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3:07 AM
Hint posted for @ffao @Deus @MikeQ
I'm staring at it. No luck.
Will take a look now
yeah, that's a weird hint :P
Q: Let us all join the party for hope!

ffaoThe students at Hope's Peak Academy decided to throw a party to have some thrills and chills (and let's stop there, please!) They played all sorts of games with each other, and now it's time for the final game of the night. But they suddenly realized they should go get something before they can ...

Woo puzzle
Not much time to solve now, but I'll definitely be trying it tonight :P
3:24 AM
...of course
this is the moment between Deus solving a problem and the posting of the solution in which I remain thoroughly confused
I feel like it has to be something obvious too
that was a response to your puzzle
"of course ffao would make a Danganronpa puzzle"
er, puzzle set
well, BINT is a self-consistent set of letters for the Touko puzzle. but it's not 5 letters
Yeah dunno what to make of the left column for Touko atm
oh, does position matter?
3:38 AM
Feels like it should, or at least I can't think of a way to use the left col otherwise
oh, the numbers, you mean
probably a reference to something
like "you get this many points if you guess the word in this many guesses"
Call in #5: Svir yrggre bccbfvgr bs pyrna fgnegvat jvgu q
I love that the rot13 is still not the actual answer
that is correct for 5
the image is of a Jotto scoresheet, I only cut the top row to remove the name of the game
as Deusovi conjectured, the number on the left is the amount of points you get
3:47 AM
jotto. that's the name of the game
it was on the tip of my tongue
well, have fun with the puzzle, Sp. I've gotta do CS homework
Yeah I gotta get back to work :(
we have time, v3 is only coming out on Tuesday :P
2 hours later…
6:07 AM
hey @n_palum, you in board game night too?
@Sphinx +1 for Sublime (well Monokai theme at the very least)
It was Sublime
I might be getting my themes mixed up
6:13 AM
I was just redirecting you to that so Deus would essential lump you in with sp as a weeb
6:30 AM
@n_palum As if I haven't already?
6:47 AM
Gah, I feel I am so close with 6 and yet everything I try doesn't add up..
Whenever I run the code for No. 7 I get a syntax error for the last line, but I can't spot the error...
Is that supposed to happen @ffao ?
use python 2
Use ninja'd
I am....
Oh wait no I'm using 3
it should work if you add () enclosing what's after print
6:55 AM
@ffao Nope
You need to replace it with sys.stdout.write(chr(ord('a')+b))
Although looks like whitespace means something here
unless that's a red herring
print(chr(ord('a')+b), end='') should give the same as sys.stdout.write(), I think
but anyway, not a big fan of Python 3
@ffao D: how could you say this
@ffao Yeah (also pls use backticks)
not a big fan of markdown, either :P
@ffao Is this intentionally supposed to take forever to run
... maybe? :P
7:03 AM
There's some pretty deliberate lack of caching in there, which I would try to decipher in my head if it wasn't for the array of nums
@Sp3000 PyPy does caching
And it's still insanely slow
31 32454231040
a and n after a few minutes
It'll probably finish after the heat death of the universe
Well I mean t calls t(a) 3 times to recurse when it really doesn't need to, which should be a quick fix
i m s m t d i D: I messed up
I hope I didn't mess up :D
It's probably me messing up the shortcuts I used
7:20 AM
What's the problem?
What does if n%a==0: z//=t(a) ; z*=t(a)-1 do?
It does what you think it does >_>
So [if a|n, z = z//t(a) else z = z*(t(a)-1)]?
@Wen1now no, if n%a == 0, then z=z//t(a)*(t(a)-1)
I think?
So ; separates statements?
ASCII is correct, but you're free to try it out
about the meaning of the if statement, that is
7:28 AM
@Wen1now Yes
Q: How many liars are in the room?

rspThere are five people in a room. Each person is either a knight, who always tells the truth, or a liar, who always lies. Each person is asked the following question: How many liars are among you? The answers are: "one", "two", "three", "four", "five". How many liars are in the room?

