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12:00 AM
Also, I didn't mean to star the bit about the messenger bag being out of stock. x_x I misclicked when I tried to reply earlier, and didn't notice it.
@spugsley Awesome! When will we get to see the finished product?
@Tristan tonight sometime. @IanPugsley is gonna edit it a bit
@agent86 I know it's on topic, but it still seems weirdly lazy but not to spend the time asking an entire question instead of typing the thing you are looking for into google
@spugsley This is exciting. I hope you made up some good swear words.
@Tristan also @RonanForman is going to make me a nice little "warning: swear words" intro
@spugsley Assuming he isn't too busy drawing @IanPugsley, @OrigamiRobot and myself a portrait for our Ultra-Hardcore.
12:03 AM
@Tristan haha I don't think I made any up. Next time I do one I will though. I was a little weirded out by wearing headphones and talking
@murgatroid99 I was actually reading.. on M.SO I believe, that questions are not meant to be asked on SE sites if the user has not done some level of research into them.. So yeah I do wonder about questions where if they just put the title into google it would have given them the answer :)
@spugsley I might wait until @RonanForman gets a "there is cursing in this" intro and such ready
@James Actually that title wouldn't have worked because he didn't say what he was looking for in the title. But it was the first hit for any reasonable keyword combination I could think of for what he was looking for
@James Actually, now that I look at his question title again, I have no idea what he's talking about
@murgatroid99 LOL I think that denotes 'Not a good question' ?? :)
@James The question in the body is "How can I get my Xbox 360 to download this Optional Media Update?", which I answered, but his title says something about "whserver", which I misread as "whatever"
12:09 AM
@James you realize that the "low rep user" with the pokemon gravatar who answered that question is psychonic who is the current maintainer of sourcemod (one of the biggest mod communities for source engine games) and who works for the indie devs responsible for nuclear dawn?
and he's also a personal friend of mine, who is here because I invited him :)
it's safe to say if he tells you a source engine console command, he knows what he's talking about :)
@agent86 Sounds like it could be convenient to have someone like that around (who knows some particular system inside and out)
@murgatroid99 also he and I are working on a project that would give away a bunch of free games. but yes, also, his expertise :)
@agent86 But Psyduck keeps trying to take over your mind!!! :(
@agent86 Ah, so he is one of the people responsible for nuclear down eh? I just might have to corner him.
That's gotta be some kind of record... I built my abode in Minecraft, went out to look for food, and completely lost where my house was... All in about 10 minutes.
@Tristan Hehe, You should ask @John how many times creepers have creeped up on me as of late :)
12:18 AM
@James I'm not worried about creepers. =P I'm just getting some practice in before sunday.
And then I realized it didn't even matter, since I was on Peaceful from my last trip into creative mode...
@Tristan Haha, I play on Hard all the time.. One creeper can pretty much take me out if I am not wearing armor :)
@James If I'm playing Survival, I play normal... But that's the highest I'll go
Hey all.
@Tristan I do not like the game losing that sense of danger too quickly.. Once I get into Iron I feel unstopable again, but that takes a bit of effort, especially on an adventure map :D
@RedriderX Ello
o.O I just got a PC Download email from Game Stop...
I need to go study up on the how-to-craft stuff that's been implemented during my absence.
12:22 AM
I should be able to send them a response going 'Y U Not Steam!?' :)
@Tristan In PvP I think you will want to look into an enchanter :)
The rest of the stuff is pretty much Meh in that scenario..
Unless you get an army of cats to sit on their chests
sporcle.com/games/mcbain/nyc-subway-lines-clickable Awww yeah, got it in 22 seconds. (If you aren't from NYC, you will not get it in 22 seconds.)
(Even if you are from NYC you probably won't get it in 22 seconds.)
@IanPugsley Do you know if setting up traps is allowed in this ultra-hardcore?
@Tristan I really hope so
@IanPugsley Meeee too.
What happens if you just sit safe in your house?
Surrounded by a huge pit of lava
Ooor.. In a completely lava encased house.
12:28 AM
@James Than you're a quitter, or smart. Not sure which.
What if you just hop a nether portal, run 30,000 units away and hop back out of the nether... do you win?
@James then you starve to death
@IanPugsley one bucket of water to fish in will set that off.
@James have fun getting string :)
build the house with a spider spawner from a mineshaft
You are focusing on the wrong part of the story @IanPugsley :P
12:31 AM
@James you realize it's starting from scratch, right?
@IanPugsley Yeah unless everyone is trapped together from the get go and its in like a spleef arena... I still say run away and hold up is going to make you one of the last men standing
@James Everyone spawns at a different spot on a 2000x2000 map
@Tristan So is it total PvP?
Some might go around trying to kill others to win?
