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5:02 PM
@Wipqozn That's the important part.
Seriously, Riot? A queue to log in to LoL?
Our dedicated team of 12 year olds is currently busy. Please wait until one is available to type obscenely at you.
@BenBrocka This is true... Some kid was talking trash in a bot game. Telling someone to "Stop feeding"... Bots get their stuff on a timer. You can't feed bots. <.<
Quietest Saturday ever...
5:21 PM
@BenBrocka Of all the things I could look at today, this is the worst. Possible. THING!
Haters gonna hate
Oh god. The Bridge = the Ponies
We have altered the bridge. Pray we do not alter it further.
@BenBrocka wat
@TylerShads I know. I tried. I failed.
I'm just hoping that after a sufficient amount of time, we will eventually run out of ponies, so we might as well let them burn through all the ponies as fast as possible.
5:28 PM
Q: Minecraft cannot use OpenGL with Windows 8 Consumer Preview & Ati Radeon HD 4890

HirvoxWhen I try to start Minecraft (either with Minecraft.exe or via http://minecraft.net) in Windows 8 Consumer Preview, I get the following error message. Bad video card drivers! ----------------------- Minecraft was unable to start because it failed to find an accelerated ...

@OrigamiRobot Wish I was on Win8 right now.
@OrigamiRobot what's your problem with this question? Seems fine to me
@Oak Its about the consumer preview
@OrigamiRobot Don't see it as that much of a problem
It's used extensively by many people over a reasonable period of time
I bet it has more users than Windows ME :)
@OrigamiRobot I'd say it's not too localized... not right now.
5:33 PM
Fine. How many people do you think are having ATI video card driver issues on Windows 8 Consumer preview while playing Minecraft?
It's a consumer preview, that's +1 more than beta.
@OrigamiRobot That's not what Too Localized is meant for.
@Wipqozn an extraordinarily narrow situation
The specificity combined with the time constraints limit the usefulness
I wouldn't classify this as such a situation. It may be too localized in the future, yes, but right now I think it's fine.
Q: Minecraft cannot use OpenGL with Windows 8 Consumer Preview & Ati Radeon HD 4890

HirvoxWhen I try to start Minecraft (either with Minecraft.exe or via http://minecraft.net) in Windows 8 Consumer Preview, I get the following error message. Bad video card drivers! ----------------------- Minecraft was unable to start because it failed to find an accelerated ...

5:36 PM
Minecraft is very common, ATI cards are common, unless this is specific to one single video card and driver version it seems perfectly worth a question
Although the addition of the graphics card makes me a little leery
Imagine if all Win 8 users couldn't play minecraft. The bricks that would be excreted
Other than that, can't tell how generalizable it is though
Who knows if it's even the GPU that's the problem? For all we know it's java or some other random software on his machine.
@OrigamiRobot Tech support questions aren't off-topic here.
Should they be? Maybe. But are they? No.
@Wipqozn I didn't vote to close as off-topic
5:38 PM
@OrigamiRobot Indeed, but I'm just saying that complaint seems aimed more at tech support than just this question.
@OrigamiRobot Judgement call: for now it's fine with me.
@Wipqozn It adds to the localization.
We've closed questions like that as Too Localized several times...
A: How can I breed a Bloom Dragon?

SomeoneBreeded scorch and cold for sun dragon worked first try. Is still working I've got 10 sun dragons like that and sold 9

