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8:00 PM
@derobert Seems to work.
But @-completion doesn't.
Oh well, still works well enough. Need a proper IRC interface though.
Wow, with @rumtscho away, and @Mien away enjoying those glass mushrooms, this place sure is quiet.
@derobert I chat on my iPhone all the time.
@ElendilTheTall does @-completion work there?
Q: My Revere ware copper bottom pots on my new GE glass cooktop

GDeeOwner info I read AFTER my new GE Profile was installed did NOT recommend copper-bottom pots...Now my beautiful Revereware pots are useless...Would a heat diffuser work?---I'm more afraid of ruining my cooktop than a pan. Help!

Made an edit
I forgot the edits need to be approved first and i already posted a comment saying i made the edit lol
just 40 more rep before i can edit without approval doh.
@Jay I approved it
8:08 PM
@derobert thnx
Though its currently hard to answer—I just posted a comment asking for model #. A random GE profile manual I grabbed doesn't mention copper. So its apparently not all of them.
@derobert in her title she mentioned a glass cooktop
I pulled one of the glass cooktop models. Haven't found anything in that manual, either.
ok, maybe search just doesn't work on these, will look by hand
8:12 PM
she said "Owner info I read AFTER my new GE Profile was installed..."
yeah, so the manual should mention it
i assumed owner info is the owners manual
maybe she meant additional research she did else where?
Ok, found it, its just that search doesn't bloody work in these PDFs
@derobert ;/
the whole thing is an image
8:15 PM
o thats annoying
c&p the image in here
I'm very confused now, as it actually recommends copper-bottom cookware
did i miscontrue her original meaning?
no, you didn't
I'm guessing maybe this is a different model number.
8:17 PM
im guessing shes worried about the staining
Well, I answered it, because that wouldn't fit in a comment.
yea i think the answer is sufficient. and if she clarifies, you can edit the answer
tonight im going to do a test run of the cinnamon roll recipe that i will bake on friday to bring into my office
8:33 PM
hahaha @sobachatina
I laughed way too hard at this:
Hello everybody btw.
i use heyho as a greeting but i sometimes accidentally separate the hey from the ho so people get offended and ask me why i called them a "ho" lol
@Mien so, you're a noodle now?
@Mien So can't you get those guys to make another season of Basta?
I have been waiting for weeks now.
@Jay Just touch them inappropriately instead, then.
@derobert It seems so, yes.
@Cerberus Haha, who knows...
8:37 PM
@Mien do you keep the other attributes, like psych(-o)?
I mean, psycho Chinese noodle wins over Chinese noodle, I think.
In that case, yes.
I wonder what the chef is making in #TheFryingPan anyway? Citrus (tree, possibly), mushroom, robot, moose, a magical large flying cat, psycho Chinese noodles, ...
That's an odd list of ingredients.
who is the large flying cat that happens to also be magical?
Could be a stir fry. But you'd think we'd need some sauce (not from @Jay) to accomplish that.
@Jay @Cerberus is a magical, large, flying cat
@derobert o looks more like a squirrel in his plushtoy state
8:44 PM
@derobert What?? How dare you!!
I am large, yes. But flying? And a cat?? I am outraged!
@derobert I have real real good sauce. You just gotta work the pump on it first
@Cerberus Well cerberus from card captor sakura(which i assume he is refering to) is actually a lion like thinger
@Cerberus that's a picture. What else would you call it?
yea that photo above
8:45 PM
@Jay a lion is a cat. Just not a housecat.
@derobert I don't know what that is, but it not I, Cerberus!
I am canine.
@Cerberus likely story! I have two pictures to prove it!
Look it up in your mythological Who's Who.
Cerberus (), or Kerberos, (Greek form: Κέρβερος, ) in Greek and Roman mythology, is a multi-headed hound (usually three-headed) which guards the gates of the Underworld, to prevent those who have crossed the river Styx from ever escaping. Cerberus featured in many works of ancient Greek and Roman literature and in works of both ancient and modern art and architecture, although, the depiction and background surrounding Cerberus often differed across various works by different authors of the era. The most notable difference is the number of its heads: Most sources describe or depict three...
@Cerberus, you are quite cute :) will you snuggle with me
I am not cute dammit!!
I am fearsome!
Fear me! grrrrr
8:49 PM
@Cerberus Come'mere you cutie
@Cerberus well, you should go with the large, magical, flying cat-beast then, with a cute false form to deceive your enemies. I'm afraid that wikipedia picture you posted is of something that, clearly, mentally is not all there.
... that's definitely a "special" needs dog.
Hey I never claimed intelligence. But I know what I am!
Only reason no one could escape the underworld is because they fell over laughing when they saw you. Sorry, but it had to be said.
I bites your heads off!
Just wait until you're dead, then we'll see who laughs last.
8:52 PM
@Cerberus plays in Harry Potter :p
@Cerberus bad news for you, mushrooms can live quite a bit longer than dogs.
I don't think I even have a shell life
I am immortal, silly.
How's that, 'shroom?
@Cerberus Actually, you're not even existant.
@Mien You are nearly extinct anyway, butler.
@Mien Want to bet?
8:53 PM
How am I extinct?
@Mien That's true. As long as you keep the rain and rats away, you're immortal.
I depend on humans for that.
@Mien Oh dammit, I thought you were endangered.
The Emperor Penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) is the tallest and heaviest of all living penguin species and is endemic to Antarctica. The male and female are similar in plumage and size, reaching in height and weighing anywhere from . The dorsal side and head are black and sharply delineated from the white belly, pale-yellow breast and bright-yellow ear patches. Like all penguins it is flightless, with a streamlined body, and wings stiffened and flattened into flippers for a marine habitat. Its diet consists primarily of fish, but can also include crustaceans, such as krill, and cephalo...
But it turns out you're plentiful.
Dammit, I shouldn't be watching those stupid, lying documentaries by nature freaks.
8:56 PM
I swear they said Emperor Penguins were endangered.
I guess idealists of any ilk are suspect.
@Cerberus wait, I thought @Mien was a noodle.
Looks like a penguin to me.
@derobert Better.
even better.
Looks about the right fierceness :-P
so cute :D
@Gigili how is the LoL installation coming?
9:00 PM
I gave up
@Gigili Aww im sorry to hear that
They have a European server so it's not like there is a huge latency or anything
Yes, very sad and something to cry for.
@Gigili Try a clean reinstall maybe?
You were able to download the client right?
I will, thank you @Jay
@Jay Yeah
Alright. Well good luck. it's a great game so try it once more before giving up on it ;)
9:03 PM
Is it a little mouse in your avatar @derobert?
@Gigili A mouse? Well, its the Mandelbrot set.
@derobert Ah, see? Fear me!
@Jay What's LoL?
@Cerberus Yeah, I know, you can yap really loudly.
Oh? I don't know why I see a mouse there.
@Cerberus League of Legends
a super awesome game
9:07 PM
@derobert Thanks, man.
@Jay Hmm I've heard of it.
What genre?
Hmmm, well, when you see the wrong pictures in the dots, that means you're insane, right?* Might be something similar.

