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7:00 PM
@Poke Dang.. well, I lost my privileges to vote to close from it :(
no problem
it just counts zeros :)
looks like clang 2.9 added long long support
Oh, I forgot
whenever that was released
@DJMcMayhem How do you do that [tag] in chat? Manual link? or some auto formatting?
Yeah, the formatting is [tag:tagname]
or [meta-tag:tagname] if you want meta specific tags like `
7:02 PM
Q: Catch those sheep!

CzarMattYou're a farmer and your flock of sheep has escaped! Oh no! Round up those sheep by building fences to contain them. As a farmer on a budget you want to use the least amount of fence possible. Luckily for you though, they aren't the smartest sheep in the world and don't bother moving after ...

Q: Natural Numbers Interpretation

user1584421When interacting with an automated dialogue system, the caller is often required to provide his phone number. Phone numbers may be uttered in many ways with different digit groupings (e.g. 2106930664 may be uttered as "210 69 30 6 6 4" or "210 69 664" etc). Furthermore, speech input may cause amb...

Q: Let's draw Mona Lisa

ArnauldIn 2014, demoscener Jakub 'Ilmenit' Debski released a 250-byte procedural graphics demo for the Atari XL called Mona. It's drawing the following picture: (The original picture is 128x96. The above version was magnified to 256x192.) Your task is to do exactly the same thing, using the language...

just went from lambda n:n==1and[1]or[[1,0]*(n/2)+[1]*(n%2),[0,1]*(n/2)+[0]*(n%2)]*(n/2) to lambda n:[[int(not(i+j)%2)for i in range(1,n+1)]for j in range(1,n+1)]
@DJMcMayhem thanks. Practice:
@NewMainPosts Good morning, how was your nap?
@Christian that is unfortunate >.<
@Poke Just got it back :)
7:14 PM
@totallyhuman Whats wrong with lambda n:[[(~i+j)%2 for i in range(1,n+1)]for j in range(1,n+1)]?
I'm not sure of the challenge but int(not(i+j)%2) seems like a very inefficient way to do anything
@WheatWizard You can remove the space between 2 and for I think.
@Phoenix Good catch, I always miss the spaces between numbers and words
Question: say I have a value on the stack, 0 or 1. If it's 1 I need to print -1, if it's 0 I need to print 1. What's the easiest way to do this (esolang)?
Multiply by -1?
it depends on the esolang
7:17 PM
@MDXF pop()*-2+1
I'd say double, decrement, invert
So Eq~ in MATL for example
Brain-Flak would be (({})){(<([{}])>)}{}
@WheatWizard I think I could get that working
@WheatWizard ([({}){}]()) (Includes pushing new value back to stack)
7:19 PM
Oh wait if zero print 1
Yes I think I can make it work
Thats the best way then
(still a dumbass though)
People who know Haskell, can you explain what's going on here?
@totallyhuman lambda n:[[i-~j&1for i in range(1,n+1)]for j in range(1,n+1)] is even shorter
7:22 PM
Haskell seems to infer too specific a type unless you put a signature
Could you post a de-golfed version?
Q: Programming Challenge: Tell me which number I repeated, how many times, and which one I skipped?

xyz123I generated 1000 random numbers from 1 to 1000. Challenge: One number is written twice, and so that I also means that I skipped a number, as well. Attempt to write the smallest program to read in this space deliminated text file (1000_random_numbers_with_one_repeated.txt) which I have linked. ...

