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3:06 PM
@badp I did this routinely
not for the weapons I wasn't using, though
@badp It's not like cash isn't easy to come by.
@badp as a % I think the respawn fee is always tiny
@BenBrocka Well okay it was $27k out of $399k
but certainly a setback
I have to say. I'm hating the new mods. Not because they're bad mods or anything, it's just now there's never any flags in the flag tools for me to get cheap flags on the way to my Marshal badge. They're all acted upon too quickly :(
...towards getting arbitrary higher numbers
3:08 PM
@badp setback of what? Like, one gun?
@MrSmooth I feel your pain :D
@BenBrocka money
sell one gun
Guns are still at around $5k
Make (probably) more than $27k, at least that's my experience
Ah, so 5 guns
$27k is like one major quest at this point of the game
3:09 PM
@badp not playing coop?
Trust me, you'll be up to your eyeballs in guns soon enough
the reviving in coop is really nice
you'll have so many guns you'll want a gun that shoots guns
yeah, coop is more fun for a number of reasons
@IanPugsley nope. Some people offered to play coop with me but didn't actually ever join me
@BenBrocka that's what the Gunzerker from BL2 does, right? :)
3:10 PM
make sure you play with a Sniper, so you can laugh when they go I NEVER DIEEEEEEEEE
@BenBrocka yeah, I'm just leaving them behind because of my itty bitty tiny backpack
@badp @OrigamiRobot and I still have it installed and have yet to actually finish the game
although we're EDT :(
and how annoying it is to compare my backpack weapons with my equipped weapons
@badp make sure to rescue the claptraps when you find them
each of them gives a +3 to backpack space
@BenBrocka Yeah, I'm up to 27 slots now
I'd need 500 to pick up all the garbage
3:11 PM
My Siren has 42
Igoring white guns is a good place to start
I still need to finish the General DLC and the Claptrap DLC
I actually have some white guns nicer than the other guns
@IanPugsley I tried to play with @RonanForman and the lag was tremendous.
General's I didn't yet because I farmed it <_<
like this 574 damage shock x4 rocket launcher
although rocket launchers are fairly worthless overall
3:12 PM
@OrigamiRobot I've played with my friends in the US without too much trouble
Yeah, rockets are lame unless you're Brick
@FAE claptrap DLC's probably the best of the bunch, imho
@OrigamiRobot That was mainly my brother's uni's internet speed.
knoxxx is pretty decent though, just for all the chests you can earn
@agent86 Knoxx FTW
better guns, better cars, and Knoxx himself is awesome
3:13 PM
@BenBrocka I need to re-learn the farming trick, I can't remember now, haha.
@FAE you fall through the floor at the start of the armory run
Got a looootta golds from it though.
friend showed me this weekend
very few good guns, though I got a couple Anarchies
one that's insanely accurate, too
@BenBrocka I remember that but I also backed up my saves and stuff just in case and I need to remember when I did that and such
@MrSmooth psh, average flag handling time is 1 hour and 2 minutes. although Oak and I are both cranking on the flags. it takes 3 "old mods" to equal just one of us :D
3:14 PM
with a 4x scope
I can't remember what SMGs I have on my Siren
I was halfway through the Knoxx DLC when I stopped playing for some reason (new game or something). Came back last month or so to find that I'd inexplicably uninstalled the game. Dunno if my saves are still there, will be pissed if they're not.
@MrSmooth depending on when it was, there may have been cloud saves
@FAE you better have a Hellfire, they're amazing
@BenBrocka Think I had one of those, yeah
Now I have to go look
3:15 PM
I want a hellfire X Anarchy
@IanPugsley It was quite a while ago, so I doubt it.
or an anarchy that fires all elements like the Chimera.
rainbow bullets of death!
One more ME3 post (+1) and then I spam my friends with links so I can finally get myself a new keyboard.
I was amazed I just spammed my twitter feed and enough people clicked my links with no begging required
> You've reached the maximum number of rules for windows firewall
3:21 PM
@BenBrocka I'm apparently currently decked out with a Blast Savior, Combustion Hellfire, and a Desert Anarchy.
I'm also only 45 though, having never finished my 2nd playthrough, iirc.
Now I remember, I was doing farming on 1st playthrough or something... I dunno.
@FAE I don't recall the Savior
Q: Multiple instances of Minecraft working independantly, is it possible?

