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12:06 AM
Q: What's the gravity maintained in Ceres?

Zeiss IkonI've just watched the first episode of The Expanse. I notice in a couple interior shots set in, I presume (by political content) Ceres, the producers/director took care to include a small bird, which flew very oddly. This bird would flip its wings, then fold them, then flip again -- much like c...

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1:18 AM
Q: humans orbiting exoplanet establish telepathic control of massive six-legged feline creature that has IR-sense plates instead of eyes

Jacob C.Humans in a spaceship orbiting an alien planet have a machine that they can hook their heads up to that lets them take telepathic control (and receive the senses of) of massive (I think at least something like Rhinoceros-size) six-legged leonine creatures on the planet below. Not direct muscle co...

1:53 AM
Q: Why did I see Spider man with Captain America's shield in his hand?

naturalIn a movie trailer for the new Spider man movie coming ut soon, they played certain key scenes and showed Spider man kicking butt, but the thing that got me is when he landed on a metal crossbeam outside on a construction site with one arm extended out and with that: Captain America's shield in h...

2:32 AM
Q: Did Pevara prevaricate?

PaulRe-listening to A Memory Of Light. I might add direct book if it helps the question, but it's squirreled away somewhere so it's not handy right now. Anyway, I don't think this is a spoiler, but in Chapter 4 there's a scene in which Pevara Sedai has one of the Ashaman bound up in air and deafe...

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5:33 AM
Q: In Life movie how calvin got Hugh's leg?

user6161Just now i've finished watching a movie called Life. It was a good thriller movie. I loved it. I'm bit confused about how calvin got Hugh's leg? Since Hugh and his crew members were together. Do you have any idea?

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6:55 AM
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daily floof
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7:59 AM
Q: Did DCAU ever hinted about Harley Quinn's bisexuality?

Ankit SharmaHarley Quinn was first created for DC animated universe (DCAU) and then made her ways into comic and become quite famous. In the comics she has shown various love interest ( Joker, Batman, Deadshot, Poison Ivy etc) which make her bisexual (maybe Pannsexual). But did DCAU ever shown or hinted ab...

8:34 AM
Daily floof 2017-06-30, courtesy of @YvetteColomb.
Yasss, new issue of Lucifer.
9:00 AM
And it was crap.
What have they done? :'(
9:39 AM
floof daily
You have a dog?!
@Gallifreyan that ain't mine, but yeah I do :-)
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11:21 AM
Asimov question from Lit:
Q: What is Asimov's joke in "Death of a Foy"?

Joel HarmonI recently came upon a short story, Death of a Foy (1980), in the compendium The Winds of Change (1983). In the intro, Asimov states that he was "hardly able to stop laughing", but I just can't seem to get the joke. In particular, it's a two page story that ends with the paragraph "Give my b...

Gallifreyan has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
Q: What is Asimov's joke in "Death of a Foy"?

Joel HarmonI recently came upon a short story, Death of a Foy (1980), in the compendium The Winds of Change (1983). In the intro, Asimov states that he was "hardly able to stop laughing", but I just can't seem to get the joke. In particular, it's a two page story that ends with the paragraph "Give my b...

Well then.
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12:37 PM
Why oh why do we have a tag?
Q: Why did yondu need Groot to get his Fin back if he said he controls the arrow with his heart?

Gustavo GabrielIn Guardians of the Galaxy 2, there is that famous scene where Yondu and Rocket try to tell Groot what Yondu's Fin look like and for him to go get it. The point of all this is for Yondu to be able to control his arrow and get them out of the cell. But later in the movie Yondu tells Peter: I ...

Q: Looking for short story about a scarf

ffranny... bought by a space traveler visiting an unfamiliar planet. The scarf pulls him into another dimension/realm/universe. Very spooky tone. Read it decades ago in an anthology. Any clues? Thanks.

