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2:26 AM
Q: What was erased from Jack Harkness's memory?

naturalI just watched the first Doctor Who, Captain Jack Harkness said the Time Agency took two years worth of memories from him. The issue was never brought up again in either Doctor Who or Torchwood. So what was erased from his memory?

2:47 AM
Q: How do I flag a tag?

user13267I want to change nightmare-b4-christmas to nightmare-before-christmas because apparently it's possible to have longer tags now, but I can't find a way to edit this tag name, and I can't find a way to make a tag synonym either I made the tag so I was expecting to at least be able to suggest an ...

3:07 AM
The maximum tag length for the SE Network was just increased to 35!
2 hours later…
5:11 AM
Now I am deputy \o/
5:51 AM
@Marvin are we going with one tag request per meta for this 35 tag limit suggestions too @Randal'Thor @Null @Kevin
6:26 AM
@AnkitSharma that's why I suggested they just do that one themselves
@Mithrandir whenever I say something like this to rand , he say he don't know about that film or franchise and other mds hardly come to chat and making meta for each and every concern will be dumb
I think I'll make a meta question for the list of tags to be renamed.
I think I am almost finished with Movies & TV as few still can't be fixed with 35, so I can concentrate here now
6:40 AM
@Mithrandir added two obvious one for now
rest I have created few tags which nobody else did in past, maybe due to tag limit
@Mithrandir you want me to raise that in different meta then this ?
6:59 AM
@ankit that's unrelated to the tag limit, better make a new post if you want to rename TNG DS9 and TOS and TAS
Star Trek: The Next Generation had limit issue
Yeah, but should probably still make a new one so that we can be consistent.
ok later then
Not sure how mods here will react to this additional work
Q: What tags should we rename now that we have 35 characters in tags?

MithrandirWe now can use up to 35 characters in tags! Hooray! This means that now we can rename some awkward tags that weren't able to be created well because of the 25 character limit. However, as @AnkitSharma points out, creating a meta post for each tag that should be renamed would be silly. Instead, he...

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep can be fixed by plain retag without meta
as the incomplete tag had only one question tagged with ti and rest are wrongly tagged with blade runner
7:11 AM
So sure, go fix 'em
done almost
Hmm, might want to take this conversation to the cleanup room
shoudl I stop after 5 O.o

