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2:03 PM
@MattЭллен The bowdlerisation is the epitome of politeness.
Wow I just used two big words in a sentence!
@MattЭллен you can say "ool" in this chat.
Also "art" ...
Also Garfunkel.
you guys! So f***y
2:05 PM
in your panc?
@MattЭллен unk?
Are you accusing Matt of nancing around?
@WillHunting ilþ.
@MattЭллен uzz?
2:06 PM
Matt is so filþy.
sometimes I am
You are not worðy.
aye, I'm not
So piß off already.
Feb 7 '11 at 16:13, by Kosmonaut
2:09 PM
chef's hat is now one character. how succinct
I'm waiting for the character that means sous-chef's hat.
So the big boss and the project lead are both at least 100 miles from here, and neither one bothered to cancel the meeting.
Screw those guys. I'm going home.
This chef and sous-chef talk reminds me of Ratatouille.
@KitFox do it
2:12 PM
@MattЭллен Doing it.
As soon as I finish my coffee.
Hello I have a question about English language again. I want to give a title of my presentation. The slide is about give feedback with co-wokers whatever you like it or not. Can I give slide's title = "like it say it, don't like it say it"?
I like cornbread ninja.
@Anonymous You can
@Anonymous You can, but I'm not sure what you are trying to convey with it.
2:13 PM
@Anonymous sorry, but that title makes no sense to me
"like it, say it; don't like it, say it"
@Anonymous It sounds weird even for a title in my opinion.
In the slide - If you like what your co-workers did in their job you should say it and that will make them know and repeat that behavior. If you don't like what they did, you should also say it, this will make they stop and don't do things you don't like again.
It depends on what you want the title to do.
I couldn't think for better title, lol.
2:15 PM
Share your opinion. Voice your concerns. Get heard.
You misspelled "hard" ...
@Anonymous change and don't do to and not do
Also, I went and had a heated vent with my friend the information officer who sits at the desk next to the dean's secretary, right outside the dean's office. And I made sure I said "Bullshit" emphatically, and just a mite too loud.
@Robusto sorry, hardbell.
I want to give an overview of what I am going to say.
Thank you @RegDwight :)
2:15 PM
Slaps and claps.
That's what we used to call it.
@KitFox yeah!
Don't dream it, be it.
When are we getting ELU Lite and ELU Lite chat? I am dreaming it, but I don't want to be it.
@MattЭллен (Plus, the dean wandered by a few minutes later, probably to see who was whispering cuss words just a little too loudly in her reception area.)
@Robusto You are Robusto, not chat.
2:17 PM
@WillHunting You misspelled "chap" ...
slap noun, colloquial - makeup
clap noun, colloquial - Gonorrhea
OK @anonymous I think the title really depends on the actual content and its arrangement on the slides.
I am afraid I cannot give you a good suggestion based on your description alone.
It also depends on what you want to convey to the audience.
2:19 PM
@KitFox (hehehe)
@Anonymous Why not title it "Feedback to coworkers"?
Just a thought based on what you have described.
what are orkers, and what do they do to cows?
It could be you giving feedback to coworkers or you asking workers to give feedback to one another. The title works well.
And then the details will be in the content itself.
2:23 PM
@mahnax Boo!
Hi! Mobile, too lazy to ping.
@Mahnax I always discourage people from using mobile chat.
I think it is bad for the eyes and potentially dangerous.
I am sitting in the school library waiting for the bell.
No danger here.
The bell waits for Noman
2:27 PM
Q: "get married" vs "getting married"

NoahI read the following: The next day as I watched them get married... How does it differ from the following? Is one more eloquent and accurate than other? The next day as I watched them getting married...

Dupe, but gee, what was the original about?
@RegDwightѬſ道 You have to wait for Gee to give you the answer.
Paging for Gee.
First try, no cigar:
Q: Bare infinitive and gerund participle

esy I saw him kick the stone. According to my reference book this sentence is grammatically correct even though the verb 'kick' is in present tense while the action has already happened. If I write like this: I saw him kicked the stone. Is this sentence still grammatically correct? Or we ...

Q: Subject + "have had" + bare infinitive ... ever correct?

AnentropicIn writing an email today I came up with the following sentence: "We have had two other ladies express an interest in the room." I'm a native English-English speaker and this felt fine to me. My partner (who is Spanish) felt that the bare-infinitive 'express' in conjunction with the 'have had' ...

