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1:00 PM
@ShaunWild huh. for some reason minus isn't loading for me right now.
apparently it's not just me: downforeveryoneorjustme.com/minus.com
1:11 PM
I don't know why the activity is destroyed...gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/142560/…
Do you know why Shaun!?
I think your question is shifting a little too much for the scope of one question
When you restart the app all of your values are reset
yes, but onCreate and onDestroy aren't called :(
1:16 PM
What are you actually trying to do?
TO find a way to save a variable
because shared preferences doesn't work (is null)
Can I save it in an application class? I'll try
@UriPopov (cc @Alex) You can put <script> elements anywhere in the head or body of a HTML page. Your browser will load the page's HTML linearly from top to bottom, and execute each script element as it's encountered. Note however this means that when a script element runs, any HTML that appears after it in the document simply doesn't exist yet from the browser's perspective. For example, if you have this HTML:
<div id="foo"></div>
<script src="thing.js"></script>
<div id="bar"></div>
@doppelgreener yep I pretty much figured that out
the browser sets up the #foo div, then runs the script, then sets up the #bar div.
this is also why loads of scripts use the document.ready event, so they can be run now but do their actual thing later after the HTML's loaded.
@UriPopov cool!
it became common practice in the last decade to put all script elements at the end of the body, so that all the HTML would load ASAP before any of the javascript loads -- otherwise the javascript might introduce delay in the page visibly showing up, which was undesirable.
nowadays though we can just use the async attribute ๐Ÿ”— on a script to make it load asynchronously from the HTML
@ShaunWild yeeee a static variable in a special class saved me
1:29 PM
Don't do that!
You need your game logic in a seperate object and when you want to restart the game, you just recreate that object!
one day instead of trying things until something works, you might want to investigate why the initial solution doesn't work
Don't listen to Olli
He uses SDL
@Tyyppi_77 words to live by for sustainable development.
@doppelgreener Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
@doppelgreener thanks for the tip!|
1:36 PM
@AlexandreVaillancourt ๐Ÿ‘ i've been working in html/js/css for a few years now and my brain is becoming a web development encyclopedia
not that i mind, i enjoy it
@doppelgreener I'm glad you do; I've worked as a web developer for a few years at the beginning of my career. I hated it.
@AlexandreVaillancourt i probably would hate it too if i was doing this much earlier. web development's only really become nice in the past couple of years: old bad IE versions are dead, IE 10 and 11 are just holding in there but are mostly HTML5-compliant, HTML5 comes with tons of beautiful features, we have grid and flex layouts making things that were once impossible without JS or horrid CSS hacks trivially easy, SASS is well-developed and beautiful to use, etc.
1:52 PM
@doppelgreener Probably :) By the early 2k, it was a nightmare to support all the software versions. Hack hack hack hack.
creepy skull borders
:D :D
@AlexandreVaillancourt early 2k was a bad time for web development ;_;
OOO you have caused me a SPOOK
that's pretty cool, the non-border sections are a little broken though
the vertical ones
1:53 PM
@AlexandreVaillancourt you might get a kick out of History of the browser user-agent string ๐Ÿ”—
No they're not, they look fine
yeah I dunno how to fix that
It looks fine, ignore him
He's being pedantic
@UriPopov that does look super cool and gives me 3/5ths of a spook
depends on how it's implemented but maybe ` border-image-repeat: repeat;`?
1:54 PM
these parts look a bit broken, i agree
Does somebody know how I can change the pencil size to one pixel in Photshop cc 2017?
That's probably a bad 9-slice?
It seems a lot like Unity's tile feature, but the edges aren't correct...
@Yaroslav your grid seems to not be aligned to the pixels properly
if it was you wouldn't have a half-pixel at the edge:
1:56 PM
also the corners are blurred and sides are not
Here are my settings
I would argue it's the parts that are above/ below the red circles that look wrong.
better ?
1:57 PM
god I hate css
if you want, i'm happy to do a code review to suggest how you can resolve that overlap issue. put it up on jsfiddle or something, and let me know which browsers you're targeting.
(bonus points: don't support IE unless you have a good reason to do so. it will make your work a lot easier. not like anyone's going to be using it anyway.)
overlap ?
@doppelgreener Lol!
oh lol I'm just making a website I'm working on for a friend work in IE
7 mins ago, by doppelgreener
user image
unless that was deliberate :O
2:02 PM
but isn't that fixed now?
I think I fixed it by doing this
with a bigger border, yes, but if the dialog box needs to grow in size it might resurface
if that's not an issue that's ok
@UriPopov LOL
2:04 PM
I love family guy soo much
I haven't found anything by Seth McFarlane that I like :(
@UriPopov don't forget to try it on your phone once you're done :P
except maybe the "over" scene in taht one episode of family guy. that was funny
uuuh somehow I've totally broken my site but I can't remember what I tweaked
2:09 PM
Guy, does anyone used Photoshop for the pixel art?
well it works on the phone but it's small
How did you set up pixel grid and pencil for the pixel art?
