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12:29 AM
in The Back Room, 44 mins ago, by Jin
@waxeagle i totally forgot the family Easter event this weekend, but the post should be up tonight! I'm also presenting the design for Meta, so it's taking a bit longer
12:40 AM
Q: Should a DM tell the players how valuable non-magical treasure is worth?

Mark RogersIn D&D 4th edition most official adventures have encounters that come with lists of treasure items and their values. Example (not a great one but you get the idea): Polished Ruby (250gp) My question is how do the players now much something is worth, are they just generally familiar with ...

1:02 AM
@waxeagle thanks :-)
@CRoss he was on a few minutes ago over there.
@waxeagle cool, just looked
man, I'm jazzed about the design
my wife has used the word "fan boy" in fact ...

Squee - new design talk!

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also, the fact that we're looking forward to the end of the longest beta
for anyone curious
@CRoss yes! so excited
1:05 AM
@waxeagle are you going to run for mod once that comes up?
@CRoss was thinking about it, but hadn't decided yet
that will be interesting as well
no idea if I'll run
probably depends on how busy I am at the time
@CRoss yeah, I'm not sure what my time will look like when new baby comes...Also not sure about the potential for modding 3 site at once...
@waxeagle both those things seem like a stretch
also, new baby, AWESOME
@CRoss yes.
@CRoss yup, any day now...
1:08 AM
@waxeagle this is your second or third?
@CRoss um yes? We will have 2 children.
@waxeagle sorry I just meant not first
@CRoss yes. Sorry, its complicated :|
@CRoss that masterplan question got worse...not sure what its worth at this point
1:18 AM
@waxeagle link?
not really sure what the question is ...
@CRoss yeah...the close vote is mine (that's fairly obvious though)
More sneak peakery
6 hours later…
7:53 AM
Q: Design for RPG.se

Jinthank you for your helpful suggestions in the design brainstorming post. I am very excited to present to the community the design I've been working on. The overall look and feel I'm going after is a warm and welcoming theme that reflects tabletop RPG gaming. It should capture the visual element...

3 hours later…
11:05 AM
@BrianBallsunStanton @waxeagle @PatLudwig @mxy @Ace @Pyrodante Behold its *majesty*
11:57 AM
Q: What is the best way to compose/express a resurection wish in D&D

IzumiIn the name of Greater Good my Lawful Good character sacrificed an Avoral Guardinal. This happened in Occipitus -layer 507 of the Abyss- which he now controls as its Demon Lord. My character has gained the power to make a Wish (in game terms cast a Wish Spell) and is going to use it to bring thi...

12:24 PM
@CRoss so excited
It's awesome
@BrianBallsunStanton yes, all the detail and subtlety, We will be realizing things in a month that we'd never noticed :)
@waxeagle yep. and someone needs to run barrier peaks in chat to celebrate
@BrianBallsunStanton ooh interesting, is there an update to 4e?
dunno, is good Question.
12:39 PM
@BrianBallsunStanton looks like they released some Barrier Peaks items in dragon 410...
12:50 PM
Also there is a Dungeon adventure this month about Ithilids on the moon...not out yet so no clue
1:07 PM
@waxeagle some of it we certainly won't notice till it's on the site
@CRoss for sure. Definitely curious if that really spiffy crest looking thing is the logo.
@waxeagle not sure, good question
also curious about the "character sheets" he mentioned in chat, as well as the favicon
also, cool new chat trick
@CRoss definitely :). so far he seems to have to tone pegged dead red
@waxeagle indeed!
2:12 PM
Q: What is a good scaling ratio for larger than 5 player character parties?

SteveCWhat is a good scaling ratio for parties with more than 5 player characters? I've seen the effects in another 4e game of "force multiplier" effect that 7 players have, so the straight scaling from 5 PC's - 5 monsters to 7 PC's - 7 monsters isn't valid, i.e. the players breeze through the encount...