arg, answers which totally fail to understand the question in any way
Let's ignore the fact that it's a preview OS and a specific GPU in the question. That leaves the relevant points "windows 8", "minecraft", "graphics card drivers", and "open gl"
5:49 PM
@FAE thanks for this :P
How many people searching for these things are going to have the exact same issue?
If you take away the parts that make it too localized, it becomes too broad.
I prefer this to a guessing game post of "Why can't I set open GL in Minecraft" :/
Does adding an OS and a GPU really narrow that down?
I should start adding comments to all the GPU questions asking if they are using F@H
That was my problem when 90% of my 3D games stopped working.
@BenBrocka I'm getting either a sun dragon or a moon dragon!
user image
@Fluttershy yay
@Wipqozn does Gravatar show your changed Gravatar image? Mine just changed in like 10 minutes
5:56 PM
There wego.
I did what you suggested. Change it twice, and sync my profiles.
refresh helps too. I didn't have to sync profiles though
@Wipqozn lol Tank
@Fluttershy shades
permashades even
6:00 PM
is it really just gonna be @OrigamiRobot and me for Game On today?
I'm certain I've posted this in here before:
@Fluttershy I*
@Wipqozn if only
@Wipqozn Technically it'd be "me and @OrigamiRobot" wouldn't it? Since if you removed Origami, the sentence would still be grammatically correct?
@Wipqozn Turtles are not allowed to correct grammar.
@Fluttershy I have no idea. Ask @ArdaXi.
6:02 PM
@Fluttershy "me and Robot"?
@OrigamiRobot Smartass....
Also, have I stated I hate Drupal?
Because I do.
Do robots have asses?
@Fluttershy buuurn.com
The documentation is terrible.
6:03 PM
It'd be "Is it really just gonna be I for Game On today?" vs. "Is it really just gonna be me for Game On today?"
@Wipqozn touche
@BenBrocka That doesn't make drupal any less terrible.
I move that we add onebox support for this
@Wipqozn it does help you make it work though
6:05 PM
@BenBrocka Indeed it does.
@IanPugsley Get your slewfeet over here!
@Fluttershy wat
@BenBrocka Looks delicious, doesn't it?
Not sure if want
6:10 PM
Hack Slash Loot just went 40% off on GG if anyone is interested.
@RavenDreamer You should carry @OrigamiRobot and I in a PvP match on LoL!
You're going to AP carry your jungler in his lane until he ults all over the tower?
@GnomeSlice For 28 cents more, you can get the whole April Fools' Bundle.
Someone should delete this guys account:
|: flags
6:19 PM
it's already gone
Pay no attention to the mod lurking in the chatroom. waves hands.
BTW, make sure you use the flag as offensive/spam when totally obvious cases like that show up. Not only does it bring mod attention, but if 5/6? people flag a post as offensive/spam it's auto deleted with a -100 rep penalty to the poster
@BenBrocka I believe it's 6.
You are a turtle.
@RavenDreamer You got a problem with that?
Because I'm a turtle now. I could totally take you.
6:23 PM
@Wipqozn I like turtles.
A: How does the Offensive Flag work?

SCdFWhat is the effect of the Offensive flag? The offensive flag is designed to eliminate truly offensive posts and to penalize the authors: 3 flags: post is banished from the front page. 6 flags: post is locked, deleted, and the first revision owner loses 100 reputation. 1 flag from a moderator ...

@agent86 I do too! Turtles are awesome. not sure why @RavenDreamer hates them so much.
yep it's 6
I have said nothing regarding my opinions of turtles.
Using an iPad for the first time
Chat is odd
6:24 PM
@RavenDreamer just doesn't like change
@fredley you can use the desktop site too if you want, but it's a little small
Enter does not send, very annoying
@fredley I know right! I keep meaning to feature request that
Replying is also not obvious, even if it is possible
It feels very half-arsed, not what I've come to expect from SE
@RavenDreamer Come on man, cool it with all the turtle hate!
I assume everyone will love my new gravatar though.
Also, no stars list! how am I supposed to know what to do?
6:26 PM
After all, how could anyone dislike turtles?
Switched to full view, big improvEment!
Anyway, bath time for fredley, toodles!
@Wipqozn Tank is cool, but why are you no longer Applejack?
@murgatroid99 Felt like a change.
@fredley I don't think it is
I might switch back.
6:27 PM
Q: Enter to send in mobile chat

Ben BrockaPlease make the enter key send messages in mobile chat. It's how desktop chat works on SE and perhaps more importantly it's how mobile chat systems almost always work on iOS and Android. Requiring people to tap Send instead is disorienting and annoying.

@Fluttershy im seriously thinking of going down to the shop and buying the stuff for that
@BenBrocka Everything is the right size. And I can reply, star etc
@fredley I was referring to mobile, not desktop
@Blem I know, right? It looks awesome!
Q: what is the best and longest lasting weapon on Killzone 3?

Jo'nathan TumminsMy weapons are not the best but I need to find the best in the entire game.Some weapons are weak and have not enough ammo,thats the reason I need your help on finding the best weapon on the game.

Q: kog' maw as dead shield?

mezukycan Kog' maw, after having his health be dropped to zero, be used as a living shield for the remainder of time he has left before he blows up to block skills like dark binding from morg. ?

