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7:00 PM
@HyperNeutrino This look fine now?
@HyperNeutrino cool, thanks for the test cases
It was probably meant as a silly in-joke, but the fact that esolangs.org requires users to understand Befunge to answer the 'new account' CAPTCHA puzzle is infuriating
no problem :)
also I notice how you used <q> lol
&nbsp; works too I think
@StevenVascellaro That IS annoying lol. I had to go get TIO open to solve it lol
@StevenVascellaro Just paste it into a befunge interpreter lol
@HyperNeutrino if it ain't broke don't fix it
7:03 PM
linkin park singer died
R.I.P. :(
i hope my sandboxed challenge isn't too hard
@StevenVascellaro I'll write a bot that uses the befunge interpreter to make a million accounts
7:04 PM
Nov 20 '16 at 5:44, by ais523
one of them ended up learning Befunge just to spam us
(I won't actually please no one do that)
@Cowsquack At least they learned something :)
@BusinessCat no
I will wait for NSP
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

totallyhumanHow many ways can a river cross a road? code-golf number sequence A (closed) meander is a closed curve, that does not intersect itself, which intersects a line a number of times. A meander can be analogized as a road crossing a river through a number of bridges. The number of distinct meande...

7:07 PM
@NewSandboxedPosts nice one
Like a good citizen of tnb- shit that was fast
Looks like NSP had enough butter today
CMC: Write a gcd function in a programming language you've never used on PPCG
@totallyhuman (just FYI, that got flagged, but you couldn't see it.)
@musicman523 hmm... that's a difficult challenge
7:11 PM
Yeah, cause you know every language ever :P
@DJMcMayhem oh whoops sorry
well I did see it...and clicked that "no" thingy
So just languages I've never made an answer in?
@musicman523 too broad ;)
@BusinessCat or CMC answer usually
7:14 PM
first of all who is "you" referring to? my user account or the person behind it? if the latter, well, that's off-topic for stack exchange since multi-user accounts are strictly prohibited
The spirit of the challenge is that you should try something new :) I'm working on a Pyth answer
@EriktheOutgolfer I did this once upon a time and it wasn't too broad :P
Pretty sure I never used Java for either but I know Java so...
You know, I'm really glad that [badge:great-answer] is at answer score of 100, because that's exactly where my badge-winner is xD
7:18 PM
Heh, there are only 6 questions tagged on SO
That's actually my second question inspired by code golf.
Q: How does "Hello World" work in Shakespeare Programming Language?

Steven VascellaroToday while browsing Code Golf, I discovered a language based on Shakespeare known as the Shakespeare Programming Language (SPL). (See 3.14ed_Piper's answer to Make your language unusable) While trying to understand how the language worked, I came across the Wikipedia entry for SPL, which includ...

@musicman523 Racket, 53 bytes: (define(g x y)(if(=(modulo x y)0)y(g y(modulo x y))))
I ended up on the Esoteric Language wiki while trying to understand answers from Code Golf
I've only used it on 1 CMC before and I'm really rusty with it so I say it counts
@BusinessCat Nice one :) Racket is a fun toy
Yeah that's fine
The spirit of the challenge is to learn something new
7:21 PM
Actually I could save 1 byte by reversing the arguments
So the last part is (g(modulo y x)y)
(I think)
Anyone here know pyth?
Secure storage for me:
[Try it online!](https://tio.run/##pVOxbsIwEN3zFSeWbqiQTtloh0qV2qLCVjEYxyQnjB2dDWn686kdkshFKIAYbMtn33v3ns@W/WBdv2qwGubaWPjcbJCLpIQJSDfIr@Nojny7L4BBwYwRKhMEmUaV@bSl3j0YWBLuzA0Xj5RBKFHj6Pt3NYjwUnGpleiy221iukJhCuRQ2AWUXBew2ItqHD0CGigZWn/ELCwsI56jTOFjvxOkpc6qju3cmaOeXuvTLE0dj1Ywk1L0qH0xjeXU2x4fh1OzXkWLEi3P/fVCMgUjPgLcgNLg1AcKhvm/8CDogKKEZ8I06108jSfqqGVygzduftfk28bbEfv0AdPEPYb9jwauxc1K9z2CauCaNjo1fT1yj8FX58tQbftdkBR8sY47/HWqFUOtGIcWDeK96UoKY2DOaNsBhrEA0ddW13H09Ac "Taxi – Try It Online")
@musicman523 I do
How would I take input of multiple numbers?
So if Q becomes the tuple
How do I either access the parts of the tuple, or split it into two variables
You can use E combined with Q
7:26 PM
pyth doesn't have built-in gcd?
Or .Q
@totallyhuman I think it has
@totallyhuman I'm trying to do it without
@musicman523 you can use @Qn to get the nth item or AQ with 2 values (put input in G and H vars)
@totallyhuman That's i
7:27 PM
Q: Ninjas in a Chat Log

