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2:00 PM
I've got more like a "yearly budget" for my gaming hobby, which tends to mean that I would normally play most games 6 mos after release and buy used
@BenBrocka Yeah, same.
@Jin Dear Joel, due to Gaming.SE giving away such vast amounts of crap for relatively little effort, I am hereby leaving my job, as I no longer need it to play games.
nice thing about this SE thing is that I can play games when they're new :D
@agent86 Buying used has a problem with retailers like Gamestop getting the majority of your money rather than the devs. :/
@FAE in fact I bought an extra game from Halfbrick because Jetpack Joyride is so awesome and I didn't really care for the IAP options (except for double money...)
2:01 PM
the problem with me gaming isn't that i don't have the time, I just don't have a "block of time" where I can focus on a game uninterrupted. that's how I play. If I play a game on 'n off, I lose interest
@FAE this is why I wait until they're cheap and buy when they're on sale or a cheap digital game
@FAE yeah, this is sad :(
@BenBrocka Sometimes it's very strange to me that I'm financially stable and have disposable income. I spent most of my life yearning for financial stability and now that I have it, I don't know what to do with myself. :P
@Jin same, a game rarely does that to me. I was impressed ME3 managed to get me playing often enough to enjoy it
I also would tend to shell out for gamefly for a few months and rent a bunch of games and beat them all at once
PC wise, steam sales
2:02 PM
@BenBrocka my next game will either be ME3 or The Last Story.
@agent86 Is it even possible to rent games anymore at normal places?
but it's increasingly hard for me to play RPGs, since I have to remember what happened last time I played.. I took a break from FF12 for a week, then I started again I forgot everything
@FAE blockbuster maybe
Like, not Gamefly services, just plain old renting, like you used to do at Blockbusters or something.
I THINK they still exist
2:03 PM
@FAE not really, redbox kiosks have started a really limited rental service, and blockbuster used to (but the prices were poor)
@Jin I go back to stuff sometimes years later, haha.
@agent86 Ah yeah, I've heard a little about that redbox thing.
@Jin big problem in RPGs. It's why I really loved TAles of Symphonia because they had little Recaps in the menu. Pick up and play and you could read WTF just happened and WhereTF you need to go
there's a gamefly DC pretty close to me, which means I can usually get a 1-day turnaround
and I hate, hate, hate gamestop >:|
And way more RPGs really need to help clarify the whereTF for players like that
I just don't know what's going on anymore in American retail because I don't live there, as my experiences here in the European market, specifically the Dutch one, are very much not indicative of the situation as a whole.
2:04 PM
I tend to prefer to sell through glyde; my wife does stuff online that gives her about ~$100 in gift cards to GS yearly
@BenBrocka That's awesome.
@FAE brick and mortar retail is dying, sooooo...it's mattering less and less
@FAE more and more places here are selling used - TRU, best buy, and target are all buying and selling used now
@BenBrocka Yeah... I tend to prefer physical copies to digital ones, so it's kind of a kick in the teeth for me. :(
@FAE Yeah, great way to blend ease of use with traditional JPRG story progression
2:05 PM
@Jin No money to play games -> Get job -> No Time to play games -> Get fired from job -> Collect unemployment to play games -> Repeat
Problem solved
amazon will give you credit for old games as well
@agent86 I like, never sell my games though.
@FAE that's what online retail is for, though I generally don't prefer physical copies
Even when I'm done with them.
I always keep stuff, "just in case I want to play again" even though I know I very often don't. >_>
I wish I hadn't sold some of my games
2:06 PM
@FAE I used to hoard mine, but then this year I kind of went "sheesh, some of these I'm probably never playing again" so I went to glyde and rid myself of a pretty big chunk of the "bad" ones
that and since renting is such a big part of how I play (or played, pre SE) my collection tends to be fairly small
@agent86 My "to play" list is huge. I have PS2 games I still need to play.
I say that, but it still fills a drawer, a shelf, and a cardboard box :D
@BenBrocka I regret getting rid of my NES and Genesis. :(
@FAE I got all my old PS2 games from my brothers after I got married, but I don't have a PS2 anymore :(
Though I guess those are easily emulated.
2:08 PM
not to mention all the Dreamcast games I need to go back and play, now that i have a Dreamcast
@IanPugsley I still have a fat PS2 that's still living.
