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12:16 AM
Q: Skyrim falkreath house no working

Corgibutts101So I've tried doing the following thing with the stormcloaks and all but it didn't work any other way to do it?

Q: What is the difference between a Region Chest and Cache?

David YellIn some places you will find cache chests, which contain some items and at least in the EDZ are Fallen looking round barrel chests. However I've also found gold standard looking chests, which when opened show a message of Region Cache opened. How do these loot boxes differ?

Q: How quickly can average Joe detect a missile launch?

user44114Average Joe often hears on the TV about a rouge state threatening to launch nuclear weapons at his country, and he's naturally petrified about it. He's extremely interested in knowing about any potential missile launch as quickly as possible, and he's willing to spend moderate sums of money / tr...

This seems the rogue state is North Korea
@TheMattbat999 or potentially the US
@Ash "...on a peninsula halfway across the world and is blocked to tourists..." friggin Korea.
Okay, maybe not reading the whole thing
It's a random thought exercise anyhow I'm not sure why you are linking it here
Also rogue!=rouge and I don't have the rep to just correct that in an edit. :/
Like sure it's based off real world stuff, I suspect a lot of Worldbuilding is
@Ash well... I obviously don't know how to spell
12:28 AM
(yay my phone finally accepts worldbuilding as a word)
@TheMattbat999 I mean in the question. You spelled it right here
Rouge is the French word for red
@Ash :| you need a better keyboard
@Ash my phone still denies half of my vocabulary are words
@Ash Uber Facepalm
@ASCII-only SwiftKey is usually faster at picking stuff up, but that one took a while for some reason
@TheMattbat999 wait is it your question? I'm so lost
@Ash no just a question I seen
Okay sure
12:32 AM
Also, my dog stole my rolling chair :/
Also, question you saw would be more correct.
12:48 AM
Q: What is this message icon in the lower right in Destiny 2?

Alan HensleyThis icon has just been constantly flashing at me since I got to the Farm. I checked with the post bot, checked for friend invites or messages, Bnet message, nothing! Any ideas?

@Ash are you asking a question?
She's saying that "question I saw" would be more correct than "question I seen"
@murgatroid99 ooohhhhh
Q: Marking questions as duplicate

fishfinboy1People have been marking one of my questions as a duplicate. I'm confused on how they did it when I saw [duplicate] on the title and a message saying that mine is a duplicate of a different question. It is on my other account, but you get the idea. I tried adding it to a title, but that didn't wo...

Q: How do I get nothingness in succubox

skyI need it to start my own business but I don't have enough nothingness and have no idea how to get it. Please help.

1:08 AM
@Ash you prefer they/their/themself right?
I am confused on amost everything created/got popular after 2005 anyway
I finally got around to unpacking my backlog of kits.
cc @MadMAxJr
@Frank are all the boxes the same size as those 2 middle ones?
@Memor-X No, the middle ones are roughly twice as big.
@Frank so that would result in figures twice as big as ones you've shown off previously?
1:17 AM
@Memor-X More or less.
Q: How do I enable the console in Supertux2 v0.5.1 on Debian?

Michael AI installed Supertux2 from the Debian stretch/stable repositories. According to supertux2 --version, it's v0.5.1, but according to man supertux2, it's v0.3.2-SVN. Anyway. According to the documentation, I should be able to create the ~/.supertux2/config file and populate it with (console #t) to e...

Q: In HTML/CSS how do I create my own money system

Sarah Lou BrooksI'm not sure what it's called, but when players are allowed to earn coins or gold in a game, how would I be able to create that in HTML/CSS? I can't seem to find any tutorials for it. Thank you.

Q: How do you gain research?

DragonrageI have several things in the shop that require research to purchase and I have a counter under my finances for it, but I haven't found a way to increase it. How do I gain research?

protip: dont gain 53 levels at once
i had over 1800 skill points to use
1926 intelligence now
So, um, I don't think I can "beat" the game, because I crafted a dark soul. Don't do that.
1:24 AM
i need 20k research
not sure what the quantum cpu does but it sounds cool
i should probably get the mass fabricator first though
@MBraedley how do you do that?
also how much money do i need to buy a company?
soul + guilt? i think
@murgatroid99 Cheat and look at the crafting.js file
(which tells you the recipe)
oh nothingness + soul
i think i need another box cutting robot
I don't even have nothingness as an available crafting input
1:27 AM
you have to have a soul
I have a lot of souls
Free one of them
Fab + Soul, I think
oh, I already got rid of the freed soul
i had one of my own merged souls and i let me use that
1:28 AM
You might need an upgrade
if you have your own merged soul you should be able to merge it with nothingness
oh. I don't have a merged soul either
i need that free crafting glitch so i can make some more robots
only have 4 research though
You get research by working with no paperwork
i usually work without paperwork
seems to take awhile to accrue though
1:33 AM
I mean clicking the work button with 0 paperwork
Q: Why did Everything threaten me with a copyright violation?

