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4:04 PM
@trichoplax Takes me 66 bytes in Python with a trivial recursive solution, so probably not too trivial IMO.
yeah it isn't basic string construction, you kinda have to recurse
@HyperNeutrino Thanks. I'll sandbox it in case it's a duplicate of something
good idea :)
@trichoplax If you were to generate "bifurcate":
4:06 PM
still loading
I wouldn't try rendering it - it's over a page :P
There is the slight problem that you cannot read it at all.
That's 512 es
4:07 PM
You see why I gave up doing that by hand and wrote a program...
@trichoplax yup :3
@MDXF it was validly closed as a dupe, it meets all the criteria of what we consider to be a dupe. The author agrees it is a dupe, and has already posted a new version in the sandbox
I disagree with "it meets all the criteria of what we consider to be a dupe"
4:16 PM
it got reopened by somebody else
Step Hen, MD XF, me, Dead Possum, and Business Cat
> eM
@DeadPossum neim has no support of lists of lists but it is a potential feature
4:21 PM
@Okx thanks!
So, if this challenge isn't a dupe, why can't I just copy the 30-language answer from The versatile integer printer and post it?
you can but that's not the point
@ppperry Then I might as well write a polyglot/otherwise answer that can solve every single challenge and close everything as a dupe of the same challenge?
that answer wouldn't win
because it would by definition be longer than things that just solve that challenge.
so essentially you're saying that only winning answers matter when it comes to challenge criteria?
4:24 PM
@ppperry you can but you'd a) be plagiarizing b) be lame c) get downvoted into oblivion
Not winning, but competitive
the point isn't just that all answers from the versatile integer printer are valid for this challenge, it's that they're valid and very competitive
But you can't just copy them over, I'm pretty sure it's not allowed
You could use them as a guide, but I use the as a guide for every polyglot I write
now why is that starred
was just thinking that...
4:25 PM
because people/[a person] agree[s] with it?
Presumably someone thought it a good point worth drawing attention to
or that
@HyperNeutrino such grammar, many wow
it'll probably get closed again but if so I'm not going to bother VTRO'ing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
You can't vote to reopen again
4:26 PM
Competitive is still subjective, but it seems like a good guide to whether a near duplicate is distinct enough to stand alone
@MDXF well then that too xD
not sure if this requires a warning but... it's very colorful: airoheup.appspot.com/circlez/demo.html
Found that out the hard way :/
well, obviously an answer that would currently win would be competitive
Anyone know any good languages that don't care about syntax errors?
4:27 PM
I'm at 15 and I wanna get to 20
@MDXF braingolf doesn't ;)
S.I.L.O.S doesn't care about syntax errors
@ppperry already used it
@Mayube Ooh goody
why does ^ print 0
how was I supposed to know
4:28 PM
You weren't
I'm just saying
oh god you're asking a difficult question there
gimme like 50 hours xD
lol. I can just rework it if you like
I currently have Ook printing 0 but that can change
what question is this supposed to be an answer to?
@MDXF Actually ignores all errors
ok so the first line is gunna push 92 to the stack
4:29 PM
A: Polyglot the OEIS!

MD XF15 languages: C, C++, Cubically, rk, what, Bash, Morse, Ook!, str, Charcoal, Commercial, S.I.L.O.S, memescript, Forked, TRANSCRIPT Over 1000 bytes >.< but I'm gonna go for the most languages. #\ //I7Oq #include<stdio.h>//$+7+7%6& ..... rk:start print: "11" rk:end ?!!!!!!??!??!??!??!??!??!??!??!...

