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12:10 AM
@timothymh Oh, very good.
12:24 AM
Hey can anyone help me find the question form a little while back that involved disabling scroll inertia? I found a fix for it but can't find the question.
12:43 AM
Eh, lemme see.
Q: How can I set a different scrolling direction for mouse and trackpad in Lion?

fzwoI want to give the new scrolling behavior in Lion a try (both on the built-in as well as on the magic trackpad). But on my Mouse (a Logitech Anywhere MX), I don't want reverse scrolling. In preferences, it seems as if there were two different settings (one in the mouse prefPane, the other in the...

This 'un?
No, it was disabling it altogether. It was messing up his games or something. It was also within the last couple months.
Q: Secondary click and primary click at the same time?

TyiloIs it possible to do this without owning an external mouse or having the latest multi-touch trackpads? I need to do this for games originally made for windows, but either run through wine or ported to mac. For the most they doesn't just require this, but also to hold both down for a specific tim...

Nah, that's probably not it.
Oh, I don't know.
returns to studying
Definitely not. It's about inertia scrolling.
@Mahnax OK, study hard.
Hee hee
1:03 AM
I saw that.
1:41 AM
Hello Mr. Davies.
3 hours later…
5:04 AM
@Mahnax Hello Mr. ____
@daviesgeek Eh, I won't say.
What was that?
My other last name, but you missed it.
@Mahnax You don't want to share your real name? (I did see it) :-P
@daviesgeek Eh, not really.
Since no one is here, I could show you, then delete it.
Since my mom had a family business, it would be possible to find my exact address with my last name, I think.
5:07 AM
Yah. I debated over whether I should or not. But then again, if someone went to my blog, they'd see my name.
@Mahnax Ok.
Yes, I know.
Oh, that's fine.
(Deleted since you didn't want to share it with everyone else)
No, everyone at EL&U knows my first name is Matthew.
Oddly enough, there's not an "undelete" button.
@daviesgeek Why do you say that?
5:10 AM
@Mahnax Your last name. What is it? (nationality)
@daviesgeek Which?
The first last name or the second?
@Mahnax Umm...the one that began with "K"
[Matthew] [Finnish] [Finnish] [Russian/German/IDEK]
Mine's a boring old English name.....
Ah, nothing wrong with that.
5:12 AM
I suppose....
Have you tried Googling your name?
Oh, sure.
Takes you right to my Facebook.
Mine doesn't work.
Then again, I'm not on FB, nor am I on MySpace
I see.
My FB use is very limited.
Ooh!!! I'm on page 4!!
(that link didn't work)
I don't see you on page 4…
5:15 AM
@Mahnax Turn off personal results.
@daviesgeek OK.
Your Vimeo?
Nope, I don't think so.
I don't see that.
@Mahnax Weird. Maybe because you are in a different country?
@daviesgeek Probably.
5:18 AM
Are you using google.com ?
Not like google.fr
Or something like that....
Another thing is: Are you using Chrome?
@daviesgeek Redirects to google.ca.
@daviesgeek No, I use Safari for casual browsing.
@Mahnax Ah.
@daviesgeek I use FF for testing my JavaScript/HTML/CSS stuff, and I don't use Chrome for anything.
Now that I look at it, I wonder why you didn't inquire about the odd nationality of my last last name.
5:21 AM
Yah. I don't show up in your Google.
@Mahnax I probably missed it, since you have like 4 names. :-)
@daviesgeek Haha.
Anyhow, I don't show up in google.ca , but I didn't go that far down the list.
I went to page 10 and I didn't find you on google.ca.
I just went to 20
Still nothing?
5:24 AM
And...nothing :-(
I added "geek" to my query and boom, first hit.
@Mahnax Yup, first three-four hits
It's fun Googling your name sometimes.
@daviesgeek Indeed. I wonder what happens when I google my full name.
5:26 AM
Try it and see.
I get a few scattered results, none relevant.
Yah. My full name won't show up.
I was thinking that my name might show up in some records, but they only started taking those in 2001.
The other thing you have to take into account is personal results.
Hm, I suppose that's a little vague.
5:28 AM
Yah, my full name doesn't show up at all.
Mine would be Matthew Stephen Davies.
My mother once Googled the name of a troublesome child at my school and found out that he had his name changed in August 2002.
@Mahnax Nice!!
@daviesgeek Quite, we discovered a lot about him from that one simple site.
Yeah. We checked to see how far back those name-change records went (I believe that it was keeping track of all the name changes in Alberta) and they started it in 2001.
Oh, I see why, ha.
I used to be #1 for google.com/search?q=ipad+3+live+streams but then all the big blogs started linking and I dropped to page 3 :-(
5:33 AM
I was sooo sad :-( I got about 300 visitors that day.
Wow, that's pretty good.
The timing is the big thing. I posted those right before and after the keynote, so they got a lot of notice.
Hey, I need to get some shuteye...so TTYL!
Alright, bye!
6:02 AM
meta.apple.stackexchange.com/a/1121/8546 suggests adding then removing tags that signify pre-release or beta status …
… http://meta.apple.stackexchange.com/a/1270/8546 I disagree with the notion of automatically removing such tags after a pre-release (or beta) product is released (out of beta) by Apple. Related: meta questions such as meta.apple.stackexchange.com/q/651/8546 … discuss … :-)
Sorry, edition of the previous post unexpectedly broke a link. For convenience: meta.apple.stackexchange.com/a/1270/8546
6 hours later…
11:55 AM
I woke up today on top of my iPod touch. I have no idea how it got there.
12:08 PM
@timothymh I've had mornings like that, sort of…
1 hour later…
1:37 PM
So far it seems that I'll be in the office for MacBreak Weekly this afternoon. Hoping to see some folks here for discussion.
2:24 PM