@Wen1now I don't think Python uses ; to separate statements. You basically write it in a newline if you want to write two separate statements
@Sid It does >_> why would ffao include it
I didn't think it would be confusing >_>
the point of this part is not syntax details >_>
Just clarifying, it would not make a difference if instead it was like this:
if n%a==0:
7:36 AM
If there is a semicolon, I think the preceding line is actually two lines, one of them being a blank line.
Or so I have read somewhere
@Sid huhwhat
Pretty sure, I read something like that.
@Wen1now yeah, I changed the code on the question so people hopefully don't get confused by this anymore
btw I am liking the foreboding title for 0. Just sayin'
7:39 AM
@ffao 0/10 change the image too pls
also golf it :P
I just need to decipher the meaning of t(n) to get the answer I think, but it just seems so random D:
I think I know what t is
7:55 AM
@Wen1now pls do tell
while i < x:
    a,b = b,a+b
    i = i + 1
I just can't seem to get rid of that
t seems to be the Euler totient function+1 I think
It checks for prime factors p of n, and then multiplies z by (p-1)/p
Then it adds 1 at the end
@ASCII-only How did you get this though?
@Wen1now I assumed t was constant once I got the same thing 15 times in a row
@Wen1now How would you speed this part up
I just manually entered the numbers into that and got the euler totients
> multiplies z by (p-1)/p
Doesn't this part make it not totient
How come?
On all the small cases I've checked, the totient function and t match up
8:05 AM
...misread that as the toilet function...
@Wen1now Oh okay
It gives me t x v f k g x
That's not good...
Still, how did you get past the a,b = b,a+b part?
It cycles every 84 iterations
because of the mod
Unless I messed up
8:12 AM
I just noticed that
Thanks anyway
Has anything else been solved
usually is correct for 7!
@ffao TIL 7! = usually
That was actually pretty fun
Anyway, I'd attack 6 next
8:33 AM




If that helps anyone, it seems the zigzag might mean arranging the alhpabet in a square
Do you think the numbers in 6 are mod 26ed at the end?
Off work now, will get to join in a bit. Meanwhile here's two MD5 sum answer guesses which would be hilarious if one of them was right: 8b72d507ebaa6d4d535f613c2f68f18a , 749918005290c19a4a9583f8fc064d63
What's this for?
Just me trying to guess what the meta answer might be and probably being very wrong :P
it would be funny if one of them were right, then you'd just have to backsolve 5 puzzles :P
but unfortunately that's not the case :(
8:44 AM
Aww :P
(I realise that I forgot about the first few paragraphs, so I was very wrong anyway :P)
What is the probability that if I just guess a random word, I get the answer right?
9:25 AM
(Oookay, home now - time to ID idols :P)
@Wen1now Has it been done
Or do I now know what I'm doing
Not by me...
Hmm I wonder what the text under 2 means
9:29 AM
What text under 2?
The huge block of coordinates
O_o I just read the title of #4
I can't seem to find some of the things in 2... for example, where is B6?
@Wen1now Which is why I crossed them out
Oh... I did not see the crosses
For #4:
Mion Mukaichi, Nico Yazawa / Minami Nitta
Minami Minegishi, Nozomi Tsuji / Ayame Goriki
Nana Okada, Eri Mizutani / Kashiwa Yukina
Ai Kago, SONiKA / Mai Shiraishi
9:44 AM
Do you have anything on 5? It seems to look like a scoreboard for a game or something
If you want to spoil yourself for 5, solution is up a few hours
@Sp3000 Up a few hours?
Maybe more than a few, but transcript, basically
Colors for #0: rpbpppgbyrrgbybprppgpybygg
There's no l :( I'm blind
9:47 AM
(btw I had Maki Goto for second row middle, not sure)
It's green
@Sp3000 That's correct, sorry >_> my google fu failed me, it's here
@ffao Calling in for 4: sbhe yrggre jbeq fgnegvat jvgu s lbh zvtug svyy bhg jura qbvat gnkrf
... oh wait that's the wrong one
Fjord bank cwm glyphs vext quiz is the correct order for those words, no idea if that's relevant
sbhe yrggre jbeq sbe uneq be pbzcnal <-- that's 4
9:55 AM
Now I'm curious, I don't actually know any word that matches the earlier description
I got the second letter wrong, basically :P
That is correct for 4!
Ah, duh.
Not so often I get to make a puzzle composed entirely of pictures of idols and be able to say it was completely justified with a straight face
How did you get that?
@Wen1now Wait why
Never mind I got that wrong, too late to delete
10:05 AM
So #4, #5 and #7 are done
#6 next then I guess
I'm sure the 8 and 6 there are just coincidences there to mislead us haha
10:17 AM
Hmm yeah, this meta doesn't seem doable with only 3 pieces :P (but I think I get how it might work)
10:57 AM
So Sp added italics to "hard" and "fine" in the crossword hint
This mean anything to anyone?
11:17 AM
So before I embark on this 21x21 journey ffao... is it going to help for Koizumi's puzzle if I replace the text grid with picture pieces? :P
Not really
I'm not that mean
What happened with #5?
Didn't think you'd be that mean, but when stuck, everything looks like a viable option :P
(oops didn't resize those pics right)
Um, #5 anyone?
11:27 AM
Hey, I've seen that picture before!
Ooh, nice work
Just a note for 6 - all the ? ones (and, in fact, most of the longer ones) have a double of some kind
One last question - how did 4 work?
11:50 AM
ssnb cvpxrq n ahzore bs vqbyf lbh pna pbhag ba
@Wen1now O_o
I kinda want to make a rot13 userscript now :P
(I almost have 2, but the last part is killing me)
#2: n svir yrggre jbeq sbe guvatnznobo gung vf na nantenz bs mbbzvat jvgubhg ba
@Sp3000 Really? You do this and the last part of 2 kills you?
That is correct, by the way, though I don't think you needed my confirmation for this one
Yeah well... you know how finnicky these things can be sometimes if you don't get it quite right...
Also I expected that one to be a letter shorter than it actually is for the meta. Hmmm
12:06 PM
Hey, @Sp3000 A little help required here.
Q: Visual Puzzle: Guess this hit pop single!

