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Q: LINQ Search Through Multiple Lists, But Have Functions That Do That In Parts

Ryan TaiteI have an Entity Framework table of Addresses, I'm building a Repository that would allow me to search for an Address by either parts of the Address or the whole address. Here's what I've got so far: public class AddressRepository : Repository<Address> { public List<Address> GetByAddress(st...

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Q: C# MVC Generic Custom Model Binder

MattyMcI recently created a custom model binder as a training exercise and wanted to see how I could improve it. It currently uses recursion and works great, but I was wondering how I could convert this to be non-recursive (maybe by using stack collection?). Any other ways this could be improved? Thank ...

If your code is complete and working, it should be on Code Review. This site is primarily for fixing broken code. — Carcigenicate 45 secs ago
Okay. I am sorry, I didn't know about code review. — Varun Raval just now
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Q: Is this a good Object Oriented design for a Tree?

Varun RavalI am implementing a Tree in JAVA. It must be easy to add a new type of tree. e.g., Binary tree, Tertiary tree, etc. Each node can have at least one value. It must be easy to make a new type of node and make a tree of that node. interface Node<T> { T getVal(); boolean equals(Node<T> no...

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Questions on various potential optimizations are better suited for the Code Review Stack Exchange. — Chai T. Rex just now
You may want to consider the codereview stackexchange site. — Dirk Eddelbuettel 6 secs ago
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Q: How to split a list of strings into sublists where total of bytes of each sublist is <= N?

BPLI'm given a list of strings and a length limit N. I have to write a function to accumulate consecutive strings in the list until the next string would exceed the N limit. I have to return a list of lists, where each list is the largest consecutive substring not to exceed N characters total. See t...

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Q: Call of Duty World at War Speed Hack

sand_storm_of_code.txtThis is a simple speed hack I created for Call of Duty World at War. It uses a pointer, SPEED_ADDRESS with an offset, SPEED_OFFSET1 to find the address I intend to write to. I'm not very well versed in using offsets. The code I provided does work, but I feel there's probably a better way of deali...

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posted on November 21, 2017 by Frank

In the following answer, @Incomputable basically dared me to implement a generalization of std::minmax_element, so I'm happy to oblige: #include <array> template<typename IteT, typename... PredsT> auto multi_searc_elements(IteT begin, IteT end, PredsT const&... preds) { const std::size_t count = sizeof...(PredsT); std::array<IteT, count&g

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Q: Levers and Locked doors 2D C#

GregtheSaladSo I am currently working on a maze game in Unity, and to progress, you must traverse the maze and flip a switch to open the way to the end of he level, just one problem for me, this is my first game and Im not very fluent in code yet. I figured it would be like set.Active(True) for activating th...

Q: Making a monopoly board in processing

BellaFor my class, we are supposed to create a monopoly board, but as we just started the class I'm having issues. I need to create a board uses both loops and switches. We are supposed to draw the different rectangles and then also use switches to change the colours of the different blocks.

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Q: How to fix non-static method from static context?

David WhiteI'm having trouble getting the description of the player in this Player class. Can anyone see where the error is? (BTW I'm new to Java/Methods so take it easy :) ) /** * Write a description of class TextGame2 here. * * @author (your name) * @version (a version number or a date) */ import ja...

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Q: Detects resolution of x-display and changes font accordingly

Bryce FrankThis is my first attempt at anything functioning within elisp. This script is part of my configuration file that I use across multiple machines, one of which is hi-dpi and the other is not. To avoid having to reset my default font size every time I pull from my remote repository, I Thought it wou...

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Q: what is the difference between code review and stack overflow

CHANDRA MURUGANI am using stackoverflow for a month. I have been posting my doubt and answering questions. I see users are posting their doubts in code review too. What is the main difference between these two ?

Q: DataBase Code: Open To Criticism

David WhiteI'm creating a DataBase for looking up employee's different stats in a company. Is there any way I can make this more compact/efficient? Thanks! (BTW I'm new to Java so take it easy :) ) /** * Write a description of class DataBase here. * * @author (name) * @version (date) */ import java.ut...