Thanks. I saw the article.
2:12 PM
@Yaroslav BTW GraphicsGale is now freeware, which is awesome software for pixel art
And his grid aligns after settings. I do the same settings and still do not get the proper grid.
different version with a different grid algorithm, maybe
that is an article from six years ago
nowadays i wouldn't try using photoshop for pixel art myself. (it helps that i don't actually have photoshop except on my work pc, but i wouldn't use it even if i did have it.)
This is really strange. Try to turn off this grid and turn on Pixel Grid (View - Show - Pixel Grid). — Ivan Kuckir 5 mins ago
It helped
but still I do not know how to tweak the pencil size
Try GraphicsGale
It's designed to create pixel art..
2:20 PM
I think that it is supported less than photoshop
Is it so?
It's free
Photoshop is free as well
no it's not
I am from Ukraine and our views must be different.
Talking about stealing software is not ok in the chatroom
2:24 PM
But here it is
Is piracy legal over there
I agree
photoshop is not free
so I won't make a long speech
2:26 PM
but you're into game dev
eventually you might want to sell your game
so how in the world do you think downloading paid stuff online for free is okay? would you like if everyone did that to your game?
Wouldn't bother me
Free advertising
As a wise man once said
However, if you want to ever market you game you need to buy Photoshop, or use freeware
2:27 PM
@Tyyppi_77, our world is not a fair place believe me
@Yaroslav that doesn't make it right to steal software
I'm talking about morality, especially morality for a content creator such as yours
@Almo, I agree with you. But at least someone who steals has something to justify himself.
here's the deal you're not going to convince us it's ok to steal software, because it's not. If you're going to ignore the ethics, that's fine but there's no place for it in this chatroom
2:31 PM
@Almo, I agree with you.
2:46 PM
> LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'shmfc4m32.lib'
Mystery errors!
Ah, I think I got it..
i will confirm that we cannot officially condone piracy nor facilitate discussion endorsing or supporting engagement in it.
thank you all for regulating that discussion well, and for taking action to clean it up. i appreciate that.
why can not I delete my messages in the chat?
@Yaroslav You have 2 minutes to do that.
@AlexandreVaillancourt, thanks for the info.
After that, it's too late. I guess they consider that it would break the flow of the conversation when read after the fact.
You can flag for a moderator to delete the message if you feel like it, but they don't have to comply. If you think you'll want to have a message deleted, better not say it in the first place :)
They improved the UI to change the Path environment variable in windows 10!!
3:05 PM
holy shit
I mean, they improved!
@Almo so, how are the new offices?
3:09 PM
noisy, desks are too high, design of bathroom is dorky, it's too far
honestly it's not as noisy as i htought it would be
but it's still noisy :(
concrete floors and ceilings I guess?
there are some slabs of foam on the ceilings here and there
at least hte color of the lighting is ok
They should have covered all of the ceiling with foam!
My friend has started to look for another job..
where are you from guys?
I am from Ukraine. Right now I am living in a dormitory in Kiev and study at the University. And I was born in infamous here town Slavyansk at the East of Ukraine.
Are most of people here from USA?
3:24 PM
I'm from the UK
Most are from Europe, I think
are you studying or have a job already?
Most people here are not from the USA ;P
Most are from Europe?
Alexandre Vaillancourt is from Canada
In an area I used to live actually :P
I have seen it just right now (x
in his profile
i always wondered how he managed to add an animation into the info about himself
3:29 PM
It's a gif
I'm in full time employment.
I dropped out of school at 16.
do you work as a game dev?
No :(
I'm a software dev though
I hope to be a game developer one day
I'm a software developer for a company in Manchester, I have ...
what is the software you are making?
@ShaunWild, you guess about number near our nick names was wrong. I joined a new stackoverflow site and it did not add any points to my 599 number.
@Yaroslav Yeah, you can use markdown in your profile :)
@Yaroslav The bonus points you get when joining a new stack is not calculated it that total.
3:37 PM
@AlexandreVaillancourt, got it.
@AlexandreVaillancourt, thanks for the answer.
@AlexandreVaillancourt, are you a professional game dev?
@Yaroslav I have been, however I no longer develop games for a living.
@AlexandreVaillancourt, did you work in Unity or something else?
@Yaroslav Nope, Flash, and c++/codeWarrior for the NintendoDS!
3:40 PM
well that was some next level bullshit
woa codewarrior
i used that in the late 90s for mac dev
published 3 shareware titles with it
oh you worked on DS? that's cool
Yeah :) It was fun working with limited resources!
stack memory allocation, no free() call
in the engine I used on the DS
Oh! It was so long time ago. The device went on sale in North America on November 21, 2004. From : here.
