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12:01 AM
now, everyone is going to think im going to rage right now right? nope. in fact, i LOVE this thing. its been a whole year sence ive been here on newgrounds, and now my bad spelling bit me in the ass once more. of course i was was pissed, untill i watched this. now, heck, im glad they made this. now, what do you guys think? do you think im famous, like the 97 PM's i got said? or am i a low life loser?
156 PM's so far, saved to my favs, and 5/5 10/10. thanks alot for making this.
P.S Deven Mack, you ROCK
12:12 AM
Q: In Civ 5, are Declarations of Friendship worth it?

DanD manIf you make a Declaration of Friendship, there are many bad points: Your friend will regularly ask you for money or Resources. It will negatively affect your relationship with your friend's enemies You cannot Denounce your friend or Declare War on him or her without incurring diplomatic penalti...

12:35 AM
@badp Jesus Christ, make it go away.
How do I Poison Someone? http://ur.ly/BN4E #die2nite
I'm Famous!
@LessPop_MoreFizz That's actually some pretty good typographical animation.
I had a project like that last semester.
Q: Why am I still lagging in Star Craft II?

kevin17.3" FULL HD (1920X1080) LED LCD w/nVIDIA GeForce® GT 425M w/1GB GDDR3 + Intel GMA HD4500 i also got the 640m core i7, i have 8 gb ram but for some damn reason, when there is a batle in progress it appears as if my graphics card or something is not powerful enough, shouldn't these specs be ...

Q: Why is Star Craft II lagging with these specs?

17.3" FULL HD (1920X1080) LED LCD w/nVIDIA GeForce® GT 425M w/1GB GDDR3 + Intel GMA HD4500 i also got the 640m core i7, i have 8 gb ram but for some damn reason, when there is a batle in progress it appears as if my graphics card or something is not powerful enough, shouldn't these specs be m...

Either I'm an idiot and haven't noticed this before, or there's a new feature.
Either way, I'm an idiot for not knowing about it?
Naw. What feature, though?
12:50 AM
Mousing over a tag on the main site.
And a thing comes up with info and such.
Ah yeah, that's new since...
The 8th
Q: Can I have multiple team members in the Presidential Suite in Fallout: New Vegas?

Ryan HayesI recently got a "hideout" in New Vegas. Victor, the robot, alludes to the Presidential Suite as a "hideout" for my "friends"...as in plural. The suite seems to have multiple rooms, and I know I've met multiple people on my journey that will join me as a teammate, but so far I've seen where I c...

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2:11 AM
Aw man, I did lose my editing abillity...
Well, until I get 4 more rep back anyway.
@GnomeSlice you have it back
@LessPop_MoreFizz Thankee, kind sir. :P
Erm, WTF RE:
Q: How can I tell if a corpse is safe to eat?

TheXI just killed a monster, leaving a corpse on the ground. How do I tell whether it is safe to eat this corpse? I leave the monster unspecified because I am interested in "how can I figure out whether this is edible," rather than whether any particular monster is edible.

@TimStone HA! +1.
Just got that notification again, on Cooking SE
@GnomeSlice Yup, hmmm
Why didn't you associate earlier?
2:19 AM
@Feeds @sjohns Dangit, I was GOING to edit that, but I had to have my editing powers restored. :(
@YiJiang That is the question.
Q: Associated Account?

GnomeSlice Does anyone know what this notification means? Or why I got an extra 100 rep?

^ See above ^
@Gnome I edited the first dupe before I read the comments, then I edited the second dupe
Why on earth was that asked on Programmers S.E. ??
@Gnome some people seem to find SE and then post the question they have on any site they think might be related
That's my point exactly.
Any site that might be related?
Programmers is not related to that at all.
Q: Predator missile hack in MW2

DarkShivaI was recently playing a team deathmatch game where I got the predator missile, called it in and when I hit the boost button it instantly exploded. Instead of exploding on impact, it teleported...like commando predator...:) How did someone manage to do this? I was playing on PS3.