Chan DanCan you guess this hit English song?

Required whereabouts?
Where do you make those crosswords? I mean, any site?
Sympathy for the last one, Crossword Compiler for this one. Both have trials but both are paid, unfortunately
12:21 PM
#3: nantenz bs frpnag zrnavat pyvzo (nyfb qvqag ernyvfr v whfg arrqrq gb vaqrk)
What were you trying instead of the ()?
Nothing, I just had what I needed but didn't know what to do with it :P
v thrff v qvq nyfb gel pnrfne fuvsg jvgu ahz
Ah, that would be reasonable too
I'm slightly hung up by the fact that 5+5+6+4+5+4+7 is a nice square number (36) but not a multiple of 5 :P
Q: Rebus: Can you guess this phrase?

Chan DanCan you guess the phrase in this rebus puzzle?

1:05 PM
Why was that deleted? ^
@Sid Plagiarism
@ASCII-only The site is mentioned in the picture, right?
1:25 PM
Provide a link to the original page or answer
Quote only the relevant portion
Provide the name of the original author

Do not copy the complete text of external sources; instead, use their words and ideas to support your own. And always give proper credit to the author and site where you found the text, including a direct link to it.
I'm usually willing to be a bit less strict on that stuff if someone's made a good faith effort, but if you're on the site for a day and have already posted four puzzles that are direct, no-effort dumps of another site's content, I'm .... not going to be feeling particularly charitable.
2:26 PM
what is with multiple people answering a question with an answer effectively equivalent to the accepted answer that was given 6 hours earlier?
Without knowing which question you're looking at, I'm gonna say HNQ.
2:42 PM
the recent Liars one
I started aggressively culling completely redundant answers on it
How has that thing got so many upvotes?
Q: PSA: Please avoid writing duplicate answers

Arwen UndómielI recently asked a question - What should I do if I have a nosebleed in the middle of a meeting? This question received at least 11 answers (2 of which were deleted). I've read through all of the answers posted to my question, and I've noticed something: A lot of the information included in thos...