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Q: Python simple text adventure game

user153925I have made a very simple text based game by watching a Youtube tutorial. The tutorial does not explain how i can go further and add more decisions into my adventure.I only want to go forward with the adventure if the user answers yes to the first question. Help is greatly appreciated. def intro...

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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it should be asked on codereview.stackexchange.com — Marcin Orlowski 25 secs ago
This might be better suited to code review. — Ilja Everilä 21 secs ago
If this code works fine, then this question is off topic on Stack Overflow, but may be good for our sister site Code Review. — Joe C 41 secs ago
Q: Download multiples Images

LamarUsing DispatchGroup to concurrently download as many images as possible; As of now this code would download all images into Memory (60 images took 600 MB in memory) which is not ideal (the ideal would be to downloaded the image files cached to some persistence storage then load all images from th...

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Did you test the code to see if it produces correct results? "Please review my code" is not the sort of question you should ask here. You might want to try Code Review. — rici 53 secs ago
Q: PropertyComparer Class Implementing IComparer with ArrayList

Thomas InzinaBy implementing the MScorlib IComparer Interface, my PropertyComparer Class enables sort Objects added to an ArrayList by the their properties. You can also determine if an Object is in the ArrayList using a BinarySearch. In order to do a BinarySearch you will need to sort the list with a Prope...

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Q: java interface program

himanshu agarwal Write a java program to find the details of the students eligible to enroll for the examination (Students, Department combined give the eligibility criteria for the Enrollment class) using interfaces.

Q: Optimize and accelerate bash script to transform XML to SQLITE

Patricia Diaz SerranoI have this script in which I read an XML and I pass it to CSV and at the end of the script I transform it into SQLITE #!/bin/bash rm -f -r rshost rscname rsctype ttstamp tservice tformat trdata trdata2 cat $1 | grep Telegram | sed -e 's/"/ /g' | awk '{ print $9 }' | cut -c27-30 > trdata cat ...

BTW, the experts for "code that works but could be more readable and/or faster" are over at Code Review. Should you decide that your question finds a better home there, please make sure to read the help center, on-topic and off-topic pages, the FAQ and if unsure ask on their meta page or in chat, just like you would on any other site. (In other words: don't take my word for it.) They have some specific rules about what code can be posted and how. (For example, Stack Overflow prefers that you condense your production code down to a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example, whereas Code Review prefers the real code in context.) — Jörg W Mittag 53 secs ago
That's a matter of opinion and every one is entitled to one. I personally consider this kind of answer as wrong. I did not say it's an invalid java (but apparently every reasonable code reviewer would). Perhaps a language barrier cased misundestating regarding meaning of ";", in any case ( made or not made) this answer is wrong! And do not add any value to the discussion.The OP gave an example of what is an expected answer. @shmosel - Would you like to add any more constructive comments on this? — Krzysztof Kubicki 56 secs ago
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Q: Python: input and print in unexpected order

MarkI just installed Python 3.6 using the Anaconda 5.0.1 for Windows installer (64 bit) and am using its accompanying jupyter notebook for some beginner programming exercises: print("Age?") age = input() This doesn't produce the output I am told to expect: it gives the box for input before printin...

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Please feel free to post this code on Code Review. You're using a lot of very unperlish syntax, and I'd like to give you some feedback. — simbabque 55 secs ago
10:03 AM
This Narnia wargame, is making me crazy! My knowledge of C is terrible.
10:23 AM
@CaptainObvious Garbage.
Q: Make constexpr array of function values

EvgenyI have a function f(i, j) that accepts two std::size_t arguments and I want to make a constexpr std:array out of its values on a 2d grid, (i = 0, ..., rows-1; j = 0, ..., cols-1) in, say, column-major order. The code (std is dropped for brevity): #include <array> #include <tuple> #include <type...

Q: better way to handle filewatcher

Kewin Björk Nielseni have maded a filewatcher that looks for jpg and then wait 5minutes before it execute a my batch but the problem is that it sometimes executing my batch twice or three times when there is no jpgs in that folder so are there any better way to do this public class ImageWatcherConfig { publ...

@Ludisposed You'll figure it out ^^
By the by, does anyone know what content on chat.stackexchange screws up my HTTPS? It's mixed content, sure, but I think all external content is over HTTPS as well.
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Q: How to remove html tag with jquery related to media query?

