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12:03 AM
"Welcome to the new YouTube homepage." - NOOOOOOOOOO! :-(
12:58 AM
@IvoFlipse: You might want to have a good laugh with how they finally cracked call-games in Belgium.
1:55 AM
@IvoFlipse, is there anything else I ought to edit/improve on this, or can it be posted to the live tag wiki now?
Q: Proposed tag wiki for Community-FAQ-Proposed and Community-FAQ

nhinkle This is a suggested tag wiki entry for community-faq and community-faq-proposed, tags which very few users can edit and would benefit from having a tag wiki. Please see "make editing tag wikis more accessible" for more details. Community FAQ Proposed Community FAQ questions are designed to ...

and @TomWij (and anyone else interested), would you like to help me sometime soon (not tonight, I've too much school work to do, but soon) to go through the existing community-faq-proposed questions, touch them up, and start talking about which ones to promote from proposed status?
2:12 AM
Good evening everyone.
hey @MarkSzymanski
Hi, @nhinkle. How are you?
Alright. Still recovering from a cold, but better than yesterday
I'm doing fine, thanks. Just trying to get as close to 2000 rep as I can, for today anyways. I'm like 500 rep away.
Nice :)
2000 rep is a good one, since then you get edit privileges, which is super helpful
2:18 AM
I can't wait.
I'm going to edit stuff like crazy XD
although there's been discussion on meta that the SO team is working to implement a system by which anyone will be able to propose edits, but 2 or more users would have to approve the edits if the editor had <2000 rep
Very cool.
which frankly just sounds like a lot of extra work for the rest of us
Good point.
And, what if some stupid spammer just starts proposing edits everywhere?
Then they get banned
2:19 AM
There'll be a record of who proposes what edits
But, that still leaves some proposed edits to clean up.
indeed. which, as i said, sounds like a hassle
i don't personally like the idea
see this meta.so discussion:
Yeah. I'm starting to dislike it too.
Q: Is everyone in favor of the new "everyone can edit" idea? Is this really such a good idea?

JoshAs originally requested here and described in Diff is Hard, Let's Go Shopping!: [The team is] planning to open the floodgates and allow everybody to submit content edits on posts Am I the only one who sees this undesirable? In fact, the more I think about it the more I think it has the pos...

i have to go eat dinner
2:20 AM
Talk to you later.
Take care.
you get the "Approve edit" privledge at 1k?
I think it should be the same as the editing one, 2k..
2:57 AM
@MarkSzymanski, I think the idea is that if two 1k users think it's ok, it can't be too terrible
again, not that i agree, but that's their apparent reasoning
Ah, ok.
I get what you mean.
3 hours later…
5:29 AM
morning folks.
crickets chirp
5:48 AM
hey @Sathya
5:58 AM
hey @nhinkle
how's your cold @nhinkle
i'm still recovering, but feeling much, much better than yesterday
thanks for asking
@nhinkle ah, good to hear. Taking any meds?
I took just one cold medicine pill yesterday, and nothing since
I try to avoid taking drugs when I can
I saw the weirdest advert tonight while watching the latest The Big Bang Theory episode
everyone in the room just burst into laughter
@nhinkle kinda the same here, take only when it's unavoidable
@nhinkle I'm going to have to wait for another 8 or so hours till I can watch that :/
@Sathya, why? Low bandwidth connection or something?
6:03 AM
@nhinkle at work, So yt banned
as are most image hosts, photo sites, blogs et al
regarding drugs, avoid indeed. I got my wisdom teeth out last year. Most people I know had general anesthesia for it, i.e. they were completely knocked out. I just had local anesthesia, and took a few ibuprofen. And I ended up recovering faster than the people who were totally knocked out, in large part because they felt crappy from the drugs.
Bummer about stuff being blocked at work. At least you can get on Super User :D
created this bookmarklet to get around that
does cbs.com load at your work? i'm guessing it'll probably be blocked, but... if not
cbs et al are not available outside US @nhinkle
Ah, right. I forgot about their obnoxious region-limiting stuff
6:06 AM
cbs, nextflix, hulu, fox news, pandora
hate that crap
yeah. that's quite unfortunate.
even my fav last.fm stopped their free streaming service outside US
seriously? that's a huge bummer
I prefer pandora personally, but last.fm is pretty cool, too
atleast I can purchase a subscription for last.fm
i'm betting the recording industry is behind that. their licensing terms with the streaming radio companies are pretty harsh
6:07 AM
I purchased a subscription day before yesterday, and it's been down for the past 12 hours. Whattey #FAIL :/
You know what would be handy? It would be cool if somebody wrote a Pidgin plugin for SE chat
@nhinkle yeah. another reason why spotify is there in UK & EU, but not elsewhere
Because I always have chats going on in Pidgin anyhow
@nhinkle @Josh is writing that
really? is there any info about it out there?
6:09 AM
I've been testing it on an on/off basis, since XMPP is blocked at work can't check it out :/
@nhinkle yeah, I'm really happy atleast I can access this
Hmm. Taking a look at it right now
How does it work? Is each chat room represented by an XMPP "user"?
@nhinkle as a room/account
basically you connect to @Josh's server
hi @KyleCronin
hi @Sathya
enter your gasp cookie & fkey details ( these are for write access)
for read-only just login using your XMPP account to @Josh's servers
btw @nhinkle I had a scare couple of days ago
Q: Stack Exchange chat blocked under "Gaming" classification

