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1:13 PM
How to flag this? (it's not in dba, it's in SO Discussion!)
@ypercubeᵀᴹ Flag the comment?
That's just a guess. I have no idea about Documentation and didn't even know Discussion existed.
I wonder if we'll get Discussion tabs for Q & A pages one day (replace chatty comments and/or associated chat rooms)
@PaulWhite I tried to get into it when it started...hadn't come back since
There's a reason good documentation is written by people with specific experience and skills
i.e. proper Technical Writers
I suppose an infinite number of monkeys would produce good documentation eventually
1:30 PM
I just want the SE toolbar to be at the top of chat, as I was promised several years ago :P
i hate having to open other tabs to see if i've gotten any points >;(
Q: Chat and the SE toolbar

PhilᵀᴹI quite often spend plenty of time in chat without ever navigating back to DBA.se. Is there any way of making the Stack Exchange toolbar (as it appears on DBA.se) appear at the top of the chat page so that I can see notifications, rep changes etc? I'll just give this a little edit in the vague ...

I'm sure I was told at the time that it was in development
Oct 7 '15 at 13:15, by Phil
Oh, and I still want the SE toolbar at the top of chat that I was promised 2 years ago!
Haha, history repeating itself
Consistency is important to DBAs
i'm curious! does anyone active in this room have "dba" in their title?
i haven't been a dba in 2.5 years
1:36 PM
me, though the active bit is done through lurking lately :)
and even when i was it was iffy
That debate was fought and lost many many years ago
I liked "Database Professionals" but ... looks around
@Philᵀᴹ Should be implemented soon. They're making great progress on the outstanding requests:
A: What features did the Community Team discuss, have implemented, or have denied last month?

JNatFeatures in the "built" lists marked with a "‡" were in the QA phase at the moment the post was edited. They'll appear on subsequent months' "built" list if further work was warranted, or won't if they just cleared QA successfully. June '17 Update! Welp, turns out our prediction from April's up...

@sp_BlitzErik Nope I'm a mere peon
1:38 PM
@Philᵀᴹ i'd say you're mayor peon, don't sell yourself short
is there a way to see notifications after you've cleared them?
without going to the inbox in a new tab
(phil wins another prize for that idea)
@sp_BlitzErik Chat notifications?
those very ones
wow, that's a hunt
thanks though
@PaulWhite yes, I meant Documentation, sorry
1:46 PM
@sp_BlitzErik The link is, but just go to your chat profile.
e.g. Click your own name in the side bar here
He's daft but we like him
Don't Americans (mis)pronounce that Boo-E?
yeah, but that just about matches the way musical sensation flava flav would say "yeah boy"
everything i talk about will be on your future visa applications, so pay close attention
I pronounce it buoy
1:52 PM
@TomV but how would cagots say it?
If you follow the middle dutch etymology it's boo-e
heckuva lot of dutch named stuff in nyc
staten island is lousy with kills
Not sure if you cared though
1:54 PM
Buoy: One of the few words I would say has an unnecessary 'u'
@TomV What's with all the intellectual contributions recently?
You're really raising the average, which is a concern
@PaulWhite I was merely trying to maintain the average after Erik's appearance
@TomV i'm gonna live blog about how much that hurt my feelings
@TomV Nicely done
@PaulWhite i know dislike extended events but
new for 2017
@sp_BlitzErik because it was first a Dutch colony?
2:06 PM
@sp_BlitzErik sys.dm_exec_query_optimizer_info is so last year
@ypercubeᵀᴹ ja vriendelijke eilandman
@PaulWhite there's just no pleasing you
@sp_BlitzErik What was the original sentence you let google translate?
"yes friendly island man"
who's the island man?
@sp_BlitzErik On the contrary I have an extremely low threshold. I come here.
Can we add Extended Events to the PowersHell and Git category?
2:10 PM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ all of us, i suppose~
@PaulWhite yes, but i've solved problems with xe, so i'm a little less harsh on it
@sp_BlitzErik I'm more confused now! I thought you meant Manhattan. Or Staten or some other one from NY state
@sp_BlitzErik Problems like being in too good a mood? Too much spare time? Lack of XQuery in your life?
I just broke my local master trying to PULL upstream/master (SQL-Server-First-Responder-Kit) into local master and then PUSH back up to origin/master. Had it all synced and running.
A problem we've all faced
2:14 PM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ a long time an old coworker someone told me that you live in greece (totally unrelated, and maybe wrong)
Sorry, that wasn't very empathetic was it
helpful and empathetic®
Yeah, I did. But Greece isn't an island unless you consider the whole Europe+Asia a big one ;)
I grew up 150 km from the nearest sea.
@Philᵀᴹ in the meantime, try: stackapps.com/questions/7404/top-bar-for-chat-rooms
@Shog9 Cheers, darling
2:16 PM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ yeah, like i said, unrelated.
@PaulWhite It was helpful. Karma.
Woah a Shog appeared
Still trying to work out what invoked it
And which room owner kicked him out
2:33 PM
someone who really hates authority, apparently
@sp_BlitzErik sql authority?
I know a few
@Lamak such shade
How to make a million dollars from your blog
@PaulWhite did you ever get that signature that @TomV was supposed to get you?
i just hit 200 blog posts, which is roughly 10% of the blog content on BO
i'm waiting for the gigantic check
2:40 PM
@Lamak Still waiting. Every day I check the mailbox with an excited look on my face, but no.
@sp_BlitzErik you do realize what we are talking about, right?...or do you need jeagl?
May 22 at 14:45, by Tom V
I failed to get Paul's present
@TomV ah, damn
@sp_BlitzErik I liveblogged that Pre-Con in here though :)
2:41 PM
@Lamak yes i know, but i've spent time with the person this jeagl is at the expense of, and i like him quite a bit (even if his blog is a bit BOLlywood)
@sp_BlitzErik Yeah, we're mostly kidding because of his blog. He seemed like an OK guy
@sp_BlitzErik just making sure
He's catering to a certain crowd and is really good at that
i really thought BOLlywood would have done better in here
Meh you've done better
2:44 PM
@sp_BlitzErik it just shows that @TomV's comment about maintaining the average of the room was spot on
@Lamak man, i'm getting beat up in here today
@sp_BlitzErik Lack of Obbish
@sp_BlitzErik sorry, sorry
next time i'll wear both helmets
Oooh, need to take my drone with me and hike to see this jarrelook.co.uk/Urbex/B29%20crash%20site/B29%20site.htm AWESOME
2:57 PM
@Philᵀᴹ Did you try that top bar for chat script?
was there a readme for how to install?
@TomV you're just too helpful for this room
I must add the script works fine for me on FireFox
It shows 0 reputation change, as expected
3:13 PM
what about now?
Are you sure you wanted to up-vote that one? :)
i picked it specifically because it was stuck at 9
The top bar showed the rep change and the nice answer badge, so it's working
A: Chat and the SE toolbar