ArashI want remove two tags when media query size is smaller than 768px. That's mean I want to delete </section> after <div class="after">3</div> and <section class="two"> before <div class="before">4</div> when @media(max-width:767px) is true. Therefore I will have second html code. .one div{ ...

@Mast Mixed Content: The page at 'https://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/8595/the-2nd-monitor' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure image 'http://imgs.xkcd.com/static/terrible_small_logo.png'. This content should also be served over HTTPS
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Q: Simple class to handle Json

Danny GoodallI created a simple class which serialises and deserialises Json and C# objects. How is it looking? JsonHandler: class JsonHandler { public T GetObjFromJson<T>(string filePath) { T retObj = default(T); try { string jsonStr = string.Empty; ...

Q: Un-Perl-ish syntax

amblabsIn a different post I showed the following Perl CGI script. One of the commentors said that "You're using a lot of very unperlish syntax, and I'd like to give you some feedback". So, here it is, and tell me how to make it more Perlish? I came from a C background so I'm all ears (or eyes)! #!/...

@simbabque I posted the code on Code Review as you suggested: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/180951/…amblabs 38 secs ago
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Q: How should I design my components in React?

TavarichMy goal is to create a component that is essentially a window that will either display one layout or another. My concern is about the way I should design my component(s). I have already design the component this way, but I'm not satisfied with it as I feel like there is another proper way to do i...

Vogel612 has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
^^ could maybe fix this....
xkcd feed was referenced via http. I doubt that the feed reader that SE wrote actually follows the HSTS and 302, so it might have been marked insecure and downgraded the https links
Monking btw
@GrimaWormtongue probably downvoted instead of closed as dupe...
11:46 AM
@Ludisposed That message, yes.
@Vogel612 Wat, it should be served over HTTPS.
Woot, that fixed it indeed.
Thanks Vogel!
I'm actually still getting mixed content warnings...
but they're "only" for a handful of i.stack.imgur.com links
@Vogel612 Hit F5, see if they're still there.
@Vogel612 Aren't those served over HTTPS as well?
Q: Generating random number inside a paralleled loop (openmp)

saraWhat is the most fast and safe way of generating random numbers inside a pararelled loop? I did as below but I'm not sure if it is correct or not: using namespace std; std::minstd_rand gen(std::random_device{}()); std::uniform_real_distribution<double> unirnd(0, 1); int main(...

Q: Three in a row game

MiaI need some help with creating a 'three in a row' game in Borland c++ Builder. Would use some advice and some links where I can find useful information. Thank you! PS: I have to use OOP.

@Mast they should be... maybe one of my extensions is the culprit here
12:07 PM
@Vogel612 Smells like it.
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Q: Avoid to repeat code in Async and non Async methods

osman RahimiI have two methods for doing same thing but in two overload Async and non Async . public async Task<cResult> GetAllAsync(string pN = "") { string route = $"{_routePrefix}/"; if (!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(pN)) route += $"name/{pN}"; //here I call a Async method ...

12:40 PM
@CaptainObvious asks us to write code
1:01 PM
Q: When is it relevant / worthwhile to use IOwinContext to fetch DbContexts, Managers or Services in a ASP.NET Controller?

EhouarnAfter having read this article (http://tech.trailmax.info/2014/09/owincontext-and-why-you-can-have-many-of-them/) I started to struggle a bit about when I really have to use HttpContext.GetOwinContext().Get<T>() (https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn270607(v=vs.113).aspx) I inherited from ...

A: Why does man print "gimme gimme gimme" at 00:30?

Marnanel Thurmaner, that was my fault, I suggested it. Sorry. Pretty much the whole story is in the commit. The maintainer of man is a good friend of mine, and one day six years ago I jokingly said to him that if you invoke man after midnight it should print "gimme gimme gimme", because of the Abba song called ...

