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12:00 AM
I mailed the people from the site to see if they want to answer it
but they are affiliated with endless pools, so it feels rather commercial to me
@IvoFlipse Actually, I am trying to see if I can get a better estimate
I mean, they don't take gender into account? It's usually such a large factor
Any estimate like that is next to useless
A: How many extra calories do I burn when running with a jogging stroller?

Ivo FlipseWhile drawing diagrams to calculate it would be fun, have you considered comparing your heart rate with and without the stroller? That would be a much more reliable than trying to estimate the increased energy requirements. Here's why: We would need to calculate the friction the stroller has ...

Here's a nice example of a similar question
if you want to know how much energy you use, measure it
@IvoFlipse It unnerves me, when plugging in the same numbers, I get estimates ranging from 150kCal to 350kCal... I mean, should I eat that extra slice of pizza today or not? ;-)
Different sites, completely different answers
I just wanted to do my own calculator.
Get a heart rate monitor
@IvoFlipse That's what I was thinking actually. Any suggestion?
12:13 AM
Probably not a bluetooth model, since their battery dies much faster than an ANT+ one
and I fear that the signal will suck in a swimming pool
but Garmin or Polar, doesn't really matter
that first link doesn't work for me :S
and the mayo clinic one only mentions numbers, no references
@IvoFlipse it does have references
oh right, some 'book'
A mixed model was used to derive the following equation for predicting physical activity energy expenditure (EE):
EE = -59.3954 + gender x (-36.3781 + 0.271 x age + 0.394 x weight + 0.404 V[O.sub.2max] + 0.634x heart rate) + (1 - gender) x (0.274 x age + 0.103x weight + 0.380x V[O.sub.2max] + 0.450 x heart rate)
where gender = 1 for males and 0 for females.
12:16 AM
that sounds plausible, if only you knew your oxygen uptake over time/watt
By the way - fitness is our topic of the week so you may want to participate :-)
Oh boy
well, I'll try to keep an eye out
anyway, time for bed for me!
:-) night
1 hour later…
1:47 AM
@IvoFlipse where did that meta post go?
2:40 AM
Q: Help the moderators and use your flags and votes?

Ivo FlipseI'm going on a holiday for three weeks and since Nathan is fairly busy at work, Greg needs your help to moderate the site. So to anyone with 500+ rep: vote to close questions when they are off-topic, not constructive or are generally poor. Even if you don't have 500 rep, you can always flag qu...

Use those flags and close votes!
I remember Ivo going on vacation back then... didn't realize all the other mods were away as well.
4 hours later…
6:15 AM
@MattChan I handled it, so he must have deleted it?
9 hours later…
3:06 PM
@Sklivvz I might be able to use that formula to substantiate my 'issues' with the calculator
3 hours later…

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