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Q: Why does proposing a compel against another player cost a fate point? [Nevermind]

PonggoleecheeFate Core p. 71 Finally, and this is very important: if a player wants to compel another character, it costs a fate point to propose the complication. The GM can always compel for free, and any player can propose a compel on his or her own character for free. Say I'm a player. I notic...

Q: How would a character in Dresden Files Accelerated do what Molly did?

PaulIn the book Turn Coat, there's a scene where Dresden and others are surrounded by a ton of Grey Men summoned by Binder. It seems in game terms the scene would be a Conflict between the PCs (Dresden and Murphy) and Binder with his goons. Under cover of a veil, Molly inscribes a circle around t...

Q: How to make Fate combat fast & fun?

polterheiistI love the Fate system, both Core and FAE. However, I have been having a really hard time making combat fun for my players. It is hard to explain the combat in Fate to my players in a non-abstract way. On paper, the "Roll 2d6 for Attack and Subtract the 2d6 Defense Roll (accounting for situatio...

Q: Taking out main NPCs without exhausting all their stress and consequences

hartbitsIn my last session I had my players in combat against two of their NPC friends, which were being mind-controlled to fight them. These NPCs had been appearing a lot in the previous sessions and were going to be important in this one, so I decided to make them main NPCs, with full skill sets and th...

Q: How to handle a martyred GMPC as a player?

aa-koI'm a player in a one-on-one game with a friend, who is the GM. Both of us control several characters each, which should in theory be getting equal use. (Our game uses FATE mechanics, however, the issue is not one specific to the system). Most questions I see about GMPCs are from GMs themselves...

posted on October 24, 2017 by Tom Lommel

A primer on creating a Venture City supers character for Fate Before You Start If your gaming group is going to start a new Venture City campaign, then we recommend […]

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Thank you.
I will be doing a speculative Fate translation of the Vader/Luke Cloud City fight.
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So a while back we had that answer talking about the old Braunstein games.
A: What was Braunstein, and why was it important to the beginning of the hobby?

Adam DrayHistory According to Ben Robbins, David Weseley ran a Napoleonic wargame called Braunstein in 1967: Major David Wesely took his usual wargaming group and tried something a little different. Instead of having them command armies he set down the two opposing leaders in a Prussian town before ...