EnderI figured out that apparently even though I have two DIFFERENT minecraft directories (one for mods and one for vanilla) my modded.jar still seems to use most of the files from my vanilla directory. I found this out because I had the sounds for a mod I use copied into my Mod directory, and they ...

Q: How can I assigning specific depots to trains?

PeterIs there a way to tell a train to which depot it "belongs"? Because it frequently happens to me, that my trains leave their normal route and head to depots on some other tracks (probably they just happen to be closer than the normal depot at the time when my train decides to need repairs). The...

Q: How do I gain access to the hidden weapons vendor in New Haven?

OrigamiRobotIn New Haven, there is sometimes a second weapons vendor across the street from the usual one. However, it isn't always open. Is there anything I can do to ensure it is available?

Q: Do adventurers buy any equipment on their own in Dungeon Village?

idan315I've started playing "Dungeon Village" on Android, and the adventurers' behavior isn't completely clear to me. Do they buy any kind of equipment (weapons, armor, amulets) on their own, or do I have to give it to them as presents? Do they buy special items (such as Salve) on their own? And use the...

Trailer: 20 Games To Play With Your Mates (IndieSkies) http://bit.ly/GHgUGD
not many SMGs were that amazing, andI never found many legendaries
3:23 PM
The double anarchies were madness
@FAE uh... what level do you typically reach at the end of the 1st playthrough? I've just got 31...
I didn't realize I was that close to the end.
@BenBrocka Has a chance to cause explosions. I mostly have it as a backup gun because it has +16 ammo regen.
It may be higher
It depends on players and completeness
Where are you
3:25 PM
I was more of a Combat Rifle fan myself. Get the full auto ones with stupid clip sizes, add in Roland's CR buffs, and you have half your max ammo in a single clip.
Kram's the latest plot quest I've done
@FAE Ah, I have a mod for that but I'd love an SMG with ammo regen
Always out of ammo
@BenBrocka Considering the fire rate on my SMGs, same, haha. It's my backup gun for long fights.
@BenBrocka That's kinda why I love the support gunner mod. Although ammo regen never is enough regen.
I was a Siren
3:26 PM
@FAE I keep other guns, I usually have an SMG, shotgun, Sniper and Magnum
With the right mods your DPS can reach incredible numbers
Anarchy + get close = everything dead
@BenBrocka I carry 3 SMGs and an Iridian (was that what they were called?) rocket launcher with infinite ammo
and fast
I love Lilith's quotes too
"Aww, did that hurt?"
3:27 PM
haha yeah
I only played Lilith and a partially leveled Mordecai
I think by the end I had my anarchies and then pistols with the different effect mods for different enemies
Only Siren here, with a second player Mordecai for coop
I'm the only one who went soldier then? <_<
too easy, probably! :P
Yeah I think the hunter and siren were the only true power classes
@badp my friend who likes to play support went soldier
They're best in co-op, can help a lot
3:29 PM
I played all of them. Only one I went NG+ on was Lilith. Mordecai was my second highest and Soldier (forget his name) was close 3rd.
well the amount of critical hits I've just needed to take down a level 30 badass bruiser does kinda worry me
can the siren like backstab people and stuff?
@badp Nope, I sure did. Loved the support aspect. Ammo regen mod, turret fully kitted out, combat rifle. Not as bursty as Lillith, but quite fun regardless.