@WheatWizard An attempt at a simpler example: (\q->q.map q$["01","10"]) $ tail fails, but substituting in tail.map tail$["01","10"] succeeds
@totallyhuman Also why are you starting your ranges at 1? lambda n:[[i-~j&1for i in range(n)]for j in range(n)] seems to do the same thing
@xnor Huh, thats strange
@WheatWizard oh I fixed that a while ago
But the previous tip worked out well, thanks
7:31 PM
Yeah I just saw where the answer in question is
I love a good bitshift golf
But xnor out golfed me anyways >_>
I suspect that double list comprehension is not the best idea
Mm, a little too late
@WheatWizard thanks, and is the description clear enough?
I don't think I helped
I misunderstood the question entirely
7:34 PM
You did, I used your suggestion
but that description looks good
ok thanks
I really need the interpreter to insert something other than EOF when not enough code to fill the triangle is present :P
EOF is a no-op, just not a pretty one
Insert pretty nops.
7:37 PM
My point is, without actually telling it to do so, the interpreter automagically decided to insert the EOF value when none was present
Is ÿ (char) -1?
I mean, ÿes
ÿ isn't that uglÿ.
@totallyhuman hows lambda n:[([1,0]*n)[i&1:i%2+n]for i in range(n)]
I think it's uglÿ
Uglier than . anÿwaÿ
Darn, I finished going through everÿ challenge answered in Hexagonÿ. I was answering all the ones I could in less than 45 minutes
7:39 PM
I suppose ÿou should make that change, then.
Probablÿ trivial
@MDXF ಠ_ಠ please fix with ÿ
@ATaco : replace /y with ÿ
Prelude> id . map id $ [1,2]
Prelude> let f q = q . map q $ [1,2] in f id

<interactive>:48:5: error:
    • Non type-variable argument in the constraint: Num [b]
      (Use FlexibleContexts to permit this)            f :: forall b. Num [b] => ([b] -> b) -> b
      In the expression: let f q = q . map q $ [...] in f id
      In an equation for ‘it’: it = let f q = q . map q $ ... in f id
@MDXF But ÿ would you do that?
7:41 PM
plz stop with diaereses
Idk, it's kinda funnÿ
No, I just didn't feel like doing to many of them
It's a meme we made up just now.
One is plenty for me
7:42 PM
I don't think I'm gonna fix the interpreter actuallÿ :P
@KritixiLithos That's expected. Do you understand ÿ it happens?
It's actuallÿ quite a pain to trÿ to unobtrusivelÿ use words that use ÿ more.
It isn't a common enough letter.
You saw nothing
yes, it's because of the implicit ending
have twö diaeresed letters ön my keyboard, höw many dö yöü have?
7:43 PM
@betseg I onlÿ have ÿ
I just added a keÿboard shortcut Alt+Shift+Y to insert ÿ
but why
ÿ not? It's a new catchÿ meme
@betseg ⍨ ⍣ ⍤ ¨
wtf AltGr+Y inserts ←
7:44 PM
for me alt+[ gives ←
alt+y gives ↑
altgr + [ = «
also wtf: no shortcuts insert a right arrow
altgr + y = ü
I have shortcuts to insert all the arrows
What is GR
7:45 PM
I just enter it with vim and <C-v>xff
the dyalog keyboard is pretty neat