Step HenThanks to HyperNeutrino for making more test cases Often in chat, someone will ask a question, and multiple people will answer it at the same time. Usually, the person who was beaten to the gun will say "ninja'd", creating even more unnecessary chat. Given a chat log similar to the following: ...

@NewMainPosts thanks
@Rod Can I use head and tail?
@musicman523 yeah, sure
I know it's early but should I post this?
if you know it's early...
7:31 PM
The answer is in the question as they say
@totallyhuman yeah but Peter Taylor has said that it looks good
well +3/-0 is not too common, and if Peter Taylor says it's good it's probably good lol
except he doesn't
@HyperNeutrino my thoughts but I wanted a second opinion
but, even if you use just 1 time each, A would probably be shorter - AQpGpH vs phQpeQ
@cairdcoinheringaahing Thank goodness I implemented functionality to do 0-based indexing
7:32 PM
@HyperNeutrino he said it in chat
oh lol
wait he uses chat?
@Rod :38906068 I see the Python code G=H would translate to =GH, how would you do G,H=H,G?
on TNB or other?
hm I thought he left TNB because noise
7:33 PM
Although I need to make the first program so it may be a while...
@cairdcoinheringaahing cough make it in cQuents
@StepHen I promised MD XF I'd make it in Triangular -_-
ping me when it goes up so I can start preparing my answers (if you can remember)
@StepHen no 'cause I'm learning it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I want to go for a proper one rather than, say, the all ones
@musicman523 =,GH,HG
7:35 PM
the all ones?
@Rod Makes sense, thank you!
you mean the constant ones?
ooo this is going to be a fun answer-chaining
7:36 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing cQuents is really good at anything that looks like this: oeis.org/A010711
and I recently discovered that I can put certain chars in as filler, so that's that
@cairdcoinheringaahing I thought you were supposed to take n as input and output the nth number?
@totallyhuman yeah but that's the sequence
also do fibtraction, i'd get a good laugh out of it
@StepHen that only happens for tips usually
@cairdcoinheringaahing * and 4+ years ago
@StepHen it needs to be difficult but uninteresting, and a really uncommon tag.
No edits allowed either
GCD in Pyth, 16 bytes: AQWH=,GH,H%GH;pG
Please golf if possible :) (besides just using the GCD builtin, I'm aware of that)
@cairdcoinheringaahing and when chat is asleep
7:46 PM
@StepHen post it, delete it then 2 days later undelete it. It doesn't get bumped, people don't visit while deleted, and no-one remembers from chat
If you do that then I'll flag it for moderator attention lol.
@HyperNeutrino xD
because deleting things randomly isn't good.
If it's a good challenge, then it prevents answers.
@HyperNeutrino My minecraft challenge :P
If it's a bad challenge, then you were clearly doing it for the badge, in which case I believe that's abuse and it also clutters review queues (though those are ALWAYS EMPTY anyway lol)
@cairdcoinheringaahing that, on the other hand, is an exception lol
xD though you announced its undeletion because it was a legit challenge lol
7:48 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing But tumbleweed is no comments :P
hey look I'm almost at 9k network rep lol
my "is it any number" got practically no attention tho, and I deleted than while deciding on content
people didn't like it to start with :(
so uh
no feedback at all on my challenge?
@totallyhuman link?
or are we waiting for NSP again
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

totallyhumanHow many ways can a river cross a road? code-golf number sequence A (closed) meander is a closed curve, that does not intersect itself, which intersects a line a number of times. A meander can be analogized as a road crossing a river through a number of bridges. The number of distinct meande...