 SFF community cleanup room

Where the community chips in to help clean up scifi.stackexcha...
@AnkitSharma I'll take over, if I can figure out which
@Mithrandir scifi.stackexchange.com/… use this
Question about novel don't need blade runner tag but need the do-androids-dream-of-electric-sheep tag
looks like @Gallifreyan joined it too
but he is doing re-edits for now
Anyway I am done for now, maybe I should re-check both sites tag again later
7:20 AM
LOL, someone downvoted it :P
@AnkitSharma I'll scroll through when I'm not on my phone later as well
@Mithrandir that I surely expected, that DVter need to know front page will not be affected
@Mithrandir on both sites ;) ( or on all three if you count literature too;))
@Mithrandir note should be in question not comment
7:48 AM
@Edlothiad see above about DS9
Why would we need a meta consensus? If we need a meta consensus for that we need a meta consensus for dada, CA:tfa, all the rest of the acronyms
It's called deep space nine
That's it's name. as we have the character count, we should rename it as such.
If you feel the need to make a meta about one set of tags. You should make a meta about them all really.
No, I mean we need a meta about renaming all the ST tags.
Like TOS, TNG, TAS...
@Olórin Are you calling her out on that? Because if you are that's a bit feeble considering you made the same mistake.
@Edlothiad that one never had 25 limit issue
But if you really want to add them to this list, I won't stop you again.
7:58 AM
@AnkitSharma But the rest did. so it wold've been for consistency's sake
I want full form too so I don't mind either way
@Mithrandir Then we should have a meta about all tags.
We don't need a meta for renaming ST tags, we just need to make the longer tag main, and synonym-hammer the shorter tags to it.
@Edlothiad include it in this one then with all other ST tags too which ahve same short form issue
Which will probably need a short meta with a battle plan, so that mods don't get confused.
8:00 AM
@Gallifreyan none of us are mod here :/
Wake up, @Randal'Thor!
ping ping ping @Randal'Thor
He's probably awake but I'm guessing at least an hour or two until he arrives on the site
That's irresponsible, SE is more important then even breathing :p
If he can breath then he should be here :p
How much rep is required to suggest a synonym?
8:05 AM
Creating a tag synonym requires 5 score in that tag.
2,500 and a score of 5 in the tag.
oh shiznit
> Users with more than 2500 reputation and a total answer score of 5 or more on the tag, can suggest tag synonyms. Users with a total answer score (total upvotes minus total downvotes) of 5 or more on the tag, can vote for tag synonyms. Suggestions will be automatically approved when they reach a score of 4, and automatically deleted when they reach a score of -2.
Just flag all the ST questions for mods and say what you want
Rand will be way pissed if you really did it
8:07 AM
Shoulda come here earlier then ;)
@Randal'Thor hey be aware galli is activating Guy Fawkes mode
^ That's Rand right now :D
@Gallifreyan prepare to be flag banned ;)
@Edlothiad Lauren Calaway is Daenerys today: instagram.com/p/BXYQZWnF0ID
Ooh she's pretty
She's got a big personality, you can see it in her smile
8:18 AM
@Edlothiad She smiles a lot on her account.
@Gallifreyan I saw. She does have a beautiful smile
Her short violet hair look is awesome.
Now to keep things equal let me link you another beautiful instagram: instagram.com/michaeleckert_fit/?hl=en
He smiles with his oversized lats
Ye her violet hair is pretty cool
8:43 AM
@Edlothiad I ain't got a bone to pick (and I hope neither do you). I'm just giving a friendly reminder to Bellatrix less he makes the same mistake I did brfote. I believe I phrased my comment quite nicely.. there's a fine line between blatant criticism and a friendly reminder.
More serious note though: did you just assume gender from his username??
9:00 AM
*She* although it did seem a bit more like criticism to be, but I may have misunderstood
@Olórin No did you assume her gender for being on an SFF site?
9:38 AM
GraceNote would be proud.
10:16 AM
@Edlothiad What's wrong with educating someone about a site rule which you only learned recently yourself?
Nothing, hence why I asked it as a question
Olórin himself states there was a fine line. Clearly I interpreted it on the other side of said fine line
10:32 AM
more importantly.
@Randal'Thor It is about time you update that old, dusty, obsolete avatar. Here, I was kind enough to find a new one for you.
@Derpy I already changed my avatar quite recently.
So, you won't change your username to Chibi-Rand?
@Olórin she's made it pretty clear what her gender is in here.
10:50 AM
@Mithrandir I'm just surprised one would call out another for "assuming a gender" and in the same sentence they themselves assume the gender.
Q: Is there a spell that would protect against nuclear radiation?

ThunderforgeSay that a wizard had to walk through nuclear fallout for whatever reason. Is there any sort of spell that would protect against nuclear radiation? It seems that most of the protection spells (e.g. protego) protect against physical attacks.

