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Q: "Puzzlescript" Coding language

NilknarfThere is a coding language known as "Puzzlescript" that was developed by Steven Lavelle and is intended to be used to create short puzzle games. Would it be acceptable to write the code for a puzzle game and post its link as a puzzle (with appropriate context, of course) on Puzzling SE?

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5:34 AM
And @mith I am a Scratcher now
6:14 AM
<a href="https://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/110498/social-media?referrer=Cu‌​V1aI3kWqD0W3_x_-XgKg2"><img src="https://area51.stackexchange.com/ads/proposal/110498.png" width="300" height="250" alt="Stack Exchange Q&A site proposal: Social Media" /></a>
Social Media

Proposed Q&A site for questions related to problems when using Social Media Networks, such as Facebook, Google+, Path, etc.

Currently in definition.

Let's join Social Media SE
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7:33 AM
@BeastlyGerbil All the best for the Semi! :)
Also, if you have never watched it, you may want to take a look at this breathtaking chase
7:56 AM
@Rubio Not at all - like I said in a comment, please do feel free to edit and improve. (Sorry for my slow reply; looks like you pinged me just after I left yesterday.)
8:07 AM
@JamalSenjaya You changed your profile pic to the area 51 proposal?
@ffao 94! :D Slowly reaching the mark! :)
8:31 AM
@boboquack Yes, to get more attention :P
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10:20 AM
Q: Location of the rascal father time

AdamMy first try at creating a riddle(I guess knowing difficultylevel comes with experience)! Here goes: I'm sometimes a cheetah in the free Sometimes a sloth in a tree I'm time itself ofcourse The fourth dimension, nah only half right I'm in a bit of rebellion, I changed something Measure me...

2 hours later…
12:06 PM
Mornin' o/
@JamalSenjaya I think a lot of those questions are covered, especially in Web Applications like that one user pointed out.
@Techidiot Is that just the same person swinging over and over?!
Q: Much Ado About a Sequence

Hugh MeyersHere are two lists of five English words each. The first list is ordered in a certain way. Your challenge is to order the second list in the same way. Here is some helpful (I hope) information: All ten words have a common property. The property has nothing to do with the meaning of the wor...

@n_palum Yeah. That match set a record chase/record number of 6's and 4's in the history of cricket.
That's crazy
The game became a trend setter too. No one imagined a team scoring 400 before this match. And, no one ever imagined the score could be chased :O
@Sphinx All except tasted and avid are one syllable D:
Made me think of uninflected words but can't figure out how that'd indicate order
12:19 PM
@Tech Pakistan bowling really well. Been a long time since Pakistan have played well.
@Sid I need England to win :P
@Techidiot Haters will say that that match was fixed :p
@manshu I can hardly find someone hating SA :)
@Sid Yes. They have improved after losing to India.
That match was too good coz it was in those days when there was more help to the fielding team due to rules.
Most rules that are changed nowadays help batsmen
Yes. Also, the Aussie team was scary one - specially the batting lineup.
12:30 PM
Yeah. Australia now is like...meh. (Though I don't follow cricket enough now)
I didn't follow until Kohli emerged :)
I stopped following after Sachin's era.
Yeah, I watched that 438 match live. Those were the days when Aus was winning things left, right and center
@n_palum England will win it anyway. Pakistan have the awesome ability to lose won matches
The last match against Sri Lanka - It was like they were gifting them and somehow finally managed to take it back
Heh, Hugh always gets such creative titles for his puzzles.
12:47 PM
Might be related to Roman numerals. But not at all sure atm.
@Techidiot Would you be excluding the non roman numeral letters?
Yeah. That's the reason why I said not at all sure. May not be relevant
But can be related to this
So there is no relation and it's a big joke!
aha, I think I may have it
Of course you do :P
12:58 PM
or at least half of it
I think I've cracked that not in order from 1 to 5 but not sure about the rest.
'tis done
and no, it has nothing to do with either Shakespeare or Roman numerals.
Ooh, nice.
nice answer
I was thinking along the lines of A1Z26.
I wonder whether the title preceded the puzzle. I expect it did.
1:03 PM
But probably then I would have had a cipher tag
@GarethMcCaughan Much ado about NOTHING(O or 0) can be relevant/related. Isn't it?
oh, the title is relevant, and I said so in my answer. But the fact that it happens to be the title of a Shakespeare play isn't. (Neither is the fact that "nothing" in Shakespeare's title serves as a pun on "noting" meaning something like "gossip" and also as a cryptic term for female genitalia.)
Clevah girl
Q: If 4+7+2 = 281435, 7+3+9 = 212781, 6+2+7 = 121456, and 2+8+5 = 164036, then what would 8+4+6 equal?