Did anybody's iPad arrive yet?
2:50 PM
Hi guys.
@gentmatt I think I saw reference to some iPods being delivered. Likely stateside local delivery tho, no banana boats for the locals.
Although I imagine that I will get mind first, as London Heathrow is the delivery hub from the states meaning there is likely a further transit flight to get into Mainland Europe.
3:12 PM
@gentmatt My iPod arrived yesterday (Monday) morning. Shipped directly from the Online Apple Store.
Congrats to @jasonsalaz on his new gig.
Did it arrive via owl?
3:57 PM
No, it was delivered by a muggle in a brown uniform.
4:21 PM
@gentmatt yes, Saturday morning! (I didn't know they delivered on Saturdays).
@timothymh As in you didn't know it was delivered yet, and somehow it showed up in bed with you? Maybe owl delivery is how it works.
@jaberg How do you know he was a muggle?
4:41 PM
@DanielL I have my ways.
Just saying if he has magical powers, he could use them to conceal his magical powers...
4:59 PM
@DanielL You're assuming I don't have magical powers of my own, allowing me to detect the presence of concealing magic.
5:32 PM
You are both assuming that magic exists and is available for use by humans, when we all know a certain Mr S P Jobs bought up the entire worlds supply and ground it down to make Kool Aid with
Magic is a renewable resource. A gift — and excretion — of The gods.
5:51 PM
@stuffe But how far are you from Heathrow? Couldn't another flight into Europe possibly get to someone else before a package makes it up to the northern reaches of England?
(or perhaps my understanding of the geography of your island is faulty)
6:07 PM
MacBreak pre-show: The Joy of Skype
Gosh, every time I open up Google Chrome, something new has changed on the new tab page.
@jaberg You listen to/watch MacBreak?
Yes I do. I'm tuned in now. First time live in a few weeks, but I listen to the 'cast every week.
Cool! I have been, but recently stopped because I have to re-encode the video for my iPod...too much hassle
Just pull the audio. If I'm not watching live I don't bother with the video.
Yah. I like being able to see what he's talkin' about, though I may just switch over to audio only.
Besides, I listen to 5by5, so I already have a lot to listen to.
6:13 PM
Me too. And some stuff on 72db, plus the indies. ;)
Which 5by5 shows do you listen to?
Cut down a bit on my 5by though. Decided I didn't need to listen to Marco whining every week.
Primarily Talk Show, Hypercrit, Amplified and Geek Friday
@jaberg Whining? I like B&A!
I sometimes tune in to BTW or B&
I listen to Build & Analyze, The Talk Show, and Hypercritical
I just found out about Amplified and I may start to listen to Mr. Dalrymple...I dunno....
@jaberg Back to Work and _____?
6:17 PM
Build and analyze, Mac Power Users
(Weird lockup here)
Ah. I see...
I don't want to start listening to too many podcasts, 'cuz otherwise I'll always be waaaay behind. I think I'm about a week behind on all my podcasts.
Oh, also AMB. (Not 5by5)
@jaberg What's that stand for?
I'll generally let 'em slide if they're more than a week old—unless it's one of the key casts.
Angry Mac Bastards.
@jaberg I see.
@jaberg I listen to all of them, just 'cuz
Do you listen to them in the car?
6:20 PM
Sometimes. Car. Desk. While I'm doing stuff.
A couple of weeks ago there were three or four of us who found out at the end of the MBW 'cast that we were all watching and discussed meeting here for a live chat every week. Unfortunately, until today I haven't been able to tune in live.
@jaberg Oh. Cool!
@jaberg Yah. I don't have that much time to listen to them. Mostly right before bed
6:36 PM
@daviesgeek I like to have a Safari-like "new tab" behavior. That's why I use this extension in Chrome: chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/…
Thanks for the feedback! @stuffe @jaberg @DanielL
I assume that the delivery to my house will be delayed. Good Friday and Easter Monday are national holidays in Germany.
@gentmatt Yah. I tried that, but I decided just to leave it be
WHOA! The Chrome preference page changed too!
@daviesgeek Really? I did not notice that.
@gentmatt I'm running 19.0.1084.15 beta
You're probably on a stable release
Ok. You beta guys...
Chrome pushes updates really fast. I don't feel a need to use Chrome beta.
Firefox on the other hand..... :)
@gentmatt I had to upgrade because it kept on crashing. I couldn't figure out why, but decided a beta wouldn't hurt
6:45 PM
Google is quite self-confident in radically changing the look-of-things.
I'm liking this new preference window. At first, I hated it, but it's much more accessible
All the settings are on one page
They changed the color of the Music icon in Android lately to YELLOW. Which just looks horrible on any background...
@daviesgeek You're making me curious. I'm doing to download the beta now.
@gentmatt Backup your profile first
Just in case you want to downgrade
6:48 PM
@gentmatt Uno momento....
Can't I use both versions at the same time?
@gentmatt I dunno. I think when you open up the beta, it'll ask you if you want to upgrade your profile
Yeah, this seems risky..
@gentmatt Do you have a TM backup?
6:50 PM
I'll leave it. I'm happy now :)
Yes. But I'll try to avoid unnecessary trouble while I can.
:-) Fun stuff
Hello! How are you? Are you well? How do you feel? Can I help you? Nice to see you around here.
I'm okay. This class is boring.
Are you @ school right now?
6:56 PM
On my iPod.
I've never done this while I was in school.
Aww, no fun.
But @ the university, many students are constantly updating their Facebook status during the lecture.
@Mahnax What subject?
6:57 PM
Haha, naughty.
Physics, but it's boring stuff.
@gentmatt You teach?
No, I'm a student myself. But I tutor as well.
I see.
Q: What/Where is the hall of Ask Different inquisitors page?