Paul WhiteAs suggested in chat by Shog9: In the meantime, try Top Bar for Chat Rooms (stackapps) Provides a fully functional top bar, including realtime notifications, easy chat server switching, and fast room list searching, at the top of all chat rooms. Keep tabs on your inbox and site acti...

@TomV nice
oh my god it worked
3:21 PM
Tampermonker doesn't detect git.hub script
@McNets did you click the "raw" link?
the "github raw" link was detected by greasemonkey
@TomV should I now reload chat room?
yeah, that's how i did it
3:23 PM
oh did it
4:06 PM
The script works well in Safari using TamperMonkey
4:22 PM
so much talking!
@sp_BlitzErik Do you remember when we talked about looping over CCIs a while back?
@JoeObbish yessir
4:41 PM
@sp_BlitzErik You can add an IDENTITY column
it's like magic
that'll break parallel inserts
but you usually maxdop 1 those anyway, i suppose
well it would only be on the source table temporarily
I don't think it'll end up helping in my particular case, but could be a useful trick one day
how big is this table?
10 billion rows
so your big plan is to add and drop an identity column to a 10 billion row table?
4:46 PM
it sounds really bad
it's less than an hour on my desktop and ~30 GB of log
hour long outages are frequently acceptable in production
@JoeObbish borrow TomTom's phone
it would be during a downtime, yes
it's not my plan at the moment, but it's an alternative
@dezso I'm too young to understand the reference
@JoeObbish borrow boss baby's phone
you think I've seen that movie?
oh yeah
how'd you like the emoji movie
4:53 PM
it was awful
any redeeming qualities?
tj miller tried
tried and died
there was one part where the high five emoji ate a lot of candy in candy crush and made a bunch of cocaine references (like "i can't feel my face"), and i think it just made all the parents uncomfortable
"stop making coke jokes in front of my kid"
hey man, spoilers
then you won't want to know that there's a happy ending
the movie ends and you can leave?
4:56 PM
yeah, usually rose will want to listen to songs in movie credits, but she ran out as soon as they rolled
Why'd you go anyway? Kid wanted to see it?
maybe I'm out there on this issue
but I feel like advertising to kids is one of the scummiest things
some of it is pretty bad
how old is the kid?
5:00 PM
4 and about a half
wonder how people designing ads feel
probably the same way oracle sales reps feel
I've heard some interesting stories
though nothing that sounded as bad as the socket -> core switch
5:28 PM
is this overly rude?
I'd suggest you improve your attendance to the class this homework is for, first ;) — sp_BlitzErik 28 secs ago
it's deserved but I would consider it to be "nonconstructive"
i can live with that
5:50 PM
@EvanCarroll the info on the (rather useless) tag says "For questions about recording the last time a row was modified. ". The question is about when only a specific column is modified. — ypercubeᵀᴹ 27 secs ago
Incoming edit war ;)
For those interested, see the revision history and the tag suggestion at meta:
A: Tag suggestion: mtime-row