@BusinessCat Does it actually?!?
but the / at the start of the next line makes it 0
I won't do anything cos it's not prime
then it pushes 7 and 0
I don't think q does anything
You're still 17 languages short of convincing me it isn't duplicate.
then it pushes 103
4:30 PM
@ppperry Challenge accepted
@BusinessCat also prints about 100 [0]'s
except more than that, because you're using at least one constant sequence
what do you have against the question
@MDXF How many of your languages aren't doing a constant sequence
n negates the stack, so 0 becomes 1, and everyting else becomes 0
4:31 PM
@BusinessCat Two?
c does nothing in this case
try adding python :3
l pushes length of stack
@HyperNeutrino It doesn't like # ;-;
u removes duplicates, d does nothing here
4:31 PM
@MDXF why not? ;_;
So I think I'm winning on number of non-constant sequences
Only 2 of my 9 are constant :P
@BusinessCat but that wasn't the challenge
@Mayube The last two messages you sent look like they have very bad grammar xD
>_> This room is abused >_>
4:32 PM
e pops the last 2 items and skips everything up to the next pipe or semicolon if they aren't equal (they aren't)
7 done, 23 or 25 to go
@MDXF I know I just want to feel good about myself
@HyperNeutrino We talk too much
that skips us to start
@HyperNeutrino Oh wait no # are comments. Problem is, Bash has the same comments but different syntax everywhere else
4:32 PM
@MDXF Your answer have no R,L,U,D so you can use Fusion
@Mr.Xcoder ಠ╭╮ಠ
that's not a bad thing
lowercase s does nothing here
@MDXF Ah I see. You can also insert strings in Python which are ignored if you don't do anything with them ('''multiline string''')
@DeadPossum it's not on TIO, pls link?
@totallyhuman <_>
4:33 PM
@HyperNeutrino I know but that's a syntax error everywhere else lol
I know
Just said
@MDXF lol probably not then. even worse, add Java >:-D
ahaha wtf
@HyperNeutrino Oh hell no
4:33 PM
@Mayube where's the print instruction?
apparently t in braingolf pops the last item, converts it to scientific notation, then pushes as a string
CMC: Do Pietu's challenge in Jelly xD
> apparently
@Mayube wut
4:34 PM
a does nothing significant here
@MDXF My bad. I was talking about Fission :D (tio.run/#fission)
Ok is there an exit command?
r pops the last item on the stack and pushes a random number lower than or equal to it
@DeadPossum Oh hah. How would I print an integer in that?
oooh ok
4:35 PM
I wilk post a new endless bounty :)
so the 50 billion question marks pop everything off the stack
@MDXF Have you used the positive integers and nonnegative integers sequences?
Found something interesting on the OEIS today: 3 is prime, but so is 2^3 + 29 (37), and also 2^37 + 29 (137438953501), but is 2^137438953501 + 29 prime?
and also create a conditional that skips everything else
at the end of the program, the stack si empty, so it prints 0
@BusinessCat I've used the positive doubles (a(n) = 2n) but not those yet
4:36 PM
@MDXF there's your answer :P
I have them open in Chrome tabs
@MDXF You can probably fit Retina in pretty easily, as long as each line is a valid regex
@Mayube Oh lol
@Okx I think the last one is not computable
Or rather, every second line
4:36 PM
Ok so I need to add Braingolf, Fission, Retina
yes, it's a theoretical problem i suppoose
@MDXF There you go. Insane OEIS in fission ._. I don't even (codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/50858/66855)
I'm trying it in Retina and it is borked much worse than I thought it would be
Tag suggestion:
@DeadPossum Uhm
4:38 PM
@ASCII-only ~650 bytes (ungolfed) with support for negative numbers and addition/subtraction/multiplication. Remaining: floats and division. goo.gl/q8tDY3
I just need to print an int xD
CMC: Given a String, sum all the digits it contains.
abc4ihd7jknd-3 -> 4 + 7 + 3 = 14
lambda s:sum(int(i)for i in s if'/'<i<':')
@Mr.Xcoder 05AB1E, 3 bytes: þSO
4:40 PM
@totallyhuman haha, you learned my trick
Gaia, 7 bytes: ₵D@$I⁇Σ
Jelly, 6 bytes: fØDVDS
Oh wait I think I can golf that
Nice Hyper
4:41 PM
why is 05ab1e half of jelly
still too long ;_; 05AB1E appears to have builtins for this ;_;
> half oof jellt
Q: Can I burn the farmers too?

HyperNeutrinoInspired by this and this which was inspired by the first question. I've set my farmers' fields on fire, but unfortunately they saw me do it! If I don't deal with this situation they could report me and then I'd get arrested! So, that shouldn't be too hard. All I have to do is kill them with fir...

let's not burn humans, ok? :P
4:42 PM
Pretty sure 05AB1E has a "keep only digits" builtin
@totallyhuman Totally...
@Mr.Xcoder Japt v2, 6 bytes: r\D ¬x
Oh, hey, I actually realized how to use my language
@Shaggy Nice, ties Jelly
4:43 PM
Gaia, 7 2 bytes:
gaia wins
> Gaia, 7 2 bytes
> where both are one grater than a multiple of 4
That got comments quickly ._.
$: Split into characters, Σ sum, casting strings to numbers implicitly (non-numeric strings are 0)
why downvote ;_;
4:45 PM
@Mr.Xcoder Actually, it can be done in 2 bytes: ¬x
jelly, c'mon you can do better
A: Polyglot the OEIS!