Bloody genius.
why the heck do people write reviews into comments? codereview.stackexchange.com/q/180900/37660
1:34 PM
Greetings, Programs.
good morning
any .NET people present?
Just shoot, see who answers.
VS 2017 won't build my sites, I had to open them in 2013 express web. now it won't recognize my System.Linq or string interpolation in my code.... can I fix this with a nuget package?
Mug was last seen 22 minutes ago, so he might be lurking.
I guess I fixed it with one of the packages I added
now I get to start back in on the photo gallery thing.
1:44 PM
nope it still isn't liking the string interpolation...
Monking, @Marc-Andre
Q: a Python2 to Python3 print fixer in perl

LudisposedSometimes, I'm reviewing old questions written in Python2, with no parenthesis around print statements. Or I'm changing one of my older codes, also without parenthesis around print statements. It annoys me to do this manually, so I decided to write a little perl script to change it for me, howev...

2:12 PM
What exactly is your question? If you want us to review your code, please ask on Code Review. — simbabque 15 secs ago
Q: Understanding a part of this code

Milton CodeI'm undertaking a smaller project with the some mates who have never used "matlab" before (including me), but have done some smaller works in Python. We're designing a way to calculate different probabilities in Snakes and Ladders, and we got recommended to use this function: S = toeplitz(zeros(...

2:26 PM
@CaptainObvious Asking to explain code
Q: Placing boats on a game board by intelligent trial and error

Noctis SkytowerOne week ago, an answer was given on Stack Overflow to help someone with a game that was being written. In particular, the question was regarding how to place boats on a finite grid so that they were not adjacent to each other. Most answers given were functional in nature, but the solution brough...

Q: Parsing diff-like annotations

Srv19I am working with annotated text that has data describing changes on it. Changes are represented by lines consisting of groups of "+++" and "---", each referring to the characters in line above. Following is a small example of data: [{ "in": { "fileLineNo": 58, "text": "(foo\n {:a 1\n--\n ...

Removed the bits requested. This is not a code review its more of a "need a cleaner more readable way to do this" as I appear to be building these kind of structures more frequently. — Taranasaur 5 secs ago
possible answer invalidation by Govs on question by Govs: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/179963/revisions
with a Random, can you make it so that it spits out unique numbers only?
Welcome to Stack Overflow! There is a separate site for code reviewing - Code Review. Posting a wall of code and asking if everything with it is fine is frowned upon here. If you have a specific problem, isolate it and produce a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example. Also, no need to add "(openmp)" in the question title - that's what tags are for. — Hristo Iliev just now
Thank you. I 've edited the title. I did post it here because more experience people are presented here comparing codereview. — stack coder just now
2:44 PM
Q: compare the value of columns in a 2d String array

DavyJonesI want to count the characters for each column I have in a 2d array of String so far my code got me to the point where I can count the values for each column , but I'm stuck on how to compare them in order to print the index with the highest number of characters public class test1 { public sta...

2:59 PM
This question is a better fit for codereview.stackexchange.comChad Gilbert 56 secs ago
So you already have a working solution and would like to improve your code ? Please post your working solution, and use codereview.stackexchange.comWNG 16 secs ago
3:27 PM
If it works the place for this is likely codereview.stackexchange.comAlex K. 42 secs ago
3:48 PM
Ah... I see. I did not know about the code review site. — hell_storm2004 28 secs ago
You should submit this to codereview.stackexchange.com. SO is not really the right place to review working code for quality. — Mad Physicist 18 secs ago
Q: My question is on hold for no reason

GabrielThey said: Questions must involve real code that you own or maintain. Pseudocode, hypothetical code, or stub code should be replaced by a concrete implementation. Questions seeking an explanation of someone else's code are also off-topic. My approach (which someone edited to "one approach")...

4:18 PM
@Feeds I have posted an answer...
anyone remember the conversation that we had on Meta about someone posting someone else's code for review to see what they did wrong. it led to part of the close reason in the meta question...
@Malachi I'm interested on who downvoted it. Also the wording in the close reason is bad, but won't change...
I did.
Q: Are unit tests for constructor redundant?

asdfShould I write unit tests which verify that constructor is throwing in simple cases when a nullptr was provided instead of a shared_ptr? Let's say I have the following class: #pragma once #include "SharedItemsListInteractorInput.hpp" #include "SharedItemsListInteractorOutput.hpp" #include "Sto...