AltGr (also Alt Graph, or Right Alt) is a modifier key found on some computer keyboards and is primarily used to type characters that are unusual for the locale of the keyboard layout, such as currency symbols and accented letters. On a typical, IBM-compatible PC keyboard, the AltGr key, when present, takes the place of the right-hand Alt key. In macOS, the Option key has functions similar to the AltGr key. AltGr is used similarly to the Shift key: it is held down when another key is struck in order to obtain a character other than the one that the latter normally produces. AltGr and Shift can...
Ah cool
I switch to the international american keyboard and do " + y to get ÿ
How to enable compose keÿ? I can't find the instructions.
7:46 PM
@totallyhuman lambda n:[(n*[1,0])[i%2:][:n]for i in range(n)] works. How long is xnors?
shit thats short, I don't know if I can take annother 4 bytes off
> whort
I just use a preexisting keyboard layout on macOS for composing characters without the need of a compose key
I have no idea why I just installed WinCompose as I will not have my laptop in 26 hours
7:47 PM
@WheatWizard BTW, did you see my last brain-flak answer?
@WheatWizard hmm you could start by making [1,0] '10'
@totallyhuman Thats allowed? seems like cheating
My keyboard has some real weird characters for AltGr+key and Shift+AltGr+key: £$½¾€¶₺←ûîô⧪´``«»¢“”nµ×·°¡²³¼⅜±°¿Ω®¥ÛÎÔ©‘’Nº÷
7:49 PM
Well now I'm down a byte
What is the diamond keÿ in WinCompose?
I know what most of those are.
@totallyhuman I found a 43 lambda n:[(n*"10")[i:i+n]for i in range(n)]
and you found xnor's solution
I don't think I can beat that
7:51 PM
Anyone know of any good challenges for 2d languages (because I'm testing out Triangular)?
polyglot challenges
The Klein Topololyglot
personally I like doing polyglot challenges with 2d languages
> Topololyglot
nice word
7:52 PM
Topolyglot sounds better IMO
Also, any suggestions for Cubically from people who haven't yet seen it?
@LeakyNun Rekt
@KritixiLithos I have been having a internal debate between the two for a while
@MDXF Polyglot/restricted-source are generally the only challenges that are more intresting for specifically 2d langs. Therefore, you can try codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/98938/…
@MDXF make it so that bigger programs are possible? (like 4x4x4 or 2x2x2 or 13x13x13)
7:53 PM
Yeah, I think Topolyglot is better too
@betseg I'm planning to make it extensible but how would I make the inner face things turnable?
@betseg cough cubix cough
@KritixiLithos cubically is nothing like Cubix
oh wait, I got mixed up for a moment
@Phoenix Too bad the Triangular quine is 18k characters
Do we have a Hello World polyglot challenge?
7:55 PM
I take it you had a computer quine it for you
i.e. "print hello world in as many languages as possible"
@MDXF Trick or Treat polyglot challenge is intresting
@KritixiLithos Nah, WheatWizard did it. but close enough
Man, NMP is super slow today
Man, I'm really surprised that git.io/rubiks-cube wasn't taken
7:58 PM
@MDXF is there a TIO for cubically?
Not afaik
It was requested earlier todaÿ
in talk.tryitonline.net, 5 hours ago, by MD XF
And if you have time, maybe add Cubically?
Not yet
Shameless advertising of my sandbox post: https://codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/a/12893/59530

