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12:30 AM
Q: Why is the horse so valuable in Blade Runner 2049?

John Lawrence AspdenDr Badger thinks that K's little wooden horse is extremely valuable, and yet outside Sapper Morton's house there is an entire tree, which no one remarks on.

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1:35 AM
Q: Did any of the fleet survive the final attack in Enders Game?

Chris BerminghamI have not read all the books but did any of the space fleet crew come home after the final attack? Mazer Rackham comments about it being the last exercise could be interpreted as these are the only ships left.

2:04 AM
Q: Looking for the title/author of AI pilot - PT 2

JimbotAlong the lines of this question Looking for the title/ author of a short story about AI pilots The story was in one of the “There will be war” anthologies (much like “Wings out of Shadow”). The plot follows a Navy pilot who launches from his carrier, engages the enemy, and nurses his crippled p...

2:39 AM
Q: Short story includes talking dog

Liz MBut the main thing is that this extra planetary creature collects bodies into a ball and the people in the ball all become one creature rolling around, appendages and face parts flowing around on the surface. I recall a farm, a farmer, and his talking dog. I think the creature was from Jupiter bu...

3:25 AM
Q: Looking for a novel I read years ago: on a cut off colony after faster than light travel becomes impossible

texdevelopersI read this book maybe 15 to 30 years ago and my memory is hazy on this one. I cannot remember the title or author or describe if hard cover or not. A bit of background in the story line: Faster than light travel was discovered and used for many hundreds of years. However the stress on space ...

3:41 AM
Q: Is Joi an (unwilling) accomplice of either Wallace or the rebellion?

RoboKarenThere are moments in Blade Runner 2049 where Joi (K's holographic girlfriend) seems to act in ways that help the rebellion: But Joi is also a Wallace product and there are moments when one would suspect that Joi is an (unwilling) collaborator: So which is it?

Q: time travel (short?) story about love and an outdated calendar i read long time ago

erislockerso, i only vaguely remember this story. to make it harder, i don't remember if i read it in english or in german. probably english, though am not sure. PLOT: guy wants to meet with girl in the past i think, but he is disorganized and has an outdated calendar or something. he had a women, i thin...

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5:12 AM
Q: How does wolverine function with an adamantium skeleton?

BenSo, in a recent discussion I had there were a few interesting points raised about Wolverine - primarily how contradictory having an adamantium skeleton is. Firstly; blood. Bone marrow is the source of blood generation (basically), so the fact that his skeleton is encased (correct me if I'm wrong...

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8:28 AM
Q: Book about institute in slower time zone

m0nhawkI recall a book I've read some time ago. It is probably from mid-80s, but not sure on that. The plot of the story about some sphere or field and time slows down when you goes deeper into that thing. And humans decided to build an institute inside that thing to increase the technological ...

9:18 AM
Q: TV series with pull out phone screens and pink/purple space ships

Niels0290I’m looking for a TV show where an alien race comes to earth and sets up big purple/pink cylindrical or cone shaped spaceships in various cities around the world. The Aliens are not hostile but actually created peace and eliminated hunger on earth. I believe the aliens had some human features ...

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10:28 AM
Q: Why was the order guarding the prophecy

Suhrid MulayIn harry potter and the order of the Phoenix the order guards the prophecy made by prof trelawney. The prophecy though crucial to the plot doesn't sound like something that could do a lot of wrong in voldemorts hands. So what was the order even guarding the prophecy ?

Q: Name of a Star Wars (EU) "Collection"

Matthias NicklischAbout maybe 15 years ago, here in Germany (propably existed in other countries, too, but I don't know for sure), there was a Star Wars collection. I don't know how to name it otherwise. It was something where you subscribed to a magazine and got weekly issues with some pages, which you could coll...

10:42 AM
Q: How did the Enterprise get to Qo'nos unopposed?

ThomasIn ST: Into Darkness the Enterprise flew straight to Qo'nos without a problem as it seems. How is that possible especially if the Klingons really posed a real threat to the Federation?

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11:55 AM
Q: In Thor: Ragnarok, where were the mighty Asgard armies?

LokiIn the Thor: Ragnarok movie we see Hela invade Asgard and in a matter of seconds obliterate on her own (this is also seen in the trailer, so it's not a spoiler) the Asgard armies which consist of... around a hundred foot soldiers and half a dozen flying barges... This is quite underwhelming as A...

12:23 PM
Q: If Captain Lorca arranged the prison transport incident, is he responsible for the pilot’s death?

hawkeyeIn Star Trek Discovery S1:E3 - Context is for Kings, we see a prison transport accident. In this we see the death of the pilot of the prison transport. It has been claimed that Lorca probably arranged this accident in order to get Burnham aboard his ship. My question is: If Captain Lorca ar...

12:52 PM
@Mithrandir for future VTRO's you could really be saying "This was closed before the story-id dupe policy" and not making users seem like they went against policy, just a suggestion.
I'm not entirely sure when that policy was introduced, so I'm not sure if that'd be possible
1:37 PM
Q: Why Théoden charge out at Helm's deep?

