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12:05 AM
@quartata can I use beep boop maggot later? for testing a chatbot
12:39 AM
Sometimes Mathematica answers get over voted, but this is just ridiculous. +5 despite a comment below saying that the answer is invalid without any response from the OP that is over 9 hours old
But this time I'm not sure what is happening.
my upvote got locked in and I'd have to make a blank edit to revert :(
The upvote users not just read the answers below, they even don't read the comments below.
Honestly, at this point the best thing to do would be to VTD IMO
how though? it has positive score
i mean i just flagged it for NAA so that might work
12:42 AM
... Either the OP didn't notice it and ignored it, or they deliberately ignore it to avoid loss of rep. Let's be nice to other users.
(hopefully NAA is appropriate for invalid submissions, though the NAA help text makes me question it)
Well, flagging's an option, and so is downvoting to a negative score (but flag seems better)
@HyperNeutrino A lot of text on main is contrary to what we mean :P
that's true :P
I can't downvote because my upvote is currently locked. I should really start checking answers for validity. I used to do that but then I'd spend way too long just validating all of the answers
Because there is not too much users to downvote. Also there are +5 and -1, so that in order to make the net total of reputation gain <= 0, we need to downvote 24 more times.
the rep gain/loss isn't really what I'm going at since rep isn't really an important indicator of anything
more so I want to get rid of the answer because it's incorrect :P
I could submit a blank edit to revert my downvote (which would also send another notification to OP) but I don't think that's necessary (or a good idea)
12:46 AM
Who knows, some users on SE certainly overrate rep.
You certainly meant "revert my upvote".
@user202729 There's easily enough users; we'd need 5 users to downvote to a negative score, and 3 of those users to VTD. Of course, we could just notify the mods and avoid vote manipulation :P
you'll note i didn't mention reputation when talking about the votes :P
petition: start calling it up-rep and down-rep
@cairdcoinheringaahing if I downvote then the score drops from 4 to 2 because it loses my upvote and gains my downvote
so we'd only need 4 :P
I could just post another comment to notify OP again
Well, I think that's not a good idea.
Just wait for 24 hours since my comment.
Well, I think that's not a good idea.
Huh? Is my message duplicated?
yes, it displays twice for me
I mean OP has been active recently so that leads me to be convinced that maybe they didn't see the notification (because sometimes I don't see notifications because SE collapses certain notifications together)
also for reference my jelly solution was 25 bytes
in case it interested any jelly competitors for this challenge :P
@HyperNeutrino Hmm, is that a challenge? :P
12:55 AM
Mine is already 27 bytes without filter by #5... Do you filter by #5?
sure :P you should be able to beat me xD
@user202729 My approximate approach was partition and then convert to min-max ranges and then make sure there's no overlap
@HyperNeutrino As tempting as that is, I hate set operations with Jelly (and don't really understand the challenge, TBCH). That's not an invite for anyone to try to teach me though :P
21 hours remaining for me to solve A103 ...
@cairdcoinheringaahing "multiset operations"?
@user202729 :How's that going by the way?
lol if I manage to solve A109 then the solution for A103 should be able to be achieved fairly easily
so really as soon as either user202729 or I finish then the other can just adapt the other's solution :P
1:00 AM
@user202729 Anything involving arrays/iterables make Jelly kinda make me want to facedesk
Didn't code anything (??!??!¡¿¿¡¿¿), but should not be too hard, I knew all necessary algorithms. Just that deduplication should be very slow.
Well, A109 and A103 is highly related. I use the approach in HyperNeutrino's question...
except you probably will do it correctly unlike me :P
Oh, forgot to upvote the question. +1 now.
It is kinda a bad thing that the last answer was posted during a time where I'm active :P If it was posted early in the morning (UTC), it late at night, it would give you more time to do it :P
not really because answer timestamps :p
1:03 AM
But, we both knew the algorithm, and translating English to Logo is approximately as hard as translating Python to Logo | translating English to Python is approximately as hard as translating Logo to Python. Also I've just learnt Python so I didn't know much.
@HyperNeutrino IIRC one of the insanely difficult answers was posted 2 hours after the deadline, but I was asleep at that time, so I let it go :P
oh i think that may have been mine xD
@HyperNeutrino Well, you've had most of the crazy ones :P
The deadline for me is 5AM tomorrow. Should have enough time to do it.
that's true :P i don't know why, i'm not even that good at math :p
1:04 AM
The one where you got the sequence creator to help you could have been made into a main challenge :P
Is the threshold for room freeze 7 or 14 days?
@cairdcoinheringaahing that's true :P
i guess i don't even have to be good at math, i just need MathSE :P
@HyperNeutrino I'd call myself good at maths, but I have no clue what OEIS is talking about half's the time, and you seem to understand basically anything it throws at you. You are definitely underselling yourself by saying that :P
meh (is that a compliment? i can't tell because i don't understand words :P) i mean math.SE is quite helpful so it's mostly thanks to math.SE :P
@HyperNeutrino facepalm Yes, It's a conpliment
1:08 AM
hm ok
Plus, you misspelt maths :P
you misspelled compliment which is not a cultural thing but just a blatant spelling error :P :P :P
The URL is math.stackexchange.com without s after math.
it turns out that maths.stackexchange.com will also work (but it redirects to math.stackexchange.com which therefore clearly must be the superior option :PPPP)
It would be even more useful without spam questions...
1:15 AM
1:38 AM
@HyperNeutrino Your "friendly reminder" works well in this case. Thanks :)
1:52 AM
o it worked? :D np :P
2:29 AM
It is so funny, read them all
Mac is a mouse??? Absolutely not.
I have a 2 page paper due tmr and i only kinda remember what it is on
2:45 AM
well rip, how much of it have you finished xD
2 sentence
well then o_O rip
i am laying down the vocab
glhf o.o rip
	It is interesting how different people can come together and form a united cause to educate their peers. Together the five of us worked hard over several days on crafting a masterful lesson. A task such as this could only be accomplished with setting aside the differences we individually have. Over time we learned the meaning of compromise we strove for perfection.
that is what i have
2:48 AM
is the last sentence intended to say "meaning of compromise as we strove for perfection"?
yeah i fixed that already
IQ 130
it is double space so really one page
oh ok xD
what purpose does this paper serve?
we had to teach the class a lesson
as groups
talking about what i leanred
> leanred
tbh we are all Scobberlotchers
@Downgoat did it hurt?
ah ok