Does anyone have any comments?
I might consider learning it if it comes on TIO
7:59 PM
ÿ tho @Phoenix
@JarkoDubbeldam *shames you for advertising*
@KritixiLithos Cool
You can bug Dennis if you'd like but I'm not going to :P
actually don't take my word, I have a lot of languages on my to-learn list
so cubically has finite memory?
@KritixiLithos Very much so
it's built around the memory restriction
8:01 PM
Q: Implement the "Lazy Sort"

DJMcMayhemI'm supposed to sort a list of numbers, but I'm super lazy. It's really hard to figure how to swap all the numbers around until all of them are in increasing order, so I cam up with my own algorithm that will guarantee that the new list is sorted¹. Here's how it works: For a list of size N, we'l...

A: List of bounties with no deadline

Wheat Wizard100 rep for a shorter Klein Topololyglot What it says on the tin, beat me I'll give you 100 rep.

It also has no input yet because I have no idea how to do input
so it isn't TC?
I'd like suggestions for how to handle input
@NewMainPosts Thankyou!
8:02 PM
Also it will never be TC due to the memory restriction
@MDXF getchar builtin
@Phoenix ...have you looked at cubically
Then pls look at it and revise your statement :P
I can't
Github is blocked
8:04 PM
That's ... ridiculous
Oh wait I have a phone
Builtin to write getchar to the notepad
Yes but then what do I do with it
Everything overrides notepad
@NewMainPosts @DJMcMayhem were you kidding about it being the fastest or about the time complexity in general
Also here's a TIO link
cubically online
@Poke What are you talking about? Clearly it's O(N-1), and I'm sure that there are no algorithms faster than that.
8:10 PM
@DJMcMayhem O(N-1) = O(N)
Besides, I can do it in O(1): return [1,2,3,4,5]
@Phoenix Yeah, but that returns the wrong list.
I know. I'm just trying to make my approach as cringe-worthy as possible.
@DJMcMayhem So does your algorithm
Hey, at least mine returns the right size. :P
@KritixiLithos totally on TIO
@DJMcMayhem Fine, lambda n:range(len(n))
8:14 PM
@DJMcMayhem I... nevermind
first attempt: [1, 1, 1, 1, 1] yu[ that's exactly right]
Attempt at what?
the lazy sort thing
CMC: Increment every item in a list
Python 2: [x+1for x in input()]
lambda l:map(lambda n:n+1,l)
ah true
8:20 PM
I like how some people have 1 commit every week or so, and then there's me... Cubically released on Tuesday and 14 commits, Triangular released on Monday and 29 commits
nvm me >_>
@Phoenix remove space between 1 and for
Python 2: lambda n:[x+1for x in n]
the one time i remember to use map() it ends up longer lol
@Phoenix Q in MATL
@totallyhuman I believe list comprehension is generally shorter
Although, you can replace lambda n:n+1 with 1.__add__ (or whatever the name of the method was)
8:25 PM
@Phoenix Triangular, 10 bytes: \@$A.;/%i<, try it online!
That seems way longer than it should be
func(l[]int)(r[]int){for _,i:=range l{r=append(r,i+1)};return}
8:26 PM
Incrementing a number is just ({}())
mine only uses 3 directionals (required for loop) and 1 no-op so I'm pretty happy with the score
@totallyhuman Don't need spaces around []
@Phoenix Yeah, but you can only access the top element of the stack
Still a bit surprising how much boilerplate there is
20 bytes shorter if the input won't contain 0: Try it online!
8:27 PM
@totallyhuman Also what language is it?
How long would you have expected?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

xyz123Programming Challenge: Winning criterion is the shortest byte program which can tell me (x, y) which number "x" was doubled in the list, and which number "y" was removed from the list of 1000 numbers from 1 to 1000. Given a list of 1000 positive integers in random order, find the integer that ...

@Phoenix go
@DJMcMayhem About as long as your 20-bytes-shorter one
I almost wrote 56 instead: ([]){({}<({}()<>)<>>[()])}{}<>([]){({}<({}<>)<>>[()])}<>
8:29 PM
@DJMcMayhem My first thought was "I can do that shorter". What I wrote was character for character the same as yours.
That's cool
@Riley The 28 or the 48?
Did you count the import in your byte count?
@Phoenix no that's needed only to print stuff out
Oh you didn't give one at all
8:32 PM
go needs an import for STDOUT
@DJMcMayhem 48, but 28 would have been the same also.
/me facepalms because my very first python 2 thing is a snippet without any output
@Phoenix not google hangouts
We do s/foo/bar but this isn't sed or discord
I don't see why I can't do /me
8:34 PM
(don't forget Vim)
@Phoenix i do that and it works, caret-reply for the win
I meant we do it a lot when we correct other people
@Phoenix Haskell 8 bytes: map succ
That looks like a snippet
:I haskell calls increments succ
8:38 PM
@Phoenix Its not its a function
@ATaco : replace /me with your chat username.
And add escaping the /
is it too much to ask for ataco to make /me messages look fancy too
echo "snippet" | repl is my new favorite TIO trick.
> Code
> Input
make it even more complicated
8:42 PM
It's not complicated, it's actually more convenient than trying to find the rellevent lang.
wasn't tio v2 supposed to have a search bar for languages?
Why it no work for python ;-;
@totallyhuman No
It used to
Now v2 looks identical to nexus, and nexus was nuked.
Python's repl sucks
echo "print 'hi'" | python works?
what's wrong with it?
8:45 PM
@totallyhuman No, you need a trailing newline
Also ^^ would be a problem
You can also use python -c "print 'hi'"
Notice the lack of the regular repl output
ah right
just realized that >_>
I think python checks if input isatty (does that even work?) and operates like python /dev/stdin if it isn't and as a repl if it is.
8:48 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing dammit, I was about to achieve score infinity.
@Phoenix Jelly, one byte:
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Conor O'BrienCreate a modulus sign code-golf ascii-art Given an integer n ≥ 0, output a 2D representation† of a modulus sign. The construction goes as follows: Create an n by n matrix filled with zeroes. Insert ones in the top-left and bottom-right corners. Place ones on the diagonal from the bottom-left ...