James Isn't it better to defend at the narrow door (choke point, like in Spartan 300), than to charge out and get surrounded? The orcs could have easily pierced those horses with their spears which will throw them off to the ground and get them killed.

2:05 PM
@Mithrandir It was introduced on July 19th 2015
Good to know, thanks
Q: What is the Charles Miser research that the end space from Death's End based on?

cr0Toward the end of the last book of the Remembrance of Earth's Past series, Death's End, there is (spoiler): The cosmologist in that part recognizes the cubic space through the research of Charles Miser who the cosmologist directly mentions. I've looked into Charles Miser's work a bit and have...

2:22 PM
Q: SF novel identification: late 1980's YA book featuring multi-generational colony raised by robots

saforrestIn the late 1980s, I read a novel series that spanned several generations of a human colony on a Earth-like extraterrestrial planet. It was probably available through Scholastic Books (in Canada) since that's where a lot of these novels came from at the time at my elementary school. Almost certa...

2:38 PM
Q: What were the original purpose(s) of Doc Ock's auxiliary gadgets in his mechanical tentacles?

Spar10 LeonidasIn the Sam Raimi-directed film Spider-Man 2, Doctor Octavius creates his iconic harness of mechanical tentacles for the purpose of manipulating and controlling his fusion experiment. In addition to the claws, we see that they contain auxiliary devices/gadgets, which we can clearly see the purpos...

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3:41 PM
Q: What magical tomes does Dr. Strange possess?

JohnPThere are several tomes of magic referenced in Dr. Strange, that he utilizes at various points along his journeys. The most notable being: Book of Vishanti Darkhold/Book of Sins Book of Cagliostro Blood Bible Ignoring his substantial inventory of magical artifacts (Eye of Agamotto, etc), what...

4:32 PM
not sure whether to VTRO or not scifi.stackexchange.com/q/171396/33591
4:52 PM
Why would you VTRO? It seems cut and dry to me
It would be nice to have your link and anthology in an answer, so it's visible to future visitors. Also, something went wrong in that other question: instead of accepting the given answer, the asker self-answered, accepted their own answer, but included less information than the one given to them (and thanked the wrong person). Unsurprisingly, that accepted answer doesn't have the most votes. Improving that accepted answer would also work. It would be nice to consolidate all the question material too (last comment on the 2nd question you linked), so it's easier for google to hit. — hyperpallium Oct 9 at 22:48
ugh all these Story-IDs answered in comments and then marked as dupes are driving me crazy
Q: Why or how did Durin live so long?

ColinShewellDo we have any indication on why Durin "the Deathless" was able to live such a long life? (Sources [1,2] seeming to say that he lived to at least 2,395 years old) Given that it was around ten times longer than a normal Dwarves lifespan surely there must have been some additional influence? [1] ...

5:40 PM
ugh, I haven't been checking if the dupe target has an accepted answer >.<
@Mithrandir That's why I posted it as a comment rather than VTC. At least on the one that I did that on.
My description had the SFF link as the second one. The first was the question I was investigating.
I've been going through old questions searching for incorrect closures, so not sure what you're referring to
@Mithrandir Oh, I may ahve misinterpreted your comment about dupes.
@Edlothiad Actually would've been even later than that, since it must have taken a while after the question was posted for enough votes to come in and the policy to actually be enacted.
Hiya Randy!
5:45 PM
Hiya Johnpy! :-P
like, this question (which happens to be the last one I was checking)
@Mithrandir Before VTCing?
Or are you just talking about your quest to reopen incorrectly closed stuff?
yeah, that
5:47 PM
(well, not incorrectly at the time, but you know what I mean)
I've been checking if the closed question has an accepted answer, but not if the question it was closed as has an accepted answer.
Eh, at least you're not doing any harm then.
Just maybe not doing as much good as you could be.
The question that this was closed as a duplicate of does not have an accepted answer; this should be reopened. — Mithrandir 15 secs ago
@Randal'Thor d'yeh have something specific in mind that would be a better use of time? ;)
116 votes to electorate. whee.
@Mithrandir But it is a valid dupe of this one: scifi.stackexchange.com/q/163430/31394
Lemme fix that.
Want to withdraw your VTRO now?
5:54 PM
you can't
after you VTRO you can't retract it :/
you edited the dupe link?
@Rand would it be possible to undelete scifi.stackexchange.com/a/91777/33591 and convert it to a comment?
6:16 PM
Q: How the Mechas were able to restore Monica's memory in 'A.I. - Artificial Intelligence'?

TitoAt the end of A.I., the Mecha leader tells David that they can clone Monica and also restore her memory from a time-space trail. How's that work? How could they get her memory from this trail and insert it inside a human body?