stuffeOn the recent site-promotion page was the following nugget: everyone who completes Level 1: Use Different and beyond will have their gravatars honored in the hall of Ask Different inquisitors page. What/Where is this located, or is this just the contest page itself?

Oh. You're across the pond.
6:59 PM
Why did @stuffe post the answer as a comment?
I've tutored a bit.
Is it not possible to answer your own questions on meta?
@gentmatt /me was wondering the same thing
It's not too fun.
@Mahnax At school? How?
7:00 PM
Ah, kids a grade or two younger than me needing help with maths.
@gentmatt Of course it is.
Oops, gotta run.
i'm feeling a bit lonely being the only one in the US :-)
@Mahnax :-) See ya!
@Mahnax Bye!
@daviesgeek How is that?
Alone at home?
@gentmatt A joke. I'm the only one in the chat room from the US.
However, I suppose @jaberg and @jrg are from the US.
7:02 PM
I'm from the US.
Ha! Ok. I see :)
But they aren't weren't talking.
@jaberg AH! I didn't know you were watching!
A: Is my Mac infected with the Flashback trojan?

daviesgeekYou can follow these instructions from F-Secure to uninstall/remove the trojan: Run the following command in Terminal: defaults read /Applications/Safari.app/Contents/Info LSEnvironment Take note of the value, DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES Proceed to step 8 if you got the following error message: "...