the same one :P
7:50 PM
ah yes
it's hard to calculate these numbers though
@musicman523 <obligatory giant Link onebox>
I might make it a code challenge
@totallyhuman VTC as subset of my answer chaining one :P
@StepHen ?
@totallyhuman What would the scoring criteria be?
7:51 PM
idk haven't decided anything yet
@musicman523 People like to be funny and post pictures of Link when people ask for links.
> People link to be funny
yes yes they do
I'm surprised that nobody's FGITW-python'd my question yet. It's not insanely hard I think ;P
(removed) too
Oh I feel sorry for the first answerer on my OEIS question
7:52 PM
You going to post it soon?
oeis.org/A000010 is going to be the next sequence
builtins lol
Neim will be like "cool 3 bytes have a nice day"
you're welcome
woo, finished the initial version of eldritch' runtime/flow control. Now I can have fun with the actual ops
7:53 PM
:38906546 XD
@Jim Do you have time now?
I was going to respond with "I'll post it when the Sandbox gets +4"
Then I looked at the Sandbox post O_O
I gave it an upvote earlier lol
so... post it
rod answered your question
7:54 PM
@totallyhuman I think it's fine, and probably the way people will solve it is to actually generate the meanders and count the number of them that result, probably with this algorithm. You might benefit by posting image examples
dammit I hit vote limit already
apparently >_< is an eastern emoticon
also it's at 66 bytes
@musicman523 hmm ok
@HyperNeutrino ಠ_ಠ
7:56 PM
I may have to wait until tomorrow to post then ;)
Wikipedia used "Know Your Meme" as a citation
wait why do you have to wait
your vote limit
Q: Construct a Tornado

HyperNeutrinoAccording to me, a tornado looks like this: ######## ####### ###### ##### #### ### ## # This tornado starts out with width n, and on each next line, a character is removed from either the left or the right, depending on the input. Input The input will be a list of some sort...

7:57 PM
well fine then wait until tomorrow geez lol
@HyperNeutrino well, by the definition that eastern emoticon are vertical instead of sideways, yes it is
I don't know where i'd get images from though
ah ok
Also, if you post it today, I'll upvote it tomorrow lol
Plus the fact that it's getting late here and I want to be able to watch the answers come in
ah good point
8:00 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing And O_o is Surprise or shock
^^ is a much better reason
this phone cord is so freaking stupid, it disconnects in the middle of debugging if I touch the phone
and then doesn't register a reconnect
why is a cmc starred
someone liked it?
oh I didn't even notice
Sometimes people star CMCs
CMC: backwards quine (cheating allowed), code cannot be a palindrome
8:01 PM
brb gotta watch something to do with golf ಠ_ಠ
starring's purpose is to highlight certain messages for people coming in later
uses cheating lol
@Mr.Xcoder I was editing tags just as you said that :)
@musicman523 I saw
@HyperNeutrino aw man I was just writing that
8:03 PM
switch to python 2 btw :P
non cheating quine
my profile picture keeps stealing my socks ಠ_ಠ
@cairdcoinheringaahing bad doggy
note the leading newline
8:07 PM
also the % in the string should be 2 of them
CMC: Given a list of positive integers, remove all the numbers that are divisible by 7.
@HyperNeutrino ÆṪ doesn't work for A000010 in Jelly >.<
Q: Extreme Fibonacci

user1502040There have been a billion iterations of Fibonacci challenges on this website, so lets spice things up with a Fibonacci challenge of a billion iterations! Your challenge is to output the first 1000 decimal digits of the 1,000,000,000th Fibonacci number with as short a program as possible. This ma...