3:19 PM
@Sid The power of HNQ.
3:41 PM
Anyone else seeing their username show up as "false" in the Puzzling header bar?
You've got a userscript running
The new header design (which you get to see on PSE, lucky you) broke SOX a bit
Yep, that's it. I forgot I was using that script.
if you turn off the setting for showing your name before your avatar, the "false" goes away
2 hours later…
5:25 PM
but then how are you supposed to remember your name?
@rubio can only mods see it at the moment? As far as I can see it hasn't changed for me
would you be allowed to show a screenshot?
5:45 PM
@Apep maybe we are due a hint or a letter now?
My only progress is, upset unending noise isn't SION(maybe)
Q: A recipe that's going places

rybo111What is this a recipe for? Carefully slice the forgiveness into 6 even pieces Apply a generous amount of Angola extract Optionally sprinkle a small amount of digits Whisk with a stick Serves one

Q: Broken Words Cryptic #3

JamieThis game can be also played here: https://www.brainzilla.com/word-games/broken-words/cryptic/3/ Use the following chunks to create words related to a specific theme. The theme name itself is also hidden within those words. DLE - HSH - SAI - LIE - DOG - VER - DAL - EDS - COL - ING - RIE - DAC -...

clearly DOG POO is one ^
6:04 PM
@rubio I answered first, but I was missing two and you posted the complete answer first so I think you should get the tick :)
I took 53 seconds longer because I HAD THEM ALL. :)
@Sid Well, that was going to be the first clue...
Excellent. Let's move onto the second clue, then.
The 4th letter is A.
Of course @Rubio got all the dog breeds, him being a dog and all...
6:07 PM
@BeastlyGerbil That question is missing Rubio as one of the breeds..
But, it's not a multiple of 3. duh.
lol :P
6:21 PM
Q: Which string can't accessed?

Taha AkbariWe start from the string $abcdef$ and We can edit it with the following rules: 1.$abcdef \Rightarrow adbecf$ 2.$abcdef \Rightarrow daebfc$ Which string can't accessed? 1.dbafec 2.fcbeda 3.cabefd 4.efdcab 5.fedcba In these kind of problems we usually look for a...