Man, popular question and answer....
Been here all along.
@jaberg Watching?
@daviesgeek That flashback trojan is a wakeup call for Apple.
7:05 PM
Watching MBW. Watching the conversation in here. Beating my head on the desk because of the comments in the Twit IRC.
@gentmatt I know! I think Gatekeeper was the result of it.
@jaberg ;-)
Gatekeeper won't help with Java and Flash exploits.
Apple has been aware of the possibility of malware for a long time. They've been steadily working on improving the OS security. Hardly a wake up call.
@gentmatt The way the Flashback trojan works should be caught by Gatekeeper
Might be a wake up call for certain users though.
7:06 PM
@gentmatt What did you do on this edit?
/me posted the following in an answer before we new about the latest flashback trojan:
The renown german IT website Heise says that Apple can take months to fix a known security vulnerability. Microsoft on the other hand, takes threat reports very seriously. They encourage communication with the 'community' in providing security patches. "Replies from Apple are not to be taken for granted," they say.

Third-party security companies generally provide protection from newly discovered threats quite fast.
A: Is antivirus software a necessity with the "rise" of MacDefender and others?

gentmattGood security software does not just think of viruses Advanced Windows security software usually includes other features besides (live-) scanning the computer for infections. They also provide protection from: Phishing attacks (attempts to steal your passwords) Spyware (exploiting private info...

can take.
One more upvote..........
waits patiently for his upvote
@daviesgeek I made the code more readable and added "F-Secure" as a source.
@gentmatt I saw the "F-Secure", but what did you do to the code?
7:08 PM
@daviesgeek I did already :) What happens when you get 15?
@gentmatt It'll bump me to 6.1K
@daviesgeek Code block instead of ``. If you had seen the answer before that edit, you would have noticed the difference. It's much better to read now.
Never mind. There's not a badge
@gentmatt I see
@daviesgeek How?
@gentmatt It pretends to be an installer (an application) that looks like something from Adobe
7:11 PM
Ok. I did not know that :/
Installer is only for the multi-account installation. There's a user account-only "drive by" infection that you can get without taking any action.
However, if the flag on the application is set so that OS X thinks it has already opened it, it guess it'll run.
@jaberg Ah. I had the trojan pop up (I think), but I've reverted to updating by downloading from Adobe
Reverted? Was there ever another way?
@jaberg Auto update, with the Flash Player installer popping up when there's an update.
Also depends on what browser you're using.
Ah. I suppose you're right. Haven't run Flash in a while so...
7:15 PM
Safari and Firefox have to be updated, whereas Chrome doesn't, as it updates itself
@jaberg Does that mean that Gatekeeper would have helped here?
Not certain--other than it should prevent an unsigned app from running (if it's configured to do so).
I did see that OpenDNS is now claiming that using their service will protect you from Flashback.
I just updated Sophos. And they have updated the whole look of Sophos AV.
I should try downloading the trojan and see if Virusbarrier picks it up.
Still not running AV, but getting closer.
7:19 PM
Go ahead and let us know what happens.
Where would I even find it?
@jaberg I wasn't running AV software on my old Mac. But my latest MBP has so much power. I really don't care if AV software is running or not.
If I download it, I have to go through the installation process to actually install the virus right?
@daviesgeek Have you updated Java already?
Can't @reply from mobile chat, so...
7:21 PM
@gentmatt AFAIK, no
In answer to various bits earlier
Apparently, that update contained a fix to protect from the exploit. But I've not found any official confirmation of that. None.
I'm 2.5 hours from Heathrow, suspect unless someone lives right at the european hubs I will be first
@DanielL No, it arrived Friday afternoon.
Also, I was asked in comment where the competition site was, when I answered they remove their comment
Can't recall who asked
7:23 PM
I just don't know how it came to be in that untenable position.
@timothymh "That old black rum's got ahold of me…"
/me is off to lunch!
@stuffe You mean, in a comment to your question about the "inquisitors" page?
@daviesgeek Yes, i'm from the US.
Enjoy lunch!
Check out this:
7:27 PM
grumbles something about pings
A: How to limit my Mac's exposure to malware?