Himanshu VermaI wanna check my answer that it's Right or wrong? as there is no answer given for this question. According to me: 8+4+6= 32 24 72 <- is the correct Answer. This is the way how I found my answer: To get initial 4 digits of all mathematical statements, if have to multiply middle digit by first ...

Q: All the moderators have been kidnapped!

MithrandirI'm a bit worried. I just got an email from mods@puzzling.stackexchange.com. It looked like this: Dear Puzzling Users: Hello - you don't know me, but I have been watching your site for months. I have looked at new puzzles, monitored the election, read new answers, read chat transcripts, ...

1:13 PM
@GarethMcCaughan ^ that's why I needed your screenshot
You can keep em!
Shit, all the moderators? However will Puzzling cope?
Oh, apparently we've been kidnapped. Huh.
@Mithrandir So are your victims discouraged from attempting the puzzle?
So, rubio has a note - Did you look at the section above
and italicized letters spell - oestag
1:24 PM
e.g. I have the original of my screenshot and could compare it pixelwise against the version you posted
@GarethMcCaughan not at all
steganography may be
@GarethMcCaughan ...I think that's cheating :P
@Techidiot Look at the signature
How can they solve a puzzle while kidnapped
1:25 PM
@n_palum we're really good
Confidence won't save you here!
I say we don't find them and start posting a bunch of low quality questions. — Forklift 3 mins ago
I agree with Forklift. No one solve it. Let em stay kidnapped! /s — n_palum 24 secs ago
People apparently don't like you much :P
@Mithrandir Oh well, good thing we don't know because we haven't seen those messages. Because we're kidnapped.
We might be kidnapped somewhere with good internet access.
anyway, partial solution: GPR's italicised letters are rot13 for BACKGROUND. The bottom left of the background has the word LONDON written in
1:27 PM
probably the easiest one, yep
I can see half (or maybe the square root of) my location rather prominently.
Gareth's in Shanghai.
Nero says a number, and the search bar has Es in it. Convert the Es to their length, use N and E as lat/long coordinates.
What?! Lucky... Can I visit? I take it back you guys are great
(Also, n_palum is obviously the spy.)
Of course, what else would he be?
1:29 PM
ah, that's what the Es were for. Duh.
Rubio's in Chicago, because that's what his profile says. :P
Heh. :P
Or maybe he's in ALASKA, his view number converted to A1Z26.
Those are very different locations
...yeah, but I included a city, too
1:30 PM
Yes, I know.
It's in the rep numbers. I'm trying to get it now.
Hush, you're helping the solver :P
ANCHORAGE? No, hold on
just ANCHORAG, apparently.
I've got most of Deusovi's, I think
Someone was trying to put down the anchor to stop and was yelling AGH as the ship crashed but they fell out before they finished screaming
1:32 PM
No idea about the changed rep number or the backquotes in the badges. 61618 isn't the zip code for Anchorage or anything.
No, that's explained in the text of the puzzle...
...somewhere :P
It says that GPR has a hint for Rubio's, but nothing about Rubio having any extra information.
No, read it again.
1:35 PM
It says the other way around @Deusovi
Rubio's has a hint for gpr's
That's what I get for not reading thoroughly.
and don't say the 'o' and 'a' are backwards. I couldn't make it make sense with them the right way.
I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to at the moment.
1:36 PM
@Mithrandir hush, you're giving a bunch of information away lol
@dcfyj nah, that's just an easter egg
Right, so, the mods aren't allowed to solve this, right?
too late lol
I mean, I've solved 2/4 already... :P
hmm, maybe I have less of Deusovi's than I thought. I have letters nfgrvfynq which rot13 to asteislad which sure looks like it should be Easter Island, but I am completely failing to find the other letters
1:37 PM
I guess I'm missing E...R...N which are rot13 of R...E...A
ah, found the R
You guys have found all the hidden letters outside the pictures I presume?
the N is in the knowledge tag
Like the o in look
1:38 PM
no, I had the N in knowledge
@GarethMcCaughan I think the e in vepir is crossed out
unless I failed to transcribe it; I definitely saw it
The one at the bottom?
@dcfyj wow, I honestly have no idea whether it is or not
even looking really closely
1:39 PM
I'd just like to point out that when I clicked on Rubio's image I got an enormous version and had a screen full of diet coke
e e
very subtle difference
@n_palum lol
But it made me realize that it's not just diet coke
@dcfyj "crossed out 44 e is still e"
PPCG meme that I've picked up
A: The Many Memes of PPCG