my very first playthrough on 360 was Brick, but switched to Mordecai on PC
@badp Not really, but the melee when you leave Phasewalk is pretty strong
I really loved Brick but I never see anyone play him
3:30 PM
I never put any points into boosting my melee though
Mordecai is the best!
Phasewalk is better because it makes you almost invincible
What's that? I'm dying? phasewalk Trolololol
I was pretty much a God by the time I maxed my Siren and had found the right mods and weapons
3:31 PM
@OrigamiRobot I have to admit, fully upgrading my "boomerang" and taking out like 4 guys was pretty badass.
@BenBrocka Phasewalk regen <3
Phasewalk is for regen
Gunslinger Mordecai was ridiculous though too
@FAE with that regen and a quick charge shield you can be max health/shield <1 second after phasewalking
3:32 PM
like just complete pistols? Craziness
Well there are some insane pistols
and INSANE mods
@MrSmooth Bloodwing builds are boring!
@OrigamiRobot But really, really entertaining
Sniper/Gunslinger FTW!
@tiddy <3 defiler
Oh, was that your face? NOT ANY MORE
3:33 PM
@OrigamiRobot Says you. I say they're fun. All my characters played off of their unique ability. Otherwise they all felt too similar.
@Lazers No freehand arrows needed!
@MrSmooth If you didn't go for Level 5 Trespass first, you're doing it wrong :P
yeah, Trespass is ridiculous, you can't not have it
Guardians go downi n one shot, always, with it
I haven't loaded up borderlands in probably a year
But I put over 100 hours into it and the DLCs
beat it, probably like 5 times
@BenBrocka I was so happy when I got to that part. @IanPugsley's Brick was practically useless with my Mordecai one-shotting all of them
@OrigamiRobot great place to farm XP/weapon XP for mordecai
Crawmerax is better though, if you can stand that %$^&ing elevator
3:39 PM
Anyone know how to redeem a code in Desura?
Hahaha, best synopsis of the ME3 endings (Spoilers of a sort)
sigh, I'm now catching up to a line of level 21 quests I skipped
@BenBrocka I'm sure there's gotta be higher res than that
@badp yeah, that's the one I found though
Craw is fun
more friends the better
And you'll need electric and acid mods
good ones
hate those damn craw maggots
the other crabs die in <1 second, but those craw maggots...
3:43 PM
@BenBrocka Picture updated.
@BenBrocka Yeah, those things sucked. I recall acid in the eye murdered them pretty damn fast, though.
@fbueckert they're allegedly weak to electric
doesn't seem to work very well though, not that I have any good electric SMGs
morning all
@BenBrocka I haven't played in close to a year, though, so I might be mis-remembering.
@fbueckert I think you're thinking of the Armored ones
those die in two acid magnum shots
@Foxtrot hello
@GnomeSlice interesting
The green ones take acid
and the maggots are electric
@BenBrocka Yeah, those are the ones that gave me the most trouble. The other ones went down easily.
Armored ones gave you trouble? I kept those ones alive to get a second wind
Maggots were the fast ones, hard to hit em in the eye, and deadly
@BenBrocka <-- Soldier. Didn't carry SMGs at all. Left that to my roommate, who played a Lillith. Maggots died stupid fast.
3:50 PM
Q: Fastest way to the Eye of the North? (Any campaign)

SarturI'm looking for the fastest way to get to the Eye of the North region with a new character. I have the Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall campaigns on my account. But since I only played PvP characters I have no clue which of the three offers the fastest way. Preferably only using the NPC compani...