@FAE yikes. I haven't turned on my ps2 in quite some time. I did play it fairly recently for DQ8, and some tony hawk games, which man, I didn't realize I would like, but I thoroughly enjoyed
@agent86 I oddly enough enjoy skating/snowboarding games on occasion. I just like the tricks. I dunno.
@FAE my fat PS2 died. my girlfriend bought it for me (from a pawn shop) n college, for my birthday, a month after we started dating, so I could play final fantasy 10. needless to say, I kept her :D
Tony Hawk games are awesome.
2:09 PM
@agent86 My fat PS2 is almost a decade old now. When I go back to the US this December, I plan on picking up a Slim as backup.
@FAE I've got an N64 copy of THPS 1 and 2
@FAE my biggest regret is not backing up my PS1 saves, my memory card with most of my RPGs died juuuust before I got a PS3 and was able to copy over my saves...
@FAE yeah, I heard good things about the SSX series as well. there's a really cool used place nearby that sells games all the way back to the 2600 and before, so next time I get a chance to go I plan on grabbing one of them
@BenBrocka Waugh, that's awful. :( I still have PS1 saves as well, though I never owned one, just borrowed it from an ex-boyfriend.
the fact that they removed PS2 support from the PS3 is (for me) the most rage-inducing thing Sony has done in a long time
2:10 PM
@BenBrocka :( I had (have?) one of those things that lets you copy your saves to your PC for both my PSX and my PS2
@agent86 Yeah, last SSX I played was on uh, PS2 but I liked it, haha
oh.. ME3 promo ends tonight
@IanPugsley I was so angry about this. :|
I'll miss the lil pixel Reaper..
I also lost my Disgaea 1 save from my PSP :/
2:11 PM
@Jin Me too!
@IanPugsley I know, I'm sad about this. I will probably have to move my PS2 and unhook it in order to hook up the PS3 :|
@FAE I was planning on getting one, until they did that
@BenBrocka I am trying to find that game and I cannot. :(
@FAE on PSP?
@agent86 Yeah. Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness is the PSP one I think.
2:11 PM
I actually ended up with 2 copies of that game for PS2
I've never played and I'd really like to.
@agent86 it is stupid and they are stupid
I rid myself of one, though
@IanPugsley amen. I also wish they hadn't removed the linux support, would've made the box useful further into the future for me
@FAE you can get a digital download of it
I look at my Gamestops every time I'm back in the US but no go. Can't find it over here either.
2:12 PM
Gameplaywise I'd recommend D3 or D4 though
less grinding in annoying ways
@FAE glyde's got new copies for $20
@BenBrocka Mrrrgh. Would prefer physical but may have to go that route.
@BenBrocka they got better? I stopped after D2
Disgaea, not Diablo
2:13 PM
@BenBrocka I have this... problem, in that I feel like I need to start series from the beginning. >_>
hmm, maybe I'll have to invest in a copy for my PS3 now
@agent86 I do not know what this Glyde is.
@agent86 D3 had epic gameplay tweaks, like ditching stupid damn weapon levels and making skill elvels less important
Creating new characters and rebirthing characters is a lot easier now, you don't lose as much progress
2:14 PM
@FAE glyde is... it's like buying textbooks from your roommate instead of the book store
and you can set up characters to steal 10% of mana/XP from other characters, so leveling level 1 characters isn't as much of a pain
except for we're talking about video games
they kind of "broker" game transactions between individuals
so you get more money for your old game, and you buy at a lower price
essentially cutting out gamestop as the middleman
@agent86 I'm not sure which I'd recommend more, but I think I liked D4 a bit more due to the characters. Also Zetta stopped being a book
I don't know if they'll ship internationally, but if you know people who'd ship for you
But he still has ZETTA BEAAAAM
2:15 PM
@agent86 That was my next question
@BenBrocka if I skipped most of D2 and D3, will I be missing out on plot elements?
or is it still pretty nonsensical
@agent86 after D2 they stopped tying the games together
D3 and D4's plots are totally separate from previous games, though the main cast from D1 is always unlockable
I hereby forbid the use of D2 and D3 to mean anything but Diablo.
Like, I can ship to my parents, but then they have to ship to me, and they can't always really afford that.
@Sterno seconded - all for?
2:16 PM
@Sterno only because you're not awesome enough to be a disgaea player
@BenBrocka gotcha, thanks. you say there's less grinding to it though?