BaneEasy! Install a Linux distro. Success guaranteed. Optionally, you can throw your Mac away and get a PC.

MBW is going to discuss Flashback after the break. I think I'll back out of the IRC room now.
@gentmatt Dude.
Really? Someone said that?
10 downvotes now.
He's trolling. Still, he could have elaborated that answer a little bit.
7:28 PM
Elaborated? Yes. Given a virus proof answer? no.
Unfortunately, we don't have a run 'em outta town on a rail flag.
I'd like to flag it, but what would I choose?
@jaberg I smell a feature request.
Nah, just another indicator of my anti-social tendencies.
@jrg Someone wanna call dibs on the Meta.SO rep?
7:29 PM
@jrg Yeah. Like automatic deletion if there are more than 10 downvotes.
@gentmatt Oh, I know. We could flag that as spam.
Only takes like, 4 people to flag as spam.
I'm in.
More like "not welcome" to me
Wait. There's: " it is not welcome in our community"
@jaberg Yep :)
flags it
7:32 PM
Wow. 12 downvotes.
No. 15!!!!
How come? Are people secretly watching our chat? :)
Ninjas. They're everywhere.
How many ninjas are there in this picture?
7:35 PM
@gentmatt 3.5
@gentmatt 7.6.
One of them is chopped in half.
Ihnatko just claimed that, provided it works as advertised, Gatekeeper would prevent a Flashback infection.
Haha! Good guesses.
@jaberg Who in the wold is Ihnatko? That looks like a word created by a random generator.
He also opined that at this time there is no AV software worth installing because the packages that would have caught Flashback are the one's that you deactivate because they're so paranoid they drive you crazy.
7:37 PM
Oh, that reminds me of something... Hang on, let me find a good scan of it.
Found it!
This is page 17 of Lemony Snicket's The Puzzling Puzzles:
The answer: "Unfortunately, none."
Here's a statement by Charlie Miller:
"The approach they're taking is two-pronged: Gatekeeper to make you download stuff that has at least some checking for malicious code, and antivirus [XProtect] baked into the OS for when you happen to get hit," Miller said. "On the grand scheme, they have the right ideas, they just haven't been keeping up on things like they should."
@timothymh Trick question
@jaberg That website hurts my eyes. Still, this guy seems to be a renown editor?
@gentmatt In a way.
@jaberg "The jist is that I’m a tech columnist. I cover technology from all possible sides"
7:45 PM
Technology writer. Writes for Chicago Sun Times. Used to write for Mac magazines.
@gentmatt Yes
Ok. I understand now :)
The content on thenewipadishere.com won't change for about a year. That's enough time for everybody to bathe in their fame and success.
You can add this link to your signature. :D
A: How to limit my Mac's exposure to malware?

BaneEasy! Install a Linux distro. Success guaranteed. Optionally, you can throw your Mac away and get a PC.

Really, offensive flags?
Y'all are easily offended.
Stupid answer, incorrect answer, troll, but offensive?
@DanielL I'm the only one who can probably claim they are truly offended. The fact that people are dumb enough to assume thats a remotely useful answer is not cool. </end-linux-neckbeard-rant>
(and even my "claim" is rather uh, pointless.)
@jrg I wish I could upvote chat comments.
7:57 PM
@DanielL Unwelcome, not offensive.
@DanielL Why thank you.
@jaberg Sounds accurate.
The flag I set said "Not welcome in our community" or some such.
I figured it may as well be the most flagged as well as downvoted :)
Most (if not all) of you can't see it, but there are some really funny answers on the ask ubuntu "does Ubuntu need antivirus software" question.
(most of which are along the same lines. :P)
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