2:23 AM
@Gnome Well, maybe a better way to phrase it would be anywhere where they think they can get an answer. Perhaps the thought process was "programmers are good with computers, I bet they can figure this out"
Aha. How much rep did the user have?
@Gnome 1, before accepting the answer to that question
Hm, I suppose you're probably right then.
I have exactly 2,000 rep.
"You have stolen the Radius Radar Beacon from Wassail without anyone noticing! Damn, you've got skills!"
2:55 AM
Q: Where can i find more Element Zero?

Steve V.So I'm playing Mass Effect 2, and while my probes have netted me more palladium than I'll ever be able to use, (and my mining lazors have surely ruined the ecosystems of many a developing world), I have played through the entire game finding almost no Element Zero. Is there a secret to finding p...

3:29 AM
@Gnome I hope nobody in your town is subscribed to the stack exchange twitter feed. Of course if they were, they'd probably be here anyways.
@bwarner I don't really give a damn what they think.
I don't respect anyone in this town.
4:05 AM
Q: Can you give me examples of games using two mice for multiplayer?

syockitLong ago, I read through The Settlers II readme and found out you could play multiplayer split screen provided you have a second mouse connected to COM2. I thought having mice on both PS/2 and COM1 would have been good, but it didn't work. So I never got to try that multiplayer feature. Anyways,...

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6:47 AM
@Feeds Game-rec by any other name.
7:37 AM
An interesting ITG maybe
I didn't even know Windows had support for separate multimice input
@badp he's not looking for a specific game.
he's looking for any of many games that meet a particular criteria
It's game-rec
interesting game rec maybe, but game rec.
retag, then
I didn't honestly see the recommendatory part of the question but oh well
'Will you please list out examples of such games?'
what part of that isn't game-rec?
let's do a word replace:
> Anyways, it was quite surprising to me that roguelikes for iOS even existed. Will you please list out examples of such games?
would you let that question exist?
Yes, maybe closed.
8:14 AM
I missed this yesterday, but It Is Good:
Posted by Jeff Atwood on January 17th, 2011

In Good Subjective, Bad Subjective, we made a pretty solid first stab at defining a constructive subjective question, one that I’ve been happy with so far.

Constructive subjective questions:

But the six guidelines above depend partly on the questions, and partly on the answers. They’re a fine starting point for determining what a good subjective question generally looks like — but I couldn’t fully explain what makes a bad subjective question.

That was before I saw Aarobot’s epic meta answer on poll questions: …

Q: How to disable production/research recommendations in Civilization IV BtS?

sarmackieIs there a way to turn off the adviser's recommendations for research plans and city production? I already disabled the Sid's tips and tutorial advice in game settings, but the two 'recommended' technologies or units/buildings still pop up at the top of the research/production list. This at tim...

8:56 AM
Q: What games will run on a Dell d830?

6pack kidWith following configuration: Windows 7 and Windows XP profession (dual boot) Core 2 Duo, 2.4 GHz 2 GB RAM 120 GB SATA hard drive NVidia 140M Graphics Card, 256 MB memory

9:11 AM
The above question amuses me and reminds of that one time I considered asking "What are all the weapons in Borderlands(without DLC)"...well except this is a game-rec so CLOSE VOTES
I dare say pretty much any game on Steam will run on that
Nethack is hard :(
woah new Underworld track
R.I.P. Dell d830 game-rec question. In pace requiescat. 18/01/11
Never forget.
9:29 AM
That's a bit repetitive. RIP means Requiescat In Pace ;-)
Yeah, but
I am really cool
so I can do that sort of thing
also it's 4:30 AM gimmeh a break
9:55 AM
It's 10:55 AM, what are you smoking?
10:19 AM
it's a new type of drug
that you smoke
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11:30 AM
Q: What is the current state of playability in Overgrowth?

Bruce ConnorOvergrowth is currently in alpha stage, but people who pre-order are allowed to play the test versions. I liked Lugaru, and I've been watching their weekly videos and trying to decide whether to buy Overgrowth or not. Over the weeks, I'm slowly moving towards the Yes, but I still need to know a c...