6:43 PM
@Lazers arg
@BenBrocka That guy has a history of bad questions.
He also doesn't seem to understand how to accept an answer.
yeah :/
doesn't get it's not a forum
They're always unregistered users
g.se's visited link colors are wy too dark
7:21 PM
I just had a vision
@badp Go on.
Half Life 2 Episode 3 will not feature Portal plot elements
Oh oh oh. I just had a vision
instead Gordon Freeman will find hisself battling through Dustbowl
7:22 PM
The final frontier.
for the last part of this segment ze medic will ask Gordon if he's ready to ubercharge
@badp HL1 already did it
and, most importantly, Gordon will reply, "hit it doc," with Gaben's voice.
@BenBrocka I played twice through HL1 and I didn't notice? :/
The more I think about it the more obvious it is HL3 must finish like this.
With that it-was-Gaben-all-along moment.
Gaben for Advisor 2013
Q: How does the Silent Hill HD Collection compare to the original Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3?

seanHave the story, controls, or game mechanics changed? How were the graphics and voice acting changed?

7:30 PM
I found an innocuous folder in my downloads folder labeled "Wendy".
It's Wendy Koopa porn, isn't it
You sicko
I was deeply concerned that someone had been downloading porn on my PC again
But it turned out to be a font.
A font. When the crap did I download a font?
I have a bunch of fonts and never used them :/ I just bookmarked most though
@RavenDreamer You kids and your fonts.
@badp I am make progress with my bit.trip beat clone!
7:34 PM
@RavenDreamer More importantly, how did you confuse a font with pornography?
@GnomeSlice All I had to go on was a folder with a female name.
@GnomeSlice The font could be composed of naked woman shaped like letters.
hidden deep in the bowels of my downloads folder, graced with a woman's name... what else does one usually find there?
@RavenDreamer If you associate female names with pornography you're going to have a really hard time with a lot of things.
@GnomeSlice Only when they're in Downloads folder. I've borrowed enough computers to know that one mis-click can end... poorly.
7:36 PM
@GnomeSlice buuurn
@RavenDreamer Hah!
@Wipqozn bookmarks
Hey, the indieroyale April Fool's bundle dropped enough for me to afford it.
Why can't Steam do it the way Desura does it and get one code for the entire bundle through Indieroyale?
You have to go and enter in each individual code...
@GnomeSlice Clearly Steam is just superior.
@Wipqozn Yes, because it's much more inconvenient, clearly.
7:44 PM
@GnomeSlice well this way, you can give the codes to your friends if you buy games you already ahve
@GnomeSlice I parsed your sentence incorrectly. Derp.
@RavenDreamer Yes, speaking of which, would anyone like a copy of Defense Grid? I'm taking all of the DLC, but I already own the game so...
I like Defense Grid. I own it.
I love it. Been meaning to finish it.
So far, I've topped my friends list on every level I've done.
@RavenDreamer Also, what do you think of this?
I did it at like 3AM during an All-Nighter.
For a project.
Which we still probably did shit on.
I mean, I really am not the guy to go for musical critiques.
You write some fiction, though, I'll critique the hell outta that.
Though that does make me ask something of you -
7:50 PM
@RavenDreamer Ah!
How do you make your sounds?
@RavenDreamer Sounds?
You mean, my music?
Because that track was entirely made from Samples included with Sunvox.
No, I mean the individual sounds that you then combine to make music.
Other than that... I don't know. =[
This is one of the roadblocks stopping me from really getting into music production.
Yes. I desire saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamples.
7:51 PM
@RavenDreamer Did you ever download Sunvox? It comes with some decent ish ones.
@GnomeSlice Ayup. Doing so now.
@RavenDreamer Also, Fiction.
@GnomeSlice More context?
Alright, anyone in here right now who is a fan of the pokemon series?
@RavenDreamer I wrote some fiction...
7:53 PM
Q: Is it possible to own a slave?

happy_emiAs the question says, I'd like to know if it's possible to "buy" a slave and use it as companion (even if it's useless). If not, is there any mod that implements this feature?

^^^ fix it!
Q: Can I host a server from an iPad/iPod?

Jonny BMy iPad is, by far, faster than my laptop. Would I be able to instead host a minecraft server on my iPad?

Why was this downvoted?
@GnomeSlice Okay, I'll check it out later. Back to the grind!
later, y'all
Q: Can I host a server from an iPad/iPod?

Jonny BMy iPad is, by far, faster than my laptop. Would I be able to instead host a minecraft server on my iPad?

