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1:17 AM
Q: When will inversing an algorithm allow it to function the same as the origional?

MazeOfEncryptionLet's say I have this zperm algorithm: R' U' R U' R U R U' R' U R U R2 U' R' U2 Now, let's suppose I inverse it. U2 R U R2 U' R' U' R U R' U' R' U R' U R Assuming the cube is in a state of its pll in which it a zperm will put it into a solved state, both algorithms will work. My question is ...

2:03 AM
2:58 AM
Q: A Very Easy Wordsquare Riddle

William NathanaelThis is my first question. Well, first on this website. Just a simple word square Packed in a riddle tight. My first, he used to be ugly. And Hans is his creator. My second is just a word. There are clues no more. My third can be cramped and small. Yet often he is wide. My last is Bismarck an...

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7:56 AM
Q: I've handeled various materials

Dotan I eat the used I steal the maid I concave the face And I really like to me Who am I?

8:43 AM
Hi guys
8:54 AM
I woke up to my first 'big' puzzle being solved, pleased to say the least.
I still get riled when a solution gets more votes of approval than its puzzle.
I suppose that depends on the complexity of the puzzle. If your required answer seems more elaborate than the question, I think votes would sway to the solver.
I made pretty pictures for two of my puzzles to try and increase upvotes ;)
Still, though, I've sneezed solutions that got more approval than puzzles that took 9 months.
... sorry to whine, @BreakingMyself, but thanks for an underrated puzzle ...
Haha that's a shame really.
That's not whining. I have 3 children between 2 and 11, trust me lol
9:10 AM
More power to you with those puzzles!
Actually, my favorite puzzles are those that receive countless votes of both approval and disapproval.
I've already started two of them on riddles, the eldest had a few days pondering the classic 'what get's wetter as is dries?'
@humn The ones that cause chaos and chattering in the background
Right, thought in action leads to activity.
Speaking of, I can't share my progressively bias coin idea anymore.
Guess I missed what led up to that, but it's a beaut!
It combines approximation, asymptote, regularity and unpredictability. And incomplete describability.
Just to get circles to tangent squares is no mean feat.
I was planning on having the inner sections fixed on one side and semi-fixed on the other, so they eventually loosen and create a bias caused by centrifugal forces. I was considering 3D printing but that itself would create bias in the flip.
@humn Snap to grid is your friend with that one!
9:22 AM
What are you guys talking about?
I talking about that picture. Still don't completely get what it relates to but got me going.
Bias as in warp or weft? Bias as in probabilities?
The coin question posted that is now 'on hold'.
Bias as in unbalance?
It would be unbalanced for sure, enough to affect a coin flip. The plastic extruded to create layers isn't as precise as some would have you believe.
A real coin would need to be metal, either made by CNC or precisely cast.
You actually have access to a 3-D printer! I've only heard of them.
9:30 AM
A cheap Chinese one, it was a gift from my wife. It's great for little projects.
I can't find the on-hold puzzle mentioned. I've probably been blocked for too many votes to reopen.
Is that the "starts fair then winds up unfair" one?
Q: The game of pebbles

DattierWe consider the game at 2, which consists of a set of N stones, from which one can remove a pebble, or c> 2 pebble, the winner being the one who does not take the last stone. Is there a winning strategy?

Yes that's the one.
I must admit the answer that proposed the material used on scratchcards tickled me.
9:37 AM
@128-Up It's a clever idea, but the flipper would know about the 'tampering' pretty fast lol.
Probably. Unless you hire someone easily distracted to flip the coin for you.
Or something.
Someone blind with no sense of touch, but then would an unfair flip be required? Lol.
...I was about to say you'd still want to play ethically, but given the context...
@BreakingMyself , still giggling over that. What gets wringer the roghter it gets?
9:57 AM
Q: Is it acceptable to post puzzles from a game?

Paul KaramI play a game on my android device called Fillomino, some of you might already be familiar with the game itself or the Fillomino Rules. Is it a good place to post the puzzles I am solving from this game on Puzzling? The goal is to give fellow puzzle-lovers the chance to have fun with this type ...

