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8:00 PM
there is even a challenge with a french title with errors
Yeah I like that compromise too. The name was the issue (I think, flawr may disagree) and keeping the name in Russian removes the issue
@flawr Well, at least it's better than Многочлены Chebyshev.
@Dennis well I agree on that
8:01 PM
Многочлены Chebyshev'a
Многочлены Chebyshev(a?)
@flawr Again, that one is about a non-english language
This challenge isn't
Chebyshev's многочлены
I'm not a huge fan of non-English titles, but I'd much prefer that to a long English back story
@flawr The thing about that is that it uses (almost) all English characters, and one can see from a first glance approximately what it means (Imperfections is an English word, and francais is pretty well-known to mean French)
8:03 PM
I should have actually used the german transliteration as it is probably the most common in the pre internet literature
@Dennis This compromise is also in line with other non-English names, like Erdős
seeing a foreign-language title makes me expect a challenge about that language
@xnor but what if you saw something like "Erdős Numbers"
@Jordan then I'd expect it to be about Erdős Numbers
@WheatWizard I need your opinion. This doesn't do s..tuff. -V doesn't help to.
8:09 PM
@DeadPossum You getting Closer? I hope so!
@DeadPossum The IP could start anywhere
@Jordan I hope too!
@HyperNeutrino I know <_<
@DeadPossum If you download the interpreter you can use -d to watch the program run
so if it starts on the end of the first line going down, then it will be stuck forever
I'd be willing to help thought
8:10 PM
@HyperNeutrino I would have some direction at start
I'm glad I set up the Proton parser using a regex-like engine. It literally took me one minute to add while loops to the language :P
@WheatWizard Ok, I'll try it
may I point out that the lost interpreter crashes if you give it an empty command line argument
@HyperNeutrino nuuuu not regex
@DeadPossum It could be doing that though
@StepHen my lexer is almost purely regex and my parser works similarly :P
8:11 PM
@HyperNeutrino but... but... but... regex :(
@ppperry Thanks. Most interpreters I know do that. It has to do with the way TIO formats input, thats not to say it can't be fixed.
@WheatWizard Dennis asked me to add a try... except for my interpreter for that I believe
but that was for input not for args
I should add variable scoping into my language. Right now everything is global.
8:12 PM
I'm sure I could do that.
@HyperNeutrino adding an extra if statement doesn't that that long either
@HyperNeutrino Oh, now I see that. Gotta fix, but nonetheless, other entry points (lots of) should do the job right. should
@DeadPossum What is the general plan for the quine?
@DeadPossum Yeah. Hopefully :P
@StepHen adding ifs were the hardest thing because it was the first block statement that I added. Everything else got easier as I got used to my parser's pattern matching engine
@HyperNeutrino no, I mean that adding an if to a parser isn't that much longer than adding something to regex
8:14 PM
Yeah I guess?
I mean to add while loops to my language all I needed to do was add a single line into the parser:
PatternMatcher([('keyword', 'keyword', 'while'), ('expression',), (('expression', 'statement'),)], lambda x, y, z: x.addChild(y).addChild(z).addType('statement')),
eh I think I just personally can read a char by char parser 10x easier than regex
And 3 lines into my interpreter
elif tree.token.content == 'while':
    while hardeval(tree.children[0], symlist):
        evaluate(tree.children[1], symlist)
yeah I can't read that one bit
@WheatWizard Well, I started with 2-liner (sadly already scrap it) like that
@StepHen wait char-by-char parser? o_O or do you mean token-by-token
8:15 PM
@HyperNeutrino sorry token by token yeah
the lexer is the char by char
@StepHen IMO it's a lot easier to read, and even if not, a lot easier to write.
@WheatWizard Than I understood that ! in >?!< can't exist in 2-liner and I need 3rd
@StepHen ah ok. I used to do char-by-char languages and then char-by-char lexers, but I find regex lexers so much easier to use and much more extendable and maintainable.
Code Golfer's Corner is frozen :'-(
8:16 PM
@DeadPossum There are ways to make two liner loops
how do you prevent a one-liner from starting from a non-directional char and going down (thus looping infinitely)?
@WheatWizard Hm.. If anything in one-liner is not a direction command, it may stuck, going up or down
@HyperNeutrino What's up with Biweekly contest for undervoted answers?
Yeah I made a mistake I meant 2
@Mr.Xcoder Oh it died.
8:17 PM
Will we do anything with it, in the end?
not enough people using it
@HyperNeutrino rip :'-(
Same thing with 2-liner and !. It will stuck going up or down
@DeadPossum >?"v"0*+ should work as a 2 liner
@HyperNeutrino ok I get it, you're skipping the lexer completely
the regex is the lexer
8:18 PM
yeah I don't like that, regex becomes a mess
I have a list of lexer rules and it matches the code against each rule until it finds one and then gets a token from it
For example the regex rule to find string literals is just this:
@StepHen regex IS a mess
RegexMatcher(r'"([^"\\]|\\.)*"', 0, 'literal:expression', lambda x: ast.literal_eval('""%s""' % x))
you might prefer just storing whether or not the lexer is in string mode for each character but I find that to be more of a pain.
@WheatWizard It may be too late in night, but I don't get this one :c
8:20 PM
elif self.cur == LITERAL_QUOTE:
       temp = self.read_literal()
       return temp
much longer
that's what I do
but so much more readable
@DeadPossum We use a string to get past the v instead of a jump.
also that's not char-by-char either
@HyperNeutrino yes it is
8:20 PM
oh wait nvm
@DeadPossum Someone earlier said you don't have @ in your code, are you adding that later? (with % as well)
that's the lexer
read_literal is probably char-by-char too.
@HyperNeutrino yup
@Jordan there is @ and %
8:21 PM
def read_literal(self):
        result = ""

