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1:04 PM
@Mendeleev How did you type that in? I have to use U+200As if I want part of a word to be properly bolded
@LegionMammal978 just surround the text with double asterisks
**this** becomes this
That doesn't work as just part of a word
wait wat
SE must have updated Markdown or something
@LegionMammal978 Magic
testing things
1:18 PM
Anyone, equivalent of [1:] in Pyth?
Except P_
@Mr.Xcoder >Q1
@Mr.Xcoder t
@LeakyNun Thanks
@Mr.Xcoder _P_
I needed a one byte equiv, thanks!
@Mr.Xcoder what is it for?
1:21 PM
A: Find all the Anagrams!

Mr. XcoderPyth, 3 bytes t.p Test it online! Uses a slightly different approach than the other answer. Explanation t - Get all except for the first element, thing[1:] in Python .p - Get all the permutations

I tied 05AB1E and beaten the other Pyth answer
Oh, there must not be dupes/
@Mr.Xcoder no need to delete it... just add one byte
} I suppose?
but then it ties the other Pyth answer
Yes, it does not matter, I have P_.p as well.
1:24 PM
That did not work, P_.p
because it has dupes
So I will use that
Ignore me
@LeakyNun Please remove the "Nope" now
@Mr.Xcoder nope.
CMC: Given a string, reverse it, remove its digits.
vote to close as multipart
vote as unclear for lack of testcase
@Mr.Xcoder Pyth, 6 bytes: _-Q`MT
@LeakyNun Not multipart - You are given a String and must apply a certain algorithm consisting of two steps.
@Mr.Xcoder "reverse it" is a part, "remove its digit" is another part
I know it doesn't fit the standard meta definition of multipart
1:33 PM
It is a single algorithm.
A single task
@Mr.Xcoder the two steps are irrelevant
@Mr.Xcoder Japt, 7 bytes w k"%d"
@LeakyNun No they are not.
@Mr.Xcoder yes they are
CMC (reformulated): Given a String, return the reversed String with the digits removed.
@LeakyNun I disagree.
1:34 PM
@Mr.Xcoder let's agree to disagree
@LeakyNun Fine.
@Mr.Xcoder Jelly, 4 bytes: ḟØDU
@Mr.Xcoder will you undelete your post?
why not?
have to ask (though i won't do it until tomorrow) : when I post my challenge back to the main, should I delete it from the sandbox?
1:40 PM
@LeakyNun That's because it's only one digit character different that the other one.
@Mr.Xcoder indeed.
@V.Courtois yes
@V.Courtois yes
Heard it
thanks :)
@V.Courtois See this answer
@V.Courtois But you should also delete its sandbox content, such that it frees up the sandbox a bit. Leave only the title and "POSTED", like [TITLE](link) -- POSTED
And then delete it completely
1:43 PM
oh! not only delete?
No, not only. Also delete its content, except for its title
≥2k users can see deleted posts so it would be a convenience for them
Those that have over 2k rep can see deleted answers, and it is bothering
I see!
@EriktheOutgolfer I've been ninja'd again
1:44 PM
high-internet-connection-ninja'd xD
hmm...not precisely?
@EriktheOutgolfer how did you type ≥?
@LeakyNun ALT+> (on Mac at least)
compose key + > + =
1:45 PM
rip windows
On windows it's num lock + ALT + > + = as I can remember
1) Kaspersky Anti-Virus license has expired 2) it's slower than snail 3) you may get 3rd degree burns
@Mr.Xcoder on windows there's no builtin compose iirc
those are three reasons I hate Windows
@EriktheOutgolfer I hate windows too !
@Mr.Xcoder Pyth, 7 bytes: _-QjkUT
16 mins ago, by Leaky Nun
@Mr.Xcoder Pyth, 6 bytes: _-Q`MT
@EriktheOutgolfer got Outgolfed :/
1:48 PM
sorry only looked after reformulated cmc
@LeakyNun How does `MT work?
to hell with markdown
How. Does. It. Work?
@Mr.Xcoder It is equivalent to m`dT
or map(repr(d) for d in T)
or m`dUT
1:51 PM
:38553536 How does m`dT work then?
@LeakyNun Ah, repr
and then the T gets converted to range
namely, UT
ninja'd by faaaaar
Give me a very easy task (not String manipulation) such that I can solve it in Pyth.
1:53 PM
bitwise not (-x - 1)
> not string manipulation
@EriktheOutgolfer ?
C'mon anything
@Mr.Xcoder take an integer x negate it and subtract 1
@EriktheOutgolfer Negate integer, like 6 -> -6 or bitwise?
namely 6 -> -6 -> -7
1:55 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer Ok
or -6 -> 6 -> 5
@EriktheOutgolfer Braingolf: ..+-1-
not really a cmc
it is now
closed as too broad
1:57 PM
What is the bitwise negation in Pyth, it's not ~?