@RedriderX The end-goal is to be the last man standing. Whether or not you go on the offensive is up to you.
@RedriderX I think the point is to do just that, but I am just suggesting hiding out and letting them come to you as a better strat.. you get to gear/stock up, they have to hunt you down.
@Tristan how long does the game last?
12:35 AM
@Tristan Oh, now I realize why they want footage from everyone.
@James Not sure. There's a 30 minute video of a portion of the gameplay on Ronan's meta sign-up.
@Tristan Yeah I think the LP that the map is from runs a very very long time.. longer than most Game Ons
@James Well, we'll see how it goes.
Anyway, I'm gonna go get some dinner. See you all later.
@Tristan I thought most Game-ons were about 3 hours.
@Tristan Nice Dracula :)
12:39 AM
Why is my spam filter suddenly not working tonight
@James Thanks. @RedRiderX The 30 minute video isn't the entire game. Just the first thirty minutes. But it gives a pretty good idea of how to play.
I have gotten like 20 pieces of legit spam that have gotten past multiple layers of filtering in the past hour.
Someone remind me never to drive to Hoboken on the Turnpike during the morning rush hour ever again.
@StrixVaria ahahaha why on earth would you ever do that.
@StrixVaria Friendly reminder: Never drive to Hoboken on the Turnpike during the morning rush hour anymore.
12:50 AM
(Take 1/9 up to Hoboken.)
@LessPop_MoreFizz This is what I learned today.
Why would you go to hoboken during morning rush anyway?
@LessPop_MoreFizz I had to do some interviews at Stevens today.
@StrixVaria Oh. Well then. I'm sorry.
Did you at least swing by Barcade in JC when you finished for a beer?
Or Grimaldis for a pie?
I don't drink beer...
12:52 AM
@StrixVaria HEATHEN.
I went to Qdoba for some nachos, though.
@StrixVaria .I don't drink beer either.
We're such rebels.
@StrixVaria Why would you not at least go to Grimaldis when there is a Grimaldis there.
Getting off at the 14 branch of the turnpike, I went about 1.5 miles in 35 minutes.
12:52 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I don't even know what this is.
@StrixVaria Yeah. That is not the smart way to go to Hoboken, because you will get stuck in Holland Tunnel traffic.
What you want to do is cut out of the pike before the tunnel crowd backs up, and then run across perpendicular to them.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Actually, the Holland Tunnel was fine. Once I got past 14a there were barely any other cars on the road.
It's the construction on that stupid bridge and the merge from 5 lanes down to 2 that were killer.
@StrixVaria Grimaldis isn't the best pizza you will ever have, but it is probably the best pizza you will get in NJ.
@LessPop_MoreFizz You said there's on in JC?
12:54 AM
It's one of the original NY Pizzerias (the original is down under the brooklyn bridge).
@StrixVaria No, in Hoboken actually. Two in hoboken.
There are other places worth going in JC though.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Why do I not know about this. I lived in Hoboken for 4 years.
@StrixVaria Because you are dum?
Also why did Google Maps center on Dallas, Texas when I searched for Grimaldi's...
Well, I've decided on my first LP. Just gotta do a playthrough of it first, so I kinda know what I'm doing.
@Tristan Which game?
12:56 AM
@Wipqozn Machinarium
@StrixVaria The owners son opened one in dallas.
But I mean, the map was centered in NJ before I typed that.
It wouldn't think "Hm. Maybe he means the one that's not 2 days away."
@Tristan Good game. Will need to finish it one day. I was pretty far into it at one point, then my save file became corrupted. To say the least, I didn't feel much like playing after that.
@Wipqozn I've had that happen in the past.
@StrixVaria But yeah, one on Washington and 4th, and one on Clinton and 2nd.
Pies only, no slices, just fyi, and if it's anything like the BK one, cash only.
12:58 AM
Apparently one of these Grimaldi's is on 4th and Washington, which is where the Qdoba is, which means I walked past it almost daily and have never seen it.
I'm on street view right now and still can't find it.
i am really unhappy with my state. :(
I ate lunch there back in May of last year.
@RavenDreamer Which one?
@LessPop_MoreFizz North Carolina.
1:07 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'll look out for it next time I'm in Hoboken.
@RavenDreamer Is it a problem which will effect me while I am there for the next two weeks?
"We" are trying to pass a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.
Somehow, I think you will be fine.
@LessPop_MoreFizz What part of NC?
@RavenDreamer Charlotte.
@LessPop_MoreFizz You should meet up with the pugsleys.
That's probably already been suggested.
@RavenDreamer They as well as a certain folded paper android have been informed of my coming.
1:09 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I dearly hope you're not allergic to pollen, however.
Because our trees are downright promiscuous.
@RavenDreamer I tend to be more of a fall allergy person than a spring allergy person, but even I have had issues the past few weeks, so I suspect unpleasantness.
Also a trip to rite-aid to buy ALL OF THE CLARITIN.
Glad I could warn you.
@Wipqozn I saw my gravatar playing TF2 on Steam and got confused for a second...
Q: How do I minimize Dragonvale load time?