there isn't enough code to decide which is better, and his code versus my code, it isn't code he maintains yet because it isn't technically in the code base that he maintains yet.
@SimonForsberg ↑↑↑
technicalities I know, but the question doesn't have much code in it.
@Peilonrayz are you talking about the meta post or the actual question here?
4:37 PM
@Malachi I was talking about your answer. The second sentence however was more a 'related' to your second message
Just include the part that causes an error. This is not a code review site. — Mad Physicist 10 secs ago
@CaptainObvious "Should I write test XY for feature AB" seems more like a SE.SE question, doesn't it?
@Peilonrayz I am guessing that was a mod, my answer could be better written, but it takes me so long. I am working on a website, watching Criminal Minds, playing Cookie Clicker and something else I keep forgetting about....
@Malachi Fair, :)
@Malachi I'm sorry, but I think you're going in the wrong direction.
None of what you mention have ever been a problem before.
4:51 PM
@Feeds FWIW, I voted to close as POB
Primarily Opinion Based
@Mast @pacmaninbw @Marc-Andre Talking about this question here:
Q: Check if a variable is one of a set of valid strings

GabrielWe need to check if a given variable is either "get" or "post". If it's neither then I should throw an error. My teammate and I disagree on the better solution. One approach: if (!['get', 'post'].includes(x)) { throw new Error('OhGodWhy') } A second approach: if (x !== 'get' && x !== 'pos...

@Vogel612 I am considering two actions: 1) Reopening it. 2) Reopening and closing as POB.
I personally don't care either way, IMO it's POB
Judging by the meta-post, the only thing that's not real is the error message, which is in Brazilian Portuguese originally.
Q: My question is on hold for no reason

GabrielThey said: Questions must involve real code that you own or maintain. Pseudocode, hypothetical code, or stub code should be replaced by a concrete implementation. Questions seeking an explanation of someone else's code are also off-topic. My approach (which someone edited to "one approach")...

4:56 PM
Q: Transfer values from one LinkedList to another

cody.codes Write a method transferFrom that accepts a second LinkedIntList as a parameter and that moves values from the second list to this list. You are to attach the second list's elements to the end of this list. You are also to empty the second list. For example, suppose two lists store thes...

Q: Optimizing code for image processing application

Ja_cppOptimization takes place after code is done, that's why I'm posting this. I've just finished my first version of my program in image processing. Could you please take a look at it and help me improve in terms of speed because I need it to run faster. I'm also interested in using more c++14 and c...

5:10 PM
Q: drawing circle segment

wdsaI wrote code to draw a circle segment, the segment angle will be looking to the mouse. My code: #include <SFML/Graphics.hpp> #include <math.h> const float PI{ 3.14159265359f }; //convert degress to radians float degToRad(float deg) { return deg * PI / 180; } void drawCircleSegme...

Q: Increasing the coefficients of two numbers to sum to a targeted value

Elis MowerI've naively tried to gradually increase two values so eventually, they sum to a targeted value. Since this code runs many times and eventually for very large values, I don't know how to optimize so that it doesn't take more than 0.5 seconds. def coefTargetSum(R, X, Y): coefResult = [] ...

5:25 PM
Q: A program to censor unwanted words

Muhammad KamalProblem: Censor Unwanted words. Solution: Note: I am beginner and self learning programming by reading the book "Programming: Principles and Practises" by Bjarne Stroustrup and this a "try this" exercise from chapter 4. #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <vector> int main() { ...

@Zeta ooh something to flag as rude!
Q: `for` loop to a multi dimensional array in PyTorch

jefI want to implement Q&A systems with attention mechanism. I have two inputs; context and query which shapes are (batch_size, context_seq_len, embd_size) and (batch_size, query_seq_len, embd_size). I am following the below paper. Machine Comprehension Using Match-LSTM and Answer Pointer. https:...