@humn roghter as in wrought?
Or was that a deliberate edit ;)
Wish I'd thought of that. Work in progress.
it was a deliberate misspelling of "righter," but "wr" words are among my favorites.
I read it and then came back a few minutes later to something different lol
10:16 AM
Wreck/wrist/wrench/wrestle/wrangle/wreak/wrong/wring/wrought/wrap ... they all have to do with twisting
Don't get me started on "tw" words . . . .
Next-best word of the day:
The marsupial family Potoroidae includes the bettongs, potoroos, and two of the rat-kangaroos. All are rabbit-sized, brown, jumping marsupials and resemble a large rodent or a very small wallaby. == Characteristics == The potoroids are smaller relatives of the kangaroos and wallabies, and may be ancestral to that group. In particular, the teeth show a simpler pattern than in the kangaroo family, with longer upper incisors, larger canines, and four cusps on the molars. However, both groups possess a wide diastema between the incisors and the cheek teeth, and the potoroids have a similar de...
Is it a kangaroo rat or a rat kangaroo?
Or just another P word?
Perfidy/prerogative/perjorative/pusilanimous/purblind/puler/puter/tater ... probably would have been preferable to go with "tw" words after all, easier to spell and pretend they never happened.
"Tater" is a P word, if it matters: "Potato"
11:19 AM
Q: A problem that lies beyond the eyes

MissComputingFind the answer, Find the code, Know the truth, Lessen your load ... Closer than you realise, the answer lies, the answer lies, beyond the eyes ... YEAIMNHSIAQWERITLLKITTYUIHIEIWI1POOLI1VBCXI:I3MKFAI0

humn holdimng court, hmmmn?
11:51 AM
I think I need a Potoroidae.
12:05 PM
Why not a bandicoot?
Why not indeed. Although with the rate furry critters go missing where I live, it would be in a Singapore chow mein before long.
12:29 PM
Arrgh, I am still stuck with the C4
1:12 PM
Q: logic game - how would you solve it?

user6376297We had the annual team-building event last Thursday, and one of the activities involved solving the logic game/puzzle I transcribed below - which, as I just learned, is similar to the 'Zebra puzzle' and is tagged as 'logic-grid'. My questions are: what do you think the solution is? How would you...

1:56 PM
How is ANDS=Gates in that C4 OF sPE3K?
(never mind)
got it.
1 hour later…
3:18 PM
@Rubio I think the CCCC is RE(COIL)ED (reeled) = in DEER< (game around), LOCI* (unusual locations)
Nvm :P
indirect anagram? naughty
@Deusovi Yes, I thought that would be a case for the Cryptic Clue Police, Captain.
@n_palum Loci is a fancy way to say locations. I remember it being discussed here briefly.
tut tut tut
I see that now
3:41 PM
Oh duh
Would've never got that
@MOehm That is it!
Bah. I did do an indirect didn't I. I got myself in the woods during making it, and botched that part.
That's annoying. Apologies all
And this demonstrates exactly why I don't like indirect anagrams.
3:57 PM
CCCC: Period for last of folio leaves (7)
CCCC: It's sad getting letters from a dozen nuisances (5)
@Deusovi _ENNUI_
4:04 PM
CCCC: Man hiding weapon in dress (7)
wait, @Rubio, explanation about your clue? is "around" used both as a reversal and as an insertion indicator?
@Deusovi No. That's what I thought first, too, but the "in" isn't part of the definition, it's meant to read "in {REED}, {COIL}".
hm, I'd think that needs a comma, no?
If I search long enough, I might be able to quote you saying "Punctuiation is usually ignored in the surface reading", or words to that effect. :)
it's fair game to have unnecessary punctuation in cryptics (for the sake of the surface, not just for no reason), but typically not to remove necessary punctuation
4:09 PM
Okay. Let's ban Rubio already.
Fine by me.
Why would a comma be needed?
For "in A, B"? Why wouldn't it? "In a car the dog" does not mean "the dog in a car". You'd say "in a car, the dog".
Hm. I thought I had seen similar where no comma was given.
4:56 PM
@Ankoganit GARMENT = G(ARM)ENT = GENT hiding ARM
@Rubio Boo..
@MikeQ New clue?
Working on it
5:22 PM
Oh wow, Rubio's has been gotten. And I guess my silly parsing wasn't as silly as I'd thought after all
5:37 PM
CCCC: Personality aspect in personal force with fear. (10)
Pins ^ mods
6:19 PM
TIMID ("personality aspect") in INATE ("personal") = INTIMIDATE ("force with fear") ?
... wait no "inate"'s not a word is it
it's supposed to be innate, right?
That would make more sense :P Nice Rubio
Right, that makes more sense..
INTIMATE is personal; ID is personality aspect. I thought it was ID but had the wrong parsing at first. I think we hit it about the same time - I thought you'd beat me :)
6:23 PM
Nah, I was just trying to think of words for "force with fear" since that seemed like a likely def and throwing ideas out
CCCC: Inhibited ascetic in a dark opening behind cave entrance. (11)
This one should be proper. :)
should be?
well. I thought the last one was. I rechecked this one though.
(Also, is it considered bad that I asked some of my friends for help in your CCCC?)
(Not that, they could help much...)
I don't see why
I think after enough time passes without a solution, people start broadening the scope of where they look to for help :)
7:17 PM
Q: Simple probability game