Q: FIFA 2010 stuttering every 2-3 seconds in game

GONealeHey all, Strangest problem, I bought a used PS3 + FIFA from my brother-in-law, he had FIFA 2010 South Africa working perfectly last time I saw, he has now moved country and I tried booting it up the other day and tonight to play and it glitches in-game (on field) every 2-3 seconds for about 50ms...

11:55 AM
@Mana Maaaaaaaaaana, that's not cool
12:27 PM
Somebody needs to ask a [support] [faq] [game-recommendations] question on our Meta site so I can provide an answer (that can get pinned) explaining what a game recommendation actually is, and what exactly we had agreed to close.
@GraceNote ...just when we thought we settled the discussion :D
Because definitely in light of our new policy, I'm seeing a lot of "This isn't exactly a game rec, but I close anyway" or "This isn't quite a game rec, it should stay open"
Remember, [faq] isn't mod only yet, so I'm justifying its usage by any member right now.
@GraceNote Complete
Is this the question you wanted to answer?
Q: So, what actually is a game-rec?

badpThe problem with all encompassing policies is that people tend to use those instead of using the brain and determining whether a question possesses or not the bad qualities that make game-rec's toxic for the site. What exactly is a game-rec?

12:55 PM
I guess she didn't like my question :|
@badp Have no fear! I'm sure she's pounding out her twenty thousand word treatise on the subject this very moment!
1:16 PM
in Nethack, 17 secs ago, by Arda Xi
I turned into a wererat. I need help.
Q: Where does the PS3 store user accounts

FishcakeI ask the question because i recently had to send my PS3 back to get repaired/replaced but I had put a 320GB Hard drive in it, in case it was replaced I didn't want to lose that HD but I'd lost my original 60GB HD so I bought I cheap replacement to put in the PS3 before sending back. When my PS3...

1:34 PM
Q: Racing games with Skoda cars

AxarydaxDo you know of any car games that have Skoda Cars? The only one I can think of was old International Rally Championship which had rally version of Felicia.

Also [game-rec] :(
1:55 PM
Q: Can sims move to a new neighbourhood?

AndyI got the late night expansion pack for the sims, and i'd like to move my family to the new neighbourhood that came with it. I tried it before but they lost all their money, which i would like to avoid.

2:28 PM
Q: Where to buy Call Of Duty version 1 from?

Sandeepan NathI searched for the CD of the first ever version of Call of Duty (version 1) in many malls and CD stores in Bangalore, India but didn't find. It seems to be out of stock and will never come back. So any genuine online stores from where I can purchase? Do they ship to India? I have never ever pur...

Q: What about stackexchange crossposting?

WillA user brought up this crosspost: Where can I shrink database directly from Central admin (SharePoint2010) and http://www.sharepointoverflow.com/questions/8647/where-can-i-shrink-database-directly-from-central-admin-sharepoint2010/8651 Is there an official word on whether this is OK or not? ...

2:49 PM
Q: Borderlands - Weapon Damage

mpenrowIn Borderlands when looking at the damage of weapons, particularly shotguns it says stuff like 20x6. Does that mean the true damage is 120? Is there something special that must occur for you to get the times 6?

1 hour later…
3:53 PM
Q: Why were Halo game releases abandoned on the PC?

Matias NinoHalo 2 was the last Halo game to come out for PC (over a year after the xbox release). Halo 3 and all the rest of the Halo franchise releases never game out for PC. Yet throughout the years Microsoft has continually boasted about how they want to make Windows a serious gaming platform. Why would...

4:22 PM
Q: Users with no display name has no display name on user profile

Yi JiangIt appears that new registered users without proper display name's profiles do not show the automatically assigned userXXXXX display names. Pulling these out from the review pages: http://stackoverflow.com/users/579091/user579091 http://stackoverflow.com/users/569218/user569218 http://stacko...

(I have a better image. Yi has a better gravatar. I have less close votes. I upvoted Yi's post.)
Q: Error in Stack Exchange tag-subscription email

meagarI subscribed to the Ruby on Rails tag, and in the email I received one of the questions has caused some kind of strange display error:

5:02 PM
Q: All I see, is a bunch of blocks (livin in a slow framerate world)

F OakI'm a happy minecraft player. I place my blocks, mine my coal, and generally nobody gets hurt. Lately though, those mean creepers have been sneaking up on me from behind, and killing me. Why? Because my framerate is so darn low. What hacks, tricks, addons can I use to improve my minecraft fps? Be...