Q: Starcraft II Ladder Matches(How to get promoted)

Nick122I recently started playing starcraft II and was originally placed in Silver League. After playing various matches winning half and losing half or so I got demoted to Bronze League, personally at the time I didn't mind because I wanted to learn the game the right way, etc. However, I only played 6...

@BenBrocka Everything I know about Disgaea currently can be summed up in one word: Prinny.
@agent86 There's not really any grinding necessary to beat the main game, and grinding is much easier and shorter (and more fun) in the postgame
@FAE bleh, well, you could just have it shipped to them and then pick it up next time you're around, or let me know when you're in the states and I will put my game finding fu to work locating you a copy
2:18 PM
@FAE ironically it's an extremely deep game and system :P
If all you want is Prinny, you should get the Prinny game!
@BenBrocka ok, cool. I will add this to my list of things to get
It's also for PSP
@agent86 cool. Do I have you added on PSN?
@agent86 Unfortunately, I'm only there like once every 2 years currently. :(
@BenBrocka There's... there's a Prinny game?
There are two actually
@BenBrocka bwahaha
2:20 PM
@BenBrocka I don't think so, since the PS3 is still in the box :D I'm laid up on the couch this weekend
if you don't like hard-as-hell platformers, Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! is probably the better game to pick, it has a super easy mode
@FAE blarrrrghhhhhh :(
@FAE you have one thousand lives
you play as the prinny squad, 1000 prinnies, one by one until you beat the game (or run out of prinnies, which takes some effort to say the least)
@agent86 Yeah, round trip tickets for 2 people are... pricey, so we usually go for like a month, but we can't afford to do that each year cuz of vacation days and stuff.
@BenBrocka Hahaha, wow.
@FAE gotcha.
2:21 PM
@agent86 I miss my family though. :/
@FAE the game is awesome and hilarious, plenty of replayability too
@FAE I can understand that. my wife had similar issues when we lived cross country from her family
@BenBrocka I may have to pick that up, haha.
@agent86 Any distance that's farther than you want it to be is too long.
I need to work on my gaming backlog, arrrrgh.
@FAE I recommend both games, I'd start with the second though. The first is hard on easy mode, and the hardmode is like...really, really hard
After finishing ME3, my gaming oomph kind of died a little.
2:23 PM
ugh, ready for today to be over. recovering from surgery (the hows and whys are TMI, suffice it to say I'll be fine by the end of the weekend) and late last night the hot water heater cracked, and they won't have it fixed until late this afternoon. blargh.
@agent86 Hope you feel better soon!
The second games' easy mode plays more like Mario that super hard want-to-kill-you mode
Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman, known as in Japan, is a Roguelike video game for PlayStation Portable. Reception RPGLand.com praised its fresh take on the punishing Roguelike genre and gave it a rating of "Great," saying, "It takes a genre notorious for its crazy amount of deaths and makes it a heck of a lot more friendly for the general public. It’s certainly not a walk in the park, though, which is great. It’s somewhere comfortably between Shiren and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, and most important of all, it’s fun to play." The game was also the runner-up for 2010 PSP Game o...
@agent86 That sounds like unfun. :( Feel better!
@agent86 ack, get better soon
2:24 PM
@agent86 ouch
@BenBrocka but... the playing in order... must... play in order...
@AshleyNunn I asked about Tingle again, but still no copies in. :(
@TylerShads hah, certainly sounds like an NIS game, haven't played it though
thanks everyone :) I'll be fine shortly.
@FAE the story isn't really interlinked
@BenBrocka me either, but the concept sounds hilarious
2:25 PM
it was pretty dicey last night when my wife's like "uh, honey, there's just water pouring out the side of our house" but I called my buddy and he helped us sort it out temporarily
@FAE Boo. But I would be honestly very surprised if we ever manage to find a copy anywhere. I super appreciate you looking, though.
Rougelikes/mystery dungeon games always steal days of my life though
@agent86 Yeah, I can see how that might be problematic.
Now I want to play Chocobo's Dungeon again...
@agent86 could've been worse. Could've been blood and started the end of the world.
@BenBrocka Original Rogue and BoI have done that to me...
