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1:20 AM
Q: Short-story identification: Mercenary general with a supercomputer

VicpylonThe story involves a famed mercenary general that will only work for those clients he deems "worthy." In reality he is working towards galactic peace using his army as a tool to reshape interstellar relations in to a more peaceful configuration. A supercomputer helps him decide which wars to figh...

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2:34 AM
Q: movie: suspense, thriller, aliens invading

Teagan Stensrudok so guy drives his car around a forest preserve or park or something. sees glimpses of things running out in front of him. finally sees aliens. drives into town and aliens are invading. he leaves the "park" a couple times drives back and forth looking for friends or something. picture on box is...

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7:11 AM
Hi, can anyone who has 3k rep or @rand help me re-open this (WARNING: GoT FINALE SPOILERS!) I have a WoG answer which can be found here (SAME WARNING AS ABOVE)
Thank you :)
7:43 AM
@Gallifreyan Somehow off topic, but I was browsing artstation following the links you posted. Funny to see how this guy made a concept art screen for a Secret of Mana remake that looks far superior to the thing Square just annunced recently....
7:54 AM
So my calendar is telling me that the day when the Harry Potter epilogue will happen is really close. Is there any celebration we're planning on Sci Fi SE (or chat)?
Guess I should ask this on Meta.
/r/HarryPotter probably has some things
Guess I should ask this on Meta.
@Edlothiad Sure, some people will organize real-world celebrations, like wearing costumes, traveling to London and going to King's Cross or to Euston (see scifi.stackexchange.com/a/68002/4918 for why Euston) or to whatever railway station they think the Hogwarts Express starts from now (my headcannon is that they moved it from King's Cross platform 10-ε when the books got so popular among Muggles, but I don't know where to).
But I'm asking specifically about SE now.
They still have the Luggage trolly halfway in the wall with a scarf at Kings Cross Station with a queue of about 100 people most days.
Also between platforms 9 and 10 (I think)
scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/q/11263/4918 "Is there any reliable source for Harry Potter other than the books and interviews?" wasn't this one on the main site? it's on Sci Fi Meta now
With excellent commentary from the legendary David Attenborough
8:50 AM
@Derpy It really does. The art style looks similar to Jotun.
Q: How will we celebrate Harry Potter epilogue day on Sci Fi SE?

b_jonasMy calendar just reminded me that we're very close to 2017-09-01, the day described in the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, when Harry Potter's children get on the train to go to the Hogwarts school. How will we celebrate this special occasion on Sci Fi SE or chat? (See my ques...

@Gallifreyan look, it is pretty simple. The fake screenshot / concept art from artstation was made with heart.
the official remake... was made with wallet.
the only thing that I would change in the fake screen is perhaps Randi. And that is just because it somehow seem too "detailed" compared to the background 8expecially the face). For the rest... the colors, the lighting, the reflection on the water.... those are the thing that make a 2d art superior to a poor 3d render.
I didn't expect they to do a Ni No Kuni level remake... but that is just artistically uninspired
9:06 AM
@Derpy Ni No Kuni looks pretty, has a distinct Ghibli vibe to it. Too bad it's not on PC.
This guy reminded me of Howl's Moving Castle.
@Gallifreyan Ni No Kuni 2 is
@Derpy Holy mother of god, those graphics need that system?!
@Gallifreyan well, not really cheap but you can't say it is really overexpensive either. And you should know, that is the issue of the PC gaming... why optimize when you can just force the customer upgrading?
@Derpy This sucks.
9:22 AM
@Gallifreyan At least you do get the felling you are playing a Ghibli movie.
There is no real difference between the cutscenes and the game.
@Derpy I'll add it to wishlist then.
@Gallifreyan THIS guy?
@Derpy The boy with the red cloak.
@Gallifreyan nope, you didn't get it :P
trust me, they are pretty close :P
This one from Tales of Earthsea looks even closer.
9:33 AM
BTW, since this is a room about books too. Ni No Kuni 1 had a book that came with it.
I think the Japanese original release just included it while the EU/US releases limited it to the collector edition
the book.... not only it does fit the plot (and in a way is required to play, that's why the worldwide release included a digital ingame version)... but it is also very beautiful
Is it ANime.se O.o
@AnkitSharma Sorry :P
let's stop this room hijack there then ^_^
As long as there's no images of the typical, it's fine
9:46 AM
Take that stuff to the maid cafe that's what it's for :eyeroll:
yep, should be the same wizard :P
(I had forgot how utterly bad the animated Dragonlance movie was)
Now that was LotR, by Bakshi
10:04 AM
yep, but the one above was supposed to be Raistlin
10:16 AM
@Edlothiad Weird, I didn't get a notification from that ping.
@Slytherincess Any thoughts about this? scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/q/11293/31394
@Edlothiad You have no taste -_-
10:31 AM
a poof. https://t.co/c50GhuBuBq
A digital floof for @Edlothiad.
@Gallifreyan You do know what poof means in British English?
@Randal'Thor No, what?
Oh, I see.
Well, here it most likely means "floof", because it's a fllofy-sounding word.
Go and watch some Monty Python :-P
11:07 AM
> '[Playername] was slain by The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog'
11:58 AM
Greetings, Earthlings.
Greetings. Have you been augmented?
Not today.
> Are You Experienced?
12:52 PM
Q: HNQ as plot summary

ZaibisI understand that titles should be meaningful, and I admit that this just becomes a problem if something draws as much attention as its the case with GoT. But still... I cant be quiet sure as I haven't watched the season final yet, but I feel like the HNQ here just spoiled me with a compact summ...

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1:50 PM
Happy owl floof
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