5:17 PM
Q: Saving during a mission on w40k:DoW2 ?

dierreI've bought this game a year ago or so and just now I had the time to play it. There is a problem, though. Is there a mod, a patch...even a virus...that allows me to save during a mission in the campaign mode? My necessity it's not to cheat or to restart a mission, it's just that sometimes I have...

I might be a bad person...
Yeah, maybe :)
Any particular reason?
I'm sure @Feeds will tell you in a second
Yeah, that question needs serious maths.
I think I picked a good title too
5:28 PM
haha agreed
Q: How many Stones does it take to go all the way...

tzenesEver since Junior year of college, Geology has had a special place in my heart, so when I was recently faced with the following problem I felt a tug on the old heart strings: How much Ore do I need to obtain 525 Jewel Crafting? Unlike obtaining 525 Mining or Blacksmithing, this isn't a straight...

Q: StarCraft2: Marine vs Marauder

BuddaAccording to teamliquid wiki: http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/Marauder Marauders are weak to marines. Let's think about a little: Marauders do 10 damage to marines, has almost twice bigger couldown... so in 'normal condition' or under stim-pack they do similar damage to each other. Marin...

@Feeds I'm not touching that with a ten foot pole.
6:00 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I agree.
perhaps I can make it interesting for you gentlemen
Hrm, that fun image applies even more to roguelikes than it does to DF.
@tzenes that marine maurader question had a link to wiki.teamliquid which claims: Marauders do +10 damage against Armored units. Combined with effective Stimpack usage, they have almost the same DPS against armored units as Siege Tanks. Consider that supply-wise you can have 3 Marauders for every 2 Tanks, this advantage is escalated.
say: 100 rep bounty?
6:02 PM
isn't that incorrect? Doesn't the maurader do 10 damage, not + 10 damage?
@tzenes Can't tempt me, I don't even understand the question.
@Taboo 10 to light, 20 to armored
of course none of that considers the effect of splash damage, or range
6:42 PM
6:52 PM
@Jin Not as rad as world of world of warcraft, unfortunately.
@badp i'd love to play world of starcraft if there's a real one..
(still, @GraceNote would rather have you play Minecraft instead)
do you guys have a minecraft server you playon?
as soon as the Dell I ordered gets here, I'll get my son Minecraft. I think he'll love it
@tzenes yes, currently the minecraft auth servers are down, also the map has been reset recently.
usually it's fdotm.com:1337
6:59 PM
That video confused me for a minute. First I thought it was a fake/hoax that they barely even tried to pass off as a legitimate Blizzard creation, then an independent MMO that was about to receive a crushing blow from Blizzard's legal team, and only then that it was a mod for SC2
Yeah we had a reset recently as well

 Minecraft Talk

Everything Minecraft. Warning: Exposure may cause insanity and...
my large subway system was destroyed
damn, I want me some World of Starcraft
7:14 PM
@Grace Thanks for that meta post, and sorry for my "not exactly a game-rec but similar" close reason on that one question
also my head, argh. sleeping in sucks.
7:29 PM
I'm annoyed; minecraft without sound isn't minecraft
7:42 PM
Q: Latency issues in Team Fortress 2, but only after joining a game

AubergineI've just tried to play Team Fortress 2 for the first time for quite a while, and I am afraid I am plagued with a very annoying issue. When browsing for servers, I consistently see very good pings on the servers I previously used (~30ms). However, once I join an actual game I suddenly find mysel...

Q: How do you trow a ball of sand at someone?

Andyif i am outside of town i can click the ball, but it just does nothing. So basicly, i'd like to know how you trow it at someone.

8:07 PM
Hey, no idea where to ask this, but i made my answer community wiki because i edited it too much (whoops). Do I still get the bounty if it becomes an accepted answer? The faq didn't make it 100% clear, it only says bounty is immune to community wiki mode. If I will not get the bounty, should i delete and repost my answer?
A: How Many Ways Can I Run Over Those Raptors?

thethinmanI'll post some kills you haven't mentioned, as well as acts that do not seem to count as special kills. This list gets updated as I find new ways to maim raptors. Pictures will be added if I remember to capture the moment. You can see the points for each kill in the pictures, so they approximate ...

