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1:10 PM
Q: For an e-commerece website would be good to make an page on Pintrest and keep all products there too?

Jitendra VyasFor an e-commerece website would be good to make an page on Pintrest and keep all products there too? specially when it's woman centric e-commerce. I read that Female like pinterest. Will it give more business and better option to users? Would user like to spent more time on website's pinterest ...

What should we do with this? Doesn't really beg for any UX expertise
I was thinking OnStartups but it's not startup oriented either
I was just about to say exactly that.
Just close it as off topic. There doesn't have to be a home for every question.
Someday :) maybe...closed and commented
1:37 PM
Android Enthusiasts's chatroom is sad :(
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2:41 PM
A: What strategies can be employed on site to improve question quality?

Mitch MaloneI don't think there is a problem with the quality of questions. I think there is a problem with how UXSE forces users to frame questions. I think part of the difficulty in asking questions and providing answers is that questions revolving around UX are entirely subjective, tacit, fluid, and/or c...

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3:53 PM
Hey @Erics, @Feanne
Before I ask the question I came here for, @BenBrocka I love your gravatar image :)
Now that said, I have a question which I want to know if I should post on here or not...
Of course you do :)
@Rachel What is it?
I'd like to ask a question about if Programmers.SE is a good name for a site that is about software development, or if it causes confusion among users that are not familiar with the site. This question keeps coming up on meta at P.SE, and I'd like some non-p.se user feedback
But I don't want to start a flame war
I know of at least 4 different users (myself included) that have suggested renaming the site because users expect a site about programmers, not software development, and end up posting bad questions that just get downvoted/closed
but the majority of meta responses are "site name doesn't matter"
So I thought I'd ask the UX experts :)
Hm, sort of specific but branding is certainly a big thing. FYI DBA is having a similar issue, I think the problem is naming it after the people instead of the topic area/skill set/ect
I agree... if the site is about the people, name it after the people. If it's about the profession/skillset, name it after the profession/skillset
4:00 PM
Maybe something more general about branding on topic vs audience, and use P.SE (and maybe even DBA.SE) as examples? I don't think the DBA.SE site ever asked a Q about that
FWIW here's a fragment of DBA's internal discussion:
I like that, but I feel if I phrase it that way the obvious answer is to name it after the topic, not audience
Perhaps I'll phrase it something like: If a site is named after an audience, but is about a topic, does it make sense to rebrand the site with the topic? and use P.SE and DBA.SE as examples
Definitely need examples though, since in the case of an SE site, the sites are for a specific purpose, and nothing else
Yeah, *re*branding is the issue; it's whether it's worth the confusion/pain of switching an already established name in this case
Though for beta sites it's still a relevant question
I just know this is going to bring the SE mafia down on me.... lol
4:20 PM
Just because you ask a question doesn't mean you're assaulting SE and doesn't mean they have to change :)
We've had several questions inspired by SE's design
4:38 PM
Q: Is it worth it to re-brand a Stack-Exchange site be named after it's topic instead of it's audience?

RachelThis question has come up with two stack exchange sites already, and I am looking for feedback from UX experts that are not necessarily associated with either of the sites on if this is actually a problem for the sites or not. I am specifying that this question is for SE sites, because SE sites ...

@BenBrocka Got any suggestions for improving that?
I don't participate much in dba.se, so focused more on programmers for examples
Is Stack Exchange necessary in the title? Makes it a bit localized (or Meta fodder) and I'm not entirely sure it helps specify the domain
Hrrrm I wanted to specify SE because the sites are unique in the fact they are run by the community, and if we don't support new users, we don't have a site
but I could remove it if you think it would be better
I changed stack-exchange to user-driven in the title
@BenBrocka Do you think I should remove the 2nd-last paragraph about seeing it causing user frustration and causing them to leave the site? I'm trying to keep the question as objective as possible, but feel very strongly about the issue and problems I've seen it cause in the past
5:07 PM
[hums Jeopardy music to herself while she waits]
5:20 PM
@BenBrocka Would you mind deleting the comment thread between me and casper if you do decide to reopen the question? It's pointless...
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6:23 PM
@BenBrocka Sooo.... is the question pretty much unsalvageable for UX.SE now?
And told you I'd bring the SE mafia team down on me for it, although I didn't think they'd be so ruthless about it. It was an honest question....
7:18 PM
Is this where the cool kids hang out?
@TylerShads Obviously
@BenBrocka Is my question OK to be reopened in it's current format, or do I need to edit it further to remove all references to stack exchange?
I was about to try editing it to remove all references, but noticed you deleted the comment chain so wasn't sure if you were planning on reopening it already or not
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