        while self.cur is not None and self.cur != LITERAL_QUOTE:
            result += self.cur

        return Token(LITERAL, result)
@WheatWizard Oh, get it now
a lot more readable imo
@StepHen how do you escape strings?
@DeadPossum oh yeah duh
@WheatWizard still need a way to clear stack without !
8:21 PM
CMC: Sum the suffixes of a list.
Shouldn't skim code lol
@HyperNeutrino I don't yet, I told you I don't really have strings
@DeadPossum That will do it
@StepHen Oh is this the cQuents lexer?
[1,2,3,4] -> suffixes: [[1,2,3,4],[2,3,4],[3,4],[4]] -> sums: [10, 9, 7, 4]
8:22 PM
Well it leaves a zero on the stack technically
I'm going to rewrite the interpreter with SBCS and get rid of all my two-byte crap and actually do string sequences
@HyperNeutrino yeah
@WheatWizard Yeah, now I see. Gotta go rest soon -_-
@Mr.Xcoder U+\U
@StepHen Ah okay. That makes more sense.
Ok good luck
@HyperNeutrino :'-( shorter built-ins: sM.__
8:23 PM
@Mr.Xcoder hehe
Can Lost start in lines other than the first line?
(sorry WW)
@Jordan It can start anywhere and go anywhere.
This is the most efficient way to do spacial partionining checks, right?
@HyperNeutrino What are you sorry for?
@WheatWizard I accidentally pinged you lol
8:24 PM
Oh I missed it
@WheatWizard Shorter built-ins
lol ._. heh
Lost is way above my skill level haha
Didn't miss that one
Not even gonna try it
8:24 PM
@Mr.Xcoder PowerShell, 51 bytes -- Try it online!
@Jordan It might be helpful to check out the programs people have already writen
There are some techniques that are helpful
Darn, I hit repcap 2 1/2 hours ago ._. Now I must wait for tomorrow to post a challenge I didn't yet write ˘V˘
tomorrow is in 3.5 hours
Meeeeh :'-(
@Mr.Xcoder sandbox is your bestest friend
8:26 PM
@WheatWizard Still trying out Befunge98. Solved a CMC in it earlier with very very little help! Simple CMC's would help ;)
@Jordan xcoder just posted one
Try Summing all the even numbers from 0 to n
@WheatWizard cQuents, ;$
@AdmBorkBork Sadly I don't know any way to input a list in befunge and I think it's a bit too complicated
@WheatWizard Will do! Thanks!
CMC: nth even perfect square
8:28 PM
@StepHen No, it's not... I don't post easy challenges in the SB anymore, because then people like Peter Taylor complain that I leave it there for a very short period of time :(
@WheatWizard Jelly: RḂÐḟS
@StepHen Ḥ²
@HyperNeutrino holy crap that's long
@WheatWizard Won't solve this in chat as I'm at work and need to do some coding but trust that I'll solve this on my own :-)
@HyperNeutrino Doesn't ² suffice?
... nth even perfect square?
8:29 PM
@HyperNeutrino Yeah, noticed after I hit send
@StepHen probably could be shorter (literally just range, remove odd numbers, sum)
@Mr.Xcoder ah ok :P
CMP: Who actually hits the "send" button?
@StepHen btw that's wrong
@HyperNeutrino The poster of a comment ?
@HyperNeutrino Me after I click "fixed-font"
8:30 PM
@HyperNeutrino Luddites
@WheatWizard PowerShell, 35 bytes -- Try it online!
CMP: Who actually hits the "fixed-font" button?
@HyperNeutrino me
Ah okay. I'm too lazy to do that :P
@HyperNeutrino who actually puts 16 spaces in?
8:31 PM
@StepHen Ctrl-K?
@StepHen Your 10, 6, [1, 16] test case on the hydra question is making my Prolog program recurse infinitely >=(
@BusinessCat I dunno if 1 is a valid sector or no, but that's weird
I can't figure out how to return the list of moves anyway
So far all I can do is tell if it's killable or not
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