SathyaNote: I'm not sure if there's anything much that can be done, but I vaguely recall @Jeff mentioning about bringing up incorrect website classification(I can't find his quote now) on Meta, so I'm posting this anyway. The root domain for Stack Exchange chat seems to have triggered the web filter a...

haven't seen you around in here, @KyleCronin welcome to SU chat
more web(non)sense
@Sathya thanks, I'm mostly on Apple.SE, but I thought I'd drop in and see how things are here
6:13 AM
Access to this URL is currently restricted due to a blocking rule.

URL: gizmodo.com/5738887
Rule: Block URLs of type News/Media
things are alright here :) @KyleCronin
2 hours later…
8:05 AM
@Sathya any suggestions for troubleshooting a computer that won't shutdown?
other than forcing it to close at a timeout or something
@IvoFlipse You know how tempted I am to say "Which OS?"
windows xp
@IvoFlipse, have you tried giving up and crying?
not yet
On a more serious note, does it never shutdown properly, or is it just a one-time problem?
8:09 AM
weird. what happens if you try shutting down from being booted into safe mode?
haven't checked yet
might be worth checking into. i know in windows 7 it'll tell you about drivers/programs which slow down hibernating and shutting down, but i don't think xp had that functionality
not as far as I know
sadly they have to start get working on the pc
but I'm writing a question about it on SU, so I can check it the next time
morning all
8:15 AM
good morning @DMA57361
I saw the other mods gave some constructive comments on most of the nominations
guess I should hasten with my Q&A list for each mod ;)
well there's only 2 days left before the primary, so anything will need to be quick
good call, probably will do it this afternoon then
when I get back home
@DMA57361, wdym?
"Nominations close in 5 days."
oh wait
btw @nhinkle I'll add your community-faq wiki's to their page today
8:22 AM
@nhinkle good job someone is paying attention
thanks @IvoFlipse :)
i appreciate your help with the tag wikis business
@DMA57361 :P
well who knows in a months time you can do it yourself ;)
(although I kind of wish it were just 2 days... I feel like all the likely candidates have nominated themselves by now)
@nhinkle time for my morning cuppa I think before trying to read anything else :P
@IvoFlipse, we'll see. time will tell
@DMA57361, good plan
8:24 AM
I'm a little surprised non of the other high-rep/avid users have nominated themselves
I think it's weird they took down the announcement so quickly
though I guess they're fine with just reporting and not having the responsibility
if somebody didn't visit the site for just a couple days, it's possible they might not even know it was going on
the notice is still on Meta
then they don't check the meta's either ;P
8:24 AM
@IvoFlipse, who else would you have nominated/expected to nominate themselves?
but I do find it odd that it's gone down as well
true, i did notice that, just didn't stick in my mind
somebody like Ignacio
or even Harry
From what I've observed, it looks like Ignacio answers a lot of questions, and provides a lot of great content, but I don't recall seeing him doing much in the way of editing or closing. But then again, I don't see everything, so who knows
or Mepher
8:27 AM