I am afraid Gee does not exist on ELU. QED.
Why no inlining love?
There we go.
2:31 PM
Class time! Later.
There was another one. Can't find it.
I guess Noman turned up
@MattЭллен This abbreviation works very well.
the 8 <-> ate homophony is good
we've had a sp8 of not quite good enough questions recently
2:34 PM
Yeah, subpar m8rial.
w8 a minute, there's something not quite right
You mean other than you spelling spade with a tea?
I am glad I found oxforddictionaries.com. It is the best thing that happened this year so far.
Q: Why doesn't the second verb agree with the subject of that verb?

JenniferIn "We watched Obama speak," what is the technical reason for it not being "We watched Obama spoke"?

Another related question.
I wish it were more related.
Check out Ubuntu's new Heads Up Display.
2:39 PM
It will be a new feature in 12.04 LTS.
@WillHunting what nonsense is that.
It does everything applications already can do, except now it's decoupled in some pseudo-fancy lala.
@RegDwightѬſ道 I hope the application menus are still there though in future editions. That looks like the case.
That's not quite my point, though. This looks like the work of an architecture astronaut.
We can search for words! But wait, we can also search for files! And bookmarks! Let's tie it all up in one place!
I am not sure if I would ever use the HUD.
2:44 PM
I am sure I never will.
It is interesting how Mark Shuttleworth visited space and the Ubuntu logo is a space shuttle and his name has shuttle in it.
My surname is Twoshuttlesworth. I win.
I have visited space only in my dreams.
OK, well, I'm not going home yet. I forgot about the tech meeting. But boy, then! I'm heading home.
@KitFox Good good!
2:47 PM
The Unity shell, Ayatana scrollbars and now the HUD are all Ubuntu innovations, but I can't get used to any one of the three.
Ayatana Khomenei?
I guess the mobile OS users might like these space-saving ideas.
Perhaps they are innervations instead.
International space innervations.
@RegDwightѬſ道 makes notes
That's one big tapestry.
2:49 PM
Q: What is antonym (?) for vengence/revenge?

ArjangWhat is antonym (?) for vengence/revenge? The "?" after antonym is because the given antonyms : "forgiveness, pardon" are not what I am after, Something more along the lines of somebody does you favour and you try to get them back by doing something good. In this context what is a better word t...

Every word must have an antonym.
What is the opposite of Montpelier?
Huh, nobody has mentioned "giving back" yet?
@Robusto Reileptnom.
@WillHunting That is the reverse, not the opposite.
It's Australian.
Or "pay it forward"?
2:52 PM
ɥǝuunɟ sʞooן ǝɹns ɥsıןbuǝ uɐıןɐɹʇsnɐ
@Robusto Valpelier.
@KitFox Warmer.
@RegDwightѬſ道 Careful. I got in trouble for suggesting that people who live in the antipodes walk around upside-down.
Well, they're not upside-down in a 2D Mercator projection. But on a 3D globe they most certainly are walking around upside-down.
2:57 PM
Just don't put them into a Klein bottle.
Can you make a Klein bottle out of Moebius strips?
Me? Sure.
I make that every day before breakfast. Seven times.
@Robusto You saw today's doodle?
2:59 PM
@RegDwightѬſ道 this is a lot less interesting than it seems, since the antipode of almost everywhere turns out to be somewhere in the pacific ocean
@JSBᾶngs Not for Australians.
@JSBᾶngs OK, then they swim around upside-down.
what i want is a map that shows all of the landmasses that have a dry-land antipode
3:01 PM
woo! thank you @RegDwight
@RegDwightѬſ道 So you're really an old Japanese guy? Wait! You are Yoichi Oishi!!
so much of spain is antipodal to New Zealand, and a big chunk of china is antipodal to Argentina and Chile
and australia isn't actually antipodal to anything
@Robusto I'll add that to my list of Ukrainians, Frenches, Bulgarians and Bon Jovis.
May 23 '11 at 11:25, by Robusto
Yep. @RegDwight is actually Justin Bieber. True story.
3:05 PM
Justin Bieber is a owl?
@RegDwightѬſ道 "An EARTH SANDWICH is created when two slices of bread are simultaneously placed on opposite sides of the EARTH." zefrank.com/sandwich
You can do EARTH SANDWICH at zombo.com
Jul 15 '11 at 19:48, by Robusto
Also, Herr Eulenspiegel kommt zurück.
@Robusto sounds like a prologue to a nifty joke.
3:07 PM
When I think of one, I'll let you know.
@Robusto Ewww. I wouldn't eat anything called "waxing".
@RegDwightѬſ道 Pfft. I bet you already have.
Though there was an episode of I Bet You Will where people did just that for twenty dollars.
Jul 15 '11 at 19:55, by Robusto
See, this place started to go downhill when @Reg switched to a viazchacootchie or whatever you call it.
Jul 15 '11 at 19:58, by RegDwight
"I changed my gravatar to a viscacha and all I got was all hell breaking loose and NO STUPID T-SHIRT!"
Hah, that was on the same day.
Couldn't tell from the tab number.
3:12 PM
Jul 15 '11 at 22:25, by Robusto
He used to be faster at googling.
You used to be faster at reading three hours worth of transcript.
@RegDwightѬſ道 Sosiouxme.
I'm happy to see that I'm the only one to suck in our faction. Spent my first bar for a 2/8 89/80.
... and the saga continues down the same toilet.
Yay! A win on Fight!
Anyway. Back on topic.
Aug 9 '11 at 0:51, by random
This room was placed in timeout for 2 minutes; the topic of this room is "aka The Incomprehensible Room" - conversation should be limited to that topic.
Q: What is the origin of "rings a bell"