MD XF16 languages: C, C++, Cubically, rk, what, Bash, Morse, Ook!, str, Charcoal, Commercial, S.I.L.O.S, memescript, Forked, TRANSCRIPT, Braingolf Over 1000 bytes >.< but I'm gonna go for the most languages. #\ //I7Oq2_ #include<stdio.h>//$+77%6& ..... rk:start print: "11" rk:end?!!!!!!??!??!??!??!?...

[human] Domesticated animals represent high nutritional value to me while still always being on display. Quiet you non-human animals! I made you! Fear your master!
  [goat] /me kicks @human
  [goat] baaaa
  [human] /me slaughters goat
D: violence
um k
That almost sounds like the start of Animal Farm
4:49 PM
@totallyhuman Nope, Jelly really cannot do better
Farm burning challenges are the new alphabet challenges
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

trichoplaxBifurcated text code-golf string Given a string, output the raw MathJax required to display that string bifurcating at each character. For example, the input cat would result in the output c_{a_{t}^{t}}^{a_{t}^{t}} which MathJax renders as Braces are required around superscripted or subsc...

@StepHen Thanks for saving us from farmers forged in fire
> Too many notifications? Type </sub> to unsubscript
@trichoplax Was that comment intended for me?
It doesn't seem to be
4:55 PM
@trichoplax Thanks for the feedback. What's macabre fluff?
@WheatWizard I think it is. I stated already why you can't do that.
killing the farmer
Q: Levenshtein Your Source

Step Hen The Levenshtein edit distance between two strings is the minimum possible number of insertions, deletions, or substitutions to convert one word into another word. In this case, each insertion, deletion and substitution has a cost of 1. For example, the distance between roll and rolling is...

;_; people don't like killing farmers
macabre means gory or something
@MDXF Don't remember much commands for fission, but that one works for A010722 - all 6's
4:56 PM
but if people are downvoting because of that then I'll just change the wording ;_;
@WheatWizard Yes - see the second sentence. You can't get that close to the farmer
Ok I see
I interpreted that differently
@HyperNeutrino "Macabre": used to describe something that is very strange and unpleasant because it is connected with death or violence
@trichoplax everyone loves multiline markdown... not
Got there in the end...
4:59 PM
@Mr.Xcoder no problemo
@HyperNeutrino ...but hey your rep is now a nice round number :P
@HyperNeutrino To me it seems like a lot of backstory to wade through before finding out what the challenge is (which seems interesting)
@DeadPossum that was easy
Thanks :D
@MDXF np :D Fission is funny language
Yeah I can tell lol
5:02 PM
Another one....
So... I just saw this code...
if (user.save()) {
	return user;
} else {
	return user;
return user;
@HyperNeutrino Actually that answer I linked to doesn't talk about long intros, but adding fluff to the task itself. I'll see if I can find a more relevant one
My colleagues are terrible at Informatics, and they once had b+++ in their source and wondered what's wrong...
5:03 PM
@Mr.Xcoder b+=b+++b
@StepHen Not like that; It was int a=b+++;
@StepHen You have precisely 5.5k network, congrats!
what should I do to my question
wait, there's four farmer questions now? 0.o
@Mr.Xcoder oh cool, thanks
@HyperNeutrino Deleting it is a good choice
if I join 10 more networks I'll have 6500
5:05 PM
@Mr.Xcoder yeah maybe
@HyperNeutrino what's wrong with it?
people don't like it clearly
@StepHen Only communities with over 200 are counted.
@Mr.Xcoder oh nvm then
I might just rewrite it to exclude the part about burning people
5:06 PM
@HyperNeutrino or just give it some time
It's linked by now so I might not want to delete it
@HyperNeutrino Not sure that would save it though
@Mr.Xcoder Do you think the question has any major issues?
@HyperNeutrino I don't really have an opinion on that
5:09 PM
brb making a burning farmer turing-complete cellular automata esolang
brb making a koth
@HyperNeutrino whoever can burn the most fields without getting burnt wins
I think we've actually had a koth like that
5:10 PM
Brb designing a challenge that will steal the attention of farmer challenges
@Mr.Xcoder just upvote answer mine instead :3
@StepHen If your comment contains "upvote", I beat you to it :D. If your comment contains "answer", no thank you
CMC: Given a negative integer, return its absolute value raised to the 5th power.
-6 -> 6^5 = 7776
J, 4 bytes: 5^~-
@Mr.Xcoder cQuents, 9 bytes: #|1:aA)^5
Q: Can you stop them from escaping?

