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7:02 PM
current status: father, mother and sister in separate vacations, flooding me with pictures of swimmable seasides and delicious foodstuffs
please send depressing pictures to compensate
that's a good start
@Beedrill hmmmm yes.
7:04 PM
@Avery ah, work.
@Avery yes, our mission is quite critical to us.
@Avery yes I'm duct-taping things that check that the duct-tape is sticking well enough
php, ladies and gentlemen.
7:06 PM
hey I mean that's a DB error.
@badp are you ready
True Depression™
oh it's going to be a picture of me next
@Avery oh I was wrong
@Avery I mean it's to be expected, a large majority of websites are blogs or other things that can otherwise get away with wordpress
7:08 PM
or wikis
lots of wikis
and lots of older websites
I hear @Sterno has some PHP bits
90% of my sites aren't in php
totally not
oh my geebus
this guys sucks his teeth when he talks to people
7:25 PM
Q: tu 54 release date minecraft xbox 360

user188934help there is no release date for mine craft t.u. 54/55 that iv'e found if you find out the answer reply asap.http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Minecraft_Wiki

@Lazers2.0 I wonder why there's a sense of urgency
Can we talk about that Lucky's Tail game?
What was that yesterday?
Is it an IP I should know about already?
Because if it's not why would you make that your 3D platformer?
over an amazing IP like Banjo-Kazooie
hmm seems like Lucky's Tale is a VR title
so they turned it into an actual game?
7:43 PM
Dammit, Oracle, why does your database have to be such a pain in the ass to get fully configured? Just figured out that the user that my application is running under can't connect to the DB.
And I don't know how to fix that.
A very expensive Oracle rep would love to help you with that.
@MBraedley the user?
how would it know whether to accept or refuse a connection based on the user?
@Sterno thanks. It's been a long day, so I needed that.
@Beedrill he looks so angry
@badp The DB is using Linux user permissions
I can connect using the oracle user, but not the main application user.
??? are you connecting to localhost or something through unix filesystem sockets ???
7:47 PM
@badp sqlplus db_name/db_password and I get a TNS error
Which is odd because I'm not even specifying a TNS name, so it should just default to localhost
@badp 1. Oracle is crazy 2. Unix-y systems usually run ident servers on TCP 113, so that works if you trust the client
@TimStone I know some of those words and I actively refuse to parse the rest
I know I asked for something depressing
but this is too much
@TimStone We hand a connection string to the API for all our stuff, and connect directly to the database TCP port
Has anyone read an article about the cost differential between proactive versus reactive IT support?
I'm trying to put together some educational material for my boss.
@Frank Hard to estimate reactive costs in the future, which makes it hard to estimate savings.
You can try and base it off past costs, but the error bars are much larger than estimates for proactive support costs.
@MBraedley Yeah. I figured there was a study done or something, to at least ballpark it.
My gut says reactive costs about three times as much. But I have nothing to back that up.
For your consideration:
A: Can we increase the maximum tag length?

Shog9This can be increased, but only up to a maximum of 35 characters. This means zen-and-the-art-of-motorcycle-maintenance is right out. I increased the allowed length to 32, thus allowing zen-and-art-of-motorcycle-maint, which should be a little bit easier to recognize. This sort of compromise is ...

@Frank Don't know if it would correlate but I bet there are at least studies out there about the cost of preventing software bugs vs fixing them after the fact
@Yuuki Everytime I see XCOM 2 in my Steam list, I think, I should give that another try. And then I remember the final mission and run screaming away from the computer.
8:08 PM
@NapoleonWilson thanks~
@Sterno I have lots of anecdotes of reactive IT, and their relative cost, but there's no way to judge what it would have cost as proactive.
Such as the one where an electrician wired some network cable, and wired it as split pair to save costs.
It worked...for a while.
The upshot was that you just nudged that cable, and it brought down half of the plant.
@Frank I'm just going to assume that's a typo and that one nudge of that cable would actually bring down half of the planet.
@Yuuki Sadly, the electrician wasn't that skilled.
It led to about three days of downtime, as nobody knew it was split pair.
We instituted a, "not touching that network" rule at that point.
8:33 PM
Q: Increase tag length limit to 32 or 35

Mad ScientistBefore you go and close this as a duplicate, I'm posting this as a new feature request because a lot has changed since the last time this was requested. There are now no technical changes necessary anymore to increase the tag length in a certain range. And there is a precedent now on Literature.S...