That would be quite the wizard who could transfigure an incoming rocket. Harry's shown to have problems with spiders.
I am sure JKR already answered it in some random tweet/blog or she might answer it now if someone tweet her
Same with Vanishing.
@Mithrandir "Where is Shelob when you need her"
10:59 AM
People assume that magic can just go to any level at no effect to the caster. That's not right - the larger the thing that you are trying to do magic on the harder it is to do it.
@Derpy she sat on a spike
11:15 AM
@Edlothiad I'm surprised no one caught on the joke in that comment. Looks like I'll have to make future puns more painfully obvious.
@Mithrandir I reread my post and I realised how ridiculous that sounded, hah. I've edited it - better?
@Mithrandir Depends on the magic system in question. Is this ever stated in the Potterverse?
@Randal'Thor I'm pretty sure, yes.
I'm pretty sure that this is what @b_jonas has been complaining about.
11:33 AM
@Olórin please, don't. All the online discussion about the alleged "Echidnasplaining" in sonic boom was enough, no need for more similar arguments.
yesterday, by b_jonas
Dude, another of these stupid questions that try to assume that spells have no cost. Yes, people, magic is overpowered, but no, it's not free everything. Just because some magic is possible doesn't mean it's easy or that anyone can do it as many times as they want without costs.
@b_jonas I'm just curious; why did you have two accounts in the first place?
@Olórin meh.
I'm fairly sure that a nuclear bomb would get past a shiny silver shield anyway.
And that any wizard who attempts to transfigure or Vanish an incoming rocket will end up killing themselves.
11:51 AM
^weird reference of the day that no one will get
@Derpy 👌
@Randal'Thor why you left few of the tag fix ?
12:07 PM
@AnkitSharma I dealt with the easiest cases first.
no idea about it but winter soldier and batman v superman seems clear enough to me
And is "Dawn of Justice" actually part of the Batman vs Superman film name, or just a subtitle?
And why do we even have a tag at all?
@Randal'Thor lol, agreed
12:09 PM
@AnkitSharma Winter Soldier is done.
@Randal'Thor ooops i mean first avenger
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a 2016 American superhero film featuring the DC Comics characters Batman and Superman. Directed by Zack Snyder and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, the film is the second installment in the DC Extended Universe following 2013's Man of Steel. It was written by Chris Terrio and David S. Goyer, and features an ensemble cast that includes Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter and Gal Gadot. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the first live-action film to feature Batman and Superman...
@Randal'Thor I will love it if we can get rid of dada tag
@Randal'Thor you can say that about way too many of our tags, unfortunately.
@AnkitSharma Done.
@AnkitSharma Done.
@D.Clayton 🐣
12:16 PM
@Randal'Thor thanks, tag name make me anxious
@AnkitSharma Eh, it's got too many questions to just nuke without a meta discussion which I can't be bothered to start. Renamed.
@Randal'Thor I can understand and anyway new name is better then dada
A: Should we rename the [federation] tag to [star-trek-federation]?

CreationEdgeNot star-trek-federation That was the name of an actual work that was going to be developed, and the name might eventually be used again. It's a quibble, but I'd go with the-federation-star-trek, if Star Trek is necessary to have in the tag name, otherwise just the-federation. There might be m...

@Mithrandir Right, but the top-voted answer says . Which would also be consistent with all our other ST tags like and and .
@Randal'Thor can we just go with full form tag for star trek tags now ? for TBG, DS9, TOS, DU, Q ETC
and why we need O.o
12:24 PM
@AnkitSharma Why? They seem to be much more commonly referred to as TNG, TOS, etc. than the full "The Next Generation", "The Original Series", etc.
Also, Q is a character, not an abbreviation for anything :-)
@Randal'Thor we can keep both
@Randal'Thor I just realised that
@Randal'Thor even if I search TNG on goggle it always show the full form name in all the multimedia block and links, short terms can still stay as synonym
And if I search Star Trek: The Next Generation, results are more to the point, TNG give lots of useless result even in Google
@D.Clayton woof
And why ?
why ph and not full phase
and officially nit's II not 2
1:29 PM
Q: Which Dracula movie is most faithful to the original Bram Stoker book?

timdayThere are many movies based on Bram Stoker's "Dracula" book. Which one(s) can be considered to be the most faithful adaptation ? Ideally something clearly recognisable as being "the film of the book", rather than a "reimagining" of the tale, or just another generic vampire movie.

I'm at loss as to why this question hasn't been closed yet. It has a ton of crap answers, and since people are still adapting Dracula, I don't see it ever getting a definitive answer.
Not to mention that an adaptation may be faithful in some regards, but not so faithful in others.
Rey & BB-8 by Milo Manara https://t.co/Id5XK970C0
2:00 PM
^what happens when an old question with a lot of bad answers gets bumped
2:17 PM
A: Which tag should we use for the film "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets"?