3:41 PM
so we had to object pool everything
I haven't really done this stuff at all, but I can imagine working on "external" hardware must be really awesome
it has its ups and downs
And you had do draw during vblank :P
does anyone happen to know wireshark?
iv'e used wireshark
it's hard
but super-powerful
up, you know exactly what hardware your users have. down, testing and debugging can suck
3:42 PM
we have used wireshark in University
I'm just looking to learn about this stuff, my knowledge pretty much ends in the front end, so I kinda decided that this summer holiday I want to learn about the backend and stuff
MS are dorks for user interface
I get my internet through an USB dongle
@Yaroslav Apologize
3:43 PM
For calling me wrong
so one conversation goes on hold, it gets this super long title and boom the whole box is huge for selecting which user to talk to
dad was able to easily get wireshark running with internet through an ethernet cable but I'm not sure what I should even search for to find some tutorials
getting wireshark running isn't that hard.
getting it to do what you want... that's tricky
yeah I'd be happy with just the first phase right now
Q: How do I get Wireshark to filter for a specific web host?

AlmoI'm using Wireshark on OSX, but I can't make any sense out of the filtering system. I have this filter set up: But when I hit that server, I don't see anything show up in the capture log. If I remove the filter, I see all sorts of network traffic. The network request I am doing is to https:/...

3:46 PM
@ShaunWild, sorry
@Tyyppi_77, is it possible to shot in your game up or down?
running as adminstrator fixes my issue
3:47 PM
somehow, that's not surprising
wireshark has to dig around in deep stuff to do what it does
yeah, it's a little annoying with stuff like this since I'm the only user profile on this PC
so running as admin, it's just me clicking the OK box, not even typing the password in
4:19 PM
@doppelgreener apparently we can't also have messages against piracy?
@SimonForsberg Almost there! (We ran into layout om iPad that seem to be related to the Landscape/Portrait switch.) Holding off on the Beta until we can do Android&iOS concurrently.
@Tyyppi_77 why do you say that? i didn't remove any
I said one kinda offensive thing, and deserved to be suspended for that
@SimonForsberg For IP reasons, we don't want to release on only one or the other platform.
I also said "I'm not talking about [expletive] fairness here"
4:20 PM
Which extended my suspension to a full hour
@Tyyppi_77 was it a good expletive at least?
And I thought we had clarified that cursing at someone was not okay, but cursing when not directed at anyone was all right
oh, i see now. i didn't realise that happened.
let me check something
And like I said, I can accept my first suspension as that was kinda directed at someone
I'm assuming that two flags went through as I saw two page refreshes
4:22 PM
yes, that was two flags, and the automatic suspension duration stacks
First one for the default 20/30 mins (can't remember which one) and second extended that to a full hour
Was the second flagged message really not okay?
it's a default 30 minutes, so two of them would be 60 minutes
All right, it's been a while since a default suspension so I couldn't remember which one it was.
I know the whole "If you don't want to get suspended, don't curse" thingy we went over back then
But I feel like it also kinda went "If you're not offensive towards anyone, it's all right"?
4:27 PM
ok, so, as far as i know, someone raised a flag on that, users across the network reviewed the flag, and enough people validated it that the message got removed and that automatic suspension kicked in. that happened for two messages, so you got 60 minutes.
I don't think massive injustice has happened here, just slightly annoyed by what went down.
Yeah that's what I figured, automatic suspensions chained up.
Do flag validators see context?
they see messages out of context but can visit the transcript to see context if they feel it's necessary
On mainsite, comments that contain certain swear words take only 1 rude/offensive flag from anybody to instantly remove them. AFAIK chat doesn't have the same functionality, so it must have been validated.
the people who validate those flags are anyone with 10k network rep (excluding stack overflow, because it has its own separate chat server)
Yeah I'm just kinda worried if we're going to that "curse words get you suspended" environment.
Or maybe since the first flag went through (which I can accept), validators already considered me as a bad chatter (assuming that they see the sender?).
4:32 PM
i think they see who posted the message, but naturally wouldn't see who raised the flag
I wonder why that's a thing, seeing the message poster. I don't think that should play a role.
"curse words aren't OK" is the default stack exchange chat environment. i'm not going to enforce that personally, but that's out of concession to y'all having such a major change suddenly.
"curse words at people isn't OK" is also the default and the portion i'll directly enforce
@Tyyppi_77 As said before, the users can go see the chat transcript, so obviously, they can see who posted it.
Yes but initially.