[1,2,3,4,2,7,14,8,49] -> [1, 2, 3, 4, 2, 8]
8:12 PM
@NewMainPosts => VTC as dupe
@cairdcoinheringaahing I disagree
@StepHen it was a reference to the fibtraction debacle
Pyth, 7 bytes: f<0%T7Q
@all y'all check the close votes. Its 0
8:14 PM
To escape closure, a fibonacci challenge has to be as good as the previous 2 fibonacci challenges put together
um anyone bored and have python 3 installed?
@trichoplax Hey, one of those is mine!
8:15 PM
@StepHen I do
@totallyhuman -1 O_O
Anyone have any idea how I could, in Triangular, round a positive number to 1 and a negative number to -1, in 7 or 8 bytes?
@Mr.Xcoder Wasn't meant to be a criticism of previous challenges, just a really bad joke... :P
I know, I forgot to add a ":p" at the end
8:16 PM
@trichoplax bad enough to get 3 stars?
@cairdcoinheringaahing 3 4
@cairdcoinheringaahing aww then it must not do what I want
I assumed it was bad enough for <1
@Mr.Xcoder Um can you test #999999999=1:z+y on the cQuents interpreter?
@Mr.Xcoder TIO times out (of course)
@Mr.Xcoder And I'm not home atm
@StepHen I will copy the source and will do so
8:17 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing ?
@Mr.Xcoder Thank you very much :)
@totallyhuman the TIO link.
@StepHen It's going to take a while
@Mr.Xcoder uh I can't promise it'll work either
@MDXF Compute the sign?
8:18 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing yeah basically
@cairdcoinheringaahing could you please use the reply button so we know which message you're referring to?
@StepHen I hope my Mac won't run out of memory
@Mr.Xcoder I can wait until I get home if it takes a really long time
@Mr.Xcoder Uh maybe I should do it myself xD
@totallyhuman okay :)
@StepHen After I copied cquents.py, what must I do to run the code?
8:20 PM
@Mr.Xcoder Put it in the file source.cq in the same folder or pass a txt file as the first arg
@StepHen Ok
@Dennis just curious, how many flags / day does PPCG get on avg?
@programmer5000 Oh hey you're back!
@StepHen It's running
@Mr.Xcoder If you disconnect from chat I guess we know what happened
8:22 PM
And running...
sorry in advance if python yells at you
My memory just dropped by 2 GB
I ran out of memory, sorry
you're fine
my interpreter is crap
My mac now has 0.2 GB
8:23 PM
thanks for trying
It formerly had 8
@StepHen You're... welcome
what's the source code? I'll try it on a windows computer (my linux computer is... physically not a computer right now)
@HyperNeutrino "physically not a computer" ?
@Mr.Xcoder TIL you can't store the first 1 billion fibonacci numbers in 8 gigs
@HyperNeutrino wat
8:24 PM
my dad took it apart to try to fix it
@HyperNeutrino #999999999=1:z+y
@HyperNeutrino I don't think it'll work, my interpreter stores the entire sequence so you'll get out of memory long before, I think
the left hinge broke, which eventually caused the computer to not be able to draw power it out of the battery lol
@Mr.Xcoder with a # at the front
@StepHen lol then make your interpreter bette r
8:24 PM
@StepHen Yes, I did run it with a # though
is that trying to find the 9...9th fibonacci number???
@HyperNeutrino well... it's not supposed to be for big stuff like this...
@HyperNeutrino yes
As you add a number remove a number from the back
is this just an interpreter test or do you need the number
Do that when you are above a length of...
8:26 PM
@totallyhuman Actually I can do that after 5, but it's not yet implemented
Q: Extreme Fibonacci

user1502040There have been a billion iterations of Fibonacci challenges on this website, so lets spice things up with a Fibonacci challenge of a billion iterations! Your challenge is to output the first 1000 decimal digits of the 1,000,000,000th Fibonacci number with as short a program as possible. This ma...

@totallyhuman IIRC that's an esolang
lol wai xd
> It only works on the 20th of April each year. All attempts to use it on another date will result in 420 downloading a horrible virus.
@StepHen Yeah lol, I'm implementing it, the virus is gonna make your cd drive lock and make a buttload of noise
8:29 PM
@MDXF Ha, I don't have a CD drive
@StepHen Ok, then I'll fix it so that your PC sounds like a jet taking off, via hardware fan
Wait a sec, why on earth don't you have a CD drive? ಠ_ಠ
@MDXF I'll take out my fan, that'll show you not to... (processor explodes)
@MDXF I was buying laptops, two looked about the same but one was $50 dollars cheaper so I bought the cheaper one, the first one had a CD drive but the second one didn't and I didn't notice
@cairdcoinheringaahing Not bad. can't some of those " and p be golfed out?
Also, why is the output not as desired here?
Shouldn't ! cause only a nonzero value to jump over the decrement? When the ToS is 0 it jumps over
@EriktheOutgolfer I have a solution that should work TM but my interpreter sucks so it runs out of memory
yeah I read the comments
that's just who has the best compression
@EriktheOutgolfer who needs your compression?
A: Extreme Fibonacci

caird coinheringaahingAdd++, 1003 bytes +7952317874554683467829385196197148189255542185234398913453039937343246686182519370050999626136556779332482035723222451226291714456275648259499530612111301255499879639516053459789018700567439946844843034599802419924043753401950114830107234265037841426980398387360784284231996457...