Steven VascellaroWhile floating around as in space as a Super Star Cluster, I had a very strange warning screen appear. STOP EXTREME COPYRIGHT VIOLATION DETECTED THIS MATERIAL IS COPYRIGHT ME, NOT YOU. DON'T YOU DARE COPY ANY OF IT. IF YOU SO MUCH AS SHARE ONE FRAME OF THIS VIDEO GAME ON THE INTERNET Y...

@Fluttershy You said "save up blue quality Scout Rifles" right?
@Yuuki Yeah. Blue or purple. You need 5 per character.
@Fluttershy So I can trash my white ones?
1:41 AM
@Yuuki And green, yeah.
does anything happen if u build up too much paperwork?
@quartata Yes please.
(Sorry, I missed this somehow)
that's what I thought, was just checking
Appreciated :)
@Dragonrage I think you don’t get your salary
2:15 AM
So apparently some DSA chapter somewhere has a brewing working group which sounds like a Thing
2:26 AM
@Yuuki ow...
2:37 AM
@Yuuki Took me a second, but :/
@Ash Ah. I should have mentioned that "AT LEAST IT'S A CAPE" is the actual name of the back piece.
and JB Hifi in Australia is selling it for a bit over $300
And it is indeed the first cape-like back piece you get.
It's the Hunters are the most...capable
like they KNEW what they were doing with that
2:44 AM
Clearly I picked the right class if they're throwing puns this early in the game.
yeah, for sure
So I went to my doctor and he recommended that I go horseback riding for the weekend. He said that after two days on a horse, I'd definitely feel better off.
3:08 AM
I am probably way late to the party, but Guild of Dungeoneering is a hella fun game.
3:23 AM
@Ash I found it kind of disappointing, once the charm wears off
The mechanics feels too shallow, and there's too much randomness
Q: How to effectively fight a gang of brutes in assassins creed 4

Suhrid MulayOne brute is easy to take down but trouble starts when there are 3-4 ganging up on one person (particularly during ship boarding) is there a way I can defeat then easily at this time

3:46 AM
@PrivatePansy I haven't played a lot of it but then again I don't always love things that have a lot of depth because I get lost easy. So it might work still for me
Animal Wildlife

Proposed Q&A site for people who have an interest in, learning about or simply love animals of all sorts.

Currently in definition.

4:30 AM
4:52 AM
@GodEmperorDune I don't know all of these but the ones I do work so damn well
@Ash my roommate has been playing that.. it looks fun
@Ash same, lol
5:03 AM
@cazc_941 I really like it so far. It's nice because it doesn't take a lot of thinking!
2 hours later…
7:00 AM
Woooooooow. #Destiny2
@Nzall so in other words "fuck streamers/lets players"
@Memor-X yup. I wonder if you can get banned for Facebook streaming
@Memor-X that's gonna do any sort of competitive play any good.
@Nzall if money is changing hands between Facebook and Bungie i would suspect not
i'd be curious if twitch is once again ignored like it was with Nintendo's recent crack down on streamers
@Arperum yep, because they don't want n bombs being thrown during PvP
@Memor-X If OBS and Fraps are bannable offences, loads af streamers are going to fall away.
Also: Mumble, Discord. No you won't coordinate or chat with people, fuck you.
Or "how dare you monitor your hardware"
7:11 AM
@Arperum It's just the overlays which are banned, not the entire app
LOL, apparently the Nvidia Overlay also is getting people banned. Mind, the game actually accompanied some Nvidia cards.
> here, have the game with this video card, but don't you dare stream it
@Memor-X It's not even streaming. Apparently the Nvidia FPS overlay can get you banned
wait why would you ban an FPS overlay?
They probably just detect any DLL injection, or something like that
8:15 AM
Well crap
The best candidate against erdogan formed a new party. It's called "iyi parti" (lit. “good party“)… why would you call a party that ugh
@Avery Well it's better than "bad party"
Well it's not exactly political other than like
If someone named their company "good company" i'd find it dumb too
Q: Double candies during Helloween event 2017

SHRLYDuring this event when I transfer Pokémon or evolve it I will get double candies, but is this true for all situations when I can get candies? For example, does it work when I hatch an egg? Will I receive double number of candies for it? Or when I feed Pokémon in a gym, will I get 2 candies someti...