dblissYou are asked to play a classic shell game with two shells. Each round, a ball is placed under one shell, the shells are rapidly, continuously rearranged for 15 seconds with distraction*, and then you are asked to pick which shell contains the ball. *By "with distraction," all I mean is that th...

7:30 PM
@MikeQ you here?
@Rubio Aye aye captain
@Sphinx Did you delete a comment on this puzzle?
The one responding to the OP responding to me?
Yes. The original comment was deleted.
Was it within the edit window?
5 minutes of posting it?
Um... I can't remember. Why?
7:32 PM
Trying to figure something out
Oh wait. I wrote it around 27 minutes ago deleted it recently. No, it was not within the edit window.
Ok yeah I figured it out.
Great. Glad I helped to solve the mystery...?
You did, actually. hehe
hey @rand what's the story with that daven moderator?
Q: Non-existence — it's doesn't exist and does exist

Soha Farhin Pine The middle of a line stretching for eternity in both sides, in words I am. No thing is not me. I and me—we together is non-existence. What is we?

7:45 PM
A: What is story behind the edX Stack Exchange sites?

JaydlesThis is an experimental partnership with edX. They're essentially testing out how our engine might work as a replacement for their class forums. They educate people. Online. For free. We like that, so we're willing to see if we can help or not. While a lot of their needs fit pretty well (spe...

huh. I hadn't met any of these sites.
There are lots of unusual and surprising stories around SE, if you keep your ear to the ground.
Like Information Security, where there are exactly two 100k+ rep users and they're both the same person.
how ... why ...
Bears aren't satisfied with only one account, apparently.
Apparently the guy doesn't want to answer all different types of questions with the same account.
7:51 PM
that's just weird.
Like as if I had one account for s and another one for puzzles.
but there's a mod at that site with literally zero activity?
Q: The moderators do not seem to be moderating

TimIt may just be me not understanding how this site works, but these are the moderators (all appointed March 2014): danallan ♦ 1 - No activity besides reading tour page. daven ♦ 1 - Absolutely nothing. GabrielGuimaraes ♦ 46 - Very little activity - 4 badges and an answer (meta user) glennhollow...