Jon SnowAfter the increased tag limit there is chance for a better descriptive tag name and I suggest : valerian-city-of-thousand-planets

someone can come up with better one too
tag is bleh
Hot damn
And you get that old question showing up in the close vote queue
1 hour later…
3:53 PM
For anyone wondering- I'm female. :)
@Bellatrix Uh.... Is this a point of confusion?
I don't mind whichever way (my own gender identity is pretty wibbly-wobbly), though I'm also curious if there's anything in particular that brought that up or if it was just wanting to say or something.
(Also hi!)
@doppelgreener @amflare A user used "him" to address Bellatrix. Nothing outrageous ;)
4:09 PM
4:20 PM
Awkward fall doggo
@Gallifreyan That makes sense. I'll bear that in mind @Bellatrix. :)
@Gallifreyan oh nooooooo
4:48 PM
@doppelgreener Okay thanks! :)
@Gallifreyan ouch
Meanwhile, the new issue of Lucifer isn't out yet. Given the quality of the previous issues, I haven't got the slightest idea what they spend this whole time on.
5:26 PM
5:48 PM
@Randal'Thor - why did you do instead of ? Tags are supposed to be American English.
How dare you, @Randal'Thor?! (good job ;p)
@Mithrandir Defence Against the Dark Arts is the canon spelling.
@Randal'Thor Add as synonym?
As far as I could tell from a quick online check, both spellings are acceptable but "defense" is more often used in American English and "defence" in European English.
@Randal'Thor ...it's not spelled that way in my version ;)
And since tags are supposed to be American English...
heads to write a new meta post
5:52 PM
@Mithrandir But apparently standard SE practice for AE vs EE goes out of the window on this site when one version is more canonical in the context of a specific SFF work.
@Randal'Thor I don't think it's more canonical. There's an American English version and a British English version.
We can satisfy both the canon and the Americans if we make the canon version the main tag and the American version the sysnonym. No need for fuss.
@Mithrandir But it's a British book.
@Gallifreyan but it's American too, and both versions are just as canon as the other.
@Mithrandir Um, no.
Same way it's Colour of Magic, and not otherwise.
@Gallifreyan Why? Just because it was written in one, it was published in both, in two different places.
5:55 PM
@Mithrandir No, the British English is the original and more canonical.
@Mithrandir It's also been published in French and Welsh and Hebrew and goodness knows how many other languages.
...asks on the main site
E.g. we accepted "lightsaber" to be the canonical spelling. Same reasoning.
@Randal'Thor Math history question for you :)
@Gallifreyan that's different - it's apparently never spelled light sabre in any canon work. But the American English books are canonical.
@Mithrandir Because Americans are notorious for changing the language as they see fit. Are you going to claim "Sorcerer's Stone" is canonical next?
There's nothing "canonical" about adapting a work to another version of the same language.
Or translating it, for that matter.
None of this even matters because we don't need this trash tag in the first place.
@DaaaahWhoosh you around? just wanted to ask why you decided to call it instead of to keep it consistent with the second film?
@Gallifreyan as a joke, which daaaahwhooooooshed over my head
@Mithrandir JK Rowling is English, and her original writing (that are in British English) is its correct spelling. If it was translated to defense in the American translations than that is the issue of the translation not the original canonical writing.
6:12 PM
@Edlothiad *its
C'mon now, we need to give a good impression of Brits being able to speak English properly! ;-)
it's its it is its all the same
@Randal'Thor (you'll have to edit it for me and this point :D)
And I'm not British, I can claim second language problems
@Edlothiad Mod abuse?
@Edlothiad If you can substitute "it is" instead, then it's "it's".
@Randal'Thor while you're editing that can you throw in the 'are' between 'that' and 'in' in the first line
@Gallifreyan (I know was yoke)
@Edlothiad Such a taskmaster :-P
6:15 PM
Sorry, knee-jerk.
(yoke is swedish for joke, before anyone gets confused)
@Mithrandir I had an account on MathOverflow, and one on the SE network, before MathOverflow joined the SE network.
Yep, @Edl, can't argue with Google Translate.
@Edlothiad Here I was assuming typo :P
6:20 PM
@Randal'Thor that in itself was a... you people facepalm.gif
@Edlothiad "Sorry, he's Swedish." </clara_oswald>
@Gallifreyan Answer posted :-)
@Edlothiad but the language of the site is American English. If this was a Dutch language site we'd use the Dutch title.
@Mithrandir That's why I suggested making American spelling a synonym. It'd still show up.
And recently on Lit you didn't object against making the French title the main tag.
@Gallifreyan should be the other way around
@Mithrandir We have a tag, not [sorcerers-stone].
6:25 PM
No it shouldn't.
@Mithrandir No we wouldn't, we'd use the canon title.
It does both justice to the original work and its author, and allows the poor Americans to make do with their spelling skills.
in The Reading Room, 2 days ago, by Mithrandir
Although, since we have e.g and not a transliteration of the Japanese...
Well, Japanese is not French.
For one thing French uses the Latin alphabet.
@Randal'Thor the only reason I wouldn't argue with that is because it's based off of a real British myth.
@Gallifreyan yes. I'd actually be in favor of using the English and setting up the French as a synonym.
6:28 PM
@Gallifreyan There was a meta about this issue on Lit:
Q: Translations, and books with different titles with respect to tags