i just spammed this question with random golflangs
Oh my, there are 100 pages of deleted sandbox questions :o
@Phoenix isatty() works on *nix, presumably windows has some equivalent system call
9:04 PM
@totallyhuman only 4
and all i had to do was ctrl+f on their commands pages
but hey i tied jelly
I think it's not clear enough :I
yeah it's a new user but i think the challenge is simple enough
If I could understand what he wanted me to do it'd be simple...
@Phoenix 5 bites of cheese: (+:1)
@DJMcMayhem is brain-flak TC?
9:17 PM
wasn't brainflak supposed to be a tarpit like its namesake?
@totallyhuman it is... >.>
@totallyhuman It is
@Downgoat Yep, you don't even need <>, <...> or []
<_< i must've phrased that wrong for both of you to reply like that>
@Downgoat Yes. Wheatwizard proved it can simulate a Minsky machine even without certain functions (like Riley said)
9:24 PM
I should make a Linux distro called Covfefe
@Mendeleev yes
or just an entirely new OS
what happened to covfefe-lang?
@totallyhuman Still being worked on
Spec hasn't been defined yet. If you want to help, open an issue
@MDXF I should rename WatOS to CovfefeOS... hmm...
confused WatOS with something else
o_O Modding GTA V is now illegal
9:28 PM
I will make a Covfefe Linux distro if someone here buys covfefe-os.net and points it to my DNS servers
@TuxCopter rip
Take 2 sent a C&D to the devs of OpenIV
Just after the aquisition of KSP by Take 2
@Mendeleev what is address of your DNS server?
One sec
Heh, GTA V's evaluation on Steam are now "Mostly negative"
9:34 PM
@Mendeleev TIL you own digital ocean :P
Those are just the ones I use
ok does anyone know of any languages similar to cubically?
I think I just put a 2.6 MB text message into the sandbox O_o
9:43 PM
Q: Cluttering the Sandbox with Edits

Beta DecayA few times I have noticed that, to reduce clutter, people have taken it upon themselves to reduce the body of sandbox posts in bulk. While, I don't disagree with the practice of decluttering, by editing 10+ posts all in one go, you create even more clutter. Instead of finding the newest posts ...

Who needs name servers when you have A records?
@MDXF ^^
@ATaco But you don't just have A records... you've go ATaco records :P
@BetaDecay what?
Sadly ATaco records aren't an accepted protocol
Then make them an accepted protocol :P
9:45 PM
You've completely filled the front page of the sandbox with deleted posts. That's extremely incovenient
As for the sandbox project, I'd recommend waiting for a stronger consensus before putting suggestions into practise.
Ok will do
Q: BFS on 1's and 0's combination tree

SridharKrithaNeed a help to understand the logic behind one of the efficient code for the 'ONEZERO' problem from SPOJ (http://www.spoj.com/problems/ONEZERO/). My approach for that problem is constructing a binary tree by creating left and right children's of 1's and 0's strings and bfs. My approach is working...

@NewMainPosts >_<
9 messages moved to Trash
9:57 PM
@ATaco Do you think you'd be able to make a userscript to hide deleted posts?
@HyperNeutrino You don't need a userscript
Just add .answer.deleted-answer { display: none; } to your styler
I knew that :P
That's really handy. Thank you!
@ATaco : merge my pr? :P

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