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10:02 AM
Last night, I had a dream where some PPCGers were developing this epic language (non-esoteric, I think)
it wasn't VSL btw
You know it's time to take a break when PPCG enters your dream.
@Lembik Yeah IK it's just hard to shorten the problem to like 1/2 sentences haha
@ASCII-only why do you need it in 1/2 sentence?
@KritixiLithos Pytek? Elegance?
no, it was something else entirely new
10:07 AM
@Lembik So it'll fit in the OEIS description haha
we started from scratch
@KritixiLithos Is it like a really good idea
Oh I see!
@ASCII-only probably was, I can't remember :P
@ASCII-only That's cool you are doing that
@ASCII-only have you found the OEIS entry exact matches?
@ASCII-only It's a natural extension of that
10:16 AM
@LeakyNun J, 2 bytes: /:
@Adám nice
time for APL to implement?
@Lembik But there are no exact matches :|
Haven't found a subsequence with exact matches either
@ASCII-only let me find it
@ASCII-only oeis.org/A005434
@LeakyNun The primitive exists () but it has not been extended to allow grading arbitrary arrays yet. The proposal has been made and a model already exists.
@Adám I see
10:22 AM
So is that the same thing just with Y only when hamming distance is zero?
@ASCII-only exactly
@ASCII-only curiously they don't list an efficient way of computing that but I think there must be one
they compute it up to 51
and I don't believe they use cryptominisat :)
@Lembik :( Even I've computed your one higher (link)
@ASCII-only using the cryptominisat solution?
@Lembik Yeah (Why would I use a slower one :P)
right.. but I don't believe they would have done that
that's a surprising trick
10:25 AM
Hmm, I guess
@LeakyNun Cool thing that it even strange comparisons, like namespaces, and char-num, and mixtures thereof work fine
@Lembik Now I just have to wait for my OEIS account to get approved :P
@ASCII-only thanks! I have a number of challenges that need OEIS entries
@ASCII-only here is another one . codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/49218/… is the coolest
@DestructibleLemon sure, I didn't know it had a name though, TIL
10:37 AM
the coolest thing about that is still the amnesiac part
@LeakyNun :D glad to help
oh god I remember getting tetris effect from minecraft 7 years ago
I got tetris effect from webcomics >_>
> The typical mistake of novice users is the usage of \\ at the end of the paragraph. Then we have \hfil\break\unskip\nobreak\hskip\parfillskip at the end of the paragraph and the \break consumes all followed removable items including \hskip\parfillskip. The bad paragraph is produced with the warning message "Underfull hbox (badness 10000)". But novice users don't read the log nor terminal messages, unfortunately.
savage much
@LeakyNun Another (neater because it gives a Boolean result) solution in J is I. (or in APL – one day)
@Adám nice
10:52 AM
@Lembik Hmm do you think <= bound or == bound would be better for approximate correlations
@ASCII-only well we haven't got code to do ==
they are different and both interesting in my view
I should have asked for more general code :)
Q: PPCG-specific Mobile App: Feature Requests

Beta DecaySee main post here This [question] is intended as community submission describing the target functionality. This will likely change over time, but it will allow devs to have a end goal with their program. Obviously, this includes the standards (doing anything you would normally be able to do ...

@Lembik The patterns for bound from 0 to 9, using your submission for n from 2 to 9, it seems really hard to find a pattern
11:09 AM
mfw I realise I forgot to consider a case and I borked things up but then I realise the code still works if I change the requirements I had in my head
11:25 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

LiefdeWenSandbox This will be my first kolmogorov-complexity submission, does this question fall under that category? Is the question clear enough? Is it too trivial? Problem Given no input write a program or a function that outputs or returns the following string: (<(<>(<>.(<>.<(<>.<>(<>.<>)<>.<>)>.<>

@DestructibleLemon "I was writing code to add 2 numbers, but I borked things up and it subtracts the numbers instead, but it still works fine if I change what I wanted the code to do from adding to subtracting"
@Mayube s/change/slightly change with no real consequence/
this is TNB, not Unix
your sed has no power here
anyway I think my koth is finished!
@ASCII-only I created a factorial sequence on Google Sheets and it was not able to predict the next number correctly
11:35 AM
@KritixiLithos Well yeah? They're not meant to predict things without being given the formula, currently no spreadsheet does this correctly AFAIK
I think I will post the koth now
hype anyone?
anyone? ;_;
then what did you do?
@KritixiLithos Calculated them manually?
so spreadsheets can only predict purely arithmetic sequences (at least in the case of Google Sheets)
Any JavaScripters on? Need another pair of eyes on something.
11:38 AM
I thought they would be able to predict any kind of sequence
@KritixiLithos Well yeah?
D: Zaglo is here
@Shaggy Yes
@KritixiLithos Well obviously not, 1. it would be way too slow, 2. If it isn't even on OEIS Google Sheets can't save you
@ASCII-only See the 2nd paragraph here - any thoughts on why that's happening?
wait, do I need a specific end time for my koth?
11:40 AM
@Shaggy What's supposed to happen
@ASCII-only Never mind; I see what's wrong - I was having a brainfart!
ok lets see whether main posts can post quickly
Any improvements I can make to this?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