Zizouz212I recently answered my first question on Literature, Yaay! Why does Meursault kill "the Arab" in The Stranger? The question is about a book by Albert Camus. The book was originally written in French, with the title "L'Etranger." Now the French title translates to different things. Many books of...

@Edlothiad I recently added the link to the meta post where I explained that. Basically, the film is not called 'Vol. 1', and if there's a third film there's no guarantee it'll actually be called 'Vol. 3' , especially since there isn't a third Awesome Mix.
so calling the first film 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1' would like calling the first Matrix film 'The Matrix: Loaded'.
@Mithrandir But why? Both show up in search. And the way it's done now is more accurate.
Because it's an (American) English language site?
This would require some new meta posts though.
@DaaaahWhoosh TIL
I guess if they pull a Star Wars and retroactively rename the first film then we can change it to Vol. 1
6:34 PM
Q: Should we curse the [defence-against-the-dark-arts] position, erm, tag?

GallifreyanWe've had the tag length character limit extended to 35 - that's great! This announcement has prompted an effort to rename old tags that have been shortened due to this limitation - and dada has been successfully renamed to defence-against-the-dark-arts. Awesome. But why do we have that tag in t...

@Gallifreyan I'd say that is the canonical way to spell it if the site specifically says American English (although that's one thing that I wish hadn't been changed).
But from the site's perspective nothing is lost if both are synonyms; from the appreciation perspective something is gained when we respect the original spelling.
@Mithrandir No it does not make it canonical in any way. It makes it how the site suggests spelling tags that are not based on a fictitious world.
This site doesn't define canon because it's decided it's tags should be in American English. JK Rowling's original writing and language define canon because it's her universe.
@Gallifreyan 'nothing is lost' - except that it goes against the stated rules of the site, IMO.
@Gallifreyan you should make it clear that JKR's stance would be defence. But the site's "rules" are that tags should be in English
@Mithrandir I didn't realise the Stack Exchange Network defined the naming convention of all fictional works.
6:44 PM
@Edlothiad It doesn't. But if there are two ways of spelling something, and both are used in the official publications, and the site's policies say to use the American spelling... we should use the American spelling, in my opinion.
@Mithrandir You seem to take the "stance" as a formally enforced policy. I always interpreted it as a guideline born out of necessity - since most users seem to use AE, it should be AE. However, using synonyms solves that issue.
We're free to define our tagging policies locally. We can make them logical, and not dependent on someone's words.
A: What should the standard spelling be - British or US?

Shog9 Does SOFU have an accepted standard on language and spelling? Which is it? For bodies, no. For tags, US-English. Titles don't actually need to be consistent (tags absolutely do!), but if you think anyone might want to search for a question then you would do well to use the more common spel...