Some people may also just feel they don't have the time. That's why I hesitated at first, but then I realized I'd spend just as much time here either way, so might as well make my time count.
they all do their share, more importantly; they see a load of content
very true
I'm dropping down on the rep league :P
guess I should try answering questions again
Haha. Yeah there was about a week there where my rep totally stagnated. Mostly because I didn't see any questions that interested me or I knew about, or else I was answering things CW
The past couple days I've had the opportunity to put some good answers finally though
I've found it harder and harder to answer anything useful
guess I could just focus on asking more questions
8:30 AM
I guess Mehper or Ignacio probably have their hands full, so thought against it
@IvoFlipse nothing that strikes my mind, you could try this kb support.microsoft.com/kb/308029
this seems another nice list to look at aumha.org/win5/a/shtdwnxp.php @IvoFlipse
> “With its rock-solid foundation and ground-breaking new features, Windows XP Professional won’t quit working, even when your workday is done.” — Microsoft
that's right, it won't shutdown ffs
> By now, the Roxio/Adeptec Easy CD / Direct CD software is well documented as being the major cause of this undesirable shutdown behavior. SOLUTION: Roxio has released new drivers (here) to solve this problem in both the Platinum and Basic editions of Easy CD Creator 5. As expected, at least half of the Win XP shutdown problems went away with the release of these patches.
LOL... that is ironic that they say that
I was trying to uninstall everything from roxio, but couldn't finish it
8:36 AM
do you actually have roxio installed? it's usually pretty high on my list of things to get rid of
well it probably came with the HPs
ahh. yeah HP loves to bundle crap
they weren't my pc's ;-)
@nhinkle tell me about it.
I spent about an hour today helping a client uninstall all the garbage after HP made her do a full reimage of her computer from their recovery partition
8:38 AM
I've got this annoying problem of my WiFi connection getting disconnected, and after that no wifi networks are detected :/ I have to disable & re-enable the adapter to make it detect the networks. argh
Speaking of WiFi and crap on HPs...
my laptop came with this "HP Wireless Manager" thing installed
great read that second link @Sathya
i was looking in the task manager, and wondering why the processor kept spiking every second
it was a generic services.exe instance
so i dug around with process explorer
turns out the executable for that stupid wireless manager software was making incessant and inefficient WMI queries, and eating up CPU in the process
@nhinkle trojan / something like that ?
so i uninstalled it. there was a noticeable increase in battery life after that
nope. it was the hp software
something that comes preinstalled
8:40 AM
@nhinkle I have that same crap :/
@Sathya you have an envy 14, right?
it's probably a bug
@Sathya apparently the high-res display is available again

@IvoFlipse, probably, but either way, i didn't need their extra software running
as long as your can run your own alternative... there has to be one in the first place
8:42 AM
Had a user come in today with a laptop "acting funny". I ran malwarebytes... it found 800 different infections. I was horrified.

