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1:43 AM
posted on October 08, 2017 by KutuluMike

If you’re a fan of Marvel’s television and movie productions, chances are you heard a ton of negative buzz around the cinematic IMAX premiere of Marvel’s Inhumans this summer. Having not seen the show in the theater, I waited until it made it onto the network schedule to pass judgement, and I’m glad I did. Having now watched the ... Read more

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7:54 AM
Q: How can you logout from scifi website?

talthis website scifi.stackexchange has no visible "button" to click logout. on other websites we can click the name of profile and choose logout but not this site so how can we logout?

4 hours later…
12:15 PM
Q: Identify this movie about an endless staircase

Leon ElsI can only remember one scene, but it is driving me nuts! A guy is in a white room with stairs going up and coming down, but they are like a maze in which they seem to go somewhere, but they just keep ending up at each other. I then remember the guy trying to escape and then he jumps out of a win...

2 hours later…
2:01 PM
Q: Is Superman going to be in Justice League movie?

TrivediI know this might be a stupid question, but c'mon. I'm all pumped up and super excited, especially when the last trailer is out now. Now this question is way common and might have occured to tons of people, but I'm gonna ask anyway. Is Superman going to be in Justice League movie? I'm looking fo...

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3:49 PM
@SQB can I summon you to chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/66716/… "Can we identify all the characters in this poster?" chatroom?
1 hour later…
5:11 PM
@b_jonas you can.
3 hours later…
7:43 PM
@Narusan You can summon whomever posted the Galaxy Quest proposal this time, and let them choose (that's what we did the few last film nights). As to when I'm available - I don't know :D I guess I could be available at night (i.e. the same time as this film night), but that depends on whether I have lectures the following day, and so forth.
7:58 PM
I have to admit though, that I expected more text in it.
^ Video of baby kangaroos hopping into a bag and their caretaker putting them into a basket.
@YvetteColomb Australian floofs!
^ When I see art like this I wish Colleen Doran had drawn more of The Sandman colleendoran.tumblr.com/post/166118577104/…
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9:08 PM
@Gallifreyan Done
Q: Movie (drama/thriller) about privatization of water?

leeyuiwahI remember that once I saw a movie on board a flight (about 5-10 years ago). The movie was a drama/thriller/sci-fi (i.e. not a documentary), and the story line is set upon a conspiracy to privatize water. Roughly I recall something like this (but I could be wrong, because I was very sleepy on...


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