2:26 PM
@BrianBallsunStanton @CRoss @waxeagle glad you guys like it. Thanks a lot for the help with the design.
@Jin thank you for your hard work, attention to detail, and adeptness at putting the tone of our site into an incredible design
@waxeagle +1 :)
of course the mockups don't include all the details yet. they do however provide a good idea of the overall look and feel.
I wanted to include a mockup of the User Profiles page too, but I figured it'd be easier for me just to design it in CSS when I convert the site design.
@Jin sure. I for one Can't Wait
@waxeagle btw I thought you were a mod?
why don't you have a diamond on the site?
2:33 PM
@Jin not a mod here :)
I'm a mod on Christianity and Gardening, just hang out here a ton
@waxeagle oh you know what? I was confused. because I see you here in rpg chat and on rpg site a lot. then i saw your chat msg in Teacher Lounge, I just assumed you were a rpg mod.
@Jin Completely understand. And its non-obvious who is a site mod for where in chat...
2:52 PM
@Jin yeah, --four-- mods for RPG, but no @waxeagle.
ha you guy didn't notice that I misspelled "Welcome" in the sidebar..
how did I miss that...
@Jin no, sure didn't
we were distracted by the pew! and fwoosh! and Aaaaah!
me too. lol.
I'm going to ask our CHAOS team to come up with some promotional ideas to go with the site launch
They may be posting a meta thread to gather some ideas.
(yes I want to make this site launch a big deal)
2:58 PM
@Jin so do we, so do we!!!
3:11 PM
@balpha hello!
hi people
@balpha please say your here to talk about the dice roller :)
24 messages moved from The Back Room
wait, which messages?
3:14 PM
those with arrows
@waxeagle nope :)
@balpha :'(
@balpha well, when you have a min ...
the current dice roller is a nice little easter egg that you guys want to turn into science...
@balpha mostly we just want d4 and d10 support, that shouldn't be hard...
anything after that would just be nice...
3:17 PM
not hard, but totally unneccessary
we'd be ok writing it! We actually use it...
@balpha hang on, basically saying "we have trouble supporting chat games from a major genre because we don't support one of the most essential dice types" is not necessary? That doesn't compute.
I mean that d10 is unnecessary when you have d20, and d4 is unnecessary when you have d8
tell you what, d20 >= 17 you get to choose one of the two, == 20 you get both :)
3:21 PM
What language? I'm happy to send you code that allows use to use these rooms to game in and thereby generate more questions for the site in :)
In all seriousness, the dice where thought as a nice little easter egg, nothing more. If you can make a point for d10 and d4, I may make them my graduation gift :) But I really don't understand the need for them. Also, do you guys actually play here in chat?
Yes, yes we do.
Take a look at the logs of The Back room
I use it for my weekly game, and it's generally quite convienent to have it be a dice-roller while we chat on skype, etc.
But I'm quite serious about giving you code for one that is "industrial strength" if you tell me language.
Heya @jin!
sorry i didn't know about this room.
i think i just clicked on whatever the first chat room on the sidebar
should've posted the design mockups here instead
It's all good. Brought some attention to my room.
It's a very small chat community
Everyone here knows about The Back Room :)
3:26 PM
@Jin tis ok, we've been linking back to the back room to keep people aprised :). I bookmarked most of the chat and linked it here
@BrianBallsunStanton very small, but very active
and occasionally a few others drop by
placekitten is such a useful website.
as is lipsum
@CRoss well someone has to be told about our shardmind turning himself into an anvil....
oh @CRoss could you make a meta post on 404/captcha/error page images?
i need some ideas..
for the captcha image, I'm thinking about using some sort of non-human miniature model
i have no idea what to use for 404 and error page images
a d20 showing a 1
3:31 PM
@BrianBallsunStanton for error?
"Critical Miss: A " monster name " just killed your page"
i assume D20 doesn't have "1" side? (i'm a noob)
@Jin Ithilids, 404 text -> Page not Found Cthulu eats 1d6 Investigators.
"You rolled a 1, you drop the page at your feet and it shatters. Roll save versus reflex."
@Jin it does
3:32 PM
"You failed your sanity check. In your insanity this page ceases to exist."
(oh that's a fun one. I'll have to remember it)
when I get home, I'll roll a whole handful of dice, all of them showing 1s
with maybe a 404 in the centre.
@BrianBallsunStanton Ooh nice, do you have a couple of oversized ones that you can put the 404 in?
I've got my big munchkin one, but not enough.
@BrianBallsunStanton Ooh I've got 2 of the big red d20s....I might take a photo this evening :)
are there any blog sites /local shops where can we promote the rpg.se site launch?
3:38 PM
@Jin local shops are hard, because it's too local
@Jin blogs? a whole list
I read Gnome Stew
@CRoss if you want, feel free to create a meta post on promotional ideas. and i'll have the CHAOS team check it, and to get something going.
@Jin ok
4:21 PM
@Jin just had a thought:
@waxeagle that's deep man...
percentage dice...
i've never seen a % die before..
@Jin you use d%+d10 to get a number between 01-00 (100)
Q: How can I roll a characters age using only d6?