@Mr.Xcoder there's no builtin
Really :/
I said very easy task
it's still very easy...
but just builtin is beyond very easy imo
I don't have a clue how bits work and really don't wanna know right now
@Mr.Xcoder forget about bits, just calculate -x - 1
1:59 PM
I mean ~01010101 is probably 10101010, but...
wait how does bitwise negation of 6 equal -6?
@Mayube Well then CJam, 2 bytes for input 1 for the actual work ಠ_ಠ: ri~
@Mr.Xcoder no, you don't need bits at all
@EriktheOutgolfer t_
2:00 PM
@LeakyNun How?
@Mr.Xcoder you just did it
@LeakyNun Bitwise.
bitwise solution isn't the shortest...
you can't exactly do it bitwise...
2:01 PM
@LeakyNun That's what @EriktheOutgolfer asked me to earlier
we only have and,or,xor
@LeakyNun ~x-1
@Mr.Xcoder he didn't ask you to use bitwise built-ins
@Mr.Xcoder no, -x-1
and that's far from bitwise
@LeakyNun The first time, not now!
2:02 PM
8 mins ago, by Erik the Outgolfer
bitwise not (-x - 1)
@Mr.Xcoder yes, - there.
This one: ~(-x-1)
@Mr.Xcoder that's just itself
2:02 PM
the -x-1 is clarifying
@Mr.Xcoder wow
Like empty program?
Oh no, Q
CMC: Given a number x, return x % n where n is the sum of the digits of the cube of x
@Mayube testcase?
@Mayube What's %?
2:05 PM
ah ninja'd
6 should output 6, 7 should output 7, 11 should output 3
@Mayube larger testcase?
17 should output 0
246 shoudl output 21
35424635 should output 38
@Mayube Jelly, 6 bytes: *3DS⁸%
2:06 PM
@Mayube APL: {⍵|⍨+/⍎¨⍕⍵*3}
@Mayube Japt, 6 bytes: %³s ¬x
CJam, 10 bytes: ri_3#Ab:+%
@Mayube 05AB1E, 5 bytes: 3mSO%
Does anyone do it in Pyth?
2:09 PM
not yet
@Mr.Xcoder Pyth, 9 bytes: %QssM`^Q3
@LeakyNun Yeah, Was just writing it
@LeakyNun fancy doing it in braingolf? See if you can do < 13 bytes
Though I doubt I would have finished it.
2:10 PM
@Mr.Xcoder learn braingolf :^)
@Mayube I don't see any string-conversion or base-conversion built-in
@Mayube NEVER.
@LeakyNun it has neither, and needs neither for this challenge
@Mayube what? ok I figured it out
@LeakyNun 8 bytes: %Qsj^Q3T
2:11 PM
Braingolf, 13 bytes VR.M3^d&+vc>%
@Mayube ...
What is str(...) in Pyth?
Maybe `?
@Mr.Xcoder yes
umm that's actually repr(...)
2:16 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer that's what I want
And what is sum(sequence)?
Is it +[...)?
I mean +?
Forget the above.
I meant int(...) what is int(...)?
Anyone ^?
@Mr.Xcoder s or +F
@Mr.Xcoder s
@LeakyNun Danke
@Mr.Xcoder kein Problem
2:19 PM
somebody likes german
Ich mocthe ein Antwort schrieben.
Für das CMC.
日本語 down there
german is too hard :'
Nein, Falsch
ok lol I think I can understand some words now ;)
@V.Courtois 日本語は。。。ドイツ語よりもちろん困難です
2:22 PM
@LeakyNun I succeded, 16 bytes: FN`^Q3 aYsN;%QsY
Keeping it as imperative as possible
What do you think ^ ?
what does imperative mean?
その かんじ わからない
@V.Courtois どちら?
Japanese doesn't have spaces :p
i know this though
In computer science, imperative programming is a programming paradigm that uses statements that change a program's state. In much the same way that the imperative mood in natural languages expresses commands, an imperative program consists of commands for the computer to perform. Imperative programming focuses on describing how a program operates. The term is often used in contrast to declarative programming, which focuses on what the program should accomplish without specifying how the program should achieve the result. == Imperative and procedural programming == Procedural programming is a type...
2:24 PM
@Mr.Xcoder I mean, Pyth itself is imperative right
@V.Courtois 漢字=kanji
Maybe I should make Kanjigolf
@LeakyNun Yes, but you can do some tweaks such that it seems less imperative.
なぜ彼らは日本語を知っているのに、なぜ人々はGoogle Translateを使いますか?
@Mr.Xcoder for example?
2:24 PM
@mayube woot
Actually Pyth is also very functional oriented
guguru turansureeto
@EriktheOutgolfer no, I don't use google translate
not you specifically
@LeakyNun Look at your answer above. It doesn't really feel imperative.
2:25 PM
先輩 is the only kanji I know
@Mr.Xcoder what?
@Mayube notice me
Although it is
i use this coz i don't want to install IME on this pc
@LeakyNun It is so short that it leaves the impression that it's not imperative. But it is, of course
@Mr.Xcoder alright
2:27 PM
@NewMainPosts Sleeping?
Q: Turn a string inside out