@CaptainObvious we could extend Muhammad's code to look for "tight pants" and censor that...
Oh, I do not know that site. I move to the site. Thank you. codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/180984/…jef 27 secs ago
5:39 PM
@SamOnela Part of the exercise.
@SamOnela Feel free to, but I don't mind that one. It's chatty and just shows that they don't get the point (maybe I should have posted Toby's link instead). But that's the one that grinds my gears.
But I'm probably just wearing tight pants, hah.
@Zeta that's a funny idiom
@Zeta yep ... some people just don't know when to use 'well' vs 'good'... oh and yeah its snippy
either way: relax, let it go for now
@SamOnela Heh. I missed the well vs good :D. Good point.
@Vogel612 yeah, I will.
@SimonForsberg I'm ok with changing my vote to POB.
@rolfl is that enough rope to hang yourself? There is always just shooting yourself in the foot.
5:59 PM
It's time to revisit our standard close reasons. The last initiative failed due to a poor process. I'll think about how to kick off the new discussion.
posted on November 21, 2017 by CommitStrip

Q: what does this mean and what will it do? (python)

user153984def write_file(path,data): with open(path,'a+') as f: f.write(data) I'm not quite sure what this means and what it does.

Q: Tests for palindromes in C and C++

pacmaninbwA question I've been asked on interactive phone screens is to code a test to determine whether a string is a palindrome or not. I provide two examples here, one in C and one in C++. They both work and they both compile without errors or warnings. I believe my C example is good, with the possible ...

@CommitStrip All hail Firefox 57!
@SimonForsberg I came upon it in the close vote queue. The code looked like it was dumbed down for Code Review with the error message and the x variable. Honestly I don't care what happens to that question. I don't like comparative-review and there's not enough code IMO to have great question. So I'll leave others deal with it now. I will take more care next time.
@CommitStrip I switch to you Firefox, I <3 you.
I'm not fond of some of the Firefox changes. It has been my primary browser for 6 years. I use Chrome, but only for testing.
6:17 PM
This is a Q&A site. That's why, when you posted this, the link you clicked on to do that said "Ask a Question". Clue's in the name. If you want to post completed samples on a particular topic, then maybe it would suit the Documentation section of the site, or perhaps it would be better on StackExchange CodeReview. — ADyson 42 secs ago
@pacmaninbw Like what? I'm curious, it's been a while since I last use Firefox (and never for a long period of time)
Q: Statistical Sample with Analytics Java

Wood GlassI've been playing with a statistical Sample object for an input/output model during the course of my machine learning class. I wanted to expand the functionality to add quadratic fit by least squares method, but I want to make sure the functionality is thus far is up to far before improving it fu...

codereview.stackexchange.com to get feedback about a working code — WNG 8 secs ago
6:32 PM
@Marc-Andre I don't blame you for closing it. It did indeed look dumbed-down.
Ohh I don't feel blamed, I just wanted to provide my way of thinking for that question. Anyway a question being wrongly on-hold is not the end of the world. It's not a fun process for the OP, but I prefer a wrongly on-hold question than a bad question being open and gathering unwanted answer.
Even if it was the problem, there is nothing in the message to let me understand it. "Hey, you posted your co-worker's code and it can get us all in trouble, please remove it" — Gabriel 2 hours ago
Just to make sure, in that Stack Exchange would not be in trouble right? The poster of the code would be, since we agree in the Terms of Code Review that we're allowed to post?
So the worst is Stack Exchange is forced to remove the question ?
Off topic for SO. Would be better received on CodeReview. — Matt Clark 46 secs ago
Was it discussed in any meta, like so meta or meta stack?
@Marc-Andre that statement is simply not true
neither SE nor we can be in trouble for someone else posting code they shouldn't have posted
Yeah I know, I'm just wondering what the real case would look like
6:43 PM
it's just that person themselves can be in trouble
If a copyright holder wants to exercise their copyright and have the code removed from the site, they can file a "DMCA Takedown Notice"
Re how this looks in practice:
Q: CipherCloud DMCA notice

CodesInChaosCipherCloud just filed a DMCA notice with stack exchange to take down the question How is CipherCloud doing homomorphic encryption? (now deleted by stackexchange). Since I obviously can't post the full question+answers here, a short summary of what it contained: The question itself asks if/how...