@fbueckert really? How the hell does no one else have trouble with those?
Chatting about borderlands?
@Foxtrot Mass effect, I think.
@Foxtrot Borderlands
mostly borderlands
3:55 PM
Was I the only one who had horrible FPS in the ps3 for borderlands? I always thought there was something wrong with my system - defective video card, etc
On rare occasion I got that, a couple specific points of missions I think did it?
But no generally speaking mine played smooth
@Tristan's Avatar how the hell is she going to pull that trigger?
well i guess I was also playing split screen. Epic fights and all - having to render so much?
@Foxtrot I mostly play splitscreen as well
hmm. I guess I just wish that consoles would have better video cards in them or the ability to upgrade them easily lol.
standardization is a big part of their power though
3:59 PM
@Foxtrot I don't... in the past I used to constantly upgrade my graphics card on my PC just to be able to run the latest games well
But now, with the popularity of console games, I don't have to anymore
At least, not at the same frequency
@Oak this is important to me as well.
although I am able to play Skyrim on my laptop, which is a pleasant surprise
@Oak and of course upgrading your PC often cost as much as a console
really did not want to play that on the console
@agent86 I can't aim with a joystick.
I much prefer to play most things on a console, but they're often far, far cheaper for PC. =[
4:01 PM
Any first-person game automatically must be on a PC for me to even consider it.
@StrixVaria By the way, have you tried the Metal Drift demo yet?
the TAS for Super Mario 64 has been improved. Again.
@GnomeSlice Nope.
This time by more than one second!
4:02 PM
@StrixVaria =[
@BenBrocka yea, nowadays I also buy older and cheaper cards which still kick ass as long as the consoles keep demands in check
@badp Why on Earth would we watch it again.
@badp Impressive.
@StrixVaria Ditto. Mouse + Keyboard far outweighs controller for accuracy.
It's going to be a nearly identical video.
4:02 PM
@GnomeSlice It's different!
@GnomeSlice because there are new tricks.
@badp What's the total time now?
Idk, i guess, I just want to play a game that the console can handle it. To me, laggy FPS can entirely kill the game.
And it's 0-stars right? I stopped paying attention after I saw a 1-star run.
4:03 PM
@fbueckert there's really no reason console games shouldn't be able to use keyboard/mice setups any more other than laziness
@BenBrocka Other than as an excuse to exclude cross-platform play, anyways.
@StrixVaria yes
@StrixVaria I have a friend who has the exact opposite problem. He refuses to play most PC games because he can't aim with a mouse
granted that I am on PC now - mainly. Yes my system cost me a good chunk of change but hopefully it will last me sometime.
previous run was 05:03.8
4:04 PM
I'm more interested in 120-star TASs of SM64.
I managed to learn to aim with a joystick, but it took practice. I sucked at first.
@agent86 Yeah, I have a friend like that too. It's a preference thing.
although they're working on obsoleting it AFAIK
@StrixVaria I'm trying to get him to play D3 with me when it launches.
we'll see... :P
4:04 PM
@agent86 There's still "aiming" in that, even though it's not first person.
@badp Why does he spend so long getting the first key?
I'll be on D3 pretty much nonstop the first week.
If you want someone to play with.
@RonanForman what run?
The youtube one you linked to.
I guess the key actually can't be picked until then
so he decided to walk around instead of just waiting.
He still most likely gets it at the 1st possible frame.
4:07 PM
@StrixVaria yeah, I'm hoping it will be a more "gentle" introduction than a FPS
So... does anyone know how to activate a key in Desura?
@GnomeSlice sounds like a good question for the site
@badp Good idea.
Oh, hey, Caveman Craig 2 is out.
I didn't even realize he was making a second one.
@BenBrocka With her awesome. That's how.
Q: Is there an aggregating service for online content distribution systems?

ZizzencsI have bought games from a few online shops, like Steam, Desura, GoG, Origin, Battle.NET and probably a few others. It is annoying to know/remember where I bought each game, so I'm wondering if there is a program that can collect all the information about what/where I bought and present them in c...

Is this a bad question?
4:15 PM
@GnomeSlice It's asking for a recommendation.
wow, bioware is trending on Twitter
@BenBrocka Why?
What did they do recently?
@GnomeSlice Seems okay to me. I was under the assumption we could ask "Can I do <X>?"
@fbueckert Most games are still single player...no reason to disallow people from using a mouse and keyboard to play Killzone 3 SP
Q: How do I change my C-gear skin

Michel AyresI have 'Minccino' c-gear skin, in use, and now I got the 'Reshiram' c-gear skin, from the last event. How can I switch between my C-gear skins ?

Q: How do I Activate a Product Key in Desura?

GnomeSliceI've recently started using Desura. I absolutely love it except for one thing; the menus aren't very user friendly. Where do I go to activate a product key?