MayubeRandomly capitalise half of a string Given string s of even length as input, randomly capitalise exactly half of the letters. You can assume the input will always be an even length You can assume the input will consist of only lowercase letters There must be an equal probability of each letter...

@Qwerp-Derp Remove braces and parens around if, for and while loops, add colons :P
11:44 AM
maybe you should make a program that takes a thing like that except minus the things on the end and compiles it to the language
@ASCII-only Well I wouldn't ask a question that was too easy :)
@ASCII-only but can you find a formula for the exact case?
@ASCII-only it almost removes parens
@Qwerp-Derp nice, you got some stars!
it adds a space
@KritixiLithos 1 of the stars doesn't count, because I starred my own repo :P
11:44 AM
@NewSandboxedPosts sandbox why are you faster than main posts
@DestructibleLemon How are you so sure it's faster
@ASCII-only I mean for the OEIS link I gave before
@Lembik No :( (well actually haven't tried yet :P)
@ASCII-only :) there were some nice tools for finding patterns in oeis sequences
I remember something from my dream now after looking at Qwerp's beautifier. In my dream I understood the importance of the test/ dir
11:47 AM
@ASCII-only why is there variance in the amount of time main posts takes sometimes? I'm guessing because it checks periodically
Sandbox posted the thing, but main posts did not
also its definitely slower now
@DestructibleLemon Yes
I guess really it is why they are desynched?
I swear as soon as I post a link main posts is just gonna show up like "hey you trying to steal my job?"
@Lembik Wait really?
@ASCII-only yes it was some challenge we had I think on PPCG
the winning entry was pretty good iirc
Q: Dungeon of botdom

Destructible Lemon– of crisis and martyrdom (that's the subtitle because subtitles are cool) In this king-of-the-hill challenge in python (yup; you need go no farther to know you may not submit in java), you need to create a bot that plays a game very similar to welcome to the dungeon Rules You submit a class,...

11:53 AM
maybe someone here remembers it?
@NewMainPosts there you go
now I realise I kinda missed stuff out
anyone remember the challenge where you had to reproduce as many of the oeis sequences as possible?
Straw poll before I post this: Should I allow the characters used for the "door" to be counted as one byte to level the playing field across different languages using different codepages?
don't count it as one byte; I would market it differently
12:00 PM
@Fatalize ah! I was sure there was one that had cleverer answers. For example where the solved 3rd order recurrence relations
in languages where these characters take multiple bytes, subtract the number of bytes - 1 from the score
@DestructibleLemon Yup, that's exactly what I'm suggesting.
yup. but wording
@DestructibleLemon in languages where these characters take multiple bytes, they may be counted as a single byte each
hmm. not enough dart answers on ppcg
do we have any?
12:07 PM
I don't know... its kind of hard to explain why I feel mine is better
@DestructibleLemon subtract the number of bytes - 1 just read a bit too confusingly to me.
Shaggy's wording definitely reads better
Dammit @DestructibleLemon Your posts are really badly formatted sometimes (i.e. the covfefe one)
12:13 PM
@DestructibleLemon @Mayube Do I take it that you're both OK with me making this allowance?
@Qwerp-Derp ;_;
this is meen
@Shaggy I was gunna suggest it anyway :P
For the purposes of this challenge, in languages where these characters take multiple bytes, they may be counted towards your score as a single byte each.
@Qwerp-Derp where is my apology for the fake news
@DestructibleLemon But it's true, you have things that aren't meant to be part of headers as part of headers, your structure is all over the place... I'm offering constructive criticism man
Your post ideas are good... but the posts itself sometimes...
@DestructibleLemon ???
@DestructibleLemon shrug
Q: How Persistent am I?

GryphonYour Task: Write a program or function that, when given a number, outputs its persistence. The persistence of a number is the number of times you can add its digits before arriving at a one-digit number. All one digit numbers have a persistence of 0. Note that this is different from questions...