ok dubstep makes my iq go up by about 100
3:00 AM
@HyperNeutrino What's the problem now? WA or incomplete?
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ does IQ stand for something non-standard here or something? I fail to see how music can make you instantly smarter :P
I will help you debug that after finish A103 (tonight)
@HyperNeutrino >smarted
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ what? you saw nothing
@user202729 cool thanks. i'll see if i can fix it sometime tmr morning/evening
it helps me focus and I actually go into my vast vocabulary that I have gathered from many a year of reading novels more suited for people around ten to fifteen years above my age level
I use words like chockablock
3:05 AM
oh ok :P
I hate membrane keyboard
they ruin my typing
guys the fact that this still exists bothers me
should we do something about it?
anyone here play titanfall?
eh anyway gtg o/
3:23 AM
Pro Tip: make sure audio cable is plugged in if no audio is coming
Well, that is a quite good user on the site IMO. Not spam users. Write an interpreter and mark it as non-competing should be good enough.
@user202729 until then removal
@Downgoat you do not deserve computers
Hm correct. Let's see. The OP isn't active recently.
How does console help?
But that user can write JS, but can't write an interpreter...
he is only 13 XD
(making fun of his comment)
anyways gtg o/
Well, that's not particularly young, PPCG users are young on average.
3:26 AM
i love his comment about being too young to write an interpreter
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ :| I am use macu
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ did what hurt? seeing sheep? yes.
also please no 'goatspeak'
3:44 AM
@Downgoat Not if you're playing Titanfall. I believe it's Windows or console.
23 hours ago, by Downgoat
@Pavel I have dual boot
@Downgoat You still have to be in Windows, with the Mac bit off, to play Titanfall.
So you're using a Windows
I am using a both
3:59 AM
Q: Half-Exponential Function

isaacgA half-exponential function is one which when composed with itself gives an exponential function. For instance, if f(f(x)) = 2^x, then f would be a half-exponential function. In this challenge, you will compute a specific half-exponential function. Specifically, you will compute the function fro...

4:57 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

MD XFElectron Configuration In atomic physics and quantum chemistry, the electron configuration is the distribution of electrons of an atom in atomic orbitals. For example, the electron configuration of the neon atom is 1s2 2s2 2p6. (From Wikipedia) Challenge Your challenge is to take a number ...