@Mithrandir You still seem confused. All languages are used in the official publications. Yet the canonical spelling of entities in the works are British English. Not any other language. Changing that spelling would change what that is.
I'd vote for keeping the British version, but it does bring up the question, if a work is originally not in English, wouldn't the tag use the English translation?
@Randal'Thor Bear in mind that US spelling is not the same as US version of a franchise. "Philosopher" is spelled the same way in the UK and the US, therefore, its fine.
6:48 PM
@b_jonas I really appreciate you're expert advice on Lem. (I sort of feel like there needs to be a separate chat page devoted to him!)
Use the original title, make a synonym of the American one... seems pretty simple to me.
@Catija that's what I've been saying for an hour.
@b_jonas He was a writer who had escaped my attention, but then I noticed how certain friends spoke of him with a special reverence, and I was thinking "these are some of the smartest people I know--I need to look into this".
Shog's answer there is about the spelling of terms that are generally used around the world. It doesn't relate to the argument of which version of a title should be used.
The "policy" Mith brings up clearly does not account for synonyms (did they even exist in 2009?), and it's clearly not as important now.
6:51 PM
@Catija I'd prefer not to bring titles into the equation at this point, that sounds even more sticky
this is specifically about the tag, right?
I'd like to point out that the tag wiki uses the American spelling
That's changeable.
6:51 PM
which seems inconsistent
It should be fixed then
And it's hardly a major concern
@DaaaahWhoosh Apologies.
@b_jonas My first Pilot Pirx story was fairly traumatic (it was the story where he's doing the test flight, which is only revealed at the end, and everything goes wrong.) I effing hated it. Once I got some space though, I couldn't stop thinking about it, and started to recognize some of the subtlety and nuance. I was also completely charmed by an "analog vision of the future" so fully expressed
@Catija He didn't mean because of your answer. Which makes the most sense. But because of the tag wiki :-)
6:54 PM
@Edlothiad it is... discouraged... to make edits just to change the British English/American English
@Edlothiad Mostly I was apologizing for popping into a conversation and assuming I understood what was being discussed. I saw people talking about "philosopher", so I assumed.
@Mithrandir In posts, yes.
my stance on the issue of which version to use is that if we treat British English as a foreign language, then it makes sense to translate it. We translate other languages to American English, so we should do the same for British English.
@Catija tag wikis are a form of post
I think that the tag (dada and anything that comes up in future) should be as spelled in current Canon so that someone could literally copy from the source material and find the tagged questions. In the case of multiple versions, use synonyms with current Canon as the main tag.
@amflare my point is that both of them are used in the canon publications for that dialect
6:59 PM
We wouldn't be arguing this point if the issue was english vs french. we would all agree that what Rowling wrote is more canon. I don't see why it's an use with UK and US english.
@DaaaahWhoosh It also said "Drumstrang" and "Defence Against Dark Arts" with no "the". Fixed.
if we look at something like, say, the Witcher series, those tags use (presumably American) English instead of Polish, even though Polish is the original. I don't see why this would have to be any different
@Mithrandir Only in some ways. In posts there's a concept of OP prerogative, but tag wikis are supposed to be a reference point for the whole community.
Can someone explain why this is an issue since we have synonyms?
@amflare at the very least we have to figure out what the base tag is, that's the one it's going to look like on the question
7:01 PM
@Randal'Thor Yes. The reason it's not OK in posts is because it's an unnecessary over-riding of the OP's intention. Wikis are public. There is, effectively, no OP. They should be made to meet the site standards.
Is "SE policy" the only legitimate reason for not using Rowling's spelling?
@amflare there's also the issue of general consistency.
@Mithrandir This is changing a non-canon word to a canon word
is it a true statement to say that whatever policy we go with would only affect works that are written in a form of English other than American English, and then 'translated' to American English?
7:05 PM
@DaaaahWhoosh This is another matter. Many of us can't read Polish which would make it pointless. Changing it from the canon language to the standard english makes sense
@amflare well there's also the reason that Americans outnumber you all and are what is 'English' by now. *runs away*
This site is in English, be it British or American, we can all read both. Hence using the canonical form makes sense.
@Edlothiad Some of us can't understand American :-P
@Randal'Thor Ye but you're special.
@Edlothiad obviously the HP publishers didn't think Americans could read British English