UrbycozWhere does the expression "rings a bell" come from? e.g. Bob: Have we met before? Geoff: Well, your face rings a bell.

Reminds me of the old schoolyard taunt. "Does your face hurt?" "No." "Well, it's killing me."
3:27 PM
Yeah children, don't ring bells with your faces at home.
yo mama's so fat she rings Big Ben
Here comes a candle to light you to bed, and here comes a chopper to chop off your head!
@RegDwightѬſ道 Ease up on the Dwight Schrute impressions already.
I'm the D-unit.
3:48 PM
Is it lunch time yet?
only 10 more minutes
I'm not sure I can make it
Imagine that you're not hungry
because I already at my lunch? that'd be nice... drools
Imagine you've just had a four course meal of roast meats and vegetables and pudding and appetisers and stuff
but do not imagine that you want one
that would ruin the effect
3:56 PM
no it's making it worse
you're imagining you want one. I can tell. If you only imagine that you're had one, then you'll feel full
also, don't think about elephants
actually I'm imagining going upstairs to my kitchen and cooking up a juicy hamburger, with pickle and cheese and bacon.
hey, that sounds like a good idea. brb
he gone to get an elephant, I just know it. he doesn't have enough space in his yard for an elephant.
have they stopped giving people 101 reps for signing up new accounts?
4:18 PM
Why do you ask?
I have a question. Does anyone know how to search m-w.com for idioms? Or it is not supposed to contain them? For example, a rolling stone gathers no moss can't be found.
@RegDwightѬſ道 I signed up to FL&U and it's not picked up my usual stuff or given me 100 reps bonus
@MattЭллен Do the association, log out and log in.
@WillHunting how do I do the association - I've not had to do that before?
4:19 PM
Well just log out and log in.
Many problems can be solved by restarting your computer or logging out!
Sometimes that's enough.
@MattЭллен When you signed up, if you used the same email address, look for some association button to click in your new profile.
OK I think idioms are not listed in m-w.com, though phrasal verbs are.
@WillHunting I can see no such button
4:22 PM
@MattЭллен Hmm, I can't recall now and things may have changed.
oh well. I'll ask my question and sort the rest out later
Someone had a similar problem with ELU a couple weeks ago. He asked here in chat, but nobody was around to help. A few minutes later he posted that logging out and logging back in solved the problem.
@MattЭллен Maybe try logging out and in before looking for the association button.
Anyhow, I gotta run. Laters.
@matt Maybe you don't even have to associate, just log out and in will do!
4:24 PM
I've tried logging in and out, but nothing happened
cya @RegDwight :)
Hmm, I will have to create a new account to see what is happening, which I am reluctant to do.
don't worry! I'll sort it out at home :)
Yeah there are many mysteries in this world.
I was contemplating getting a hard copy of m-w, but since idioms are not listed I shan't.
4:43 PM
Hi @daniel!
I saw your new photos on the blog!
Yoichi Oishi: Peter Taylor. I misspelt ant as aunt. A primitive and laughable mistake! I corrected it.
I like Yoichi
@WillHunting Hi!
@Danielδ The Americans pronounce both similarly after all.
@MrShinyandNew安宇 Sounds yummy.
@WillHunting I remember wondering as a kid why I had a relative called Ann Ann until I figured that one out.
G'morning y'all!
I mean afternoon. Or whatever time it is in your respective habitats.
4:48 PM
Hi @aedia :)
@aediaλ I recall how Peter Parker said "ant may" in Spiderman.
It wouldn't have even sounded weird to me. They are pronounced completely the same where I'm from.
Of course it is pronounced differently here, since we use BrE.
hey @RegDwight can we delete the entire idiotic argument on this answer?
A: How do you pronounce "fifths"?

