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9:28 AM
Posted by Jeff Atwood on January 23rd, 2011

After running a beta community moderator election on math.stackexchange, and launching 2011 community moderator elections on the trilogy sites, we are now rolling out community moderator elections to all the public Stack Exchange 2.0 sites.

When we selected Moderators Pro Tempore on the public beta sites, we tried to be quite clear that the eventual goal was always to have the community elect its own moderators.

That’s why I am in the process of identifying and organizing a team of provisional moderators from within each community (about three per site, starting about seven days into the public beta). This is a temporary, short-term appointment. Moderators Pro Tem focus and expedite the essential needs of each new site. By the end of Beta, the community will be better suited to hold their own elections.  …

2 hours later…
11:56 AM
Posted by Joel Spolsky on January 24th, 2011

2010 was an absolutely amazing year here at Stack Overflow. We grew from 7 million visitors to over 16 million, putting us in Quantcast’s top 400. We raised $6 million in venture capital, and we went from three full time employees to 27. We built a 7500 square foot office in New York, and we launched a ton of new features and sites, like Stack Exchange, a network of 33 Q&A sites on diverse topics from cooking to computer science. Stack Exchange grew 51% in December alone. Wow.

The expert Q&A model that Stack Overflow pioneered is really working. The statistic I’m proudest of is the percentage of questions that get a good answer, over 80% (and many of the new Stack Exchange sites have 100% answer rates!) …

3 hours later…
2:51 PM
Mornin' all!
Howdy @RoryAlsop @packs @nealmcb
@Iszi G'Morning sunshine
afternoon all
3:15 PM
@RoryAlsop I thought we agreed that we would start using UTC-5 as the canonical timezone here.
I'm gonna get so confused when I pop over to California then
They're what, -8?
erm - yep
I think so, anyway
Is this in the bay?
On a completely unrelated note, according to the news a bomb went off at the baggage claim of a Russian airport.
3:39 PM
Yeah - San Francisco. and re the Russian thing: yikes. Having a trawl for info now
4:25 PM
Is it bad that my first thought after reading this:
Q: Is Facebook Connect or Twitter OAuth PCI Compliant?

realworldcoderWe have a system that stores credit cards securely on file. We'd love to allow users to sign up using Facebook Connect or Twitter. Obviously this wouldn't be secure if we were trusting just any old OAuth or OpenID provider, but in the case of Facebook and Twitter specifically, is it possible to...

was, "It is if your auditor tells you it is."?
@packs Oh dear - sadly true
I am torn on questions like that. They are inordinately appropriate and on-topic. The answers could be incredibly helpful and insightful.
And the liability of answering such questions potentially equally intense :)
heh I agree
I mean, sometimes I'm scared to give answers like that to other people that I work with. You know, the ones who I am obliged to help. Let alone random Intarwebs strangers.
4:40 PM
I think we should definitely allow anonymous posting for that sort of thing
Yeah, the inherent non-repudation of the site is a little stifling sometimes.
popped up a quick answer which complements Josh's bit - and is what we have been discussing
their is wording
I don't have the rep to edit or else I would fix it. Sorry mate.
I seriously need to start actually contributing to get my rep up to useful levels.
4:59 PM
oh dear
@packs You're not the only one.
Or should I say, "Your not the only one."? ;-)
LOL @Iszi
@RoryAlsop Seriously, we've got this one gal in our office that pulls those flubs all the time. Some days it's amusing, others it's just plain flat-out annoying as hell.
And then, there's my wife... but we won't go into that.
luckily my wife has an excuse - she is dyslexic
learned to live with her spelling many years ago
My biggest issue with the XYL is that she's got a full QWERTY keyboard on her phone, and still has the most ridiculous texts.
5:14 PM
Hahahaha - I just got my first touchscreen phone last week. I hate them, but I needed something that would active sync properly, so got a desire hd. Good phone, but my typing on it really sucks
apparently I'll learn
Still getting used to having to charge it every day, rather than once a week
I've got an e71 and constantly mock iPhone users about the battery life issue.
Mine will sometimes run dead simply because I forget that it even needs to be charged.
My old Nokia 6210i is my fallback (all disaster folks seem to have them - in the event of a major disaster taking out a large proportion of a city they are the most likely to continue working)
High antenna power?
Antenna power, robust electronics, long battery life, quite water resistant
The design is very similar to my 6800a. I wonder if that indicates anything.
6:20 PM
@RoryAlsop Hers isn't touch screen. I almost wish she had one, just so she'd at least have an excuse.
2 hours later…
8:27 PM
This is what I find funny about SE. This morning I voted to close a question as a dupe (over on SF). The asker make a snarky comment about how he thought that closing it as a dupe was laughable.
Then, on an answer from the linked question, he commented on how he wishes he could upvote it 10 times.
It's that kind of cognitive dissonance in human behavior that really amuses me. :)
3 hours later…
11:17 PM
@packs this is because humans are stupid, self-centred and always right :-)

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