3 hours later…
8:13 AM
@Mego Is it me or is there something strange going on with Actually's prime counting built-in: tio.run/##S0wuKU3Myan8/9/K0ODRtMlWhoZg0ghI/v8PAA
Yep, something weird is definitely going on
I'll take a look
Slightly worse performance (using a linear filter rather than binary search), but it works now
Actually it might be better performance - the buggy binary search had to do binary search to find the correct value, then find the length of the list up to that point, so it would be linear anyway. This way uses a generator and itertools.takewhile.
10:17 AM
I made the mac and cheese from reddit’s /r/all
it’s bad
I used all the wrong ingredients obv
10:50 AM
I can't make mac and cheese because I only have a PC...
a Prodigious Cannelloni? You could get pretty close if you had the cheese.
11:37 AM
I notice something weird with SE.
For example, consider a question with multiple answer pages.
Click at a page number, you will get something like https://...?page=11&tab=oldest#tab-top
I think the tab=oldest should be answertab=oldest.
So is that a bug or intentional? [I know that it is not very suitable to post here]
3 hours later…
2:24 PM
@user202729 ?
Otherwise you may get other answer tab (votes, active).
(which is your "last option"). I find answertab= more reliable.
@user202729 maybe tab is SE's alias for the answer tab, and the other tabs have other aliases?
Well, using answertab= gives me better result than just tab=, IMO.
Just tab= is similar to no option on answer tab to me.
2:41 PM
reproduced, I'd report this as a bug to meta
Thanks! (mostly for understanding what I meant to say)
1 hour later…
3:50 PM
Anyone know how can I make a map from object "pointers" in Java, to integers?
Assume that the only way to compare equality is reference equality, the objects are non-comparable, and non-hashable.
For example in C++ it is possible to compare/hash 2 pointers, so it is possible to do that.
4:02 PM
A: Java map based on object reference?

Sebastian ZarnekowI think IdentityHashMap will do the trick. However, both strings will point to the very same instance since you used a string literal. Try s1 = new String("hi!") and s2 = new String("hi!") together with an IdentityHashMap instead.

I remember IdentityHashMap being used once on PPCG as weird language feature...
But... great!
Can I post a challenge that requires one of the inputs to be a function?
It would limit the languages that are able to answer, and probably require submissions to themselves be functions and not full programs.
@Pavel sandbox it and we'll tell you, maybe there's a better alternative
@NieDzejkob The challenge idea is to approximate the area under a function using Simpson's method
Given a function f and a number of intervals n.
Well, probably you can allow hardcoding the function.
4:07 PM
@Pavel maybe just give a dict of key -> value or something?
No it doesn't work.
Because a func... No I need to concentrate on OEIS.
@user202729 Ehhhhhh I don't think that's such a good idea
Why? So it's basically function => submission } -> output change to function + submission => compiler } -> output .
I mean, even Jelly could do this
Actually, given a function f, a number of intervals n, and the start end end of the definite integral being approximated segment a and b.
@NieDzejkob Jelly links are first-class objects, right?
4:11 PM
@Pavel I don't know Jelly beyond the simplest concepts
I can't grasp the evaluation order at all
Well Jelly link can't be "passed around", but there are "eval as Jelly code".
Hardcode is a better idea. Why banning it?
When you said hardcoding I first thought the function definition is spliced into your solution and not defined elsewhere in a function named f, which makes infinitely more sense.
@Adám *4].nZ or *4].n0 or *4[.nZ or *4[.n0 in Pyth
@Mr.Xcoder Wow, that's 50% longer than APL.
@Adám Pyth's Pi is 3 bytes. .n0
So ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
4:19 PM
@Mr.Xcoder Which part triples?
>_> *4]*3.nZ
Jelly, 6 bytes ØP×3x4
@Mr.Xcoder .nZ pi; *3 triple; ] listify; *4 repeat to length four?
@Adám Yes
Quite readable
@Mr.Xcoder Pyth is right-to-left‽
Yes, prefix (like Husk)
4:24 PM
:41600362 Cheer up. It is the shortest Pyth answer so far, and Pyth only competes with Pyth.
@Adám SOGL, 14 bytes :|
@Adám No, not the CMC answer...
@Mr.Xcoder How so?
I was talking about an answer from main
@Adám JavaScript (ES6), 25 bytes: _=>[,,,,].fill(Math.PI*3)
5:02 PM
@APL_Wizards If I have a list of numbers l, how might I map them like so: f[1], 2×f[2], f[3], 2×f[4], f[4], 2×f[6], ...
@Neil Does JS' [,,,,] (n commas) generate a list of n + 1 empty elements?
> [,,].length
@Mr.Xcoder Not quite
Well, well n empty elements?
There's no empty element after the last comma
> [1,].length
> [,1].length
got it
5:27 PM
Q: Days and months make years

caird coinheringaahingToday's date is quite an interesting one. Let's take a look at why. The date 07/12/2017 (in DD/MM/YYYY date format) can be split into the year (2017) and the rest (07/12). You may notice that the digits in the year can be rearranged to match the digits in the rest of the date, which is the basis ...