@Gallifreyan For people who want to ask questions about planets and don't want to use the more standard tagging system of tagging based on work.
Except what is a question that is about planets but not connected to a specific work?
12:54 PM
@SQB Why not add the feghoot thing as a comment instead?
(pinging here because you're not pingable in the Reading Room)
It's interesting, but it's more like a response to the answer than part of the author's intent.
@Randal'Thor It's an addition to the answer, I thought that should be permitted?
Well, you're teaching the author of the answer something he may not have known. It's adding extra information rather than improving the form of what he's already said.
1:16 PM
Is it enough to write my own answer?
If you have enough material for an answer, sure! :-D
1:29 PM
Q: Looking for the name of a book

BaronLooking for the title of a book published in the late nineties. It was an anthology of science fiction short stories by Canadian authors, where the stories had Canadian involvement, either via location or characters. Some of the stories included: an Adam and Eve couple in an enclosed environment ...

@Gallifreyan story-id.... its always story id for those tags lol
@Skooba writes a meta to purge it
@Bebs This is a test.
A: What is Asimov's joke in "Death of a Foy"?

SQBThis is called a feghoot: a story that builds up to a pun for its punchline. Asimov does this in several stories: "Loint of Paw", about a criminal who uses the statute of limitations and a time machine to his advantage, has the punchline "a niche in time, saves Stein". "Battle Hymn" has "Mars ...

@Skooba Not so much in this case.
@SQB Upvoted. Interesting about the context re Asimov's other works.
1:36 PM
@Randal'Thor ah interesting...
i would have put money on it lol
Bah, what's this tag?
@Randal'Thor Yeah, Asimov sure loved puns. I think he did some more, actually.
Now that's all story-ID, except one Dune question.
I was looking at my progress towards the "generalist" badge, and several of the top tags are pretty much only used in . Very annoying.
tree hugger tag?
1:41 PM
Do we even need a meta about nuking the tag, or can I just go ahead and smash it?
@Randal'Thor Please do smash it.
@Randal'Thor burn it down
I suppose I should ask on meta. Maybe there's something we're missing.
thats what the tag want you to do
so it can be a martyr
@Skooba lol
1:43 PM
@Randal'Thor yeah, nuke the .
That's weird: I was banned from flagging, then I suddenly became unbanned, flagged a NAA, it was helpful, but now I'm banned again.
<- has no idea what's going on
Just for that title, you should ask on meta.
Q: About destroying the [environment]

Rand al'ThorI just noticed that we have an environment tag. It's used on 12 questions, 11 of which are ID questions (ten story-identification and one episode-identification), the last one being Where does the water to transform Dune into a non-desert planet come from? The tag wiki excerpt says: Works foc...

@Gallifreyan Do you know the meta post which gives the algorithms for being warned/banned when flagging?
It's something to do with times and numbers and proportions.
OK, let me find it.
1:48 PM
I was told it's 10%, but that doesn't explain why I was unbanned, and then banned again after a helpful flag.
A: Allow recovery from flag hellban

Shog9Update: Kevin Montrose makes it happen The hell-ban is no more! Long live the verbose, obnoxiously evident ban! Kevin has implemented (more or less) the system described below. Flaggers with a recent (past 7 days) flagging history consisting of at least 10 handled flags where >= 10% of flags we...

IIRC 10% declined in the past week. And I'm guessing that it counted again after you flagged.
Q: Why didn't the mask work in front of Dr Neuman?

user13267In The Mask, Ipkiss at one point goes to Dr Neuman's office to get his opinion on what the mask is and how and why it works However Dr Neuman thinks that Ipkiss is crazy, and when Ipkiss puts on the mask to show him that he's not, the mask just doesn't work Why didn't the mask work at that ...

Q: Why Didn't Gallifrey Throw Earth Out of Orbit?

ImperatorIn the Doctor Who episode "The End of Time Part 2", (has it been long enough I don't need a spoiler? eh, I won't take the chance) Gallifrey is visually several times the size of Earth, as is shown here. http://it.virtualarena.wikia.com As you can see, Gallifrey is no laughing manner. But ...

> If at least 25% of your flags from the past 7 days were declined, you're blocked from flagging anything. Depending on when and how those declined flags were cast, this block could last for as little as a day, and won't ever be longer than a week.
> Only look at folks who cast at least 10 flags a week. There isn't much point in doing much to knock the priority of flags from people who rarely flag anything.
^ That last thing is probably the clincher.
If you were under 10 flags in the last 7 days, the algorithm would ignore you. One more flag, even if it's helpful, and suddenly it blocks you.
Q: About destroying the [environment]

Rand al'ThorI just noticed that we have an environment tag. It's used on 12 questions, 11 of which are ID questions (ten story-identification and one episode-identification), the last one being Where does the water to transform Dune into a non-desert planet come from? The tag wiki excerpt says: Works foc...