Q: Is it possible to own a slave?

happy_emiAs the question says, I'd like to know if it's possible to "buy" a slave and use it as companion (even if it's useless). If not, is there any mod that implements this feature?

IPL4 is going on for League of Legends. Some great games going on here: twitch.tv/ipllol/popout
8:07 PM
If anyone would like a Steam key for Defense Grid: The Awakening, here is a free one: 7YK74-9ELG7-3NNBW
@Rapida I wanna start playing PvP... Carry me? =P
@Fluttershy Haha, I can try some of my games need carrying.
Where is the first place I can sell stuff in Skyrim? I'm loaded, and I visited a trader in Riverwood, but he seems to only want to sell me stuff, not buy my stuff.
@EBongo Whiterun's a good place
Belethor the general goods merchant buys everything, although he doesn't have a ton of money
Did someone take it?
8:10 PM
@agent86 Is it possible I'm just too stupid to know how to sell?
(except for stolen stuff - you'll have to make it to riften and join the guild first)
@Rapida I'm terrified of PvP...
@Fluttershy sits in the terrified corner with you
@EBongo when you're in the "buy" interface, scroll down to your inventory, and click things to sell them... it shouldn't be hard. some merchants won't show your entire inventory, since they'll only show what they're willing to buy
@Rapida is good at carrying
8:11 PM
@OrigamiRobot Thanks
k, I'll look again. I don't see anything from my inventory, as I'm looking through.
@Fluttershy Are you level 30? And are you familiar with the meta?
@Rapida I'm level 18-ish... And... I know it's Solo-top, solo-mid, ad carry/sup bot, jungle.
@EBongo your stuff is in a second set of categories, under the shopkeeper's inventory
@Fluttershy sub-par, jungle, low-fat what?
8:12 PM
@Fluttershy Gotta get into current meta builds though
@GnomeSlice don't try. it's like a foreign language.
@Fluttershy That's what I mean, FAE is right though. Watching streams is a good way to learn too, which could help with the PvP nervousness.
@agent86 IPL4 has two casters that do a good job translating to english =)
You have to get a handle on reactions to current patches, what people are building for now and counter-building for, and also the large difference between low-ELO and high-ELO play.
@LessPopMoreFizz Well, I got as far as getting Xenoblade Chronicles running on Dolphin with my 360 controller hooked up, but haven't actually played. How is it?
Oh, right. That game came out today. Or yesterday.Or something.
8:16 PM
@Rapida I enjoy Phreak's casting a lot because he's pretty easy to follow
@FAE Yeah, people give him a hard time about his casting but he does a pretty good job imo
@Rapida I think most of the criticisms I've seen of him usually are "Why does he explain all this noob stuff, we know this" but I think his accessibility is what makes his casting appealing.
@agent86 Ah hah! Crucial piece of information, need to use scroll wheel on mouse. Still figuring out this keyboard and mouse thing...
It is important, because as @agent86 likes to point out LoL is a mess of jargon
@EBongo you can also use the move keys (WASD) to get around the interface. With either WASD or if you've got a xbox controller hooked up, try moving left to get to the category list and then move up and down
although the mouse scroll wheel method is significantly faster, imho
8:21 PM
@GnomeSlice on it's face it's dumb, but there are extremely complicated, and also dumb, ways to almost sorta make it slightly possible
An answer is possible though, which I just provided
@BenBrocka What's dumb about it?
@agent86 hmm, I perhaps I tried cursors instead of wasd, will try wasd next time.
You'll never run java on a non-jail broken iPad, and I seriously doubt he properly understands the performance issue of what he's suggesting
@BenBrocka Well, that clearly means you should downvote it.
If he means on a jailbroken iPad it's a bit different, but it's still stupid
I didn't downvote it, I just think it's a really bad idea
The question isn't inherently bad, the apparent lack of understanding does
8:26 PM
@GnomeSlice: Remember that one reason for votes is to indicate whether something is "worth your time". I think @BenBrocka's explanation would support a position of "this question is not worth your time".
@BenBrocka I should think a lack of understanding would, by definition, warrant a question.
So, the facebook downloadable messenger is actually pretty good.
@GnomeSlice I believe what @BenBrocka is trying to get is that his understanding is so low, it indicates he hasn't done any research into the matter.
@Rapida I watched the TSM match yesterday, and a few others.
@Wipqozn Not everyone researches things the same way, I wouldn't have thought to look into any of those things either.
Some people just don't think of these things.
@Wipqozn just because the answer is "you can't/shouldn't" doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad question either. If lots of people think it's possible then it's important to ask
8:33 PM
@BenBrocka I agree. I'm just stating that is one reason for voting. It's not as vital on the less traffic heavy sites, but on SO, and even us during the LoL events, traffic is so high it's really important to use votes to sort the "good" and "bad". In this context I'm referring to things people think are "worth you time".
@Wipqozn What is your gravatar?
@FAE clearly it's a turtle with shades
@FAE it's obviously a turtle
Anyway, one downvote is never a good reason to get worked up; any one user can downvote for any reason. If a post gets multiple downvotes that might mean people don't actually like the post or the user
@agent86 Well, I'd discerned that much...
@BenBrocka Hopefully just the post
or it could mean someone has sockpuppets...but that's relatively rare
8:35 PM
In case you haven't figured it out yet @FAE, my gravatar is a turtle.
@FAE votes are of course FOR the post, not the user :)
Also, he is from Season 2 of My Little Pony.
@Wipqozn Aaah okay, I'm not that far yet.
have watched through Ep 21 of season 1
wait, maybe it's a tortoise. Are those different things?
@FAE Yeah, the episode is about half way into season 2.
8:38 PM
It's the episode where Rainbow is a giant jerk
No wait I need to be more specific
@BenBrocka yes
@BenBrocka also yes
@BenBrocka Oh, right. It is a tortoise, not a turtle.
8:54 PM
Q: How do I enter xbox 360 codes for Skyrim?