4:17 PM
This will likely mean there will be an extra popup after the normal ending
"Hate that ending? Purchase the Real Ending for $5!"
@BenBrocka I was going to say this but not be as witty.
@StrixVaria Normally, I would have said it was fine, but I had already voted to close before posting it here.
Since I'm usually wrong about this sort of thing.
@BenBrocka This makes me sad
@BenBrocka This makes me glad
@BenBrocka If they create paid DLC with a new ending they'll only multiply the current outrage
@Fabian The only way more outrage could be made is if they somehow managed to rewrite time and make it a Day 1 DLC to fix the crappy ending
4:22 PM
@Fabian Good, the fact that they are doing anything beyond setting up a FAQ or something is beyond me
Hmm, maybe its just going to be an awesome April Fools day joke :)
That would just be... awesome :D
@BenBrocka Yeah, I'm kind of torn. On the one hand, I want to shake my finger in shame. On the other hand, had they asked me to pay an extra $5 for the game with a proper ending the first go around, I wouldn't have batted an eye, so. :P
@James Biggest troll ever
Proper Ending?
@TimStone Exactly! :)
I guess I should just bunker down until I finish
Okay, so I can't use the design my partner gave me, so I have to do an entire new one AND do all of the coding in Diector by next Tuesday
4:26 PM
@tiddy Ah, sorry, won't spoil it for ya. :)
I just dont understand all this hate
@tiddy Yeah. Everyone was so disapointed when Harbinger showed up in a bikini at the end of ME3.
Should have been a thong
Q: How do I Activate a Product Key in Desura?

GnomeSliceI've recently started using Desura. I absolutely love it except for one thing; the menus aren't very user friendly. Where do I go to activate a product key?

Is there something wrong with this question?
@GnomeSlice Why do you ask?
Rep: 493
Registered: Aug 2009From Peru
Posted February 10, 2012
Open the Desura client, click the desura logo on the upper left corner, click Tools, and then Activate game CD key or gift. On the window that opens enter your key and click Activate.
4:28 PM
@AshleyNunn No upvotes, even though your answer has one.
Maybe cause an answer is the first google result for exactly your title?
@James That might be a part of it. And it's not like there can be much variation in the answers
@James ?
@GnomeSlice No upvotes because it's not a Mass Effect 3 question, clearly.
@GnomeSlice That's the first google result for your question
4:29 PM
@GnomeSlice It means you put no effort into asking the question, you did no research on your own, so its not a question worthy of an upvote to me.. Sorry man.
@Lazers I'm sure there are better tags for this.
@Tristan No suspensions either.
@James Yes I did, I spent like 10 minutes scrolling through menus trying to figure out how to do it.
@GnomeSlice Well I wont down vote it because its a valid question, but those are my reasons it wont get an upvote.
@GnomeSlice but you didn't do a google search that would have given you the answer right away, which doesn't help, I don't think.
4:31 PM
@AshleyNunn I wouldn't have assumed that a Google search would have returned anything.
@OrigamiRobot I have the tag ignored because I don't play it and know nothing about it.
Besides, even if that's the case, what's the harm in asking on the site?
woo, finally finished that Guild Wars answer
@GnomeSlice oh, there isn't one - that just might be why people aren't upvoting as much as you might like
@OrigamiRobot I can't feel love and look at that avatar at the same time.
4:32 PM
@GnomeSlice None, which is why it has no downotes.
(Also I never really cared for potions.)
Am I seriously still red for you guys?
@badp Potions?
or enchantments
or that stuff
@OrigamiRobot Well, at work, apparently. You were green at home.
4:33 PM
@badp hate that kind of stuff
@badp I'm not only asking about enchantments.
@OrigamiRobot You're still red.
@OrigamiRobot Are you not supposed to be?
@GnomeSlice No, I changed almost a week ago.
4:34 PM
totally still red
I think that's part of @OrigamiRobot's gimmick now. He claims he shouldn't be red but he's not changing it on purpose.
It's very strange because when I visit your user page you're back to green, but all thumbnails are red.
@MrSmooth Maybe chat thumbnails are generated/propagated at a different cycle than the user accounts?
Though by a week seems odd
A: How long is Mass Effect 3 on normal difficulty?

stalincatI'm just about to start the final mission, got slightly over 5h at the moment. I'm playing on Hardcore for a Sentinel using the saves from ME1,2 on xbox 360. I completed most of the side quests, talked to everyone and got a 100% of resources in every system.