2:26 PM
@AshleyNunn the last time I had to be couchridden for a few days the septic system backed up into the house. I have bad luck when it comes to timing these sorts of things :P
I fear getting dungeons of Dredmour
@BenBrocka did you play the one on the wii? it was super good
@BenBrocka Well aside from story, I also find it difficult to go back to older game mechanics. If I play a "better" version of a game, where the devs have refined/improved mechanics, it's really really hard for me to go back and play older games with awkward limitations.
@TylerShads Yeah, I stay away from them mostly anymore
@TylerShads it's eh, it's not terrible but there are some really bad bugs and some terrible AI
2:27 PM
@TylerShads It has fun graphics, but as a roguelike it's pretty weak
@agent86 the wii one finally came out? No I played the PS1 one
@agent86 O.O Wow. Seems like. But if the world suddenly comes to an end, I know whose fault it is.
@BenBrocka yeah, it's several years old at this point. excellent, excellent game, imho
:3935071 @sterno really? it looked hilarious
@AshleyNunn <-- this guy
2:27 PM
@AshleyNunn Armageddon's here? @agent86 must be couchridden again!
I was just looking at Disgaea 1 for the DS and it is expensive
@agent86 I forgot about it. Like everything on the Wii...I'll look into it though, maybe
it's probably my favorite wii game
@Sterno D1 for DS just came out like a year or two ago
@FAE Precisely
2:28 PM
@FAE Thats why if i ever want to play games like that, I try to play the first, even if thats not the one I wanted to play, to re-appreciate the better controls.
@agent86 I never played the PS1 one. I looked into it, but never got around to it.
if I hadn't demolished it so thoroughly, I'd play it again
The world can't end before I finish Diablo 3.
I will not allow it.
@FAE True. Prinny 2 has better mechanics no doubt
@TylerShads It was fun for a little while, but the humor gets old really fast (due to repetition) and the gameplay isn't varied
2:29 PM
okay, blanket statement time: IF YOU OWN A WII, go buy the chocobo dungeon game for it.
but if you only paly one, play 2
@TylerShads Though the price is definitely right
@BenBrocka I will keep this in mind, thanks. :)
@agent86 What's that?
@BenBrocka Cheapest on amazon with shipping is ~$30 used
2:29 PM
@StrixVaria it's a roguelike for the wii
by square
@agent86 Oh crap.
it looks really cutesy, but the system is really deep and it's addicting
@agent86 I have one roguelike for it called Baroque, which is pretty funky.
Nintendo DS |genre= Role-playing video game |modes= Single player |ratings= |platforms= Wii, Nintendo DS |media= |requirements= |input= |series = Chocobo series }} , is a role-playing video game published by Square Enix for the Wii. It is an installment in the Chocobo series that focuses on Chocobo and a Cid character. Gameplay The gameplay involves randomly generated dungeons and turn-based battles of the Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon title, though new elements have also been incorporated into the gameplay, such as the Job system, which features ten jobs. Different jobs change the a...
I better get it soon so I can get my fill before D3 comes out.
2:30 PM
It's Chocobo's effing dungeon is what it is
published by Atlus
@BenBrocka was just about to post this
@Sterno bout to say, for $2, its worth it. hell, I bought the St patties day roalye bundle just for dlc quest
$23 bucks
Is it worth that much?
2:31 PM
holy SHII- Chocobo's Dungeon 2 for PS1 is now $60 on Amazon
@StrixVaria judging from the first one, yes. Reviews seem to indicate it's of high quality as well
@StrixVaria if you like roguelikes, and you own a wii, it's worth $23 imho
@StrixVaria I envy your cheap US game prices
there's even a whole class system in it
Ugh ok let me order it.
@agent86 woah really?
2:32 PM
@FAE can't be as bad as Aussie prices, from what I hear.
> new elements have also been incorporated into the gameplay, such as the Job system, which features ten jobs.[9][10] Different jobs change the appearance of the player's Chocobo and alter the layout of the dungeons the players enter.
@TylerShads True. They don't count though, you can't even play rated M games there yet. :P
@FAE this is true
@FAE Censorship makes me so angry.
@TylerShads Brand new console games here are €60-€70 though :/
2:33 PM
@agent86 sweet
That's like $100
@StrixVaria ME TOO
@FAE Ouch....
@BenBrocka it's like if final fantasy tactics had a cute chocobo baby with a roguelike on the wii
@agent86 but wait...cid isn't an old mechanic anymore?