It's like rent is too damn high party but it actually has a chance to win
@fredley I'll move your face.
8:51 AM
Update to "I got rekt": I GOT UBUNTU WORKING
Q: Are there any online games where the win screen is editable?

peirixI was wondering if there are any free online games (flash or something similar) where I can edit the win screen? I just want my friends to have to play a small game online, where I'll give them the next clue if they can beat it.

Kernel doesn't support the touchscreen and modprobing or removing the driver doesn't work, so I'll need to think about smth. I might write a Cool™ Tool™ that encrypts network even further bc https is mitm'd for that sweet YouTube™.
this is so much fun
9:40 AM
Okay, my vacation for next week is established
@Nzall You would because you need a software to stream it
@Avery Congrats
@Moacir Actually, Blizzard battle.net client has integrated FB streaming
@Nzall but it'd be weird if Blizzard then started giving bans for streaming
@Nzall Oh right. I forgot about that
like there isn't any integrated streaming with the client for Destiny 2 is there?
9:49 AM
I never used that, but saw a friend streaming once
@Memor-X It's not Blizzard that banning, it's Bungie that's autobanning everyone who has certain software interfering with Destiny 2 code
@Nzall I dont think its code. I think its reading the screen
So if the Battle.net client streaming also triggers a ban, you're going to see hell
You can test this by pressing printscreen. If you get banned that is it
@Nzall oh you were referring to people using the battle.net client with Destiny 2
surprised that would even work
9:52 AM
Disputing a Ban or Restriction
There are NO options to dispute or overturn account restrictions or bans.

    Permanent account bans are only implemented with rigorous checking to ensure that the innocent are not punished alongside the guilty. Bungie does not comment on or discuss individual account restriction or bans.

    Restrictions are temporary, and will not be overturned or undone before they expire. Once an account is banned however, that ban is permanent. Account restrictions and bans are only done in extreme cases; if actions were taken against your account, then it was with reason.
I think the worst part about this entire thing is that Bungie has a zero tolerance banning policy with no appeal options. Pretty much every other company has an appeal option that frequently gives you a second chance. Bungie are being completely out of touch and inconsiderate
Oh wow.
The problem is that they went for the ban instead of the restriction
Especially since people are being banned for using software which is installed and enabled by default on a Windows 10 machine
Let's see the backlash
That's like your ISP blocking you for using Google Mail on your Android Device
9:55 AM
@Nzall well i can understand a no appeal process since no-code modification is generally agreed to by the ToS/EULA that most blindly agree too for most online services but while i don't use streaming software i do think it's a bit heavy handed
Official statement from bungie: "Third-party applications that aren’t compatible with Destiny 2 may cause the game to not run but won't result in a ban."
given streaming is a kinda grey area legally and no one really wants the legal precedent to be made
So its like "Hey guys, the banned are actually cheaters! They are lying"
I just wonder how bans can work at the launch week
I think bans should be handled at least a month after the release (unless its a really really bad abuse)
10:10 AM
How is it legal to ban you from playing a game you've bought?
Q: Is there a way to add more layers to a superflat minecraft world?

Vloveri already have a lot of build and i tried to use mcedit but it didn't quite work. Is there any way?