Umm.... I'm not sure.
Bah. At least you know how to own raptors more now.
Ask on Meta next time, but I'll answer you here.
Bounty ignores Community Wiki. You can earn the bounty, full value, even if your answer is Community Wiki.
Woah, it's Grace.
Gotcha, I felt intimidated by meta.
8:09 PM
@thethinman Have you managed to kill a Pterodactyl yet?
Please don't. We're always very happy to help anyone who drops by. ♪
Don't be @thethinman. One of the questions discusses robot zombies
Haha no, I've tried lining up as in the video 10 times now and it still didn't work.
I did it once by accident before.
@Mana @GraceNote thanks guys.
8:10 PM
@thethinman Oh, I see you've added it to your comments! :P
mhm :P
It's super hard. There's even a stat on the homescreen for the number of times you've done it.
I never found the body though. I wanted to export it.
Awww would've been great
The live specimen make me burst out laughing
What does it do again?
8:11 PM
Totally intended to just smash the raptor and it happened by pure luck. Show a raptor into an exporter without killing it.
80000 points with minor multipliers.
what huh why am I seeing flags in chat
what is this I don't even
@GraceNote thank you for your answer once again, makes me feel a little better that I screwed my answer up.
oh, 10k combined rep.
@LessPop_MoreFizz yep!
there have been more interesting flags in the past
especially from the atheism room...
@LessPopMoreFizz 4th one to do it, congrats
8:14 PM
not 10k on gaming just yet
few more days
So you guys have a minecraft server? How many pps are on it?
293 rep. so... 2 days probably.
maybe 3 if I'm slow.
@thethinman not very active tbh, @Thomas mainly runs it and @Fosco hosts it
@badp How's Atheism.SE going, anyways? Any big dramatic stuff?
@Mana No idea
8:16 PM
I guess Adobe should give Flash a new logo now, and it should look like Lex Luthor. http://bit.ly/f4gZUE
it's probably less of a trainwreck than scifi.se at the least.
for a site that's less than a week old, every day I've visited, I've used every single one of my close votes. that's a bad sign IMO.
Q: Other than the ones on IMDB's top Sci-fi list, what are some good "pure" sci-fi movies?

Elzo ValugiI've seen most of the IMDB Scifi Top list (with the comment that they are not pure scifi) and I want to see some more. Not so often I got to see good movies as the market is invaded by fantasy related flix. Please recommend me pure* SciFi movies that are not in the IMDB top and maybe they shoul...

comments here are typical
complete with a bounty to block closure
@LessPop_MoreFizz your fault for letting it live 2 days!!
Wow, really? Bounties block closures?
...for some reason this relates to me an image of walling in my base in Starcraft 2
@Mana Yes, it does.
However you must wait 48 hours for a bounty
Plenty of time to close
@badp I don't have enough close votes for all of the terrible. :(
there's just so much bad.
8:22 PM
And all the close voters are like zerglings coming at me from a 6 pool opening OH GOD I NEED TO STOP PLAYING THIS GAME :(
and who knows, maybe you might even receive endless definitive close votes.
@badp Are you suggesting I seek a diamond... because no. do not want.
@LessPop_MoreFizz then you won't be able to fight the terrible alone, all the more reason to bring the fight on meta
@LessPop A while back on gaming when game-recs were getting out of hand we were given 20 close votes as opposed to the usual 13 per day
it's important to bring this up on Meta if you want the site to improve.
8:27 PM
Don your favourite tights and fix your face into a constipated grimace: the Batmobile is up for grabs... #TopGear http://bit.ly/dKr2rZ
The real one.
why buy the Batmobile when you could buy a Tron Lightcycle?
Also, out of all currently featured questions, mine is the highest rated. :P
Oh man.
A: What is the proven fact to support the argumentation that God does NOT exist?