^^ this is the only time that I know of that a DMCA notice was filed against SE
there's only two overall copyright violations filed against SE in the lumen database FKA chilling effects clearinghouse
interesting... a maths prof had some homework questions removed from SE ...
Thanks @Vogel612 :)
interesting.... codility filed two DMCA notices
both against posts on SO
6:59 PM
@Vogel612 got more info on that?
We're planned to start using Codility at work
@SimonForsberg see lumendatabase
@Vogel612 Oh wait, I think I'm confusing it with something else.
There's some kind of static analysis program called something similar
codility is a challenge site that explicitly claims copyright to their challenges
yeah, realized that
Well by sorting with newest you can have some surprise that are NSFW.... (on the lumendatabase link)
7:08 PM
On your link, you have a sort by option
I choose Newest
And the date is in the future and there's lot of not safe for work words in the takedown notice
7:45 PM
possible answer invalidation by Belle on question by Belle: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/180901/revisions
I changed my question some. Is it on topic now? :) codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/180901/…
@Belle Welcome :)
Thank you :)
class BaseException extends Exception
    public function __construct($message, $code, Exception $previous = null) {
        parent::__construct($message, $code, $previous);

    // various functionalities that all my exceptions have
That comment implied that there is more code that you're showing us
@Marc-Andre ++
7:56 PM
I'm in the middle of an enourmous refactor to my code and what it's currently saying doesn't make much sense, that's why I didn't include it.
From the link in the on-hold reason :
> If your question contains stub code, then there are significant pieces of the core functionality missing, and we need you to fill in the details. Excerpts of large projects are fine, but if you have omitted too much, then reviewers are left imagining how your program works.
It says something along the lines of:

private function _response($data, $status = 200)
header("HTTP/1.1 " . $status . " " . $this->_requestStatus($status));
return json_encode($data);
Formatting failed me. Can I edit here?
how about here...
@Belle You can within 120 seconds of posting, by pressing the Up arrow key
@Belle arrow-up, see also chat faq
8:00 PM
Or you can click the arrow and choose edit
hmmm....chat-faq really needs some cleanup ...
1. All code must be posted here directly. 2. This isn't an appropriate question for here. This may be ontopic on Code Review if anyehere, but I have my doubts. — Carcigenicate 24 secs ago
This question belongs to CodeReview. — Daniel 15 secs ago
Stack Exchange questions have to be self-contained. Links to external sites may be used to enhance a question, but a question must be understandable from its text without referring to the links. However, SO is neither a code review site, nor is it the best site for security advice, there are other Stack Exchange sites which focus on those areas. — PM 2Ring 20 secs ago
@Belle I think you could include the code and specify that this piece of code is being refactored. It would give a better perspective on what, why and how you're doing things at the moment
I would argue that this is more of a code review question and not a issue for stack overflow. — Mike Tung 40 secs ago
This is on code review though? Confused...
8:05 PM
possible answer invalidation by Belle on question by Belle: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/180901/revisions
@Belle You're talking about Duga? She's checking comments from SO to see incoming questions which could be close here but are sent our way.
Yay another downvote... Nvm... I shouldnt have come here.
@Belle You;re working hard on your question and it's all that matter. A downvote is not worth a lot, so don't worry too much. I think we're close to have an on-topic question :)
Sorry about that, I had a very nasty experience on SO and Workplace SE once. I hoped it would be different in this community. Seems like I had a bit of bad initial contact, but you guys/girls seem nice.
@Marc-Andre to clarify, did you mean "that's all that matters" instead of it's all that matter
8:11 PM
@SamOnela Yeah probably, English is my second language so might be a rough translation of what I would have said in French
@Marc-Andre d'accord (I don't really speak french, but know a few phrases, partly because my wife studied it)
better place to ask this: codereview.stackexchange.comnogad 26 secs ago
@Belle Yeah I can understand that :)
@Belle FWIW you already gained 16 rep from that question overall ...
The last thing I can think about your question is that Update part does not fit in the question anymore, might be a better way to phrase that, but I think your question is mostly on-topic now.
@SamOnela Ahaha that's a nice touch either way :) !
8:14 PM
I could probably just remove the update, since it had to do with the previous version of my question (silly phpstorm bugging out)
Yeah might be better that way
Your question is now in the queue to get re-open :) thank you for your effort @Belle
My programming instructor advised me to use Exceptions instead of my many many if's. I can program, but writing good code is an entirely different thing. Thanks everyone!
8:52 PM
Q: File encryption/decryption in python

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Would it be on-topic to ask a question about how to avoid a warning about a property relying on magic methods in php possibly not existing when the property only gets filled when the magic method has been called?
This example does not work when you have to go through code review via pull request — Nickpick 37 secs ago
For those not familiar with php (the way I understand it at least): language gives warning about a variable possibly not existing that I've made sure would exist at runtime when the code gets there.