HollyIm trying enter a cheat code for finding somethign in Skyrim, but I dont know how to enter cheat codes in the xbox 360. please help!

@Lazers Wow, Just Wow
@James What?
Host a minecraft server on an iPad
@James So?
That gets a Wow from me
8:59 PM
@James ...Why?
@GnomeSlice want to run a server on your tablet?
@James I don't want to run a server at all, nor do I know what's involved.
@GnomeSlice I think that was a rhetorical question.
I assume the answer is supposed to be 'no'?
It will be an awesome world where we can carry a wireless system that is hosting our game servers with us :)
Howdy @RonanForman. I am doing shower->food then back to Mod Development in preparation for tomorrow
9:10 PM
I've done the map already.
Very kewl. I am attempting to see if I can get XXXhardcoreXXX into bukkit
back in an hourish
@James twitch cool, not kewl.
@James If you can do it that means we can have the timer for the recordings too.
@James This sounds extremely erotic... what's this mod rated?
@GnomeSlice I was thinking the same thing.
9:15 PM
Get your Blocks off in XXXhardcoreXXX!
We'll be changing the name...
@BenBrocka Wahahaha.
Interestingly 'Get your blocks off' is the comment for the workbench in mumble.
Delicious habenero salsa
Q: Is it possible to gift Steam games to a locale in which they are not offered?

OakIs it possible to gift a Steam game to a user who is in a locale where the game is not being offered? For instance, this game has a different release date in different countries. Could I get this game on the 1st day of its release by having someone from an "early" country gift it to me? This qu...

Q: Is there any way to retrieve a web card code?

Doozer BlakeIn Skylanders: Cloud Patrol, the game allows you to unlock owned Skylanders by using the web card code that came with them. Unfortunately, I didn't think to keep the cards and have either thrown them away or misplaced them. Is there any way to retrieve the codes that were on the cards so that I c...

9:42 PM
So glad I don't live in Germany:
Q: (How) Is it possible to get the full version of a game if I can only buy its low violence version?

ZommuterWhile I don't exactly loathe the censorship called "low violence version" for some games steam sells (e.g. Fallout 3) I do detest being forced to play games in a language different than the original one, which is usually English - especially since I often experience terrible mistranslations and ...

@Wipqozn @GnomeSlice Its the name of a minecraft mod. :P minecraftforum.net/topic/1008473-125-xxxhardcorexxx-mod
And now, Food
@James arg, forums
the worst way to do absolutely anything
Q: Can I earn achievements that arent specifically Multiplayer in Civ 5?

ParalyticI played a few Multiplayer games with a friend this weekend against the computers and noticed that an achievment I know I should've earned I did not. As it was "win a game as the Americans on any difficulty" and I was for sure the Americans. The only reason i can think it might not have counted a...