EBongoI have an iPhone 4s, and most games load pretty quick. In addition, most games load instantly once they are in memory (ie one of my last 4 or so apps loaded). In contrast, with Dragonvale I get a load screen almost every time I lock my phone, or switch apps. Does anyone else have this problem? I...

Q: How do decorations influence the number of visitors?

EBongoAn in-game tip hints that I should buy more decorations to attract more visitors. I'd love to make it a decoration wonderland, but poppa's a little strapped on the old cash flow. So, before I go spend a bunch of money, how do decorations influence the number of visitors? Is there a coin to visit...

@Tristan ah yes. I can understand the confusion.
It would be even more confusion if I stole your gravatar and used it here.
1:27 AM
@Wipqozn I'd just change gravatars again. Which would kinda suck, since I like this one so much.
@Tristan Then I'd win.
1:53 AM
@StrixVaria You watch any adventure time?
Anyone seen @John?
@EBongo, are you playing tonight?
@James He was around earlier talking about VVVVVVV
Oh man... If running out of messenger bags means we're getting the comic books instead, I'm gonna be so bummed.
@RavenDreamer Oh god it's everywhere.
My wife is addicted to Drawception.
Never before has humanity heard the phrase uttered: "After Jesus shoots the naked lady, I'll go to bed."
2:03 AM
I wonder if they're ever going to judge the stackapps competition. we're almost out of march at this point...
I would still like to know how long the hardcore thing is going to go one for.
@agent86 6-8 weeks... :) (We're working on it. Honest.)
This is kinda neat: frugaldad.com/gaming
@AnnaLear ah, cmon, clearly the only rational solution is to award me all the prizes.
@AnnaLear You wouldn't happen to know what they're going to do about the ME3missions messenger bags going out of stock, for those of us who haven't gotten them yet, would you? >.>
@Tristan I... have no idea, sorry. I didn't even know the bags were out of stock. :( I can ping someone to drop by and answer that, but you should get an email or something as part of getting the prizes worked out anyway.
2:15 AM
@AnnaLear kk No problem. I was just curious. =)
Q: Is there a single player PC game with similar mechanics to the Twilight Imperium board game?

DaveI recently started playing Twilight Imperium (board game), and it's a blast. I really like the political aspect, technology aspect, and the mobilization of fleets. I really wish there was a PC game similar to this. I've been playing Civilization since Civ1 through Civ3, and that series is the clo...