8:47 PM
user image
@Dragonrage let me try that
9:01 PM
For all your overpriced pupper needs
I guess that's too big
put ! before link
it didn't automatically onebox because it didn't end with an image format
9:07 PM
Oh, I see
one could technically gzip bomb chat members with that but it'd be a quick way to get banned
Look how cute that moon is
@Avery i think Nick Craver would personally hunt you down and assassinate you tbh
@Unionhawk I was going to say, that would be a terrible idea, to put it lightly
@DanmakuGrazer look at how cute THIS moon is
@Ash yeah.
9:12 PM
Alternatively chat just gives up trying to onebox at a certain threshold and serves inf instead but based on the gif size you're allowed...
@Unionhawk a gzip bomb of 300bytes can unpack to 10gb.
9:37 PM
Hmm... now that I think about, Liam Neeson has the perfect voice for "Deep Throat".
9:50 PM
learning news about your country on a twitch stream about economy...
10:03 PM
wheeee! *crashes into bridge*
@KazWolfe what brings you here
@KazWolfe You know that's going to skyrocket your insurance premiums, right?
Q: mystery game crash

000person000when I press play it just says "game crash - an issue has occurred and Minecraft has crashed, were sorry for the inconvenience" that's it, it won't let me click the crash report or view details when I try, nothing happens. I don't know why it has crashed and none of the videos I've watched have ...

@Avery "rejoin favorites" button.
@Yuuki They're already insanely high. They can't get worse anymore.
@KazWolfe yeah yeah
We both know why you're here.
10:06 PM
Yes. I just realized I hit 10k here, too.
Godmode enabled.
@KazWolfe they can always get worse
just look at the AHCA :D
@GodEmperorDune if it gets worse, it'll hit integer overflow.
@KazWolfe Yes.
@Avery So, why am I here??
@KazWolfe to celebrate your 10k
10:09 PM
@Avery Nobody celebrates that.
@KazWolfe i do
i think @Avery had something she wanted to announce, though.
I think that kaz declared me a furry but I'm not sure.
i did what
@KazWolfe shush
10:14 PM
How did... what.
err, perhaps furrekt
I knew that my meme folder was going to come in handy one day. s.ave.zone/347.JPG
. . .
@Avery fresh from the dank of england
@GodEmperorDune and high on cannabis lube.
10:16 PM
@Avery i mean why do they even make a lube that's not cannabis flavored?
@GodEmperorDune two words: hemp oil.
@Avery i don't think hemp oil has the required viscosity
or slipperiness
well i'm glad @Avery accepted a new truth to herself (?)
is there a technical term for slipperiness?
@GodEmperorDune friction coefficient?
A: Oil is slippery; rubber is _____?

CentaurusAs has been mentioned in comments, "sticky", "adhesive" might fit. But the truth is rubber isn't naturally sticky or adhesive. It does have a high "coefficient of friction" though. That's why it isn't slippery. In non-technical terms, we can say rubber is nonslippery or skid-resistant.

10:20 PM
@GodEmperorDune no, I was trying to say that the hemp oil contents of the cannabis lube would be a bad idea.
Lubricity is the measure of the reduction in friction and or wear by a lubricant. The study of lubrication and wear mechanisms is called tribology. == Measurement of lubricity == The lubricity of a substance is not a material property, and cannot be measured directly. Tests are performed to quantify a lubricant's performance for a specific system. This is often done by determining how much wear is caused to a surface by a given wear-inducing object in a given amount of time. Other factors such as surface size, temperature, and pressure are also specified. For two fluids with the same viscosity...
found it
TIL lubricity
that works
...i came in at a weird moment
@Ash hue
10:25 PM
so @ash you don't have any thoughts on the proper lubricity of a non-hemp oil based cannabis lube?
Also afaik it's not intended to be like actually used in liberal quantities as an actual lube you more just like use it as a pleasure enhanceemt
If nothing else that would be expensive and ridiculous in actually useful as a lube quanities
@GodEmperorDune apparently I do
someone on twitter drank the whole container though
10:26 PM
are you suggesting that people LIE on the internet? well i never
@GodEmperorDune that has got to feel awful going down, if it is the same texture as like normal waterbased lube
Afaik it isn't the same though
@Avery that picture is too perfect
it is
(also, why would you do that to yourself that's just dumb, it's not intended to be taken in large quantities. You get what you deserve, at that point.)
10:27 PM
@Ash because a writer for vice
(I feel like it would also have interesting effects on your digestive system, considering you have just ingested something interestingly similar to a laxative.)
@GodEmperorDune ah. That makes more sense than it should. I still think it is stupid :p
@badp were you wearing an onion on your belt as was the style at the time?
I don't know about your Murican styles
10:30 PM
@Ash Darwin awards ftw
Okay! Battery swap complete.
Now to see if that was actually the issue with my phone.
@badp it is a simpsons refrance
i wonder what's going to happen when we hit 206X
do we just do the same thing as last time and just forget the previous 60's even existed?
10:46 PM
"twenty sixties"
@Memor-X i think the difference here is that there were not a lot of audio recordings from the 1860s
@Memor-X or 20s, or 30s, or 40s, etc
maybe by then we'll be downloading sound directly into our brains and mp3 will finally stop being used
@Memor-X the same thing we do for historical events of the 1860s
@GodEmperorDune But DRM will still be.
10:49 PM
@KazWolfe brain DRM is gonna suck
but brain ransomware will be even worse
they're going to be 1960's music, fashion, movies, culture, and not many are going to be giving a fuck about those
pay 30 bitcoins or you will have Friday stuck in your head FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE
already it's hard to work up a fuck about the 60s tbh :P
@badp nah they'll keep recycling styles
count me out for the 1970s revival
10:51 PM
@GodEmperorDune now that's a horrifying prospect
@Ash Finally, everyone else will feel my pain.
@badp they already did it a few years ago. Now we're up to early 90s resurgence
@Ronan gotta be fresh
have you guys ever played 20 questions?
@Dragonrage what's that
OK wait the vice thing is real and isn't a photoshop broadly.vice.com/en_us/article/… [nsfw text?]
10:57 PM
@Dragonrage It's always mineral.
where you have one person think of something, then the other can ask 20 yes or no questions to try and figure out what it is
Rock never loses!
@Avery I never doubted someone was dumb enough to do the thing
i need some help figuring out my friends thing
@GodEmperorDune HELP NO.
11:00 PM
@Avery Yeah, considering it's mostly intended as an external spray, it's not really lube in the same sort of sense as like usual waterbased stuff, but still. Also, why do you not you know, check what you're consuming before you do? That's like just....aaaaaa that whole article is STUPID.
Q: When do i get 2B's and A2's outfits?