It talked about how, in that game, there was no players vs GM dynamic. The players were in control of factions with various degrees of opposition or alliance or contrast or struggle between each other. The GM wasn't the instigator of any conflict; the players were. The GM just played referee to help them work out how things hashed out between themselves.
Fate Core actually has a similar thing going on in its examples -- there's actual players' characters getting into conflict with each other and compelling each other. Fate does have facility for the players, I think, to do something similar, and the examples seem to be running off of that. But they're examples, and not a full game, and don't have to actually work coherently to be examples.
This got me thinking about whether Fate can be used in a format that has the players providing contrast and opposition to each other, rather than being banded together vs the GM. The GM can introduce complications and compels, of course.
I'm torn on whether that seems actually practically doable.
I think it is, but you would have to work at it unless your group is just used to that dynamic already
I see plenty of issue with it coming from places other than "can Fate handle it"
but I see no huge issue with fate being able to handle it per se
@trogdor what issues can you spot?
well I gave the first one already
mainly at the moment, if we were talking about our group as an example, I would say that was the big one
we don't usually play an RPG to go against each other
and what would the GM be doing while we had each other as the default antagonists?
@trogdor that's a question burning on my mind too. there's a lot of stuff the GM does that they suddenly wouldn't be -- they'd be doing less even than a Great Ork Gods GM might.
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also, for this to work well everyone would need to be thinking about compelling each other
it's good no matter what for people to be good at creating advantages and overcoming stuff and whatnot
but compels seem to drop by the wayside and may still do so in this situation even though there is more incentive for it
there is also some potential for zero-sum play: the GM has different limitations and resources than the players (e.g. greater supply of fate points for invocation, unlimited supply of fate points for compels), but the players all have the same amount of resources between themselves. thus players vs GM is asymmetrical, but player vs player is approximately symmetrical.
except when backstabbing and power plays happen :P
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Okay, here's one way you can Fate-ify the first part of the Cloud City duel:
Scene opens: Luke's elevator platform brings him to the Carbonite Shipping Platform, a Dim and smokey room with an Open Floor around a Freezing Pit, and a Raised Platform to one side.
Vader is standing on the Raised Platform, Luke is on the Open Floor.
Goals: Luke wants to save his friends. Vader wants to bring Luke to the Dark Side.
Vader opens by Cleverly exploiting Luke's insecurity to create an advantage and get a free invoke on Luke's aspect Jedi in training.
Luke walks from the Open Floor to the Raised Platform (you can move one zone for free) and responds with a few Forceful attacks which Vader defends against Carefully. The defense is successful.
Vader makes a few offensive gestures with his lightsabre, but Luke blocks them easily because Vader is actually Cleverly creating an advantage to place a free invoke on Luke's aspect Don't get cocky, kid! He succeeds with style and says, "You have learned much, young one."
Luke, emboldened, rushes Vader to Quickly attack. Vader's got three free invokes and uses at least one of them to defend Quickly (he's not very Quick on his own) and get a success with style that leaves Luke Disarmed.
Luke wants to get out of Vader's reach for a moment so he can recover the lightsabre, so he tries to dodge down the stairs (you can't use the free zone movement if something--like an opponent swordsman--is preventing free movement). He needs to succeed on a Quick overcome action against by Vader's Quick overcome opposition.
Luke fails and chooses to succeed at the minor cost of falling down the stairs and giving Vader a boost: The upper hand.
Vader, movement unopposed, walks down to the Open Floor and, with a combination of physical intimidation and reminding Luke that he killed Obi-Wan, uses an overcome action to Cleverly make Luke back up and fall into the open Freezing Pit; Luke attempts to Forcefully stand his ground but fails as Vader has the upper hand and he tips over into the Freezing Pit's zone.
Vader needs another turn to on the Freezing Pit, so Luke gets a turn to Sneakily force-leaps up into the Dangling Machinery zone. Vader activates the Freezing Pit, which would've dealt a LOT of stress... but Luke's not there.
Luke tries to Sneakily disappear into the Dangling Machinery (unopposed create advantage to hide) but fails (Luke's not very Sneaky) and makes a noise.
Vader's turn: Cleverly he uses his lightsabre to cut a dangling pipe, creating the advantage Coolant fog which fills the Dangling Machinery zone.
Luke drops back down to the Open Floor (free action) and spends a Fate point to say that the severed coolant pipe is dangling into that zone. Then he Cleverly uses the Coolant fog from the pipe to justify attacking Vader even though he doesn't have a weapon. Vader uses up the invoke from his Disarmed boost on his defense, so Luke's player narrates that as Vader staggers back Luke takes a moment to Force-grab the lightsabre.
Vader attacks Forcefully, spending a fate point on Luke's aspect Vader killed my father! by taunting him with Obi-Wan's death and using up all his remaining free invokes. Luke takes it hard but wants to stay in the fight, so he fills his lowest consequence slot with Filled with hatred.
Luke accepts a fate point to be compelled by his hatred and immediately spends it on an all-out Forceful attack. Vader's player also gives Luke his own free invoke on Filled with hatred, because in order to achieve his goal he needs Luke to be rewarded for leaning into the hate. Luke succeeds with style and reduces the outcome by one stress to push Vader off the edge of the platform because that's cool.
The conflict pauses while the pair make opposed Overcome checks to see who determines the context of the next phase. Luke is Careful, Vader is Sneaky. Luke's bad at being Careful, so Vader decides:
Luke is in a Control Room with Heavy Machinery and brightly lit by a big window (this is not an aspect yet; it's just narrative description because nobody in the scene knows it'll be important). Vader is in an adjoining Corridor.
Luke tries to move into the Corridor to engage with Vader, but Vader reveals he can oppose the normally free movement by Forcefully throwing Heavy Machinery at Luke.
Vader closes on Luke and engages in swordplay, but his mechanical attack is to continue Forcefully pummeling Luke with objects. Luke uses up the last of his available stress boxes to stay in the fight.
Luke's player decides he needs a breather and concedes, narrating that the objects Vader's throwing around smash open the Big window (now that it's important, it automatically becomes an aspect), sucking Luke out of the fight.
Luke now has a moment to recover, emptying his stress boxes, and he gets two fate points: one for conceding and one for conceding with a consequence. He sadly underestimates Vader's power, though, if he thinks this will help when Vader returns for round two.
so the consequences were being filled with hatred and underestimating Vader
afk a while

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