12:42 PM
Why does this segfault?
That's C for you
At a very quick glance, I'd guess "it's blowing the stack"
@ToxicFrog how?
recursion and stuff
@Fatalize no divmod in swi prolog?
12:49 PM
@LeakyNun f() recurses, a is global and used uninitialized -- I'm not sure there's a case where the recursion never terminates, but it could probably run for a very long time
shoves into gdb to find out
@LeakyNun Nope
@ToxicFrog thanks, uninitialized was the cause.
@Fatalize quite garbage.
@LeakyNun yeah, it's a stack overflow
@LeakyNun What about this?
is still waiting for gdb to make it to the top of the stack
12:51 PM
@Emigna thanks
@LeakyNun I mean I can add it, but saying a language is garbage because it doesn't have a divmod built-in is a bit extreme
Apparently this platform gets to 261951 frames before it explodes.
@Fatalize there is divmod (see Emigna's link), and I was just kidding.
Wait I'm retarded
I thought you were talking about Brachylog
@Fatalize must... resist... urge... to star
12:55 PM
@Fatalize @Emigna how to have multiple statements in input?
@LeakyNun What do you mean?
as a sidenote, the C=D in this is quite clever
@LeakyNun this?
@Fatalize so I can't have 4 statements?
The input part of TIO is equivalent to the REPL of SWI
so you write 1 query
1:00 PM
@Fatalize @Emigna "arithmetic"
Though technically you should beb able to call 4 statements in a row
@KritixiLithos no, you can't convince me to write a function without a return statement.
even with the return statement you can save one byte
@KritixiLithos how?
1:02 PM
oh, saw it
@ASCII-only any OEIS update?
@KritixiLithos done
I wonder if there is a purely mathematical solution
@KritixiLithos probably not
1:11 PM
I think I'm ready to start adding functionality to my programming language :D
what is the language?
I don't have a name for it yet :P
so basically 2D Jelly? :P
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Kevin CruijssenSpin the Calculator code-golfarithmeticnumberinteger Introduction: Let's take a look at a standard Calculator in Windows: For this challenge, we'll only look at the following buttons, and ignore everything else: 7 8 9 / 4 5 6 * 1 2 3 - 0 0 , + Challenge: Input: You will receive two inputs...

1:15 PM
@KritixiLithos Not exactly :P It's inspired by Jelly and 05AB1E though :P
Also why did you think it's 2D?
@LeakyNun … I think you found a bug in SWI's REPL
@Fatalize why? can you cite the source saying that multiple statements are allowed?
> My main language is Python. I am also currently training in Jelly and developing my own 2D language.
@KritixiLithos Whoops. Should update that because I decided to not make it 2D. Darn :P
1:17 PM
?- X = 1. X = 2.

X = 1.

X = 2.
So that works
@Fatalize oh
But when I call it with p's, it doesn't
So are you going to post a question?
?- p(1,A). p(12,A). p(99,A). p(9999,A).

A = 0 [print]
A = 0
Unknown action: ( (h for help)
And it keeps on going with other ridiculous stuff
?- reverse([1,2],X). reverse([2,3],X). reverse([2,3],X). reverse([2,3],X).

X = [2, 1].

X = [3, 2].

X = [3, 2].

X = [3, 2].
It doesn't even have consistent spacing
There's definitely something weird
1:21 PM
You can tell that my language was inspired by Jelly based on the fact that the code_page is identical to Jelly's :P
I've noticed :P
That's the only part that's identical though. I suspect Dennis made Jelly's tokenizer a lot better than mine :P
I am preparing for the third/fourth rewrite of my language's interpreter, so as of now, I am deciding the specs
Which language?
the interpreter is so bad that I need to rewrite it again
it parses the code as it interprets it :/
1:26 PM
Oh :I 0/10 do not recommend. :P
that's why I am rewriting it :P
I did that once, but it also read input character by character, and (when running on the AVR) wasn't line buffered
So every word was executed the instant you finished typing it in
Ah :P None of my languages before this one have had tokenizers
Oh wait Carrot is written in JS? Interesting.
1:28 PM
Anyway I have to go soon :P I'm going to try to finish setting up my language and then later I might be able to start adding functionality.
(I have since rewritten it so that user input gets compiled into bytecode of sorts and then executed at EOL if well-formed)
(now I just need libraries. And documentation.)
@HyperNeutrino and the rewrite is going to be in node...
@ToxicFrog what is your language?
@KritixiLithos notforth, a small language for the AVR that shamelessly rips off both forth and postscript
Q: In The Jailhouse Now

ShaggyChallenge Given an integer n (where 4<=n<=10**6) as input create an ASCII art "prison door"* measuring n-1 characters wide and n characters high, using the symbols from the example below. Example ╔╦╗ ╠╬╣ ╠╬╣ ╚╩╝ The characters used are as follows: ┌───────────────┬─────────┬───────┐ │ Pos...