> pro tem moderators were never appointed from the ranks of active, helpful users. Instead, this site is moderated by faculty and staff of the course itself (and one faculty member who is not listed on that page).
Two 100k-rep users who are the same person? Are they an employee?
... no?
Why would an employee do that?
8:04 PM
very weird. btw, is there a way to see the mods for a site other than stackexchange.com/about/moderators as that doesn't seem to work for all sites
@Rubio Doesn't it? It should.
Why would anyone do that?
20 mins ago, by Rand al'Thor
Apparently the guy doesn't want to answer all different types of questions with the same account.
20 mins ago, by Rand al'Thor
Like as if I had one account for s and another one for puzzles.
8:12 PM
Makes no sense to me...
@Randal'Thor it doesn't know cs50 or edx sites. they may just be special-cased out.
heya BG
Whats been happening? I've been playing cricket all day so haven't even logged on yet
I don't know how to greet at this time. So, Hello @beastly
Rubio's c4 was solved
TBh I'm not sure I can call 9:15 after noon, but hey. Its after noon so :P
A consensus has been reached to ban him.
8:15 PM
Oooh an indirect. Naughty
yes, yes. I hang my head in shame.
Break out the torches and pitchforks.
As punishment you should give up drinking coke. Thats worse than pitchforks.
Whoa. That is too harsh
I ... don't drink Coke.
We all believe you
8:18 PM
No. You don't. You drink lime Diet Coke.
Also, I got a chuckle out of this: "@Rubio hey, it's a nice saturday. you don't have to spend the day patrolling and downvoting new questions. you're allowed to take a break and go for a walk. i mean, if you want to. up to you. hope you have some fun this weekend!"
So many incorrect answers for the pebble question o.o
I found rubio again
Rubio doesn't drink Coke
Fake picture
8:25 PM
Nope, that looks like Rubio's impersonator
We should call the police in
(Maybe, I can create Rubio. Get that picture of the diet coke I was drinking the other day and Photoshop it with the picture of a dog)
Wasn't @Rubio here when we ruled out LOCI* for being indirect?
Clearly not.
That's totally me.
Exactly. Why have a can when you can have a box?
8:36 PM
rubio can shapeshift
Why have a box when you box have a can?
why have a box when you can be a box?
who says the dog is rubio? what if he actually is abox?
I doubt a box could have the IQ rubio does
until it's scientifically disproven, doubts mean nothing
8:44 PM
I am also rather disappointed we don't see Rand during contact games too often
@Sid Contact is so addictive!
And time-consuming.
And (this most of all) so fast-moving that it's hard to multitask during it.
That is... True.
how i multitask during contact is 1. provide clue 2. wait to be pinged
Right now I can chat in a couple of different rooms, monitor the SFF flag queue, read and research for some answers, and get work done IRL.
If I join a game of Contact, next thing I know it'll be an hour later and I've got nothing else done.
@thecoder16 If only people were always consistent about pinging :-/
i was pinged last night after leaving about my clue. i think it's gotten more consistent.
8:49 PM
I would say Puzzling as a whole is addictive.
I don't know. I've never tried to quit :P
you will never :P
And with that,ad
@Sid s/Puzzling/SE
(or however you do it)
8:53 PM
Clearly I am too sleepy. And clock is about to strike 2:30, so, I should go sleep. Have a nice day, all.
Night @Sid!
9:07 PM
and also night from me....
9:37 PM
Wait, @Rubio - you don't drink Coke? Then why is that your avatar?
"that's the joke"?
That's not a joke
At least, not a funny one
9:56 PM
Q: Tetromino Sudoku

Mike QAn entry in Fortnightly Topic Challenge #32: Grid Deduction Hybrids The grid below, when filled in, forms a valid Sudoku grid. It can also be filled in like a LITS (nuruomino) puzzle without the 1x4 tetrominos. The two objectives of this puzzle are: Fill in the numbers in the grid. Identify...

@Deusovi I drink Diet Coke with Lime.
10:16 PM
Q: Puzzles: Meander

NilknarfI have come up with an interesting type of puzzle based on the mathematical concept of a meander. The concept, of course, is not original to me, but the type of puzzle is, as far as I know. A meander is a curve that intersects a given line a certain number of times, but does not intersect itsel...

1 hour later…
11:30 PM
@Sphinx Gah. Neat idea, but non-unique puzzles. :c
11:50 PM
i don't see why that bothers you so much
Without uniqueness, you can't have as many nice deductions
Non-uniqueness is an argument for "too broad".
true, but it's a cool puzzle
@boboquack Without uniqueness, you can't deduce the answer at all!
But you can deduce an answer.
11:57 PM
No you can't - you'd have to "guess" somewhere if there are multiple options, even if both are correct.
It's not just about not being "nice" - it's about being able to get to the answer through pure logic. It's breaking the promise of "this puzzle is solvable through logical deduction alone, without requiring any guessing".

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