@fredley because you only have a "license to use it"
And that is a revocable license
Though I don't think it's been truly tested in court yet
@KevinvanderVelden Yeah, I get that that's what they're doing, but I doubt it'd hold up in court, especially with an automatic ban
If it was a subscription product then they might have more leeway - they terminate yoru subscription, you stop paying, sorted. But for a $60 on-off fee you can lose on day 1 that's just shit.
Meh, it doesn't have to hold up in court if it's never tested in court =p
10:25 AM
I wonder if someone challenged a vac ban yet
Around like 5 people got unvacced
On a personal basis, that is
There were mass unvacs
I like the comments there
Today I was playing casual after I got my Level 4 cooldown from comp as I went AFK to eat xs and mid-game on casual I got like idk, what happend, I checked messages on messenger and switched tab back to cs:go and bang, it said global cooldown? Whatdahek
The username? The Hacker csgotower.com
11:10 AM
Huh, turns out I just needed to leave Succubox running overnight in order to beat it.
Take that, Dark Souls Mode!
@Unionhawk is shadow of war best played with controller or is aiming properly important in the game?
11:26 AM
@Arperum I am not @Unionhawk but I tried playing with controller and couldn't aim the bow when needed. It may not be essential but you have a timer where the game slows down when aiming. If you are not used to aim with controller, I recommend kb+mouse
Sometimes you need to use the bow just to kill some adds before you get overrun, and the slow down time helps a lot
Or you could play like I play gtaV. Driving is with a controller, out of car is kb+mouse
@Moacir :| cheater
@Arperum aiming at Drakes is hard but other than that it's not bad
I like controller for it
I just need the rest of the legendary set that allows me to dominate unbroken Drakes tbh
11:42 AM
> Grow a moustache this Movember to raise funds for men's health
How does me growing a moustache raise funds
@cazc_941 It's mainly for awareness
@ASCII-only That's not cheating. I am using the capabilities of the game :D
kb+mousemasterrace a computer is not a console
you just have to live with not using a controller unless it's dark souls
You literally don't
You can play with either because a PC is versatile like that my friend
And fuck, some games like shadow of mordor and war can swap control schemes on the fly
I just hate games where you have to turn the controller on before starting the game or it wont be recognized
"Oh I want to play this game. I'll start it. Meh.. I kinda want to use the controller now. Why is it not recognizing? God dammit closes and restart"
11:47 AM
The worst part is when you play a game like Darksiders, where if you try to use a controller, but then want to swap to KB+M, you can't without restarting the game. Unplugging the controller just pauses the game, and having the controller plugged in disables the keyboard
I am no dev, so I have no idea how hard it is to do this controller swapping]
I kinda also hate how some games have 2 player coop, but if you only have one controller it defaults both kb and controller to the same player.
Q: "Unzip" items so I can use them

msm.oliveiraI received some of these items from another player and some from the event quests. They came in this weird format to save some space, I think. How can I "unzip" them?

12:03 PM
My bus just crashed
I'm okay
Some people fell pretty hard
What happened?
@cazc_941 Any major injuries?
Idk I think two cars hit in front of us
Everyone seems okay we weren't going fast
I never been to a crash
But I hope everything sorts out
It didn't seem that bad I hopped off and walked the rest of the way
Didn't look like anyone was hurt in the cars either
Actually I think I might have fucked my knee up
12:10 PM
Uhm, if this was here, I would recommend you to get it checked and if the doctor prescribes anything, send the bill to the bus company
But here we have free access to healthcare
Me too
Profit just a bruise
It is good to have it checked anyway
Just mention to the doctor the crash, mention it was not going too fast and you didn't hit anything, BUT your knee now have something wrong
Q: Where are the Secret Chests in Skyrim?

Alex BrinI play on Xbox 360. I know where 2 of the chests are and how to get to them but I cant find the rest. Does anyone know where and how to get to all of them?

@Moacir we definitely hit SOMETHING, might have been the curb or a sign
I wasn't at the front
@cazc_941 I mean you didn't hit your head at something in the bus
12:22 PM
Oh, yeah no. I just shared my knee
Non-biblical Hebrew

Proposed Q&A site for modern Hebrew language experts who are willing to help new and intermediate learners of the modern form of the language.

Currently in definition.

Q: Why isn't my Wii U GameCube controller adapter and Gamecube controller working with my Switch?

Jon SchneiderAs has been widely reported, with update 4.0 of the Switch OS, Gamecube controllers can now be used to play games on the Switch when connected to the Switch dock with a Nintendo first-party Wii U Gamecube adapter. However, when I connect my Gamecube controller to my Switch dock via a Wii U adapt...