isaacgMeme: Crossed out 44 is still regular 44 ;( Less common is when a four-byte solution is reduced to a three-byte solution, at which point the meme becomes “Crossed out 4 is still regular 4…” Originator: Optimizer / Doorknob Cultural Height: Started Mar 2015, height Oct 2015 - Background: This...

1:43 PM
ah, no, I found the extra E which is a boldface one in "answered"
alright, now GPR's
I assume "review stalker" is not a thing
maaaaaybe the a in "enigmatic" is slightly bolder than it should be?
Well, GPR is in London. That's what the background says. Is there anything else?
@Deusovi that's a userscript I have
1:44 PM
Oh, right.
That's everyone then.
@Techidiot not going great right now
*stops watch*
but personally I'm rather enjoying being kidnapped and not having to work
34 minutes.
so I say we don't actually post a solution
1:45 PM
hm, being kidnapped is nice, especially because I haven't really noticed anything different
and stay in our secret hiding places far across the world
it's impressive how much effort our kidnappers went through to make sure we didn't notice
At least if you guys are kidnapped, it'll give other people chances to answer the questions. :P
Clearly not
Yeahhhh, about that...
1:46 PM
Heh, doesn't make much of a difference. I had solved just GPR part. I come in here and already 3/4 is solved..
so, how goes the kidnapping?
pretty sure I'd already been shanghai-ed when I solved Hugh's puzzle
I'm just asking to visit :D
So, who's posting the solution?
@n_palum Go for it, as long as you pay :P
1:48 PM
Well, who solved it?
Both of them
oh, apparently I got 3/4
but Gareth got the hardest (and last) one
> And now, the admirable Deusovi.
"apparently" lol
1:49 PM
lol, done with it? geez, nice one. I noticed some italicized letters and figured it was too hard :)
@dcfyj I just kept writing things down as I found them
and then noticed I had 3 cities
Although, easter island isn't a city :P
well, I didn't get easter island
I know
@dcfyj no, but it doesn't need to be
(were my image descriptions even looked at at all? o_o)
1:52 PM
I briefly looked at them.
I saw the rubio one had some italics
Dunno what "mold mold mold mold" is supposed to mean, but I saw the rot13ed stuff.
@Deusovi You've been placed somewhere with a lot of mold and if you aren't quick you'll succumb to becoming a fun guy
@BeastlyGerbil If it's Ind vs Pak as finals.. There will be a public holiday here :p
@n_palum Oh no! I hate fun.
1:56 PM
For the first time in months I'm nearing completion on a puzzle lol
@Deusovi I don't see how the one I got was the hardest
it's just the one you happened to look at last
@GarethMcCaughan Mith said it was the hardest in the puzzle
meh, that's just flavour-text (I think)
@dcfyj Wooo!
1:57 PM
I'm not very observant. I got "aserid" or something to that effect.
Some of those letters were difficult to find
Deusovi did much more of the work. If we really have to post a solution rather than enjoying our enforced retirement, then I think he should be the one to do it.
(this is the problem with puzzles that are really several puzzles)
You'll be happy to know the one I'm working on is quite linear
yeh can let the people in the comments have a try if you don't want to post the answer right now
@Mithrandir you could have got an A in place of the O just by starting the sentence with "And". How hard can it be to get an O in place of the A?
2:02 PM
putting an 'and' there doesn't feel right
Or "Anyway, ..." or "Anyhow, ...".
Or "As soon as you manage to solve them".
Anyway, Anyhow, and Anyhoo :P
I'm not entirely awake, not sure I could post a decent answer at the moment
If you're awake enough to solve, you're awake enough to post lol
2:08 PM
Speaking of that Much Ado puzzle... "Olive anime? (4, 4)"
you ruined it :(
What was next, #?
@Deusovi I'm perfectly willing to post an answer if you like, but it feels like I'd be taking credit for someone else's work. Or we could just wait for someone else to solve it :-).
2:19 PM
@dcfyj was that subtle enough?
I followed to see where the 'oosh' was...
lol, you make things far too obvious
@Mithrandir exactly why I split it :P
Anyway, now that the puzzle's solved, can you explain the ANCHORAF thing, @Mithrandir?
typo? I'm plagued by 'em
ah, alright - just making sure it's nothing more
2:23 PM
I'd be more interested in if you figured out Rubio's rep/badges
it says 'GPR BACK'
2:37 PM
Why hasn't anyone posted a solution to Mith's puzzle?
Working on it.
3:31 PM
I just thought of an evil way to do an imgur maze that would get me lynched.
Q: First Brainteaser of an Excited Puzzler