high-five @agent86! Team effort on that closing.
Also, lololol @mana. Enjoy your friend and I's pony posts?
@LessPopMoreFizz I've been looping Genesis by Grimes all night. Such a damn good track.
@BenBrocka To the other Dragonvale players, my gamecenter is xDuskshadowx. If you can let me know your handle on here when inviting that is helpful (assuming your gamecenter handle is different). That revelation about spending money = half XP is awesome. Does that only apply to decorations?
@Wipqozn no
2:18 AM
@EBongo it applies to everything, though I think dragons (when they hatch) give 1 xp per gold
BTW, Dragonvale visitors are really, really stupid
Also, Silent Hill 3 is slowly growing on me. I was initially unimpressed with it in comparison to Silent Hill 2, but I'm becoming more fond of it.
@BenBrocka I had one road that visited all of the dragons, but they love running down the green grass around the Other side that goes to just Half of the habitats
Although I still prefer Silent Hill 2 by a very wide margin.
to like Silent Hill 3 you must first like Silent Hill 3
I didn't make a typo? What are you talking about!?
You people are crazy.
2:21 AM
@James doesn't matter where the paths are. Visitors just like paths
I had 90 vistitors, then I filled that island with paths
@BenBrocka They also liked Lack O path :)
Dragonvale isn't a dragon park, it's a path park
dragons only get in the way of the paths
Storm dragons are very small
well, I'm heading off to bed.
Good night gentlemen, ladies.
@agent86 sure, just a sec
2:23 AM
Cya @Wipqozn
@James not nearly as much as they like paths
@Wipqozn Later!
that island of paths brought more vistiors than 50 dragons, 10 rainbow dragons, dozens of decorations...
@BenBrocka I also find it odd that you can sell stuff for the same price you bought it. Seems like they'll fix that eventually. I wonder... does that cost you the experience you gained?
Assume "Fish" is a metaphor for "wonderful conversation".
2:24 AM
@EBongo it's half the cost that you bought it, except for paths which gain you no XP
it never takes away your XP
Ah.. I guess I was just looking at paths.
Paths should be a meme. Seriously you don't know how ridiculous this is
NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Gotham City Impostors is the Weekend deal! =(
@BenBrocka it does seem ridiculous. As I look at games like Dragonvale and Monster Galaxy, I really begin to wonder how coders with such beautiful art seem to have such simple code in separate parts of the game. Maybe they just focus on the pretty.
it's pretty well designed really, even if it isn't super complex
dragonvale does a great job and being deep buy approachable from all angles. There's not much hardcore strategy or punishment for doing stuff wrong, just do what's fun for the most part
I wonder if gold paths bring more visitors than stone paths...
2:28 AM
Well, I definitely give points for execution. It's not buggy or anything, which is awesome. It just has some... quirks.
@BenBrocka Sounds like a great question.
I can do science later but I'm already tired from filling one island full of paths...
@OrigamiRobot It's been so long since I've played Binding of Isaac, I forgot how hard it was.
@Tristan @spugsley is better than me.
@OrigamiRobot You've let me down...
2:32 AM
All endmund mcmillian games are insanely hard with a couple of exceptions
@Tristan What does that mean?
Time Fcuk was really the only "easy" one, and Gish is relatively easy...
@OrigamiRobot Nothing at all.
I'm just bored and trying to keep myself entertained.
@Tristan Tell that to her when she is beating you senseless.
woohoo, I can approve tag wiki edits
2:34 AM
@OrigamiRobot I don't beat people senseless unless their name is @Wipqozn
@spugsley Or if they're babies.
@spugsley Oh good. I can make fun of you all I want without fear.
@EBongo visited your park, you cleaned it out fast!
@Tristan please...like babies are people rolls eyes
@spugsley <.<
2:37 AM
Dammit I am going to play Viva Pinata to spite all of you people playing Dragonvale
@OrigamiRobot Play a crappy game to spite people playing a fun game? How does that work?
@Tristan Um, Viva Pinata is an awesome game. You shut your face.
@OrigamiRobot That's like saying gouging my eyes out with a fork is an awesome game... =(
Switching devices for a moment.
@Tristan You have no idea what you are talking about.
viva pinata looked neat but no xbox for me, so I've never palyed it
2:40 AM
Geez, Origin, why won't you let me play you.
@BenBrocka You aren't missing anything.
@Tristan What did Viva Pinata ever do to you?
Could you not get a Galagoogoo?
@RavenDreamer lol, as if Origin was about helping you play games
I'm sorry your garden was so crappy.
@OrigamiRobot I just didn't find it fun. Why must you hate me so?
2:43 AM
@Tristan Dragonvale sure sounds a lot like it.
@BenBrocka Yeah, I focused on that, though I don't know I'd recommend it. It seemed like cheap experience at first.
Q: Do Gold paths bring more visitors than stone paths?

Ben BrockaVisitors like paths. But is it just the amount of paths, or the amount of money put into the paths? Do gold paths bring more visitors to your island than stone paths, block per block?