Would that be on topic?
@Belle If you have written code that works as expected, then feel free to ask about it, for the purposes of feedback, suggestions of improvement, etc.
@SamOnela Alright, I'll give it a go! Thanks :)
9:08 PM
if you read What topics can I ask about here? then there are some simple lists of guidelines
@Belle may I recommend reading Checklist for how to write a good question just to make 1000% sure that the question is well-received :)
If this code works fine, then this question is off topic on Stack Overflow, but may be good for our sister site Code Review. — Joe C 8 secs ago
9:24 PM
hello again :)
the Code Review Community on GitHub (for which I'm still one of the admins) has seen two membership requests this month, a bit unusual. github.com/CodeReviewCommunity/CodeReviewCommunity.github.io/…
My instinct is to close them since that GH community doesn't currently serve any real purpose.
Before I close issue #11 without adding membership, I'd first like any confirmation by other experienced users that this is the right decision. I'm not currently active on Code Review and may be missing some important context.
current consensus basically says to kill the github community
welcome back, btw :)
interestingly the requestor posted a competing answer, soo ... I'd hold off for now...
yesss killing is good (with respect to useless cruft like unused GH orgs or duplicated code. people are fine)
if it's being discussed by the community I can sit back and do nothing, that's fine by me :)
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9:42 PM
@CaptainObvious broken/hypothetical stub code
9:52 PM
Q: Count arrays' of objects intersections based on several properties

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Q: How can I solve 'field declared dynamically' here?

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10:05 PM
FWIW/FYI: I decided to remove myself from the Code Review GitHub Organization. Before I left though, I changed so that the webhook points to this room (more @Duga spam, yay!). I won't force the organization to be closed but I decide to not participate in it, and I believe it should not be any "official" GitHub organization for CR.SE.
@amon @Vogel612 @Mat'sMug ^^
(Good to see you btw, @amon)
Q: My code for computing volumes

Alberta Odamea Anim-Ayeko I can’t seem to find the problem with my code

@CaptainObvious lol wow. A picture of the screen.
@Phrancis it is a very nice picture! :)
10:20 PM
@SamOnela Thank you very much for the answer, it is very helpful. I'm gonna look at it some more tomorrow after work, so don't think I abandoned your help :) I'm already hobbying way past my usual bedtime. Nn
@Belle okay - no worries; I do it too :)
@SamOnela Nice work on the site BTW, another 1000 rep or so and you'll have vote to close/re-open privileges :)
yep- I haven't really gotten into casting re-open votes on SO much
A mathematician's take ~> The State of Being Stuck https://mathwithbaddrawings.com/2017/09/20/the-state-of-being-stuck/ h/t @grmeyer
Interesting article
Q: Why did my code for reading from a database and comparing values slow down so much?

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10:41 PM
@Phrancis nice
11:10 PM
possible answer invalidation by Steve on question by Steve: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/181015/revisions
The other issue is that even though something might not be used /often/, it may still be crucial for your code to function, and those metrics would need to take this into account. May I suggest code review ;-) — roelofs 9 secs ago
possible answer invalidation by Steve on question by Steve: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/181015/revisions
You should probably post this in: codereview.stackexchange.comLingbo Tang 39 secs ago
@LingboTang His code isn't currently functioning, so it's not under the purview of code review. — nfn neil 30 secs ago
11:36 PM
Q: Can I make this interface any better?

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This isn't a well framed question. You are really asking for a code review which isn't considered appropriate for Stack Overflow. I'd recommend trying codereview.stackexchange.com. — Chapman Atwell 43 secs ago
11:52 PM
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Haha code review is good, but if there wasn't a good code-review in place, someone has to clean it up first. — user1767754 33 secs ago

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