Paul WhiteAs I mentioned in chat, ideally you would have asked the community for feedback on this new tag before creating it, and new tags should come with usage guidance at a minimum: @EvanCarroll What the heck does mtime-row mean? If you're going to create a tag, at least add some usage guidance and ...

6:09 PM
@PaulWhite I mentioned it here a while back. It went well, thank you. Very introductory level stuff, but then this is new theory to most people and new implementation to everyone. As there is so little in SQL Server yet I also demo'd another, mature, product (Neo4j). It was interesting seeing reactions change from "why would I bother" to "ohhhh".
so graph in sql server is uh... a bit incomplete?
6:45 PM
@sp_BlitzErik Yes, that's a nice way of putting it. They've dipped their toes in the water. Or at least have their socks off and are standing on the damp sand.
I don't want to be disparaging, though. When it lands, it will be a "how did we ever live without this" thing. I imagine Linux is soaking up a great deal of time and brainpower just now.
6:59 PM
@sp_BlitzErik but seems promising
@sp_BlitzErik did your daughter want to see it too?
@MichaelGreen yeah, would imagine so (re:linux). wonder why they include such incomplete stuff. should have all hands on linux if that's the focal point of the release. sheesh.
" I do have 5 indexes (1 CI, 1 NON-CI)."
@Lamak she would have been fine seeing captain underpants for the 4th time
"what it feels like to chew five indexes"
7:02 PM
3 disabled indexes?
@sp_BlitzErik I still don't know if your reply was sarcastic or not...
can't figure that one out
@Lamak no, she likes that movie. she really wanted to see emoji movie though. i think she's been cured of that.
@sp_BlitzErik ah, ok. I'm tempted to jeagl, but it was so unfunny that it's better this way
@JoeObbish where?
that's the problem
I don't know where the three missing indexes are!
7:05 PM
in the missing indexes dmv
@JoeObbish no, the comment, where did it come from?
This is to minimize the future disk space required at its current growth. Yes, we are an ERP software company so, we have Licensed EE. This table is only for archive when some checks are performed and all the data resides in this table. I do have 5 indexes (1 CI, 1 NON-CI). None of the columns are VARCHAR (MAX), they are either NVARCHAR(), int or date type. — Sid 1 hour ago
I'm going to attempt to talk about recovery models
this won't go well
@JoeObbish talk about mathematics too
we should ask @ypercubeᵀᴹ to intervene
I majored in that
@JoeObbish but I trust @ypercubeᵀᴹ
7:09 PM
oh, I finally get what this guy is talking about
man, some people make it so difficult
@JoeObbish how?
how indeed
"ALTER INDEX cannot be used to repartition an index or move it to a different filegroup."
but why
why indeed
15 hours ago, by Joe Obbish
I'd ask but that's probably a long discussion
but say I'm doing a REBUILD
is that so unreasonable?
7:18 PM
Are you in helpful mode or unhelpful mode?
@Lamak I'd ask but that's probably a long discussion.
@JoeObbish I'm in the "I slept 5 hours total since friday" mode
that's a bad mode to be in
@Lamak up partying?
7:29 PM
I wish
but no
7:40 PM
AGs are such a pain sometimes
Q: Split hyphenated nvarchar value

zapconI have a table with 6 columns one of which is a NVARCHAR (65) datatype. All of the entries in this table have the format XXXXX-nnnnnn. I want to be able to use the '-' as a delimiter and construct a query that pulls out the value after the '-' into a temporary table so I can run another query a...

it's not even a difficult splitting question
use substring
congrats, you did it
'it all seems hard and difficult'
Please find a new line of work
Is this correct?
A: Can a database's files be copied while a database is online?

RAVicioso Can a database's files be copied while a database is online? Yes. All you have to do is set the database to read-only: Run: USE [master] GO ALTER DATABASE [Database] SET READ_ONLY WITH NO_WAIT GO Copy the database files - MDF,LDF, etc. to their new destination Once copy is done, you can...

8:03 PM
@TomV I think so but not sure.
well. it's pretty f wording r worded even if it's doable.
just use tempdb for everything
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