@StepHen @HyperNeutrino I'm gonna post the answer chaining at ~4pm GMT tomorrow just a heads up
anyway I've gtg now! Bye!
@StepHen It's no use trying to patch the interpreter; the number is too big anyway lol
8:36 PM
o/! I'll try to be online at noon to FGITW an answer :)
(EDT-4 here)
Eastern d'arvit time? (forgot what the d stands for)
@MDXF Daylight
aka "during the summer time"
Oh yeah. Hey lookit that we're in the same timezone
How do I remove duplicate letters in words in JS
Hello World => Helo World
A: Remove duplicate characters from string

Cerbrus function find_unique_characters(str) { var unique = ''; for (var i = 0; i < str.length; i++) { if (str.lastIndexOf(str[i]) == str.indexOf(str[i])) { unique += str[i]; } } return unique; } console.log(find_unique_characters('baraban')); console.log(find_unique...

8:38 PM
Make it a set?
^^ split on space, do that on each item, join on ""
If js even has sets
It does
@totallyhuman nada
Control + Shift + J, enter Set and see what happens
8:39 PM
@programmer5000 Sets as in Python sets? really?
@programmer5000 Oh well TIL, that'll work for you
Guys, is this an interpreter bug? ? skips one instruction in the direction the IP is facing if ToS is <= 0
@MDXF you wrote the interpreter, no? I hardly know what you're trying to do
Although sets are unordered so
@totallyhuman oh right, that would kill it
nothing is out of order, just my logic. I'm stupid
8:44 PM
@MDXF #rubberduckdebugging
Basically, I was saying, "if the desired result is zero but the ToS is one, I want you to subtract the ToS by one. if the desired result is one and the ToS is one, I want you to skip the decrement instruction." ಠ_ಠ
Regex question: how to reference a matched pattern? For instance if I want to replace 42 by f(42) once 42 is matched
ok...apparently there is a solution to the extreme fibonacci challenge without, well, hardcoding! (btw we're getting serially downvoted that's abuse)
don't worry, it wasn't me
I can't vote for another 3.25 hours :)))
Not me either. I only DV'd one
8:46 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer I don't think that's abuse, someone just downvoted all of the hardcoded answers
Wait holy crap @HyperNeutrino when I left you were under 5k :O
what actually? :o
@HyperNeutrino holy cow good job on the answer
thanks :3
I think so... yeah I was off all June and July
8:47 PM
ai, I got FGITW'd in the tornado challenge
wait really that's like 1.4k per month??
brb porting my answers
Oh okay so you were at like 5.5k when I left. Close enough :P
@StepHen Except that they are soo verbose. I'll use regex.
ok :P that's at least 1k per month??? really I don't think I uprep that quickly (or slowly)
8:50 PM
@HyperNeutrino Dennis and Martin usually get ~100 a day I think, if they are trying
@HyperNeutrino That's quickly, unless you're me three months ago
well I'm not trying and I got 145 today already
Woah, a JS answer outgolfed APL!
:o +1 per minute. not bad
It's a great answer
8:51 PM
merci xD
Hmm I get about +1 per day ಠ_ಠ
I'm 9 votes away from 4k...but 39 from silver . darn
@MDXF most well-received segmentation fault ever
If I could find some good challenges I'd get both this week
8:53 PM
@MDXF rip. you'll get there :D
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Cubically still needs its big break
Oh here's an idea to make Cubically more painful - add the memory model to ETH's Cubix interpreter, mod the commands and make it two-dimensional >:D
phi**-1000000000 is pretty much 0 lol dunno why I forgot that
@totallyhuman I did it, but posted as my bot so that it can get the rep
@HyperNeutrino how'd you figure it out anyways?
le internet
8:56 PM
Speaking of rep lol. it was hilarious when I checked my phone for the first time after like a week and had 'round +1000 on StackOverflow
Almost passed PPCG ಠ_ಠ
8:59 PM
I need to get a big break like that /o_o
I remember when I still had more SO rep than PPCG rep lol
just one amazing question or answer
@HyperNeutrino Until, on February 21st, you decided to explode into repdom

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