I'm wondering. What font is the logo of G.SE made of?
9:59 PM
TY Gnomeslice
10:10 PM
@RavenDreamer, I disagree with your dupe closing, and so do you :P
Feb 21 at 21:06, by Raven Dreamer
@agent86 They're not the same question, though.
I reference this conversation ^
just because it's answered in the comments of an answer to a different question doesn't make them dupes.
@Fredy31 the bold one specifically, if you couldn't tell
/font pedant
...and you deleted my answer, which contained information that was not in the answers to the other question, and wouldn't have fit on that question if they were merged... the not cool factor here is relatively high, sigh
Q: How can I tell which difficulty I'm playing?

JohnoBoyI was playing Tomb Raider Anniversary on the PS3 (the HD trilogy version), I played the game on the Hard difficulty and reached the Greece's boss. I quit the game before finishing the boss and played a level by replaying it and chose the Easy difficulty. Afterwards I came back to my save, finishe...

Q: What does this button in the Firestorm Citadel do?

John the GreenI've been doing the Firestorm Citadel quite a lot now, practicing taking out Lord Vanaduke before I attempt a Shadow Lair run. I see this button hidden under a few boxes: Unfortunately, I forget exactly where this is, but as you can see (over the minimap), I'm on depth 27. This button does no...

Q: Is it possible to own a slave?

happy_emiAs the question says, I'd like to know if it's possible to "buy" a slave and use it as companion (even if it's useless). If not, is there any mod that implements this feature?

this needs close votes
Good example of the bad kind of "Can I build a rocket to neptune that is powered by salt water?"
Haha, it was Tasty!
10:25 PM
@Fredy Can you make Dan's third video public?
@BenBrocka LMFAO I think that is the Minecraft (Mojang?) Mantra :D
For the Skyrim bronies:
@James I want waffles and french toast now.
I dont blame you, they were very tasty :)
the potatoes were their same Meh
@agent86 What question?
Q: What happens if I'm able to choose the third paragon dialog option with the illusive man?

Juan Manuel Possible Duplicate: How do you get the last paragon/renegade dialogue option towards the end of the game? This question will be filled with spoilers. Despite having played a perfect paragon playthrough, I was unable to select the third paragon dialog choice in the final confrontation ...

10:35 PM
Why was your answer deleted @agent86?
aw gifs only play once
@BenBrocka Its looping for me :)
I wrote a thing on an old meta because I wasn't satisfied with the answers and since it came up again a while back:
A: "Can I do X" questions

LessPop_MoreFizz"Can I Build a rocket to the moon that's powered only by saltwater in Transit Tycoon?" Some questions are just flat out stupid. They should be closed, not because they ask whether an action is possible, but because they are stupid. They are so conjectural as to be functionally rhetorical. They a...

@Wipqozn Raven did it, I think you'd have to ask him
@agent86 Thought you may have knew the reason. So now I shall.
10:40 PM
@BenBrocka No they don't...
@RavenDreamer: Why did you delete this answer?
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm famous!
Hmmm... I can't see that answer, must have been dele....
@GnomeSlice huh, only played once for me
Oh @LessPopMoreFizz, bravo to you sir
> They should be closed, not because they ask whether an action is possible, but because they are stupid.
10:42 PM
Now then, if you chaps would be so kind, this question falls into the first category, and needs some assistance:
Q: Is it possible to own a slave?

happy_emiAs the question says, I'd like to know if it's possible to "buy" a slave and use it as companion (even if it's useless). If not, is there any mod that implements this feature?

Q: How much damage do mecha knights do?

John the GreenI've noticed that whenever I activate a mecha knight, it doesn't seem to do much besides distraction, though it makes a big show of performing a spinning sword attack. Enemies they attack never seem to die, just the mecha knights themselves. How much damage do these guys really do?

How is this question not closed?
Q: Is it possible to play fine high graphic card recommended game on low graphic?

avirkIn the past, I have wanted to play some games with high-end graphics requirements. Why is it that I'm able to play videos of these games fine, but when I try to actually play the game on my laptop (which doesn't have a high-end graphics card), the game shows its power, and barely runs, if at all...

because it's an old gross question
@Wipqozn Way to say bravo and quote me and you can't even spare a damned upvote? Cretin.
@LessPop_MoreFizz oops up votes
10:56 PM
@Wipqozn Thanks.
You're still a cretin though.
@Wipqozn I wish there was a 'feels odd' close reason.
If 7 more people voted on Matthew Read's answer, he'd get reversal!
Part 3 of Dan's Ultra Hardcore POV is up!
@Fluttershy upvoted*

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