ObdurateDemandWhy is it my job or anyone's to prove an utter absurdity to be false? "Prove to me that the world isn't secretly resting on top of giant cupcakes!" "Well, here are pictures of the earth from space." "Fakes and lies. Now prove what I said! See, you can't." Yeah well, that still doesn't make ...

8:28 PM
Welcome to Q&A for people who do not believe that deities exist — check out the FAQ!
Atheism people why :(
@GnomeSlice not being able to collect the rep for that is making me sad :(
why would you give this so many upvotes
I'll be surprised if that leaves beta
Based on the amount of votes I'm seeing, that's looking like a shabby bet. :/
8:32 PM
I'm thinking of how ridiculous working out which questions should be closed and which shouldn't will be.
But past that I guess it's a hot topic.
A: Why is there so much proselytizing on atheism.stackexchange.com?

Rob SchneiderHmmmm... "He who pays the piper calls the tune." This question should serve as a good reminder that if we have theists asking the question, we are likely to see pro-theist answers "accepted." Will an answer with more up-votes float above an accepted answer? More meta-type questions, but on to ...

And this is why I don't think SE is a good place to have a site for religious discussion.
or non-religious discussion
yeah, the only good religious Area 51 proposal I saw was the judaism one
because it specifically focused not on issues of theology, but on jewish law and custom and practice.
Jewish life and learning

Proposed Q&A site for people who base their lives on Jewish law and tradition and anyone interested in learning more. (If created, this will be the new home of mi.yodeya.com.)

Currently in commitment.