CircusfreakI'm making a simple, slightly comedic home-brew RPG where a lot of the characters' base stats are randomized for comedic effect. This includes the characters age. (So you can have a ridiculously strong 90 year old woman or a very intelligent 5 year old). However I want the game to be able to be p...

4:36 PM
also just thought of an epic april fools day event on the site. For that day only upvotes grant 1d10 rep...
4:54 PM
Q: Promoting our site launch?

C. RossHopefully by now you've seen Jin's Awesome Design for RPG.se, so you know we're moving toward a launch. The question is, how can we make the launch as successful as possible? How and where can we promote this launch?

5:52 PM
@waxeagle +1
@BrianBallsunStanton was half thinking that that should be the way rep works here normally :)
@waxeagle ... mm
then you'd want it to be 1d19
@BrianBallsunStanton yes, average to 10 :)
or rather mmmm..
@BrianBallsunStanton better floor?
5:54 PM
more likely to get 10
@BrianBallsunStanton gotcha
how do you use the dice service in this room?
6:00 PM
just type Xd[6,8,12,20]
i should tell @balpha to make rpg chat to a MUD...
Eh, if it was the right mud, that'd be cool.
@Jin I'm not sure I can go back to my MUD days ...
though I'd be curious to see what he would do with the interface
or at least make it like LORD. ah i miss the BBS days
6:04 PM
+1 for MUDs
but yeah, I'm completely serious about writing a dice service given any kind of requirements
@BrianBallsunStanton perhaps based on the syntax Myth-Weavers uses?
I've found it pretty solid
6:09 PM
gotcha... X is the number of times... I would have used "n" :)
hm didn't work
d6 d8 d12
d6 d8 d12 d20
6:10 PM
@AnthonyPotts d10 is not supported
3 hours ago, by balpha
In all seriousness, the dice where thought as a nice little easter egg, nothing more. If you can make a point for d10 and d4, I may make them my graduation gift :) But I really don't understand the need for them. Also, do you guys actually play here in chat?
meh, I could just as easily grab my phone.
@AnthonyPotts right, but that's not shared...
6:12 PM
Or actual dice...
Has anyone heard about how the D&D virtual table thing is going?
I know it's in beta, but don't know anyone who got in.
@AnthonyPotts you mean 5e D&D NEXT?
@AnthonyPotts I've tried it, but with my net at home its a huge and cumbersome java app
haven't tried to game with it yet though, just loaded it up a couple of times
@CRoss That's the one...
@AnthonyPotts no, I don't know anyone, besides apparently wax
@CRoss @AnthonyPotts are you talking about 5/next or about the virtual table?
6:16 PM
@waxeagle oh, I thought 5 next was the virtual table.
@AnthonyPotts no, its the next edition of D&D that got announced at the end of last year
@waxeagle I thought they were going to do playtests on the virtual table thing
@CRoss haven't heard that yet...maybe
@waxeagle ok
so let me ask the question I thought was being asked :-)
anyone heard anything about D&D NExT playtests?
@CRoss no a darn thing. making sure I didn't miss an email about it right now
6:18 PM
@waxeagle yeah, neither have I
a little disappointed ...
@CRoss same here. But its still quite early
@waxeagle isn't the rumored date Q4/2012?
@CRoss not sure (I haven't hunted up rumors in a bit)...probably
I'm just now getting back in to D&D after about 20 years...so 4e was new to me. :)
Played a little bit of MERP the last couple of years before that.
@AnthonyPotts ah. Cool, its a lot of fun
6:22 PM
And I've got two sons 7 and 8 that think it sounds cool, but I'm trying to make sure I DM smoothly or they will get distracted and discouraged.
@AnthonyPotts yep definitely
Well, they might get distracted regardless
@CRoss hunting though this right now. looks like 2013 GenCon is at least one prediction
So, sitting here on my day off going over the stuff in Masterplan making sure I can run it smoothly...but of course they will veer off course.
Anyone have kids that young playing? should I use a different game with simpler rules?
@AnthonyPotts no, but you might want to look at something other than Keep on the Shadowfell...
Might I recommend the Red Box adventure, or Chaos Scar?
6:26 PM
Yeah, I thought about seeing how they did with the Kobold Brigand to see if they can work a combat situation at all.
Also how well do your boys read? How is their math? a DDI subscription is probably a good idea...(btw we have some really good stuff on getting kicked up with 4e)
basically sandboxing for a little bit...
I have one really good reader (5th grade +) and the other is getting there (the second grader is right on grade level) but both are really good at math.
I have a DDI subscription.
@AnthonyPotts k, strongly recommend DDI sub and using power2ool.com to generate power cards with simplified language.
So, you write your own cards with that?
@AnthonyPotts you can start by importing cards from DDI and then editing them