@amflare huh?
> @user14111 That is it, put it up as an answer and I will select it. Some of the details are different from what I remember but given how long ago it was and some mixing from other stories in the Anthology it is my memory that is at fault. – RoyC Apr 7 at 8:18
> @Jetpack no that is not it, the atmosphere and technology is Code Three. – RoyC Oct 24 at 8:05
this is why people should not answer questions in comments, especially in a long thread like that >.<
6:24 PM
I agree.
I half feel like bringing that up on meta, that answering questions in the comments is bad, especially for new users who will get a wrong impression of how answers/comments work.
also why the heck do so many Story-ID people repost their questions O_O
@Mithrandir I just upvoted the relevant comments for visibility.
@Mithrandir Are they identical reposts?
@amflare sometimes yes, other times no but the OP has confirmed that it's a repost
I've flagged ten of them today, nine have been deleted and I'm confused why the tenth was declined
on this question
Sorry about posting it twice over the years. I would rather delete the old post. I don't know how to delete the old post. I can delete all the words but I am not sure if that will work. Richard — Richardb3530 Jan 6 '16 at 4:04
@Mithrandir Maybe the old one was deleted instead?
Thereby declining your flag
6:27 PM
neither was deleted, plus that's not how flags work
> Repost of scifi.stackexchange.com/q/72059/33591; the OP has stated that they would prefer the old version be deleted in a comment on this question. – Mithrandir 7 hours ago declined - flags should only be used to make moderators aware of content that requires their intervention
@Mithrandir Different mods, I think.
Well no, but to preserve the newer one, the flag would have to be declined instead of acted upon
6:29 PM
@amflare A mod can mark a flag helpful without taking any actual action.
and there's an 11th
huh, this old one was merged
so was this one
and a third
@mith, I get that these questions are technically not dups, but I feel like we can be reasonable sure of this, and they are so old anyway that it doesn't really matter. SO I'm curious why you are going on a VTRO campaign here.
@amflare Why not?
6:39 PM
low ROI
@amflare Republic Of Ireland?
return on investment
so's raising a whole lot of comment flags on Personal Finance & Money ;)
(@amflare psst, Mith is bored and doesn't have enough to keep him occupied)
(and likes to use up mods' time :-P )
6:45 PM
(@Randal'Thor oooh, gotcha. that makes sense)
I probably do have other stuff to do, I just have very poor time management
and this is fun
(yes, I consider this fun. I'm weird)
also, wow, there are a lot of answers being posted after these get reopened
@rand is there a deleted comment here from the OP?
> Thank you so much! – Mason Mar 23 '13 at 21:30
Flagged and deleted by a non-mod, so I can't undelete it :-/
is it undeletable?
7:01 PM
@Mithrandir Heh! Was that his first post or something?
nope, 26th
7:14 PM
Hmm. I've cast 20 reopen votes today. I don't remember if there's a limit...
Q: Where Fallout 3 Oasis might be in real life?

VietI happen to live near Bethesda MD and I've looked online to find any clue where Oasis (in Fallout 3) might be and take a visit but I haven't been able to find any solid evidence of the location in real life. It appears to me it could be somewhere north of Germantown, and west of Olney, next to a ...

Q: I am trying to remember a science fiction story from my middle school English book

BuzzI'm trying to locate a story I read in my American English textbook when I was in middle school, which would be around 1990. It was about a group of high school sophomores in an honors English class. As their first writing assignment of the year, the new teacher asks each student to write about...

@Mithrandir 40 I think?
don't quote me on that though
45 secs ago, by amflare
@Mithrandir 40 I think?
7:39 PM
Q: What is the title of this book?

Allison McFaddenI can't remember the title of a book. I think the title has something to do with a measurement of temperature and a number. Possibly something about kelper?? The plot is about astronauts who go to another planet. They do something to make themselves small (?) Or in some way are able to interac...

@Oscar What is the title of this question?
8:03 PM
@Bellatrix, @Politank-Z - why vote to leave closed?
because one is looking for a specific book, the other is the series as a whole
@Mithrandir The OP has left a now-deleted comment "Thank you... I must find it again!" on the answer below. — Rand al'Thor ♦ 1 min ago
Why do these get deleted??
8:50 PM
@Mithrandir Because SOMEONE encouraged all their friends to go crazy flagging "+1" and "thanks" comments on SFF?
@Randal'Thor nahhh
@Randal'Thor Sick burn :D
And this is why I should never share what queries and stuff I use, I suppose
@Mithrandir yeahhh :-)
I'm very careful about what I nuke and what I don't. I guess others are just robots :(
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11:00 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted user: How old is long has Rey been on Jaku? by Leafeon on scifi.SE
@SmokeDetector why
Q: How old is long has Rey been on Jaku?

LeafeonI've been wondering about basic information about Rey, but I came upon how lang she's been on Jaku. This might give us he age because she looked to be about 4 when her parents left her.

11:23 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted user: How long has Rey been on Jakku? by Leafeon on scifi.SE
11:54 PM

user91825I remember only one particular scene, probably in the 2000s. But I remember a tiger woman and a snake/serpent woman fighting in a cave and the main characters had to collect some kind of stone or gem and the bad guy was controlling the snake woman, and she betrayed the main characters... in a cav...


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