@LessPopMoreFizz That sounds like a much more legit SE than Atheism
But what properties make it a more legit SE?
8:46 PM
@thethinman yeah, the difference in tone is patently obvious, just from the 'on topic' questions in the proposal
Yeah, the tone, that's what it is
2 mins ago, by LessPop_MoreFizz
because it specifically focused not on issues of theology, but on jewish law and custom and practice.
that's why.
hahahahaha I'm blind shoots self
@Mana there aren't two sides to an issue by default. Atheism will always have that problem.
8:47 PM
then again I was never one to be good at arranging discussion or sites...
I failed at meta the one time I asked a question lol
Yeah, well, atheism is about the lack of belief and the lack of everything that comes from it. I guess there's not much more to it...
@thethinman That isn't it. Jews will argue about nitpicky points of law until the sun explodes.
@LessPopMoreFizz LOL
The point isn't that there's only one answer (there isn't), but rather that all of the answers are, for the most part mutually exclusive.
It's more on topic than the atheism one...
If there's one discussion I want to move is that other.
8:52 PM
That should confuse some people.
@GnomeSlice I'm sure @LessPopMoreFizz will love that
43 messages moved to Raptor Safari
8 messages moved to Raptor Safari
@badp haha sorry about that
Now let's migrate the Atheism discussion to the Hub of Reason! :P
I think it should go to the Bro Pit
Oh wait, that one's locked. :(
8:55 PM
I think it should go to SuperUser chat.
Just because.
6 messages moved to WebApps
@LessPopMoreFizz That'll fly lol
@LessPop_MoreFizz Is webapps okay too?
8:56 PM
webapps'll do
but superuser would be more amusing.
What? Not THAT conversation...
@LessPop_MoreFizz You have owner, get yourself your amusement!
this RoF gun customization is ridiculous! youtube.com/watch?v=7nS87riHR4U
But I'm also not OCD about migration.
8:58 PM
@Jin hahaha
We're going to end up creating 10 new rooms today
what? what did i miss?
leekspin room?
Do it.
@Mana should do it.
9:00 PM
We can record our spins and post videos of them.
@Jin I would've loved to see its 3D model
@badp it'd shoot your hand off, see all the barrels pointing up..
@Jin Oh, you mean the ones attached to the handgrips. Yes, those would be very deadly indeed.
9:02 PM
@Mana -1, that belongs here :|
We need to bring back the Progress Wars room.
@Mana After my own heart.
Somehow, 2 hours of Progress Wars felt more empty than leekspin
@badp Leekspins aren't subjective :(
@Mana so?
Sigh, I was just bringing up a -1 reason
9:06 PM
@thethinman I do not think so.
anyways fine I'll delete it :(
I had located my pants, and defeated the Yakuza in those two hours.
Strange. I located the Yakusa, and defeated my pants.
What brilliant non-linear gameplay.
I assume everyone is either spinning leeks, owning raptors, or progressing in the wars.
No man, Leekspin was Chatkilled.
9:14 PM
@GnomeSlice Watching 1991 US tv
@GnomeSlice Raptor on Raptor action?
(I've never watched Jeopardy or derivatives.)
@badp Conveniently, you can now watch Jeopardy...With robots! Or rather IBM's Jeopardy-playing supercomputer.
Yeah, I saw that a bit ago. Otherwise I would have just thought you were crazy, talking about dinosaurs. :P
9:20 PM
Go Andy O:
@Tim Notice the foursome. I win for encouraging raptor reproduction.
what percentage of the total global internet data is made up of pointless arguments between strangers?
Nevermind that there are spiked balls involved.
@thethinman Or chains.
@GnomeSlice ALL OF IT
9:27 PM
@GnomeSlice But spiked balls are strictly bad. We're talking worse than masochist here.
I mean, that thing weighs at least 400 pounds.
I doubt it. that Jeep doesn't look like it has that much power.
Why did you make the Raptor room anyway?
@thethinman Yes, very nice. You should get a medal, or something.
oh man
Because it will never fall.
9:29 PM
poor Andy
@TimStone I think I get to slowly realize that I need a life that doesn't involve raptors.
@badp why did you show me this :((((
Can I ask either of @TimStone or @thethinman to get a non random gravatar? :P
Raptors are awesome, there's no need to change anything.
@badp NEVER! How will people recognize me in the Chat FAQ if not for this non-distinct square made of triangles?!
But no, I was actually thinking about getting around to changing it, I'm just quite lazy about these things.
@TimStone True story bro. Semi-anonymoose ftw.
Maybe I will change to a logo once game company kicks off.
Before you ask, no I don't own it. No it's not interesting :P
9:32 PM
It's time some new games get released, our views are falling dangerously close to those of AskUbuntu ;-)
@Fabian Deus Ex 3 ftw.
There are quite some I'm interested in the near Future
Portal 2
The Witcher 2
@Fabian Have you played Prelude yet? I'm worried that Portal 2 will fall incredibly short.
And probably some more I forgot
Except for the story and lulz, of course.
9:34 PM
Wasn't prelude the mod with the annoying puzzles?
If it is the one I think I found the puzzles far too annoying, I didn't play far
Bah. I guess 2 is something to look forward to.
Prelude is sorta like the I Wanna Be The Guy of fps puzzles.
On wuss mode, because you can actually save your game.
@Fabian That's the fun of Youtube!
I tried Super Meat Boy but after that I feel empty.
Those dark om-nom missiles deserve to be banned.
9:40 PM
Contrary to the name it is plenty Safe for Work.
There aren't even any lyrics.
Oh rly?
I forgot some games: Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age 2 (a bit sceptical at the moment), the Batman sequel
And that's only sequels, there are hopefully some good, original games coming
Q: Effects of Equipment on ShapeChangers

Stuart PeggDoes the equipment on a mage benefit them when they are shapeshifted? I have a mage who is an Arcane Warrior and a ShapeChanger, and I'm wondering if loading up with armour and Bearing everything in my path will be an effective strategy. Although I'm curious about other equipment/weapons affecti...

Voxtron, but it shouldn't with a lot of questions
And now for something completely different.
@tzenes Wild wild west right there.
1 hour ago, by LessPop_MoreFizz
@badp I don't have enough close votes for all of the terrible. :(
that's it, I'm not venturing on to another SE
aw, well, that's because @LessPopMoreFizz failed to lay down the law on meta!
@tzenes So are they having a movie-rec debate already?
History is doomed to repeat itself on any SE site ;-)
9:58 PM
@Fabian I think this would be a great topic of discussion on Meta
That question is even bounty-protected, sneaky
@badp This is the first time I looked at Scifi.SE, I'm not involving myself there
@Fabian I meant Meta SO
for future sites
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