7:07 PM
@DukeZhou Wait, that was traumatic? Isn't the ghost story the traumatic one?
@Mithrandir Actually American English is a different dialect of English.
@DaaaahWhoosh TBF, they were for children originally
I mean, there are children on here too
there's that question on Physics from a ten-year-old about why Newton's laws work
@DaaaahWhoosh No the American publishers thought they had to change it. The HP publishers published it in the original English.
The focus of the rewrites were for word changes, not letter changes though
7:08 PM
@DaaaahWhoosh Ten year olds are not allowed here per the SE legal rules.
If we need a tag that is either "revising" or "reviewing", then perhaps that will matter more
@Gallifreyan lol maybe that's why they edited the question
Re scifi.stackexchange.com/q/150559/4918 , do we have a question about how the new Fantastic Beasts book differs from the original one? I suspect there are important differences. I haven't seen it in English yet, and I didn't look in the translation.
(I also saw a Fantastic Beasts film screenplay book. The similar title will cause some confusion.)
@DaaaahWhoosh Or rather, why the OP's account no longer exists.
@Randal'Thor oh yeah. That too
such a waste of upvotes
7:13 PM
Oh, also, I got my new eyeglasses today, YAY! I'm getting accustomed to it now for some weeks.
@b_jonas Congrats ;) I know the feeling.
There were some complications with this one: the original order was impossible, but they realized this only two weeks later, after the lens has arrived, so I had to choose a new frame. By that time I'd already forgotten about every candidate frame I looked at apart from the one I chose.
:D Turns out it's very hard to find a sturdy (preferably metal) frame these days.
@b_jonas It was so stressful and frustrating! (precisely the point of the story;)
@DukeZhou But yes, there are certainly a lot of small details in that story which paint that world and Pirx's character well. The whole Pilot Pirx series is like that, and I really enjoy that.
Great worldbuilding.
7:23 PM
@b_jonas I fully agree. (Certain Becket plays can be quite painful, but the effect is intended--Beckett was the most uncompromising of all the playwrights;)
well, now I asked that about Fantastic Beasts, because I think the question didn't exist
2 hours later…
9:15 PM
@SQB if you're still awake or around, do you remember that data.se query you wrote to help me find questions with bad answers?
Nevermind. It's been solved
Naturally I wrote this before there were any sites where "language keywords" weren't a sufficiently obvious caveat, @Gallifreyan... But given there now are, I'd say you'd want to extend that concept to whatever you're working with; for a book, it's how the author spelled it (unless it's one of those fantasy books where all the character names have accent marks, since those aren't usually allowed in tags). For places, same deal with the caveat that lots of places have multiple "official" names and spellings. Use synonyms where multiple commonly-used terms mean the same thing. — Shog9 ♦ 2 mins ago
@Mithrandir ^^^
9:43 PM
@Mithrandir don't like being wrong? ;-)
@Randal'Thor that too, but it's more like that's not how the original post lends itself to interpretation
@Mithrandir The one from 2009? when 87%of the Network didn't exist. That surprised me too.
(87% was a numbered I pulled right out from the depths of my bottom, dunno what the figure could even possibly be)
@Edlothiad Eurgh, we don't need things pulled from the depths of your bottom in this room :-P
Ahh better than from the depths of my mind...
@Edlothiad Looks like the network at that point consisted just of the original trilogy (SO/SU/SF).
9:56 PM
So even more than 87%. Guess you know to trust the depths of my nether regions
@Randal'Thor It was actually the first 5, 7 years and 11 months
@Edlothiad Who knows what it'd be if you go by other figures like total question count. SO dwarfs all the rest of us.
@Edlothiad But main meta wasn't a thing then (it was just meta.SO), and I think Math Overflow wasn't part of SE then.
That gif was my greatest masterpiece
@Randal'Thor Well there you go. just 3, I was just going by the number on the right
How many is there total, I can't be bothered to count
170+their metas, I think, except for StackApps and Meta.SE which don't have child metas
so apparently 98% of the sites hadn't existed.
Glad we still take that policy as gospel!
@Edlothiad unless things have been brought up again and redecided, stuff from 2009 is still policy.
10:10 PM
Wow, I remember when Slytherincess was there.
@Mithrandir I was making a comment on the fact the original policy was based on 3 stacks, and the fact he's re-evaluated it in that comment when there are now 170 stacks is not a surprise.
@Randal'Thor she had more gold badges ;P
@Mithrandir Gold badges are easy in HP :-P
Fun fact: Jason has managed to get more silver badges than bronze.
You get one for enlightened and another for 25 upvotes, and another for 40
get enough of those, (the older tolkien qs were pretty click baity) and you can catch it easily
I'm only 17 or so behind
I lied 19. but then again I don't have 600 badges

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