@IvoFlipse, the software is supplementary. The actual hardware drivers are separate, and Windows handles the connections fine. Their software is basically just an ugly shell on built-in functions
@nhinkle I don't have any AV's running, but I make it a point to run malwarebytes and S&D every other week
yuck @nhinkle (for both stories)
@nhinkle oh really ?
@Sathya, regarding the wifi manager? Yeah.
I got rid of it and my wifi's been working fine ever since
I run MSE, it's pretty unobtrusive
expected ^^ to nominate.
8:45 AM
Looks like a good candidate. @ mention them, and encourage them to!
him too @Sathya
be back later
i'm going to sleep methinks
so goodnight folks
@nhinkle g'nite
2 hours later…
heh, nice :)
2 hours later…
1:13 PM
Yesterday had the longest job... bought a new nas for a client to transfer over existing data... thought they just had spreadsheets and stuff - turns out it was GB's and GBs of data... ended up installing remote access software and doing it over the next few days - estimated eta, 36 hours :S.... Next time, I will ask how much data in advance!!!
still - very good (knowledgeable) client, so they were very understanding about the situation!
@Sathya oh YEAH!!!! Im happy.... but so much work.... I know what I will be reading later!
@Wil ouch!
@Wil have fun!
1:31 PM
Oh wow some people updated thier election nominations
@Wil so I'm in the process of becoming a head IT guy at a local buisiness here...
kinda nervous about the whole thing
@KronoS I haven't :P
@Sathya yours was already great... besides your almost a sho-in for mod elections
WHAT!? @Diago recommended me?.... I'm honored
your meta answers are pretty outstanding @KronoS
I think I'm going to update mine now... :)
@Sathya really? I just write down what makes sense
well gotta go to school... I'll talk at y'all later... @Sathya
@Sathya Ditto - I hope I get more than one vote, but if I don't, you are it for me!
1:37 PM
@Wil you submitted ?
(sorry to others, I just think I talk to @Sathya the most!... other than Ivo, but he isn't up for nomination/renomination... )
@Sathya I don't want to be a mod... for me, that feels when it goes from being fun to a job!... no disrespect to any mod here, I just like answering questions... I wrote about my feelings on a meta post somewhere...
@Wil ah ok
@KronoS see ya
I can't find it - it was when I got in to that sort-of-argument with Diago a while ago... I wrote it up... I don't really think it would be right for me to be a mod after that either
@Wil I think I recall that somewhere, it was in a comment I guess
I posted a good answer to a crap question and he threatened to ban me... some people defended it and stuff... complicated... but then it started a meta thing, and I wrote there that I don't want to be a mod..
1:43 PM
we wouldn't want John T to be a mod either
nor Jon Skeet
and with the new mod tools I think @Wil already does his fair share :)
found it....
At no point does it say that I have to "moderate", I do not want to sound bad or unappreciative for the tools - I do flag and delete/close from time to time, but at no time did I ever say I want to be a moderator - I am happy to do this when it comes up, but I am here to help people and answer questions.
I don't mean any disrespect moderators, but if you don't want to do it either (or it is starting to annoy you), perhaps you shouldn't be moderators?... And more importantly, if it became required to moderate at over 3k, I would probably create a new account every time I reached 2,999!
(I cannot say enough, in the last two paragraphs, I do not mean to be unappreciative, disrespectful or offensive in any way. I love this site - but it is a bit hard to write the above without sounding like an a$$.)
(Remember, that was in the context of the Diago argument... I hardly talk to him, but I think things are ok now!)
@IvoFlipse Do I? :S I haven't been in the mod tools for so long... usually nothing is there, so I don't bother... but I always try to flag/move/close when I see obvious things...
no but you do flag stuff
you don't have to be on both ends
if you answer stuff, you spot fresh spam/crap to flag
that's just as important as cleaning it up
I should be thanking you ;)
[yells to me] I need to shift to ANSI-join syntax [/yell]
1:53 PM
@IvoFlipse :P
@nhinkle Sure.
2:12 PM
Q: Does email address obfuscation actually work?

Kyle CroninMost of the time when I see someone post their email address online, especially if it's a personal address, they use something like me [at] example [dot] com instead of the actual email address ([email protected]). Even top members of this community use similar styles in their profiles: jt...

the preview renders that post right, the live-rendering kind of .. sux.
I made screenshots of that too @akira
any hints towards marking up the text of the post so live rendering would look nice?
was planning on putting it up on Meta
I'd take away the numbers for now
2:15 PM
yeah, i transformed them a bit now
1) this way lists are not triggered.
k, back to serious stuff :)
Q: Problem with numbering in Markdown

Ivo FlipseWhen using a numbered list that's interrupted by a quote for each item, it's being rendered correctly in the edit/preview screen, but ends up 'resetting' each item in the final version. In edit mode: The actual post: I read Jeff's answer on Daniel Beck's question stating that the preview is...