ffaoIntroductions are never stimulating, but unfortunately it is the job of new members of the group, so abide by my ensuing unclear blather. Sorry for the odd phraseology, but the current passage is put forward in... quite unusual circumstances. The puzzler talking to you, lover of reality shows and...

in the near future, I can see you getting lynched for making an imgur maze at all
@Sphinx when you make a puzzle for the FTC and somehow none of the tags is
I guess I failed :P
It was your ^^^^puzzle that made me think of it
@Rubio, would you rather I just edited your answer to fit the 4th and 5th lines like I had intended, or do you want to try and solve it :P
@Mithrandir Oh no.
3:41 PM
I wasn't actually planning on doing one, unless people want to know what the idea is ;)
@G_as_in_Gnome I wrestled with guessing the intended meaning long enough that the wording as it stands isn't going to get me any closer - If you want to give more hinting, or if you want to just edit it in, either way I'm ok
Okay, I think i'll just edit it in :P
now that the puzzle has a partial answer, I must say writing a paragraph without the words "a" or "I" is harder than I thought it would be.
The whole "back to the big state" thing I still have no idea what's meant by :)
3:47 PM
@Rubio I submitted the edits :P
@Rubio I'm glad I included the knowledge tag (idk how to make it appear in a box)
@Mithrandir Clickbait titles tend to do that. :P
@Deusovi I still have no idea why this HNQed so hard...
People know monopoly.
I can understand this getting 10k views, though. I knew that would HNQ :P
so do journalists, that's why they tend to misreport on stuff like that with very similar headlines
maybe you have a future in that profession?
3:53 PM
@ffao They tend to have an adrenaline rush while reporting such stuff.
Q: Where is his name?

Rômulo Gabriel Rodrigues that's just an Error Depiction. Don't Go around Jousting anyone For Internet silly Examples of doing it, -In fact i just want you to stay Around. don't be mean to others as Internal psychological Damage Happens to exist, invisible but As real the Devil's Existence His name can be located a...

4:09 PM
@Deusovi made me think of long lat but we need a name and that's 8 per
@Techidiot :(
5:12 PM
@BeastlyGerbil It's okay. It's a game. England was not at it's best today. We will try to take the revenge if we meet them in Finals :)
5:50 PM
do us a favour :P
6:45 PM
Q: Alternate answer to the 2 guard 2 door question?

Alex BochelI asked a friend the classic question about the two guards and two doors that goes as follows: The rules are clear: there are two doors. One leads to the castle, the other, to certain death. You may ask one question – to one guard – to help you decipher which door is the correct one. It sounds s...

7:01 PM
@Deusovi Forgot the periods, it was a location :/
have we explored the possibility that Oehm's 4c is unsolvable? :)
were we gifted any additional hints?
maybe the answer is just M Oehm, and the text and number are just red herrings
oh wait, that's not n_p
I liked your puzzle n_p
but I'm not good at puzzling, so maybe that doesn't add to your defense with me as a character witness
Well thanks :)
7:12 PM
Q: Integer solutions to $\frac{x}{y+z}+\frac{y}{x+z}+\frac{z}{x+y}=4$

soccerStackA serious challenge: Can someone find 3 positive whole numbers that solve this equation? $$\frac{x}{y+z}+\frac{y}{x+z}+\frac{z}{x+y}=4$$ The numbers must me whole!!