not sure how I feel about the cross-post
yeah i'm not either, and i'm not sure what this comes from which would give some context to that
is it a puzzle or is it a math thing
6:35 PM
Seems to me that this should be closed as a duplicate of the math one (which already has an answer...)
@Apep END + ANGE[-r] + RING?
How is noise=ring?
@ffao Correct
Like a telephone.
6:55 PM
don't like that bit, rest is alright
7:05 PM
I was thinking of the archaic (?) usage as a noun, like in "the ring of a bell". It would probably be more common as ringing for that usage modernly. The [noun adjective] ordering before it was archaic/uncommon as well.
7:19 PM
Endangering = Menacing is something I don't understand either. Is that some archaic meaning of the word?
They are both synonyms for "threatening"
CCCC: Institution of quantum theory ends after pretense loses leader (7)
Where does the MY come from?
7:30 PM
Ending letters of Quantum Theory
CCCC: Substitute again start tennis point (7)
@Sid RE (again) + SERVE (start tennis point) = RESERVE (Substitute)
CCCC: Disseminated article (7)
....could this be RECITAL? (Article)*
7:45 PM
@Sid Correct. & lit.
Not my best work... :|
I thought it's pretty neat. Enumeration is doing double duty though
How so?
Oh, wait. &Lit. Got it/
I thought the (7) was the def there
If the wordplay is out of order do you have to indicate that somehow (like "after" in ffao's q above)?
Generally yes
For instance, an anagram indicator (say 'mad') needs to be next to the word it is anagramming (say 'north') not after it: mad north with shrub is prickly (9) is good but mad with shrub north is prickly (9) doesn't make sense at all
The after was needed for ffao's clue, other wise it would be 'MYACADE' not 'ACADEMY'
8:07 PM
THORNBUSH! Thanks for the easy one. :)
(And telling me how to solve half of it)
CCCC: Fraud after the fifth ((7)
I assume the double bracket wass a typo?
other wise the answer will be BRACKET for an unknown reason
8:24 PM
HEY where did this bounty come from??
The one awarded to myself on the 3D stonehenge puzzle
who awarded it?
I don't know
8:31 PM
Oh nvm
It has a hover popup
@Avigrail much appreciated
Deus didn't need it :P
Who says I did ;P
Avigrail, apparently :)
ok but srsly tho for as active as I am, I am pretty low X)
@feelinferrety Arrgh... message language. cringes
8:33 PM
you're making pretty good headway actually. Rep here tends to come slowly, for whatever reason
Just fulfilling that Impostor Syndrome.
Unless you are like MCN and spam posts...
don't get me started. mutter
MCN is successful only because people with no discriminating taste are upvoting that dreck.
@BeastlyGerbil I think it probably is in fact BRACKET, since fraud = racket. Not quite sure why fifth = B though. (Some musical thing? Only if you're in E for whatever reason.)
How come the one time I don't mention names, I get called out and redacted but y'all keep bringing it up without a peep >_<
8:35 PM
@Rubio Quantity over quality is a disappointingly viable strategy.
@feelinferrety apparently, you are averaging 3 rep per day :P
Surely only recently
(Though I wouldn't have brought up the name.)
@Deusovi indeed.
(Thought the query I am using is dated)
8:36 PM
I had a couple of choice answers back in my first active period
Went quiet for awhile and haven't done much but yammer since I've been back
...and downvote
@GarethMcCaughan Well, you have 90% of the clue. If you want, I can give you the reason of B=5.
gareth and rubio have highest rep per day numbers, 63 and 61
@BeastlyGerbil What a surprise.
It's a little disheartening to try and regain privileges I had back before graduation
8:38 PM
What query are you using btw?
@Gareth How does fraud = racket?
@Tumbler41 If someone is "running a racket" they are committing fraud
I'm always #2 to Gareth, story of my life. (I'm really Number Two to him in our mod chat room. you should see the things he says to me there!)
@Rubio I should, yeah ;P
8:39 PM
fraud=racket is fine. i'm not thrilled about fifth=boron though hehe
I aim to displease. :P
Hmm... This is why I will never be good at these things....
Eh, from what I've read it's a fairly well-established usage
oh I'm sure. i just don't like it much, personally
except in Contact ;)
@BeastlyGerbil That query also takes users who have posted just once and were lucky to be in HNQ.
8:41 PM
Not overkeen on fifth=B either but never mind. So I suppose I should set the next one.
Incidentally, for the record, I am not in fact mean to Rubio in the mod chat room.
@sid you can ignore them
you are just very strict with him :P
@Rubio Pretty sure you learn lots of new words to defend in contact. :P
@GarethMcCaughan This is true. Gareth likes to ruin my fun though :)
CCCC: Aim at one play leading to conversion (8)
can conversion be an indicator?
in general, I mean
8:55 PM
@feelinferrety You're welcome.
@JohnDvorak In general, "conversion" could be an anagrind applying to material going before it. So e.g. "Credit conversion is straightforward (6)" would be a valid clue for DIRECT.
CC question: Would "third class" be acceptable for cluing the letter A (clAss)?
I'm pretty sure I've seen that construction but I don't like it much.
Would probably need an 'of' in there or something but then its pretty obvious...
9:32 PM
but i've seen first class a lot... what's different? or is first class also frowned upon?
I haven't seen "first class" meaning C a lot, for that matter
but I think it's ungrammatical for the same reason third class is
I'd say acceptable: yes, like it personally: no
Yup, my feeling too. "First in class" would be fine, of course.
9:52 PM
Okay, I need to sleep now. Good Night folks.
Q: Not quite Saturated

SidThe answer to this Puzzle would be a single word. 1. Dancing Descent 2. Cryptic Rebuses for another idea? 3. Fish type, maybe? Crustacean, few, Culture, finest(4,1) or (1,4) Dear, spoken, tanks, besides (2,1) or (1,2) Diane, Grey, miss, All (3,1) or (1,3) Smooch, lightbulb, risque, tells ...

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