@EBongo it's not really :P but you're doing well anyway, cold dragons already1
feel free to visit my park as well if you want
there's plenty of paths for everyone now
@OrigamiRobot It's really not... >.> DragonVale is just something I can check while smoking and then let sit for hours without having to worry about anything. Viva Pinata was more like Animal Crossing
I love/hate animal crossing
2:48 AM
@Tristan I wouldn't say that at all.
.. Honestly DragonVale == Dragon Themed FarmVille
@OrigamiRobot Wanna play some Minecraft?
@James you shut your mouth!
@Tristan Got anything in mind?
@BenBrocka :X
2:50 AM
There's no need to bring the F-word into this
@OrigamiRobot Nope... Figured we could think of something though.
@OrigamiRobot Practice for the competition :)
@James How?
@OrigamiRobot Have at you!
@James you did it all wrong!
2:51 AM
anyone know if they are limiting the mapsize ?? random spawn setup? etc??
you're supposed to say "But enough tak!" ect
@BenBrocka Breeding Fire + Storm, supposed to be good combo for hybrids with chance of sun/moon :)
@James It's a 2000x2000 map.
Ooh! @BenBrocka I'm breeding a Cold dragon with a Lava dragon. I think I'm getting the blue flame dragon.
@Tristan Is it the same map ??
@James good luck, might want to finish getting the other hybrids first though
Oh, the blue fire one is cool, great cash/hour
2:52 AM
@James Yeah. The whole thing is a downloaded map.
@BenBrocka This is supposedly a good combo to get a blue fire dragon :)
I am getting a scorch or firefly first time around though
you'll get lots of those
@BenBrocka Cancel that... It's another damn Lava Dragon. =(
lots of those too
How do you cancel?
2:53 AM
The only way to breed a Cold Dragon with a Fire Dragon is if it's a hybrid... =(
Oh, nm, misunderstood
it's a good idea to avoid breeding hybrids that have Earth in them unless you want an earth as a result
earth hybrids take aaaaages to hatch
Whoever gets placed near wher that guy in the videos is placed is going to have a grand ole time
@OrigamiRobot Come up with anything yet?
@Tristan No :( I'm trying to find a good trading mod. I think it will add to the game on sunday.
A bit of diplomacy.
2:56 AM
@OrigamiRobot Trading?
@OrigamiRobot I am so going to sign up for it now, Ill be there with non-poisonous candy! :D
@Tristan Y'know...exchanging items?
@OrigamiRobot Isn't the focus... killing one another?
@Tristan We have to find each other first and I'm not going out looking until I've got good items.
@OrigamiRobot Right... But if you're trading with someone, won't they be right in front of you?
2:59 AM
@Tristan They don't have to be.
@OrigamiRobot k Further discussion... Why would the person you're trying to kill want to give you helpful items?
@Tristan Did you watch the videos?
@Tristan Because you are giving them helpful items.
Half of them are at 2hearts or less and none of them have engaged in PvP yet.. the spawns are taking em out
@James Yes I did.
3:02 AM
@OrigamiRobot The only reason someone will show up to trade is to shoot you with arrows and just take what they want from you :)
@James It doesn't have to be in person.
@OrigamiRobot You should start your server up with the map we're gonna be playing so we can practice!
@Tristan Foreknowledge of the map would suck
@Tristan Gimme a sec
Watching the videos is making me less likely to sign up :/
3:04 AM
@James Why for?
Cause you remove the mystery of where to find stuff?
Very unfair advantage when the first one to a suit of iron armor can start hunting the others
@James The only real disadvantage is you can't branch mine... You can dig straight into caves but you can't dig around looking for ore.
@Tristan Yeah so getting in and walking around seeing where the iron and dungeons/chests are == unfair?
@James Exploring caves is fine, but from what I gather, you can't just dig at random.
that was the rules they had with the branch mining, I do not see anything in Ronan's post about that rule
3:13 AM
@James I just assumed he was gonna stick to the rules they used. I could be wrong though.
Q: How can I be effective with Krobelus the Death Prophet?

yx.There seems to be a lot of consensus that Korbelus is a really good (high tier) unit to pick in Dota 2, but what makes her so good? All I know is she's rather tanky for an int hero, but other than that her skills seems to be so so, if she doesn't have her ult she can't solo any hero (and her onl...

Q: What does clicking the "party hat" do when visiting someones park

EBongoWhen visiting a friends park, I sometimes see a "party hat" over a friends dragon dens. If I click it, coins fly out. What does that do? Am I getting coins for myself, or my friend?

Q: Can I "ignore" rain?

Jonny BAm I able to stop or lessen the sound of rain, and only rain? I want to hear all the other interesting sounds of Minecraft, but the pitter patter of the rain is getting to me...

Q: Minecraft Black screen After deleting META-INF folder for Too Many Items 1.2.3

RenzoI have installed the Minecraft Too many Items mod for 1.2.3 and what happened is i deleted the META-INF folder. Than i tried minecraft after all exited and my minecraft just keeps giving me black screen. Why is this happening?, it said for me to do this.

@Tristan Thats why I would like him to be around to ask :)
@James if you find a cave formation, whatever you find in it is fine
@IanPugsley I meant the suggestion to load the map for the challenge Now being unfair
@IanPugsley server's back up
3:17 AM
@Tristan May I join?
Doesnt look like John is going to show up
I dig the megaman-esque art
It looks nice man
@James It's Origami's server, so... <.< He probably won't mind
Oh, @OrigamiRobot Mind if I join??
@James treetrunks.dyndns.org
3:48 AM
@RonanForman any recommendations for resizing Minecraft to 1280x720?
nevermind, found a PowerShell script to do it
night all!
@murgatroid99 What's the deal with all this "Save Derpy" stuff?

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