2:34 PM
@StrixVaria Yeeeeeeeep.
@agent86 Did you play Chocobo's Dungeon 2?
@FAE crap!
This is why we really waffled for a long time whether or not we should get an EU or US Xbox360
@BenBrocka the wii one is the only one I've played. I think I started a shinren the wanderer game on the DS at one point but got turned off by how hardcore it was
2:35 PM
Damn you Amazon 1 click!
You make it way too easy to buy stuff.
Because the US prices are so much more palatable >_<
But given the... potential failure rate of 360's, we wanted the EU warranty. :/
@StrixVaria as opposed to the normal 2-3 clicks that provide such a good opportunity to resist :P
@agent86 Dungeon 2 wasn't SUPER hardcore, but it was the first rougelike I played and I loved it
default warranty here in the EU is not 90 days like the US... it's 2 years
@IanPugsley you laugh, but they really, measurably do
Not so much resist, but say "ehh screw it"
2:36 PM
@IanPugsley That is up to 200% more clicks.
That's a ton of extra effort.
(see: ebay)
@BenBrocka I laugh having used both and finding no difference :P
@FAE O.O That is pretty fantastic.
@IanPugsley Oneclick makes me swear more. Accidentally got an ebook that way because I stupidly assumed they'd have a confirmation.
2:37 PM
@BenBrocka hmm, I bet copies are relatively rare at this point. my local 'indie' used store probably wants an arm and a leg
@StrixVaria I misread "clicks"...
@OrigamiRobot yeah, the kerning there will get you in trouble :D
@AshleyNunn Yeah, we keep a lotta receipts, haha.
@IanPugsley looots of study on the matter, less clicks is definately significant
@FAE This is why I never will sign up for this.
2:37 PM
@OrigamiRobot keming!
@FAE you can cancel orders within like 15 minutes
@TylerShads Luckily, they let you return ebooks, so I could do that, but I was really annoyed.
sorta like Android market
@BenBrocka lol
@BenBrocka I'm not actually disagreeing, I know that's the case for most people
It's true, eBay is a damn NIGHTMARE to buy anything with
I just personally haven't had many situations where I decide to not buy something because it is too much trouble or because I don't actually want it
2:39 PM
and that's using buy it now
then again, I don't have lots of disposable income due to student loan debt, so that may certainly change in the future
@IanPugsley it's usually not a conscious thing
@IanPugsley Like when you get it paid off in... y'know, 30 years or something.
I actually have the reverse problem - I tend to convince myself that I shouldn't buy things too often
@agent86 I've been declining my b/f's offer to buy games lately and he's wondering if I'm sick.
2:40 PM
@agent86 I thought it was funnier the way I read it.
@FAE I am wondering too!
@FAE I'll take his money
@OrigamiRobot My backlog is huge. :( I need to start playing games more than like... just collecting them...
I really hate looking for a game on ebay and they go out of their way to conceal the fact that you're bidding not on the game, but a case or manual or something
@Sterno Ew, that is skeazy
2:41 PM
@FAE Ask @IanPugsley for tips on that
@OrigamiRobot Playing or collecting? Because I'm a damn fine collector.
@Sterno someone was selling the cardboard insert cartige holder "from Earthbound" for $130 a while ago
@FAE my wife and I both are very frugal people. we both grew up relatively poor. with the third kid on the way though, we've been a bit more loose with what we're willing to pay other people to do
@Sterno Either that, or it is pirated.... :(
@Sterno hold that thought! digs to china for funny joke
2:42 PM
@FAE @OrigamiRobot thinks that I am some kind of Steam hoarder
he doesn't understand how incredibly tame I am comparatively
@IanPugsley if there is a disease for steam hoarding, I have it
@Sterno I happened to see a case about that on one of those TV court things. They busted the guy because the shipping weight listed was for the actual product.
I must buy the games that are on sale
Everyone is a steam hoarder, that's how steam works
And it's a beautiful, brilliant service for that
I told myself that other than the Kid Icarus preorder I have to pick up today, I am not getting anything else new until I complete 2 games.
2:43 PM
@agent86 Yeah, I getcha. Due to the same kind of thing, I'm like... mentally programmed for "must find the best deal"
This is why I love when games are released digitally...$65 new from amazon
wow that's a big onebox
@IanPugsley I own almost exactly twice as many games as you do, so... yeah
On Steam that is.