1:50 PM
Oh, turns out I've read it and upvoted it.
Wibbly-wobbly gravity-wavity. Don't expect DW science to always make sense. — Rand al'Thor ♦ 14 secs ago
@Gall merging doesn't automatically create a synonym
You have to check the synonym box for it to do that
@Marvin I added a pro-removal answer in case anyone would want to post a keep it answer.
2:33 PM
@SQB Thanks for helping that question hit HNQ :-)
2:51 PM
That pun hurt, Randall!
3:18 PM
I think this question might actually be a good fit for that new Interpersonal Relations site
I want to ask how long it takes Ollivander to make a wand. Can anyone find an existing question?
@Randal'Thor +1 you and +1 to skooba's answer, nuke it
3:33 PM
@WilliamJackson He did make a new wand for Luna, didn't he? In a matter of a couple of months, I believe.
@WilliamJackson The closest I can find is How does Ollivander decide what kind of wand to make?, which asks about his wand-making process, but the answers don't really say how long it takes.
I'm going to ask.
Q: How long does it take Ollivander to make a wand?

William JacksonWe see a fair number of wands in Ollivander's shop. When Harry visits to be chosen by his first wand, he sees "thousands of narrow boxes". In another answer it is estimated that Ollivander sells about 160 wands each year. It appears he has a great surplus in his shop. How long does it take Olliv...

4:17 PM
Q: What is the title of the book about a witch living in a hut who teaches a teen/young man magic?

ZombieDivaI read this book in '93. I have been looking for it for ages now. I remember a young man living in the modern world and I believe he jumps a fence and is in a magical world. all of a sudden he is introduced to an old hag/witch who is going to teach the man magic. The teaching is tough and he is p...

4:39 PM
Now I'm un-flag-banned again.
5:15 PM
Q: Can you identify each character and spacecraft in this Star Trek TNG 30th anniversary poster?

RichSCan you identify every character and spacecraft in this poster? Please mention the episode(s) if you can. The poster is for the 30th anniversary of the TV series. (First aired on September 28, 1987.) I got many of them (along with episodes), but there are plenty I don't recognize. A few occur...

Q: Can an Animagus transform into a magical beast?

Magikarp MasterLet's say I am a wizard, and I possess the ability to become an Animagus. Could I choose a Phoenix to be the animal that I transform into? And would I acquire the Phoenix's power of regeneration?

6:11 PM
@Babelfish I'm trying to help the OP of that one in comments, it doesn't feel right but the question is a duplicate so I can't actually answer it
it does make me wonder if "Is Krum an Animagus?" is a stupid question or not. I think I know the answer, but I guess I could be wrong
6:23 PM
Q: Young adult story with celtic mythological creatures, and people who acted as mediums for them

MeebsI only remember reading it as a child, so not sure if it was published in 90's or 2000's. In it, a girl is aware of mythological creatures and people who feel an affinity to them, such as banshees, unicorns, harpies or kraken. Each kind of creature is assigned an element, so kraken is water, harp...

3 hours later…
9:02 PM
Q: Are the American Gods from the TV series omniscient?

Magikarp MasterMajor spoiler alert for those who have not read the book. In the second episode of American Gods, we see Anansi give a speech in the hold of a slave ship in which he reveals detailed information about America's future. This seems to suggest that the Gods have some knowledge of the future.

10:01 PM
Who the hell upvoted this?
2 hours later…
11:32 PM
Q: Story about a girl suspected of being a witch?

GrenadeFoxI read this book somewhere between eight to fifteen years ago. I believe it may have been a young adult book, but cannot be certain. I do not recall the length of the book. It was definitely medieval setting, not modern. I do not recall what the cover looked like. The point of view character was ...

11:46 PM
Q: Teaching as the pinnacle of career

user85435I am trying to find a short story I remember reading probably in the sixties, about a reverse career path where the ultimate goal and privilege is to be a classroom teacher.


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