LordFarquaadHeavily influenced by this question. If you like my question I recommend you give theirs a vote too. Background You're trying to burn your competitor's wheat field down in order to drive up the prices. With luck, you can remove the competition as well. Unfortunately, your competitor has realize...

5:15 PM
In Gaia it's ȯ5* but the version on TIO is kind of borked so don't try
Jelly: A*5
I don't know how it happened
@Mr.Xcoder 05AB1E, Ä5m. Bonus, it works for all numbers not just negative.
burning farmers is the new alphabet challenge
5:16 PM
25 mins ago, by Business Cat
Farm burning challenges are the new alphabet challenges
what that's insane rofl
> for all numbers not just positive. - I think you meant negative
@Riley Nice, I had the same solution
@Mr.Xcoder That's what I said (after the edit :P )
@HyperNeutrino N*5 also works
yeah but A*5 is more generalized :P
5:18 PM
@HyperNeutrino I know
I know you know :P
where's the meta post that says means no cheating quines?
And you probably know I know you know and .... I'll just stop
@HyperNeutrino I know you knew I know :P
@Mr.Xcoder See, I knew you knew I knew you knew
5:19 PM
uh oh
Trash collector in 3... 2... 1...
@totallyhuman Let me explain
@totallyhuman I am not sure if it works if the input is 'l(s%s,input())'
i can't test that because levenshtein takes too long
It just never ends on my machine for any test case, just want to check.
oh ye
> Note that it gets quite slow.
5:21 PM
@totallyhuman (like nothing terminates on my machine)
that's why the test case in TIO is two characters long
@totallyhuman Not even def terminates. I suggest you to s/quite/extremely
It terminated :)))
@Mr.Xcoder def terminates on TIO
5:23 PM
@totallyhuman See ^^
yeah levenshtein is hard
thankfully i didn't have to do any of the work
@totallyhuman >_><_<
meanwhile erik comes in and uses a 3rd party lib :P
@totallyhuman BTW you got badly outgolfed
see ^^
5:25 PM
I saw... ninja'd my outgolf message
TIL that there's a Python Levenshtein library lol
> A pure Python Levenshtein implementation that's not freaking GPL'd.
I saw
actually i shall write an ungolfed levenshtein implementation
'cause why not
Good luck
And bye, all those farmers and challenges I cannot answer give me severe depression
> Note: This section uses 1-based strings instead of 0-based strings
I thought we had this already, but apparently not, so I added it:
A: Things to avoid when writing challenges

trichoplaxExcessively long back stories This is a site for people who like programming challenges. They already want to see your idea for a challenge. You don't need a back story to make your challenge appeal to them. If you decide to include some context for the task, try to keep it short. Personally, I...

5:38 PM
@trichoplax Huh, I thought we had that, too.
I just linked to "Adding unnecessary fluff" which I thought meant that, but rereading it it turns out to be about added extra tasks, rather than extra wording
I wonder how many times I've linked to the wrong one...
"Entirely nonsensical rationales for short code length" (the reason I posted that meta question) now has +31/-32
Yeah. It was clever back when, but now it's just annoying.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

TehPersImplement the Cubically Cube code-golfrubiks-cubearray-manipulation Cubically is a fairly new esoteric language capable of creating short, golf-like answers for a very specific subset of problems. It is unique in that it stores memory in the form of a 3x3 Rubik's cube, making calculations far l...

uh... did you know you can have empty posts in SE?
5:49 PM
@StepHen HTML comments?
null bytes?
@HyperNeutrino yes
Null bytes, non-breaking spaces, a bunch of <p></p>'s, etc
I thought SE input validation would be smarter than that
5:53 PM
@HyperNeutrino but... they never give you an input spec
why would empty input be not allowed, unless someone says so? ;)
Wait... has NMP really not updated yet?
yay rewriting positron xD
@HyperNeutrino I thought you gave up on it
that's because the parser was too buggy. the rewritten one is like 10000 times better
anyway brb o/

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