6:32 PM
very nice.
(there is a compendium button, you enter your DDI information and then you have access). its pretty neat, doesn't have full support yet, but its quite solid otherwise.
My son isn't nearly old enough to try it with yet, he knows his letters and numbers, but won't have a math level near strong enough for a couple of years yet (he's 3 1/2)
Yeah, I have a 3 and a half year old boy as well. My 6 year old daughter might be able to play, but she hasn't seemed interested yet.
@AnthonyPotts man, you're going to have an entire party soon :)
@CRoss this seems to be the latest on playtest per enworld
> "...beginning sometime in the spring, we will begin open playtesting. Through our web site, we will release a growing set of rules, classes, monsters and other materials for your study and feedback. "
Yeah, and given their personalities a well balanced one at that.
@AnthonyPotts cool :).
6:39 PM
Chaos Scar looks pretty good, lots of little things to do. I'm thinking I might have them reroll though. I was going to start them out at level 5...but if I have them start smaller they can learn with simpler stuff.
@AnthonyPotts yes, start at L1, start as simple as possible, I've just taken a group through the first Chaos Scar adventure and its quite good (although tone it down a bit if its just the two of them). Strongly recommend essentials classes.
(thief, knight, cavalier, slayer, mage(discouraged), hunter, scout, warpriest etc), the class options when you select New as opposed to custom.
@waxeagle Thanks
@AnthonyPotts party composition with 2 might be a challenge...
no. Start at level 1
Always start at level 1.
@waxeagle +1 :)
and for 2 people, doable, but they need to choose... well.
or you need to dramaticalally scale down challenge
@BrianBallsunStanton definitely this. Knight/Cav+WP would take forever to kill anything, but would be fairly survivable...
6:50 PM
Should I have a character that I can help out with? Like maybe a disinterested old man who occasionally helps out?
@AnthonyPotts no
Absolutely not.
basically minionify most of the enemies
and that will present a suitable challenge while providing for numbers.
so it's not always mono-a-mono
and use standard mobs as elites and elites as solos, and solos as a way to TPK the party
also, I'm happy to consult with party composition :)
that's a challenge.
This makes it interesting
::metaphorically cracks knuckles becuase doing it literally makes hands hurt for hours::
yeah... I think it's doable. They're pretty sharp.
@BrianBallsunStanton I knew you'd like that :).. @AnthonyPotts Brian is our resident guru on this stuff...he loves challenges :)
7:03 PM
@BrianBallsunStanton Mucho gusto... then
@BrianBallsunStanton okay, after telling them they have to reroll. The one who was a dragonborn fighter wants to at least stay that race and class...
@AnthonyPotts buyer beware though, answers may involve math and potentially graph theory... and if he's in a really good mood a-b testing on your kids :P
that's fine
::goes back to grading midterms::
@BrianBallsunStanton The oldest (who was an elf mage) wants to be dragonborn as well. Perhaps a Dragonborn warpriest?
I have... vays of making them... talk.
but not right now
Oldest is an A-type second is a B
very clearly defined.
What kind of midterms?
7:06 PM
Introduction to Multimedia, projects
but yeah, happy to help them create characters that meet their requirements
7:22 PM
Okay, oldest settled on Paladin. Still a lot of stuff going on for a first level guy, but with some simplified cards I think he can manage.
@AnthonyPotts well if you go with Knight and Cav they will be tough, but lack some healing
(knight = fighter simplified), (Cav = Paladin simplified)
So, is it generally frowned upon to have a character of my own in the game? I could make a healer who is scared of confrontation but can heal them.
Then again, I could let them fail, there's something to be learned in that.
@AnthonyPotts nah, not worth it, give healing potions, change the mechanics on them so they match up with a cleric's healing word (surge + 1d6)
yeah. and the problem with having a GMPC is that the players will use him as a bazooka
Right, I thought about saying they are actually brothers in the game as well, and they had a special ability to heal with a dragon wink at each other.
7:29 PM
if he's a walking vending machine of healing... just make an item instead?
But I wouldn't wrory overmuch about healing.
I guess we'll see how the first encounter goes. :)
ach, closing on the rep cap again...we'll see if I can break the glass ceiling finally
also today is day 599 of beta!
the end is finally in sight!
8:13 PM
only a small amount of time for me to get to 10k....
8:37 PM
@waxeagle me too!
3 hours later…
11:44 PM
yaaaay grading.

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