tisaconundrumThe Self-Referential Algorithm Most people are familiar with Tupper's self-referential formula. When the formula is graphed on a calculator it magically graphs itself. Wouldn't it be interesting if we could do something similar with a programming language? Your task Write a small program that ...

That test case does work if the list is [16, 1] instead of [1, 16]
8:35 PM
@BusinessCat uh...
that's weird
CMC: Given an integer, reverse its digits and get the prime factors.
Not really. In logic terms it's basically "There exists a sector X, such that #heads % X is 0, and either (#head / X is 1 or the hydra with #head/X+heads per turn is still killable)"
And so to see if there exists and X, it tries the first element in the list first.
And so it tries 1 on every single step
21 -> 12 -> [2,2,3] (or [2,3] or [[2,2],[3,1]] or whatever)
You may take it as a String
@Mr.Xcoder crap don't have prime factors implemented yet :(
@StepHen In cquents?
8:39 PM
Gaia: vḍ
I'm rewriting it this weekend and adding SBCS, my stupid two byte stuff wasn't working
You'll be happy, I'm making bitwise ops 1 byters :P
3 bytes in Pyth: Ps_
@Mr.Xcoder Uh, something like 150 characters in PowerShell (guessing)
That's not a CMC, lol
8:40 PM
@BusinessCat Does gaia automatically convert string to ints, or is there a built-in for reversed digits
Built-in for reversed digits
@AdmBorkBork More in Swift
@BusinessCat Neat
Well, it's the same operator as reversing strings or lists
DUḌÆE or DUḌÆF or DUḌÆf depending on the desired format
It just also works on numbers
8:41 PM
@Mr.Xcoder it would be something like #|1:\P\rA
replace \P and \r with random unicode
We'd need to reverse the input, then loop down from the number, checking each time if it's prime and if it's a divisor, add that to an array if so and divide out the number. Yeah, somewhere around 150 or so.
I see this room is active, so does anyone want to play Contact once more? (Maybe it's not ok to play twice in a day, but I'm bored and if you don't have anything better to do..)
Might be golfable down to 140
~70 python or ~85 in Python
@Mr.Xcoder I can't right now but there's no limit to how much is played
8:42 PM
hm not now I'm working on Proton xD
@Mr.Xcoder You might also want to check out the other Puzzling game rooms
@HyperNeutrino I am working on Cthulhu's built-ins
ah :P
@Mr.Xcoder I'm down but I'm leaving here at 4:00
for me I'm working on the parser and adding more constructs
8:43 PM
@BusinessCat I should go to Puzzling.Se itself maybe
@Jordan timezone? it's 4:43 for me.
@HyperNeutrino CST
“You should downvote people’s answers if they are irrelevant, or low-quality, or if you agree with the author on the subject of Russian StackExchange question titles.”
ah ok.
I dont really know if it's daylight savings time :X
8:44 PM
@Jordan Not sure what 4 means. It's 15 to 12 here
@Lynn hey it might have been from whoever posted the other Haskell answer
I've gotten completely random downvotes before too
@Mr.Xcoder it means in 15 minutes I believe
ah, yes, downvote your competition in order to win!
Alaska? @Mr.Xcoder
8:45 PM
1 downvote isn't too irregular (though it's strange since it's not a bad answer) but more would be investigation-worthy.
@Jordan Romania
No, the other side of the globe (12 AM)
see his profile
@Mr.Xcoder go to bed :P
Ooh cool
This site is kind of a joke sometimes. But I highly doubt that this instance is random
8:45 PM
@StepHen No thank you
when did you get the downvote ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Especially if you look at the comments on the OP! And the edit history on the OP.
I always get random downvotes
FWIW I upvoted you
@Jordan Who are you talking to?
8:46 PM
It does seem suspicious to me since none of the other answers have downvotes.
For example, I have 3 random dv for the xkcd dumbness
@Mr.Xcoder Sandbox post incoming
@AdmBorkBork Hey!
8:49 PM
@Mr.Xcoder answer got copyrighted, damn
CMC: Create a CMC
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