@HyperNeutrino Are you around?
5:49 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing so, from what you've said, I understand that the input will always be 1000<=N<=9999
@EriktheOutgolfer Yes
Hmm, should that be explicitly stated?
as it is right now, it's not really obvious for strings
\d{4} matches 0000 and others with leading 0s too
@EriktheOutgolfer Edited in
also I think that leading 0, string, separator etc. requirements for output make it a multi-part challenge
for example I think an output such as 2017 => [7, 12, 12, 7, 17, 2, 21, 7, 27, 1, 27, 10] should still be valid
@EriktheOutgolfer I have no idea what dates those are supposed to represent
5:55 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing well, every 2 elements represent a day and a month respectively
Screw it, its deleted now :/ Should've sandboxed it
@cairdcoinheringaahing yes, I always sandbox
@EriktheOutgolfer I would've Sandboxed, but I noticed the phenomenon today, and it doesn't happen again until January
chess is officially over
6:17 PM
@HyperNeutrino Please... I'm stuck. (goto this room)
@user202729 just got back online
@NewMainPosts Why deleted (cc @cairdcoinheringaahing)?
;-; I was just writing a Gaia solution
@Mr.Xcoder Wasn't very well though out, should;ve been Sandboxed, would;ve been closed IMO etc.
oh ok
6:51 PM
Anyone here know CJam/GolfScript?
More specifically, what does {*}$ do?
@cairdcoinheringaahing $, if it gets a block as its first argument, will pop another item and sort that based on the block, like Python's sorted's key parameter
@HyperNeutrino Mandatory CW unless user202729 themselves post it
@Mr.Xcoder no
I don't think that's true
6:54 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer Yes, as it's not your code
well i mean it's not strictly necessary i think (?)
have they stated they don't want to post it?
if so, no CW needed
actually it is mandatory unless the creator says you can post it without cw
They want to post, but they have to sleep
6:55 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer They;ve gone to bed, and can't post it in time
@cairdcoinheringaahing then I'd say don't post it at all (CW would be good too, but not really kind)
@EriktheOutgolfer Then the challenge dies
ok, then I guess you can consider it a salvation of their solution rather than theft and post as CW
In fact, I think Hyper can post it freely:
in One OEIS after another, 30 mins ago, by user202729
@HyperNeutrino You post it, I have to sleep now.
user202729 told me to post it (no specification of CW or not) but I'm asking if anyone else wants to; I'm fine with posting as CW if nobody else wants
maybe it's best if I post since that was what user202729 wanted, but idk
6:57 PM
@HyperNeutrino In that case, you should post
@HyperNeutrino you should post it
ok probably
^^, ^^^
he gave permission for you to post it, not to give permission to post it to somebody else or keep it to yourself if you'd like to
As long as you mention that it's their work mostly and link to the explicit posting permission, no need for CW
6:58 PM
but since it's CW I guess it won't matter much
I'm still going to CW anyway but yeah I'll post it in that case
ಠ_ಠ I wondered why my code didn't work, until noticing I had 1 >> 32 rather than 1 << 32 (ノ°Д°)ノ︵ ┻━┻
Related to the mildly amusing ^, I had no clue why my code didn't work until I noticed I used if instead of while :/
if (cond) statement is kind of just like while (cond) { statement; break; }
also i'll post in a bit, in french class rn
@HyperNeutrino When is Adv #7 coming?
After French class I suppose
7:02 PM
in a bit as well unless one of you wants to post; i may not have enough time to post a well-thought out one and it probably has a 20% chance of getting closed right away
Huh, I just found a question in which Community protection makes sense
@HyperNeutrino that's quite a high chance...tip: sandbox them 3 days before
i should've done that but i only thought of the idea on dec 1 :P
This has a 50% delete rate, and all three deleted answers are by 1-rep users :P
7:04 PM
over the weekend I'll probably write a bunch
would any of you like to post advent7 today?
It's quite hard to follow the backstory at this point :/
good point :/
ascii-art about drawing the presents in the docks? it's the best thing i can come up with at this point without further thought
And Idk how you'd like it to continue
I've been planning to post a challenge today, but forgot the idea...
IMO, it's a good idea, but could be done much better. Next year, I think we should have something similar, but it should be a community effort, and start being planned in November
yeah. i got the inspiration for the idea way too late for this to be a well-thought-out thing rip
7:08 PM
We still got time (I mean, there are still many days left until Christmas)
Meanwhile, anyone up for some JHT?
@Mr.Xcoder Yeah, I'm game
Mhm, I miss good CnRs
I should write one...
7:25 PM
advent7 will be posted in an hour or two once i get home. if anyone wants to they can post and I'll look for advent7 when i come back on and make one up if there isn't one yet
@MartinEnder @WheatWizard You might be interested in my proof in the comments of codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/149196/…
What is S(n)? is it the digital sum?
Notation from the OEIS link
Oh cool that looks like it works
(And the phi mentioned in the bugfix comment is Euler's totient function.)
7:35 PM
You should add that to the OEIS
I went and looked at their registration form, I'm a bit put off by having to provide a biography.
And also by potentially being rejected.
I've done it
@Mr.Xcoder We should have one soon :P
It seems like they don't really reject people
I could add it later, if you don't want to register.
I'm just a little busy rn
until saturaday
7:54 PM
Anyone give this any thought?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