@Tyyppi_77 i imagine if it's because if we see multiple flags involving the same 1-2 individuals, something serious is going on that needs more attention
4:35 PM
Yeah that was my point here, nothing serious was going down.
it's not my experience that people will validate a flag against a person just because of who said it, thankfully
Well if there is a tool to go see who it is, why not just show the whole line right away, including the author?
Sometimes, the flag can be raised for 'abuse' and not 'offensive'. If I were to post a single ascii art, it would pass, but if I were to post tons of ascii art, then I'd get flagged; flag handlers would need to see the context.
@AlexandreVaillancourt i have in fact been called in by a custom flag to deal with such a situation.
not here of course
the position of chat in the network is that we're representing mainsite as well as the network -- chat isn't secluded and separate, it's sometimes the very first, or one of the first, things visitors to the network will see. we want to provide a welcoming safe atmosphere for people, and things like swearing are going to make it feel less welcoming and safe and potentially even actively drive people away.
i don't think that what happened was necessarily going to have that bad effect, and i agree it wasn't too serious -- the conversation was just heated.
I guess I'm just bothered by the fact that I got suspended and the one posting links to pirating videos didn't.
that's understandable :(
4:41 PM
I.e. I, coming from a point of view supporting perhaps the more "right" side of morale of the network got punished. Sure, I used words I shouldn't and that weren't necessary but it still feels wrong.
5:09 PM
i guess if it's kinda like how if superman saved the day by punching enough babies, people would still be pretty horrified he punched all those babies.
5:22 PM
@DukeZhou IP as in "Internet Protocol" or "Intellectual Property"? Probably the latter.
Either way, I'm looking forward to the beta.
5:41 PM
@SimonForsberg Intellectual Property lol
(we don't want a repeat of 2048!)
@AlexandreVaillancourt Less that 100!
@AlexandreVaillancourt woo!
5:55 PM
@SimonForsberg It is starting to shape up. I had to rewrite the tutorial text ~15 times to get it to flow, choosing "Hollywood rule" of writing at a 6th grade level (which I later lowered to 4th grade, just to be safe;)
6:11 PM
Curio has returned
@ShaunWild here I am
6:46 PM
Looks like summer sales are on, which means that I'll probably go live with my arcade update tomorrow
7:28 PM
@Tyyppi_77 Woo!
Oh boy, I have a bunch of games I've been thinking about getting.
7:44 PM
I have a problem with my game
When you lose, you can restart it. If you restart it a lot of times, the game starts to begin strange: the music doesn't play anymore and the back button is called very late
Also the home button
@Tyyppi_77 It's a good idea to get an update AND a sale together: twice the chances to attract someone!
7:57 PM
@DH. Yeah, I'll use an update visibility thing on the store, might get some more views with that, all though probably not a whole lot
@Curio this sounds like you're keeping & updating all previous instances of the game.
or otherwise not cleanly refreshing back to an original clean state
you're right, in fact now I'm correcting it, but I don't know if it'll work
Omg Steam is getting some heavy load
Also, for those interested, Killing Floor 1 is free here
8:30 PM
oh this comes to mind: could those who haven't voted yet on our mathjax feature request do so?
Q: Can we enable MathJax on GDSE? (revisited)

doppelgreenerThis has been discussed before in math markdown on this site, but I'd like to have some fresh discussion of this matter. Circumstances have changed in the meantime. The discussion of 2011 seems to consider it a foregone conclusion GDSE can't & won't get MathJax, but sites such as RPG Stack Exchan...

(including if you hate it i guess :U)
8:49 PM
@doppelgreener done and done. (you have my support, for whatever that's worth!)
thank you! :)
9:06 PM
Dumb me fogot to upvote de answer lol
(Not like anyone ever answers my math questions, but I'm still in support)
9:27 PM
@DH. thank you also :D
@DukeZhou i actually like maths questions and answers, though i'm rusty & need to go back to studying vectors & matrices & quaternions again :)
they were pretty fun once i'd gotten the hang of them
@doppelgreener Nice. there's some matrix algebra in what I'm doing, and vectors are quite important
But then I go talking about stuff like negative array indices to reduce functions (which many people like to tell me is not a thing, even though it is and some languages even allow it;)
wow XD
9:43 PM
I never thought I'd hate the pending edits limit z_z
Hi :D
been trying to remove the engine tag from as many questions as I can but I can only do a few then I have to wait forever for people to approve haha
Hey Curio
1 hour later…
10:53 PM
Josh stealing all my edit rep haha xD down to less than 2 pages though!
11:33 PM
@Charanor Go ahead my friend :)
Try to improve the posts too, though, it's not just removing the tag :)
11:46 PM
@doppelgreener Maybe you could ask @JoshPetrie to tag it as featured?
@Charanor How can he do that?
@AlexandreVaillancourt It's a joke, he was just faster than me at editing the posts hence "stealing" my edit haha.
Ah, right, that''s what I thought :p
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