@FAE yep
2:45 PM
@BenBrocka digitally on what platform?
@FAE I have so many games on Steam that I know I am just never going to get to, much less finish, because I like the idea of PC games, but I never, ever really play them
please say I can play it on my shiny new PS3 :D
@AshleyNunn I've actually started curbing my OMG STEAM SALE MUST BUY lately. It's been... really hard to do.
@FAE I just blocked the store. Because I couldn't handle it. Same with GoG.
Q: Seasons of Starcraft II

Nick122This question has a few separate questions in one. What is a season of Starcraft II? At the end is there a definite winner? How long is each season? When a new season begins do you have to do placement matches again? Is there an "in-between" period between Seasons?

2:47 PM
@agent86 :( I don't believe it's out on PSN, hard to confirm from PC though
@BenBrocka I am now sad
I am to, I was planning to get it
this is why I think everything should be available digitally
@BenBrocka actually, it is on PSN... in Japan. darn you Japan! FOILED AGAIN.
@agent86 arrggg
that's so stupid
Square has been releasing their old games one at a time verrry slowly in the US though, it'll probably make it eventualy
they did release Parasite Eve on PSN
@AshleyNunn Blocked? Like used an actual blocking thingie or just a mental block?
@BenBrocka That's one of the games in my backlog!
I have the PS1 disc right over there ----->
2:49 PM
@BenBrocka yeah, I know they're eventually going to re-release FF6, and I will be a sucker and buy it for the nth time
(That is actually the right direction, relative to where my monitor is and where the disc is sitting)
@agent86 I think they have FF 1/2( collectors edition) and 4-9 all on PSN now
@BenBrocka I still have the SNES cart for FF6 (and chrono trigger) but then I own all the PSX re-releases, and some of the GBA rereleases too
Already got FF 7 and 8 again, but I want Chocobo's dungeon
Also Chocobo's Racing, man that was awesome
@Lazers I assume they are talking about the ladder?
2:52 PM
Urgh this conversation is bringing up bad thoughts about Sony and why they kneecapped the PS3 backwards compatibility before I could buy one
@tiddy :(
Didn't want to cannibalize the PS2 they said, there's still a market they said
@tiddy They nixed the wrong half of "Have backwards compatibility while still maintaining the PS2"
Well you see what they're doing now
Use your old games? No way. Buy them on the PSN? SURRRRRRRE
@tiddy Gotta love that you can play PS1 games on them, but not PS2...
2:55 PM
@FAE I use StayFocusd on Chrome - you can set the amount of time that you can spend on your entire list of "blocked" sites - I set it to a minute, so I don't have time to really do anything on them. It works for me.
My DS library is composed almost entirely of JRPGS. FF1-6. Some Dragon Quests. Chrono Trigger. A few others I can't remember. All thrown in a single travel bag so I have something mindless to do when trapped at the in-laws
@tiddy eh, this is different. besides, digital downloads should always be availible, for the millions of people that don't and can no longer buy the physical disks from 20 years ago
Oh I agree
@AshleyNunn ...Huh. Didn't know there were extensions like that. I think I'd need to block most of the internet.
My back-compat grudge just won't go away
2:57 PM
@FAE Haha, yeah, it works quite well - I can still look at them on IE or FF (so if I need to look something up for Gaming, or something) but I generally don't.
@AshleyNunn Honestly, this site is probably my biggest time sink...
@FAE haha, yeah, I totally get that.
@tiddy ideally digital distribution means backward compatibility will be infinite though. I'd rather they focus on making everything availible to everyone digitally than focus on making a single console play a specific library of physical games
@BenBrocka I am still very annoyed that DS Lites have no way to access the DSi store.
I would love some of those games on there, but there's no way I'm buying another freaking DS to do it.
@BenBrocka That would be nice, even if they would make it per-console set (like Wii getting GC, N64, SNES, etc)
2:59 PM
@FAE Nintendo is god damn terrible at everything to do with the internet so they dont' really count
@FAE Yeah, I had a DSi only because I killed the screen on my DS. Although I like that my 3DS has access to all of the DSiWare.
The long run benefits are unquestionable, I just wish they left the ps3 how it was for people who do have the disks
@BenBrocka Haha yeah, that's true.

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