Daniel δThe Big Book of Beastly Mispronunciations says: fifth FIFTH or FITH If you can pronounce the second f, good for you. But there's nothing slovenly or improper about dropping it and rhyming fifth with pith and myth. Disclaimer: I do not agree with some of their verdicts of "beastly": the...

@JSBᾶngs I don't like that pronunciation though.
4:55 PM
Just say f i f th s and put them all together. Is that very hard?
Hi all
Hi all
@moonstar2001 Hi!
@WillHunting it has nothing to do with the pronunciation (I use [fIfs] myself), and everything to do with the silly and unconstructive argument about "racism"
I pronounce all the letters in fifths
@JSBᾶngs Yeah I know I was just commenting on something else.
4:57 PM
@WillHunting it's very hard when you're not enunciating v-e-r-y carefully.
because that's the best way, everyone who mispronounces it is rubbish
I... struggles to even say the word
@aediaλ you must practice everyday
the nattering of pedants aside, pretty much no one actually says [fθs]
@JSBᾶngs What I mean is, in real speech nobody pronounces words the way they are listed in dictionaries. It is not really an alternate pronunciation but just a natural variation, but I am not stating anything here in formal terminology.
4:58 PM
@JSBᾶngs ha! maybe for Americans
@Will so we agree? now i'm confused...
@JSBᾶngs Maybe we do... Maybe there is more agreement in this world than meets the eye.
@MattЭллен i'd wager that you don't
Hi all
yeah, I probably don't
4:59 PM
/fiθ/ I think is what I say
@moonstar2001 Er are you having some problems with chat? You said hi thrice.
I'm more likely to pronounce it barracuda
my sixths aren't easy to tell from six either... they're just more hissy at the end
@WillHunting. Sorry. Yes, it looks like I am having chat problems.
I need more coffee before I can say words!
5:01 PM
@moonstar2001 Refresh your browser.
@aediaλ Or tea!
I must fly. see y'all laters. fif(theta)s
@WillHunting Done. Thx.
@moonstar2001 You are quite good at using chat. You know how to use the right arrow to reply. I wonder if you are really a new chat user.
@WillHunting I am new to StackExchange. Not new to the internet. This is my first time in this chatroom.
5:05 PM
@moonstar2001 OK. Many new chat users do not know about the right and left arrows here even months later.
@WillHunting Not sure about right and left arrows. I am just using the dropdown against a message to send my reply
Hovering the mouse over messages gives instructions. Don't think it is rocket science
@moonstar2001 Good!
@mahnax Boo!
Hello mahnax
5:07 PM
Mobile again, just finished a bio test.
Hi moonstar.
How can you tell when a new user joined the room?
@moonstar2001 Are you on the mobile version now?
Me? I can't at the moment.
@moonstar2001 You will see their avatar hopping in.
5:08 PM
Then their icon should come swoopibg down.
Does SE automatically assign an avatar? Do we get to choose?
On the side where you see all the others.
No, that's not where you change it.
@moonstar2001 You have the automatically generated one. You can change it at gravatar.com.
5:12 PM
@moonstar2001 Many other sites use gravatar too, so don't be surprised you see your other site icons change too.
Gotta run, bye.
@WillHunting I had no idea! We are slowly but surely moving to a single tech platform
bye mahanx
@moonstar2001 You can also use @ plus first three letters to ping here similar to the main site.
Oh cool. Let me try that
5:15 PM
For example @moo should ping you!
@moonstar2001 Received.
where do you receive it?
Hi Robusto
@moonstar2001 I hear a ding! And I see a blue circle at the bottom left.
@WillHunting aha!
5:17 PM
@moonstar2001 Of course you need to install Flash for this to work.
Can you try pinging me?
@moonstar2001 I just did many times.
Cool! i like this
Thanks! I had my speakers on mute.
And I had no idea what to make of that blue circle
Hi Kitfox
I'm at home and working on the server, so if you want me to notice, you'll have to ping me.
5:22 PM
@JSBᾶngs what argument would you want deleted? (just because it is bad doesn't mean it's deletable)
@MattЭллен !! possibly.
@MattЭллен I -so- wanted to make some clever repartee about that (the spelling that is).
@KitFox How many years till your eldest would be able to benefit from HP:MoR?
@Vitaly Maybe 3.
Hmm OK.
@Mitch the entire comment thread attached to that answer. (the answer itself was fine, just the comments were painful)
5:50 PM
Yeah. Purged. There's a question for ax vs ask. It's totally unrelated to the question about fifths. Geezis.
It's like deja vu all over again.
Today is the International Unrelated Comments Day.
Now that I mention the seconds question, why is it still open?

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