I've published it at github.com/toxicfrog/notforth but it's very much not ready for prime time yet
(although it's now at the point where if you know the register addresses you care about you can use to actually Do Stuff on the AVR)
@KritixiLithos I'm making a language which needs to parse the code as it interprets it and after that actually interpret it :p
@LeakyNun I actually have no idea why your program behaves even weirder than the other examples I found
I KNEW IT https://twitter.com/drob/status/875340314231361536
cc @Geobits on that sick burn
I think the important point here is that those who chose one or other get paid more than those who use both...
1:43 PM
(which also shows it's not down to being paid by the character)
I want to see a plot of well-known tech companies and the ratio of spaces to tabs used at each.
Q: Decode my I2C Stream!

tuskiomiFrom the sandbox! I2c or TWI, is a 2 way stream that uses 2 signal lines: SDA and SCK. This is used in sensors to communicate between a master and a slave. So, how does this work? Well, here's the boilerplate: Input: 1 I2c command represented by 2 strings where - is a high signal, and _ is...

> SyntaxError: Non-UTF-8 code starting with '\xe2' in file 126613.py on line 2, bu
t no encoding declared; see http://python.org/dev/peps/pep-0263/ for details
I don't see this if the program is short enough, why?
Also, my program only has one line...
Python wants golfed code
@KritixiLithos I'm serious
1:48 PM
what's your code then?
I think I encountered something similar some time ago
wait it might be another problem, lemme try something else
2:00 PM
A: In The Jailhouse Now

Leaky NunPython 3, 78 bytes n=int(input());print("╔"+"╦"*(n-3)+"╗\n"+("╠"+"╬"*(n-3)+"╣\n")*(n-2)+"╚"+"╩"*(n-3)+"╝") Try it online!

in shorter programs like this, it doesn't give me an error
A: In The Jailhouse Now

Leaky NunPython 3, 62 bytes #coding:utf-8 exec("".join([chr(len(s))for s in"<really long string>".split("╦")])) This doesn't work in TIO, but works on my local machine. The full program is available here. The encoded program is here.

However, here, if I remove the first line, it will throw an error.
@KritixiLithos here
@quartata I'm amazed programmers are still being paid per character in this day and age :/
2:15 PM
@Geobits The only point in golfing is saving money, didn't you know??? Why else would so many people frequent this site?
@flawr doesn't make sense at all
like they want to be underpaid?
@EriktheOutgolfer I think @flawr was saying that the faster the code is written (if it is short it is better), the more money a programmer receives
@flawr you hurt my golfer feelings ;((
@Mr.Xcoder and how does that make sense over paid per character?
@EriktheOutgolfer ask @flawr
CMC: output the factorial of a number without using f, (, ),! and w in your source
@Mr.Xcoder what is w?
@Mr.Xcoder Jelly, 2 bytes: RP
(range -> product)
2:21 PM
For avoiding while loops, in Python, at least
@LeakyNun Jelly kills me
actually obvious solution
@EriktheOutgolfer I know, but it is...
CJam, 7 bytes: 1+,1>:*
@Mr.Xcoder 05AB1E, 2 bytes: LP
@Mr.Xcoder Brachylog, 1 byte: … :p
2:25 PM
@Fatalize I'm sure that can be golfed :))
Just need to find a language where the empty program is factorial
`Not a big deal
I edited some of my answers
Q: Do you like Taekwondo?

WeedozeChoi Hong Hi died on the 15th June 2002 at the honorable age of 83. He founded Taekwondo. 15 years after his death, I would like to be a Taekwondo master. This is my time to shine ! Task Given a string you should output a Taekwondo version. Rules You will receive a non-empty string/sentenc...

Q: Draw an ASCII cuboid

NiklasJGiven three integers >= 2, create an ASCII cube in an orthogonal (cabinet) projection. The three integers represent height, width and depth (measured in visible characters) including the corners. The corners should be 'o's or '+', free choice. w: 10, h: 5, d: 4 Thus gives: o--------o / ...

and I can not edit more
what can I do?
2:36 PM
@Mr.Xcoder Welp, brain-flak is out. :(
@Mr.Xcoder Haskell: g n=product[1..n]
I receive the message:
Too many edits

You have already edited 10 of your own posts today (not including very recent posts). Further edits are not allowed until tomorrow.