KSmartsShow a Chess Piece Range Write a program or function that, given a set of movement rules, shows the available moves for a fairy chess piece. Movement Rules: This will use a slightly modified version of Parlett's Movement Notation: A number, 1, 2, etc. shows how far a piece can move in a given...

@Poke I'd agree
I don't think we want challenges with pages and pages of answers and no end ever
How do compiler flags effect byte count? eg: what would -fusion add to a program's score?
7 bytes I think?
I think 8
8:09 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer how? there are only 7 characters in -fusion
6 bytes I think
@Οurous and the space before the -?
I think that is counted too
The - is usually not counted IIRC
@EriktheOutgolfer technically you don't need the space if you aren't calling from the shell. the compiler doesn't receive the string " -fusion", but the string "-fusion"
@Poke Why'd you want to close the OEIS one :'-(
8:12 PM
@Mr.Xcoder that meta post explains pretty well
here is the relevant consensus
sorry for misping
@Οurous well, where do you want to put it to begin with?
@Poke I reckon (just my arbitrary reason), that we should stop at an absolute maximum of 500 (for the OEIS question)
:o Neil has never downvoted
huh? SEDE?
@EriktheOutgolfer User profile
8:15 PM
No, the bottom of this.
> 290 up, 0 down
I've voted to delete more often than he's upvoted lol
Or to close
@Mr.Xcoder s/up/down whoops
@Poke I agree with you that its a problem, but I'm not sure closure is really the solution. I think the challenge just has problems
CMC: Given a list, output its second most common element (you can assume there is exactly one element which satisfies the condition). You can make assumptions about the data type(s) of the elements
[1,3,2,3,4,3,2] -> 2
The add a language to a polyglot has the same winning condition and is a year old, wile still acruing answers, do you suggest closing that one too?
ಠ_ಠ @cairdcoinheringaahing I chose A123 just to avoid A113, and now you chose A113...
You probably wanted to get rid of many notifs :P
8:21 PM
@Mr.Xcoder Sorry :P I was just tying to get Whispers involvved
@Mr.Xcoder Well, there is that :P
@Mr.Xcoder Jelly, 4 bytes: ḟÆṃ⁺
Why o_O
Because it's shorter than Æṃ
No, I don't get how it works
@EriktheOutgolfer TIO, for example, doesn't require a space before a compiler flag. Some compilers can be called from inside other languages - generally you don't need to provide any flags with spaces.
8:26 PM
Oh, mode is duplicated, I thought the result of ḟÆṃ was duplicated... I am clearly tired
@WheatWizard if it's a problem we can either change the rules of the challenge which is frowned upon especially with how long it has been open or we can close it
@Οurous I'm not really sure that's true, I always add the space personally
@Poke I think youre right but I just don't know if we can close it without good reason.
@cairdcoinheringaahing we're at 333 now and it's been like 4.5 months(?) 500 is still kind of a ways off
@WheatWizard I don't think any of the close reasons really fit at the moment
maybe "too broad"
i upvoted your response on the meta post
@Mr.Xcoder Python, 39 bytes (I'm very proud of this): lambda l:sorted(set(l),key=l.count)[-2]
8:34 PM
@DJMcMayhem set(l) => {*l} (python 3). Other than that, seems quite optimal
Nice one
So 37: lambda l:sorted({*l},key=l.count)[-2]
Splat is really useful in golfing
Yup :-) Also list calls can be [*...] which is extremely helpful.
I think I used them over a hundred times on PPCG already :-P
Alternatively (just for fun, ungolfy :P) lambda l:max({*l}-{max(l,key=l.count)},key=l.count)
@Οurous Thanks for the edit :)
@DJMcMayhem I don't watch any of the review queues. (I used to watch suggested edits on SO but I've stopped even doing that.)
8:50 PM
@Οurous I've asked a question regarding your doubt, so that you get a consensus too :)
ideas for advent 7?
@Poke 275 actual answers (a lot of deleted answers :P)
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