On an unrelated topic, I have 0.000175 btc(I think it is around 1 dollar in value), what should I do with it other than leave it be?
12:47 PM
@Moacir put it into a pool and dive into it like Scrooge McDuck
@Memor-X I would faceplant the bottom of the pool, but thanks for the suggestion
@Moacir Stop having bitcoins.
@Arperum Ok, how? I spend it or just give it away?
@Moacir I just sold mine
I had 2$ worth
I cant sell mine
Not from coinbase at least
I think because Brazil is yet to recognize bitcoin as money?
Hmmm so people US citizens aren't allowed to sue Equifax?
Not anymore afaik
what about the Canadians and UK people affected?
I dunno
There was an arbitration agreement in the "are you hacked" checker
so if you didn't do that you might be good
But no pretty soon it will not be legal to file class action suits against banks and such
Which is p cool
1:10 PM
I'm just curious, what credit companies do the Equifax executives/politicians use that they don't care they've been hacked and don't want to let people sue them?
@Unionhawk even when they do doggy shit?
@BlueBarren Amex, probably
Q: Gaming PC for playing simple games

SandyI need a gaming pc. Pc experts, do you think you could tell me what kind of pc i could possibly purchase for games like; Gmod, Minecraft and other simple games like that. I basiclly have no idea what i need. I don’t really have a budget, but ill look at anything under £1000. Any information woul...

When you're rich you have an amex that all you have to do is tell them that you're not paying for that charge and now it's their job to dispute it
sigh the world is stupid
why can't we all just look at prequel memes all day?
1:14 PM
No because capitalism requires that you sell your labor at a discounted rate in order to live
What if I gain the higher ground on capitalism?
I'll have the advantage then
They already have the high ground you fool
Then execute order 66
Hmm... I need to find 2 more PTO days
I think
Shit I'm locked out of peoplesoft
asfdasdfasdfasdfasdf I don't want to have to call someone about this
God dammit
1:27 PM
Agh, I keep forgetting to unsuscribe from Humble Monthly.
Hah yeah same
Don't you lose access to the Trove as soon as you skip a month?
Instead of at the end of the month?
Did you hear the news? Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be released on iOS and Android in late November. #PocketCamp
@Ronan I've become very suspicious of any good, classic console game being released on mobile
@Ronan I've been curious about this game for years at this point but will it be a real Animal Crossing?
1:34 PM
The best Twitter speculation I saw was "Animal Crossy Road"
@SaintWacko Animal Crossing seems like the game to move to mobile
It's really an oddity to have a console game that has all those real life timers
But that fits right in for a phone game
Hopefully it'll be good, I just need to make sure I know loads of people who also have it
@Ronan Hey I've never owned a nintendo console but I've downloaded every one of their mobile apps
I've uninstalled most of them though...
I'll certainly try it
1:36 PM
Yeah I figure I'll play it for a week and the give up
@Fluttershy They say it themselves: "We do not know any further information for the time being, but we will attempt to update this thread as updates come in. Thank you."
But hopefully not!
@RedRiderX Wanna bet they can screw it up?
Since mobile games don't have any sort of manufacturing process, Nintendo will probably do fine
That is simultaneously a compliment and a sick burn @Nintendo
cc: @Nintendo
1:41 PM
I know people are going to be disappointed it's not on switch, but
it'll probably be fine
I think its a step backwards because then they cant use amiibos
@Moacir well 2 things
1) most phones have NFC nowadays
2) dongles
@Moacir You mean a step forward?
@Unionhawk They're just copying Walmart. Walmart
1:44 PM
Wait, Walmart has a service that allows them to unlock your door?
Why in the fuck would I let Walmart in my house
I mean I can understand reasons for letting Amazon in my house: 1) Jeff Bezos will beat me up if I don't
@Unionhawk 2) Jeff Bezos will then send a drone to break into your house.
God dammit
@TimStone He puts your eggs in your fridge
@RedRiderX but can they put the porkchop on your bridge?
1:48 PM
Apparently the capitalist ideal is allowing megacorps to do whatever they want including charging you additional fees to allow them to have full access to your house
I don't need a delivery person judging me because my fridge is full of condiments and not food.
So you can have more time to work 50 hours or whatever
@Yuuki In addition to the specific steam keys you get for the month, you can also just download a bunch of drm free games.
This includes some good oldies like Dustforce and games Humble is publishing.
It's honestly a big reason I keep up the sub
@TimStone Like, I could buy hiring a person to do this thing
I am unsure if I skip a month or not
1:54 PM
Getting Over It is maybe one of my favorite games ever now.
Hiring Walmart to do this thing on the other hand
Just because its mostly online this month
But I guess the extras may be worth it?
@Unionhawk A person who would likely be paid & treated better than a Walmart employee
@Moacir If the early unlock doesn't do it for me I just skip the month
There are too many other games in my life
@Nzall Yeah, but they did confirm that it's not 3rd-party overlays causing the bans, and said they're looking into it.
1:56 PM
@RedRiderX I can pause a month, but I got that 3 month thing
@TimStone By definition yes
Q: Player Limit in a Minecraft server

SorinaIn my time of playing minecraft servers there are some that has a unique feature on the player limits. some servers has their limits set to 1 but players can still join. Here is a picture as an example of an existing minecraft server that has the feature i am talking about. I will not show wha...