Please contact a moderator if you require assistance.
You can contact a mod
using a flag for moderators for instance
2:46 PM
Cruel World…
thanks, flawr
2:52 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Kevin Cruijssen"As a child, I was told Spiders felt no emotion." code-golfascii-artkolmogorov-complexityascii The challenge is simply: output this exact ASCII art of a spiderweb in a window: _______________________________ |\_____________________________/| || \ | / || || \ /|...

3:11 PM
@Mr.Xcoder ×/⍳ in Dyalog APL
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Caleb KleveterPrint a Variable's Memory Address suggestions-needed Similar to this puzzle I posted earlier, with a difference that should make this challenge easier. Create a function (not a full program) that prints or returns the memory address of the parameter passed in. Literal values should return a fal...

@KritixiLithos Hmm, well done
It takes the product of the range 1 to n where n is the argument
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ShaggyAlphabet Aerobics code-golf kolmogorov-complexity Ready? Begin. Given a single letter (a-z) as input, output the 2 lines of Blackalicious' Alphabet Aerobics that correspond to that letter, ignoring the intro & outro. Rules You may take input by any reasonable, convenient means as long as ...

Hoping to post that tomorrow (or maybe Monday) - anyone got any more feedback?
@Mr.Xcoder Braingolf, 19 bytes Once I get Dennis to pull Braingolf, can be done in 3 bytes with U&*
3:22 PM
I have a question regarding a challenge I though of, prior to posting it to the sandbox.
@Jim and that question is...
That would be a code-challenge. Limited by a number of bytes (< 100), the participants are to write a single program which complete as many mini-challenges as possible. Each completion grants a number of points. The program with the highest score wins. Although different, the challenges fit together thanks to a pleasant story, story in which each challenge plays its part.
The description of what is asked is not going to be long. But I plan to have between 15 and 20 mini-challenges, and the question will consequently be quite long (that's my biggest concern). I thought of putting the challenges as an annex to the end of the question.
What do you think are the risks of being instantly downvoted (i.e. does it worth the effort)?
@Jim It would be ok if there were about 10 mini-challenges, with an increasing number of points based on difficulty. But try to make your post as concise as possible.
@Mayube That's better :)
kinda non-competing though, Dennis just pulled the latest version of braingolf for me
earlier versions had a bug with using the greedy (&) modifier on math operators other than sum
3:27 PM
@Jim However, it would be great if you would post the challenges directly in the posts' body. Having a dozen of links isn't really great.
@Mr.Xcoder also as a quick explanation, Braingolf implicitly takes input n from commandline. U pops n from the stack and pushes 1, 2, 3..n, &* reduces the entire stack with the multiplication operator :D No Factorial builtin at all
Kind of a for i in range(input()):product*=i
Pseudo-code / Python
@Mr.Xcoder By "annex" I was just thinking of the end of the post body. And yes, the points are based on difficulty. Alright if for you 10 are okay, I make a first draft with that
@TuxCopter "Far is never far enough" - Nat Geo Ad
oh grerat
our main office internet connection went out
we failed over to the backup line
but the backup line isn't whitelisted on our SSH configs
so now we can't SSH into any of our servers
but we can't cut the internet because one of our support guys is mid-way through a webinar with some customers
4:19 PM
@Mayube Sounds like a half day to me - to the pub!
@Shaggy hah, if only
@ComradeSparklePony I see you are trying out Carrot in some of your answers :D Now I am planning to rewrite the interpreter and add a whole ton of operators to Carrot and many changes to make Carrot TC and to give Carrot a proper lexer and parser.
Now I am planning to make the * operator (string-mode with float arg) take in fractional and negative values as well as integer values (right now it only takes integer values. a^*2 gives aaa). As of now, Carrot duplicates the stack-string arg+1 times instead of arg times.
So with the allowance of a greater range in the arg in the planned interpreter, I am faced with a dilemma, should the * operator duplicate the stack-string arg times (a^*2 = aaa) or should it duplicate it arg+1 times (a^*2 = aa)?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ShaggyStar Trekkin' code-golf ascii-art animation Just an idea at this stage; wanted to get it down lest I forget it. I'll come back to it in a few days to work out the details. Challenge Generate an ASCII art representation of the USS Enterprise with an animated, randomised ASCII starfield beh...

@KritixiLithos I don't think I have ever used Carrot...
oops, sorry
wrong person
I don't know how I got you both mixed up
@TheLethalCoder ∧∧∧∧∧∧∧∧∧

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