@Sphinx I really feel like I've seen this here before...
@Sphinx not sure if it belongs to mathSE or PSE. :/
recently, too
@Forklift I can't find the dupe either, pretty sure it's because of a deletion
It belongs to math, for sure
Not just because it looks mathy, but because of the solution
7:20 PM
If I remember right it is something like hundreds of digits in each variable
yeah, it was crazy huge
it's not a puzzle, it's a calculation
I am wondering how did they find THAT long answer.
They are also telling us to go find that other question meaning they know it's gone, so I believe it's the same poster
@manshu there is a math theory behind this, but it's a bit advanced
You sure you're not thinking of the one with n ^ (2 ^ 2017)) terms?
7:28 PM
Meaning I don't understand it
100% positive
Oh. Then probably I don't want to know it. Math is not my territory.
Wolfram|Alpha input: solve x/(y+z)+y/(x+z)+z/(x+y)=4 over the natural numbers
if wolfram alpha can't solve it, I sure as hell can't
how does putting 'as hell' after something change it's meaning.
I know it makes the statement strong.
it's usually just a meaningless intensifier, just as you said
7:31 PM
May 22 at 13:37, by ffao
but the fact that they could only find 20-digit solutions says something
the discussion of this puzzle is in my linked quote on May 22
^ that is the puzzle, for anyone who can see it
alas I cannot, but the discussion of calculating: mathoverflow.net/questions/227713/…
@Rubio You can always take a screenshot. ;)
7:35 PM
Q: I Made My Travels by Land and Sea

Moose In adolescence I became known; I left home in hope of many a gemstone. All around, children know my name; A prisoner of war, I felt no shame. As fatal sickness claimed my health, My lord seized some of my great wealth. My stories, many have heard; Although I did not pen ...

@Forklift Yeah that's what got it closed last time
99.997 % can't solve this simple puzzle. Are you worthy ?
Prove yourself by finding three positive integers that satisfy:
They know you're trying to show us special content XD
Also on an unrelated note, you're on the verge of total 20k
...three positive integers that satisfy Image not found.
7:40 PM
I disprove the existence of the solution by approving the reluctance of finding such a useless solution.
I disapprove of the solution
@Forklift I think it could fit both Polo and Columbus D:
x = 437361267792869725786125260237139015281653755816161361862143‌7993378423467772036
y = 368751317941299998271978115652254748254929799689719709962831‌37471637224634055579‌​
z = 154476802108746166441951315019919837485664325669565431700026‌63489825320203527799‌​9
it's so obvious
Yeah. It took a while but suddenly the numbers hit my head.
dang, I had z = 154476802108746166441951315019919837485664325669565431700026‌6348982532020352779‌​9‌​8. so close.
@n_palum I thought CC as well. the land, the children, and the ruler leaned me MArco Polo
7:45 PM
hint for the value of z was given in the question itself when he said 99.997%. It's too obvious.
perl -e '$x = 4373612677928697257861252602371390152816537558161613618621437993378423467772036; $y=36875131794129999827197811565225474825492979968971970996283137471637224634055‌​579; $z = 15447680210874616644195131501991983748566432566956543170002663489825320203527799‌​9; $v=($x/($y+$z)) + ($y/($x+$z)) + ($z/($x+$y)); print "$v\n";'
... confirms it is indeed 4
@manshu lol basically just giving the answer away
I did it in my head. I don't know why you needed to make a program for it.
@Forklift That's why it was closed in the first place.
@Forklift I think both fit, but the children playing in a pool fits marco better. But I can fit both to the riddle :/
"riddle" :)
7:48 PM
Q: Chess, for short people

NilknarfYour grandfather and grandmother are playing chess, and you are sitting in the same room doing your own thing. A wide grin comes across your grandfather's face, and you can tell he is about to checkmate. Unfortunately, as he is reaching for the piece, he gets an important call on his phone. He as...

@Forklift yeah "riddle"
I'm still waiting for someone to count the words and figure out the image descriptions for my puzzle.
@Mithrandir I don't think that's happening. People don't like tedious things, especially after a solution is posted.
How is it tedious?
I just counted. Took 4 minutes.
4 minutes is a long time, and then more to type :P
7:52 PM
If you count the main message, it spells out 'numbers'.
It's not mine to do anyway :)
Image description under it says 'Did you look at the section above?' in rot13.
@n_palum on the plus side, I'll bank that sweet, sweet rep :)
@Forklift rolls eyes
For GPR italics say 'background' in rot13, while the image description says 'mold' 13 times, implying rot13.
Gareth - word counts in the sentences say 'long', while image description says 'lat'.
Deus's image description says <i> <b> <s> and rotthirteen in r13.
And then the end just says 'STEGANOGRAPHY'
(I like r13)
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