2:11 PM
@Fluttershy SOMETHING must be causing these bans. One of the problems the playerbase has is that noone at Bungie is saying anything.
@Nzall It seems to me like they've said all they can at the moment. Which is that they're aware of it, know it's a problem, and are looking into it. I'm not sure what else they can really say?
the fact that they don't know all of the details of this problem at THIS point in time is p telling that they secretly hate every person and would rather that everyone was banned
My friends are going bonkers over the new Animal Crossing. What part of MICROTRANSACTIONS do they not understand?
@Unionhawk You joke, but that's definitely how some people are seeing this. The game has been out for less than 24 hours, and people are acting like this is the end of the world.
2:26 PM
@Unionhawk y do u keep p ing
do u mean v?
either and or both
@Nzall I mean, one reason no one at Bungie is saying anything might be that they don't know what's causing it.
Stop right there criminal scum. Pay the price or go to Destiny Jail!
This is a hate crime against gamer americans
During the beta, people were getting banned for running certain nonstandard streaming configurations or running 4k resolutions while using overlays.
2:29 PM
Would you like to give a press conference 5 minutes after you start working on a ticket?
@Yuuki we call those Priority 1s here. Those have an open crisis call with all hands on deck, sometimes an exec demands a sit-rep.
So 'Sometimes'
DUI in wheel chair. (self.legaladviceofftopic) Sounds like a challenge to me.
meanwhile in legaladvice_txt
@MadMAxJr Exec demanding a sit-rep is still internal.
Bungie press conference. "We can confirm at this time an internal trouble ticket has been opened, with a short description of the issue. Currently we're waiting to assign this to a technical asset for investigation. No questions please."
"Is it true you hate gaming?" "Is it true this is a coverup to add more microtransactions?" "Are you why Half Life 3 is never releasing?"
"I'll only take questions from gamers and friends/family of gamers."
2:34 PM
The progressive stack except acknowledging gamers as marginalized
"Can I get a password reset?" "Is it true Warlocks are the best class and the others are garbage that only makes them look better?" "Are you going to reverse the bans?" "I BOUGHT A COLLECTOR EDITION, SHOULDN'T I GET SOME FREE BAN EXEMPTIONS?"
Somewhere in the sea, there is one correct question.
But nobody hears it over the roar of the sea.
And that question is "Would you like some fries with that?"
Destiny: With Fries
2:48 PM
@fredley Okay, the fact that they didn't use a firefly as their mascot and instead some other random beetle means that they deserve this.
@Yuuki uwot m8
it's a firebug, not a fire fly
If you set one of those bugs on fire it'd look exactly the same
Oh, is that a UK thing?
@Yuuki We have them here, yes
That makes things even worse.
The firebug, Pyrrhocoris apterus, is a common insect of the family Pyrrhocoridae. Easily recognizable due to its striking red and black coloration, but may be confused with the similarly coloured but unrelated Corizus hyoscyami (cinnamon bug, squash bug) (see comparison). Pyrrhocoris apterus is distributed throughout the Palaearctic from the Atlantic coast of Europe to northwest China. It has also been reported from the USA, Central America and India. It has been reported as recently expanding its distribution northwards into mainland UK. They are frequently observed to form aggregations, especially...
2:51 PM
> The source of the problem was eventually proven to be the paper towels used in the rearing process; the effect only happened if the paper towels were made in America.
Clearly these UK firebugs can't handle America.
Much like how UK couldn't handle America in 1776.
@Yuuki Oh my God what a sick burn
@Unionhawk RIP my ears
> They can be seen in tandem formation when mating which can take from 12 hours up to 7 days.
@fredley Fucking firebug
Q: Transfer GTA 4's save game (PC) to another profile

123iamkingIn the past, I successfully did this. A few years ago, I created an offline profile/account (MS Live account) to play GTA 4. Then I re-installed my PC, but I still had the save file. So I re-install GTA 4 and I didn't want to replay GTA 4 on my new offline account (the old account lost after I r...


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