cohort whose vape mix made everything smell like bubblegum. It was like standing next to a small cloud of the 90s.
Apr 26 at 0:07, by Karelzarath
@Miniman -1: this answer is too helpful
Apr 10 at 21:59, by Yuuki
@MadMAxJr I like the idea of beholders not having object permanence.
@BESW lol
Apr 18 at 0:30, by nitsua60
I assume GraceNote's just waiting for three more nominees, then she and mxy'll just roll SSD down a hill to figure it all out.
Aug 7 at 6:28, by Magician
@BESW If I can't bludgeon a player to death with the rulebook, why am I playing this game?
May 2 at 6:25, by Miniman
@Yuuki Holy hell, it's like you summoned @trogdor just by saying that.
Honorable mentions go to this picture, this spell, and this mispell.
@BESW I forgot what this was from, time to read
yeah ok, I guess that makes too much sense now
9:41 PM
You logged in immediately after they said that.
Right! I want to hear from women GMs, not for a project, just for my sanity. All your stories, how you run your table, about your parties, your writing process, etc. I will NEVER not want to hear about your stories 💜🙌 (Pls RT, cause I feel like I’m going out of my mind here)
@BESW I did, but also the context
I remember logging in immediately and being pinged with that message
I just didn't remember what summoned me
fun fact kids: when you summon something it doesn't know why you summoned it, best fill it in
Reminds me of gate in NWN2 - it summoned a Balor that would attack everybody
nice XD
9:47 PM
I assumed that was because it was evil, but now I see that it only attacks indiscriminately because nobody told it what to do.
exactly the flipside of my point
Apparently an early version of D&D had a demon-hunting devil that you could summon? It would attack everybody, but it would always attack any nearby demons first.
(Or maybe it was a devil-hunting demon? Can't remember.)
That's a bebilith, isn't it?
[shrug] I never paid attention to demons and devils in D&D.
@Miniman No that's a tiny rock. You're thinking of a talking elevator.
9:51 PM
@trogdor For you.
@BESW why thank you
@SPavel Are you sure you're not thinking of NWN1? In 2 Gate summons a horned devil that's automatically your ally, but in 1 it summons a balor that attacks you unless you cast Protection from Evil first.
> Circle of Protection: Backstabbing. Once per session you can draw a Circle of Protection: Backstabbing around a zone. No one in that zone can be attacked by their allies or partners for the rest of that scene.
@Miniman That sounds about right
@PeterCooperJr. btw I'll be sending another e-mail along later tonight talking about character(s), setting, &c. I'm just busy pulling together dinner, getting kids into a car, and there's an 'ockey game we're going to tonight.
10:21 PM
@Mithrandir It would take a lot of time and energy I don't have right now to support the claim, but it boils down to: No, because the central theme "know who you are" has an individualist rather than collectivist conclusion.
It could branch out into other subjects like the ways Moana doesn't understand the Pasifika relationship with the landscape, but the core conclusion is that the film is about identity and it completely fails to understand that indigenous identities often don't start with the self.
You can see occasional reefs of indigneous identity poking up above the Disney waters, and I suspect those are remnants of Taika Waititi's original script. But they don't significantly inform the film's running themes or its final conclusion about what the characters need to do in order to reconcile their identity crises.
(I suspect that Waititi's script put wayfinding on the center stage, and the line "We know where we are" would've been a statement of the main theme. But the mystical, spiritual ways that wayfinding and identity are connected in Polynesian epistemologies would've been very hard for a Disney audience to comprehend, much less swallow.)
(Instead, we got the Ocean as an Abrahamic God figure. sigh.)
Guys i have a question. Is there a system out there where you play the dungeon keeper?
...not sure what you mean by that.
I mean is there a FRP system out there which plays out like a resource manager where you fight off heroes trying to invade your dungeon.
10:37 PM
Oh, you mean a video game.
10:47 PM
@MaikoChikyu bullypulpitgames.com/games/the-skeletons … ish. Very … ish.
11:01 PM
@Skyler This article isn't Pasifika, but it's a good example of how an indigenous collectivist epistemology influences a person's daily life and fundamental sense of identity, and how alienating and bizarre it can be to live in a world which doesn't just fail to understand who you are--it fails to recognize that you have a who-you-are-ness.
> The self signifies something plural for me, and trying to communicate that to so many people has been exhaustive.
@BESW oh, that was a very excellent and enlightening article.
Yeah, I find it very important to read sites like Indian Country Media Network and e-tangata, because they aren't written for me. They don't gloss; they don't explain the words and concepts shared by their common audience, and so they can talk about things more deeply and truly because they aren't worried about outsiders understanding the "weird" bits.
It's been one of the great joys of working on the UOG literary magazine, too.
11:22 PM
Yeah, that's a good way to go about things, I think.
An anecdote about local storytelling: there's a ghost who haunts a bridge and kidnaps young men, but when we tell stories about her, it's never about who she was or why she's doing that.
It's about our cousin who saw her and got away, or how we scared our friend in high school into thinking she was after him, and made him scream.
Most people I've asked don't know the origin story for the White Lady, and the few who do... I've heard a very different version from each one.
It doesn't matter. What matters, what we propagate and carry with us into the future, is the role she plays in our community.
urg, ghost stories
despite not believing in them most of the time, I still get pretty nervous when I hear one
11:40 PM
@BESW hot damn
> For too long, Polynesian body image has been stuck between The Rock and a diabetic place.
@MaikoChikyu You mean like Dungeon Keeper?
@BESW wow
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