Olm manA balanced string is a string of parentheses () so that every parenthesis is can be matched with another one. More rigorously they are the strings spanned by this grammar: S → (S)S | ε We can turn a string "inside out" by: Switching all occurrences of ( and ) with each other Moving characte...

2:46 PM
@dzaima Again your interpreter does not work for me.
@Mr.Xcoder yeah.. I added support for many commands like time, wait and live output and that needed await
Really don't know what I could do
@dzaima Forget it, I trust you it's valid
@Mr.Xcoder what browser do you have?
I guess I could host another version with await and async stripped
2:48 PM
That does not support async
@EinkornEnchanter Proof?
@Mr.Xcoder Ok writing it up
It wouldn't be that hard as I already have a compiler to which I could just copy-paste stuff
@dzaima To much hassle
@LeakyNun I also know this Katakana メイブ :P
@Mr.Xcoder Not that much
2:51 PM
@Mayube what is that?
@Mr.Xcoder It'd be a one time only thing that I'd have to do
which of course means my Discord username is now メイブ先輩
@Mr.Xcoder Let us begin by saying that balanced subsections can be moved to the end without harm, that is if our string is xy we can make it into yx. This means that when rebalancing a string we can ignore subsections that are already balanced. Thus any string is equivalent to a string matched by )*(*, however since our initial string was balanced we know the number of open and close parens is the same. Thus we can just move all the close parens to the end of the string matching everything off.
I hope that makes sense
2:54 PM
@EinkornEnchanter Very strong proof, thanks!
@EinkornEnchanter I miss WheatWizard :(
Personally, I like the name "Einkorn Enchanter"
@EinkornEnchanter Why in the word are you Einkorn... here and Olmman on PPCG?
@KritixiLithos Me too
@Mr.Xcoder I am trying to ease into a new username
@EinkornEnchanter Why not Spelt Speaker/Sage?
2:55 PM
yesterday, by Mr. Xcoder
@EriktheOutgolfer EinkornEinchanter was far more interesting IMO
@EinkornEnchanter can you at least bring back the brain avatar?
@EinkornEnchanter Oat Orator
@Mayube I'm going to do that, I've just been lazy/busy
I'll accept that
2:57 PM
Grain Genius
Barley Brain!
I like that one
The only thing I know in Japanese is けん玉, which means Kendama, because we've had it mentioned at the Physics olympiad, when we had to theoretically calculate the volume of its hole depending on a graph.
@Adám Or Spelt Shaman

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