*: This statement has not be verified for factual accuracy. Actually, its false, but...
but I'll flag your message.
There's a mouse playing around in your avatar, like it or not.
hello all
hi @tastefive
how are things?
@Cerberus RTS (like Dota, HoN...)
@Cerberus DoTA
9:09 PM
been traveling and got sick, other than that ok. You?
@Mien Ah OK.
@tastefive Oh, I hope you're feeling better now... I'm fine. Lots of work on school :(
I don't know what those abbreviations are, though, except RTS.
@Mien I think RTS is too broad for it. I think DoTA has set its own subgenre of DoTA games
@Cerberus and FPS/TPS?
Dota isn't an official genre.
9:11 PM
First-person shooter, and...?
third person shooter :p
@Cerberus Well, RTS is request-to-send, from serial protocols. But the others, are obviously line noise.
@derobert gdiaf
@Mien Well, we're all already in a frying pan, we're pretty darn close.
But I like spiral knight (just for you @Mien) better.
9:13 PM
@derobert Oh, what a nice new genre.
I'm very good in HTTP games
@derobert RTS means real time strategy. or maybe you were just messing around. its hard to tell
@Jay Yeah, I know what RTS is. Its a short way of saying Starcraft :-P
Starcraft is RTS but starcraft and DoTA is not that similar in my opinion
oh snaps i need to go shopping for stuff. I'll post some cinnamon bun pictures tonight.
And no I do not mean pictures of my buns with cinnamon on it in case anyone has a dirty mind
nah i guess its just me. anywhoooo bye
9:43 PM
@mien- glad you liked it. :)
2 hours later…
11:16 PM
I'm not entirely sure this is constructive enough.
What do you think?
Q: What foods/spices can be used to make natural food colorings?

JerI've been experimenting more and more with "natural" food colorings - meaning spices and other ingredients that naturally impart color as opposed to a commercial food dye made specifically for this purpose. For example, I've let scallops (among other things) sit in a beet puree, and they get a b...

It won't yield a 1000+ list, but there certainly isn't one correct answer.
11:27 PM
@Mien I think that if they asked about a specific goal (color, flavors which are okay/not okay) it'd be a lot better. Listing all foods with strong colors is not good.
Yeah, I tend to agree.
Well, I'll close to vote. I'll see if anyone agrees.
Although... they did actually say green/blue, and scallops.
Maybe we'd be reacting better if it weren't for the title.
...and the answer which basically ignores that.
Yes indeed.
It's in the grey zone I think.
I think I'll just edit it to be an okay question, rather than dealing with comments and responses.
It was actually a pretty well-written question, except the choice of title.
@Jefromi just a quick comment (but leave it as it is now), I've read somewhere that it is preferred that the title is an actual question.
But I know we don't really follow up on that.
and "somewhere" being on our meta ;)
And the question itself wasn't that bad, good, because it was edited already ;)
Anyway, bedtime for me. Nn.
11:47 PM
@Mien Hm, I haven't seen that - and... well, on SO, most of the questions don't have question titles.
My thought is generally it's shorter, and puts the important words at the front, if they're not.
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