Anyone have any advice for setting up wireless point to point that is at a distance?
I'm trying to get wifi out to my garage.
Right now I have some cheap netgear router in the house and an old linksys flashed with dd wrt acting as a bridged repeater in the garage
It doesn't work as well as I would like it.
2:31 PM
what part isn't working as well?
well the repeater receives a pretty weak signal
A: Problem with numbering in Markdown

KronoSI've actually had this same issue as well... As a work around until this is fixed I just add a second period to the number.... 1.. 2.. 3.. This forces the markdown to treat it other than a list. You won't get indented formatting that normally comes with numbering but will at le...

and therefore what it repeats doesn't reach the entire garage
I saw it
I know that it's not an actual fix but at least it's a work around
2:32 PM
perhaps put the linksys closer to the netgear one
also for the MATLAB code it's using Euler's method to numerically solved a physics prob...
so it picks up a stronger signal to extend
oh my big friend Euler
but the recursion doesn't seem to be working properly
can you link it again, I tried reading it on the iPad
lol ya... just sec...
pulling up matlab
2:34 PM
didn't you have a pastebin?
you were calculating something with the speed of light and mass? (c and m)
Ya, but I don't think I "saved" it indeffinitely
so I'm going to paste it again
I've explained the function better now as well...
c is just a drag constant
m is mass
This is used to calc the terminal velocity of an object
there's no t in velocity = vi+(9.8-c/m*(vi))*2;
and t == 18 makes a static value, it doesn't loop does it?
you can debug it by simply putting print t; in there
it should... when I call the function recursively it goes through all the steps.... but outputs the first value, or none at all...
your also constantly overwriting velocity
if you uncomment out the %velocity
then you'll have a print out of what's happening
2:41 PM
in Python you would append the result from: vi+(9.8-c/m*(vi))*2; into a list velocity (or array)
I thought of that as well, so I changed it to "v" but then it didn't print out anything
and then have it read the last value of the array?
but all I'm concerned about it the final value...
you should create something like t = [0:1:18] (from 0 with steps of 1 till 18 or whatever)
then why do you have to loop?
it needs to update vi every run right?
@IvoFlipse, Last one was last night... Do you get this? The game is so buggy....
where's the acceleration in there? because I can't really see velocity increasing else
well you don't have to play it that much @wil ;)
2:44 PM
Aw how cute! @Wil ;)
strange I never have that
@IvoFlipse acceleration isn't needed I don't think...
@KronoS Thanks! ... My (non biological - obviously) babies!
@IvoFlipse lol, just me... I always get the bugs!
is it a free fall @KronoS?
9.8 = gravitational acceleration (doh!)
@Wil thanks for clarifying that... I was getting a little scared you had mated with a dog... or were a werewolf... now I just know you're still a spy.
@IvoFlipse you mean that accel... lol
2:47 PM
and that *2 at the end :\
@KronoS lol, well, I treat them as if they were my babies... but thought it would just be weird to write that :S
I guess it's a twisted version of something like that
there's my big friend :)
you're using a thing like that, only slightly different
@IvoFlipse THAT!!!
kinda... lol
wishes he didn't leave his textbook at home :(
jeez, had to go on a refactoring spree :/
7 functions, 6 views in the past hour and half.
with that that I should be off
your initial velocity+ whatever you will accelerate in a given time, which would be 9.8m/s*s but your being slowed down by a coefficient of drag divided by (the mass * the initial velocity)
sorry, but if there's no t in there, how would it ever iterate over it for a certain amount of time?
how long does he fall?
2:53 PM
20 seconds... and the time iteration is does through the recursion:
and how strange that it's times 2 at the end, guess it's the inverse of that 1/2 from those formulas or that 2 we see in the middle one
that's just saying what you want to stuff into terminal, not how they all related to eachother
@IvoFlipse 0_o ?
velocity = vi+(9.8-c/m*(vi))*2;
2:55 PM
is pretty sure that's exactly from textbook
something = 10 m/s + (9.8 - 0.5/80 * (10)) * 2
no... it should be 0 for the first iteration...
not 10 m/s
then 19.96 for second... and so forth
that's not what it says over there :P
your not updating vi with velocity each iteration
plus what I fill in for vi is moot, it's just a constant anyway :P
no it's dynamically changing...
or it should be...
btw if vi = 0 I would be dividing by zero:
(9.8 - (0.5 / (80 * 0 )))*2 + 0
Traceback (most recent call last):
ZeroDivisionError: float division
2:58 PM
this is what I get when I run it, and uncomment out the %velocity on line 19
uncommenting just prints the results of velocity
terminal(m,c,t+2,velocity); oh now I understand
@IvoFlipse your parenthesis is wrong... should be (9.8-(.5/80)*0)*2+0

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