Not only is that a bad answer... but 5 hours? really?
4:40 PM
@Sterno ...I don't think that's even possible
@FAE I agree. Too many unskippable cutscenes
He's lying
Likely on purpose
#NewMassEffect3Endings maybe if you all hadn't tried to figure out what Tali's sweat tastes like you'd have gotten a better ending!
@BenBrocka Ya know, reading over the blog entry from the BioWare guy, he does not say he is giving a new ending. He mentions in April that more information will be announced about additional content to answer some of the unanswered questions.
@Sterno That's what I was about to say. Is there an option in Coalesced to skip cutscenes?
4:41 PM
It took me 30 hours, 5 hours doesn't seem feasible even with skipping all the dialog
He said all resources and most side missions
Unless it's a typo
15 or 25
@Fabian Don't underestimate the length of dialog and cutscenes.. The last Metal Gear was a 30ish hour game if you watched/listened to it all, its about a 4 hour game with out it.
@FAE I never looked. It would be awesome though.
@OrigamiRobot Don't trust us with your gmail? =P
@Tristan he knows we all have some websites just screaming for email validation :)
4:42 PM
@Tristan I trust you, just not everyone who visits this site
@Tristan He trusts me with his email.
@James I was just going to sign him up for a bunch of newsletters. =D
@Tristan <insert evil laugh here> Im a little hoarse today :D
@James Great. More ponies.
4:44 PM
@James Those are called ponies.
hoArse, not hoUrse :P
@James There's no U in horse...
<=- clears his throat in your general directions
Well I never could spell :)
There is however an A in what I originally typed :)
@James What a hack.
I wish we could just close every "How long is game <x>?" question as a dupe of:
Q: Is there a website that has estimated time duration for games?

enriqueinI'm going down my huge backlog of unplayed Steam games and I'm thinking the best way to tackle the list is to go through the shortest games first and then concentrate on the 20+ hour ones. I'm wondering if there's a website that has an estimated amount of gameplay time for games. Hopefully withou...

All those questions do is attract "here's how long it took for me" answers
4:46 PM
@Sterno And then close that as a *-rec
@OrigamiRobot I was one of those lucky kids that they tested out the 'natural language' teaching method on so I only ever took I think... 3 spelling tests while I was in school? :)
@OrigamiRobot Excellent!
Read a ton a books though.
@OrigamiRobot it's not really a rec if phrased properly, the real question is "how can I estimate how long a game will take to beat?"
@BenBrocka ...It is specifically asking for a website.
4:48 PM
@BenBrocka That one was definitely
I found that one because I noticed the tag, and it occurred to me that probably every single answer under that tag will end up pointing at HowLongToBeat.com
imho, "how long will it take me to beat X" is either too localized (assuming we could get inside your head and determine just how long it will take) or not constructive (requesting everyone post their personal experiences and debate just how fast it's possible to do)
I think questions are terribad and should all burn.
Maybe I'll meta-post it up
We should totally do this for a game on!.
What the hell, windows firewall.
What do you mean 'reached the maximum number of rules'?
I just deleted a bunch, too...
4:50 PM
@Sterno Do it so I can upvote the answer suggesting they be
Does anyone know what I can do about that?
@GnomeSlice Use a different firewall? Router probably works decently.
I don't understand, I've set it back to the default firewall settings and it still says I've 'reached the maximum number of rules'.
@RonanForman Haha, Etho is awesome :)
@James I NO RITE!
4:57 PM
@RonanForman You mean a series of Game On!s
He's got me so much rep.
@OrigamiRobot Maybe.
@Sterno the problem was finding out the length of playing for a specific time, even if the wording expects a website
Well, basically, I can't play anything new online on this computer any more.
Because I can't allow it through my firewall.
@RonanForman I fully support it.
I'm getting scared I would be able to get these last 3 questions.
4:59 PM
Oh. I think it's my antivirus firewall

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