AdmBorkBorkFactors in Common Based on a chat message Given an input number n > 999, output a list of all prime factors that the number and its reverse have in common. Note that if the factors of one number are [2, 2, 3, ...] and the other has [2, 3, ...] only one 2 should be output. Obviously a palindromi...

@Mr.Xcoder CMC: nth integer ending in <not zero><zero>
In other words, nth integer divisible by 10 but not by 100
Is 0 one of these numbers..?
8:52 PM
@ATaco no
@StepHen s/number/integer/
CMC: Input an integer, output the integer raised to the power of each of the numbers in the integer.

EX. Input: 1234 Output: 1^2^^3^^^4
except instead of just the "^" output the number
@Jordan s/numbers/digits/
@StepHen ọ⁵=1
(is the number of times it's divisible by 10 equal to 1?)
So like (((1^2)^3)^4), to avoid arrow syntax?
8:54 PM
@HyperNeutrino Jelly will never cease to amaze me
Yes @ATaco
@StepHen yup :3
Pretty easy if one of the numbers in the input is 0
@Jordan not automatically
@Jordan That would be terribly ungolfy
8:55 PM
Boo for PowerShell not having a ^ operator.
@Jordan DU*@/
@AdmBorkBork Nor does swift :)
(Digits, reversed, and reduced by applying exponentiate backwards)
@HyperNeutrino there's no "apply exponentiate forwards"?
@HyperNeutrino excuse my "noob-ness" but what language is that?
8:56 PM
@Jordan Jelly
as in lambda x, y: y ** x over lambda x, y: x ** y
most likely
Yes, it is.
I should start saying that specifically.
@Jordan Jelly, 3 Bytes. D*/
8:57 PM
But usually if I don't say it, it's in Python or Jelly, and it's obvious which is which.
@ATaco That's not quite right.
Wait WHAT?
I misread the question ;_;
The U and the @ are useless. So ATaco is right :(((((((((((((((((((((((
I was beaten at Jelly by a taco.
I misread too:
for i in i:z**=int(i)
> for i in i
Tacos are surprisingly good with dessert.
8:58 PM
@ATaco s/'//
@HyperNeutrino I know
Dang, 3 bytes
@HyperNeutrino it's perfectly valid
Not sure if that tells me my CMC skills are bad or that Taco's are great
8:59 PM
@Jordan it means that Jelly can do a lot with a little
@StepHen I know but still
Nah, just right tool for the job.
but that's wrong.
@ATaco I'm not sure if you're meaning a hot arid climate, or a sweet treat after a meal.
8:59 PM
@HyperNeutrino What, why?
@StepHen That hints to me that Jelly has a LOT of commands in it which scares me haha
Python's exponentiation is RTL just like Proton's, but this challenge requires LTR.
Did I remisread?

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