Memor-XIn the 3C3C1D119440927 DLC i got 9S's outfit after the first round in the underground colosseum in the Forest Area but when i played as 2B i did 2 of the Trails of Sand trails and 2 round in the colosseum in the Flooded City and i didn't get any outfits. as 9S i'm up to the Lv. 70 Recommended Ma...

Q: How do I complete the third speedstar race?

Memor-Xthe third Speedstar race in the City Ruins has the blue flying Machine fly over the gap the Engels made during the main story. I can't see a way for me to quickly scale up the buildings if i was to follow the machine underneath but if i go around i seem to take too much time as i have tired rep...

Is it an animal: NO
Is it an object: YES
Is it school related: NO
Is it a household object: NO
Is it something you use: NO
Is it bigger than a microwave: Sometimes
Is it normally found outside: Sometimes
Does it use electricity: NO
Is it made of plastic: NO
Is it made of metal: NO
Is it made of wood: NO
Can you put things in it: NO
i have 8 more questions
@Dragonrage rock?
It's a rock.
Rock. Never. Loses.
Except against paper.
11:02 PM
What about jazz
Does rock lose to jazz
Ya like jazz?
@Dragonrage it's a visible light wave!
> Is it normally found outside: Sometimes
@Ronan except against Spock
11:04 PM
@KazWolfe When a videogame soundtrack goes full jazz you know you're in for a ride!
@KazWolfe light is inside too
normally... sometimes.... wat.
Otherwise I don't know enough about music to have strong feelings one way or the other
@KazWolfe i was told that there are two different types of this object
11:05 PM
@Dragonrage wave form and particle form
for sure it's light
@Memor-X Saddam. I play Saddam.
> you should've majored in not getting fired
so cruel, so apt
@Ash worst part is that she works as a nanny apparently. And she published an article about drinking weed lube, probably with her real name, if not, her real face.
@Avery as an employer of a nanny, my nanny is free to drink weed lube as long as they are not supposed to be watching my child at the time
11:11 PM
you're a great employer or smth
@Avery also california, so
@Avery shrug that's her choice, and her risk to take
I mean if she's not doing it when she's actively working, shrug
oh this is a coconut oil based lube
its probably delicious
Q: What is the meaning behind 3C3C1D119440927?

Memor-XConsidering this DLC added a bunch of Colosseums and a battle with the Square CEO to be it seems strange that the DLC is named so strangely. however i figured there's probably a deeper meaning behind the name since it kinda seems like some code. So what is the meaning behind 3C3C1D119440927?

11:16 PM
what the goat.
there is only one real lube. this one: nomanssky.gamepedia.com/Lubricant
@GodEmperorDune which kinda relieved me about the contents of hemp oil tbh.
i dunno why i find vice's cannabis articles so hilarious, but this doesn't disappoint
the first half is like "oh dear" the second half is like "wtf"
hey there is an article on the babadiscourse
@GodEmperorDune babadiscourse?
11:20 PM
Is it decent or is it the gross bi-erasure kind
I just found out an old friend has diabetes.
It's not a bad article but it's badly researched >.>
yes but i still lawl at the memes
He found out the really hard way. :( He lost half his leg.
11:22 PM
@GodEmperorDune oh yeah we argued that earlier on twitter and on discord and slack and <goes on>.
@GodEmperorDune I like some of the image memes but a lot of the text ones make me kinda blergh
but I am too tired for more discourse
while True:
(I don't know why I am so exhausted but I am)
@Frank oh damn
11:24 PM
@Frank ouch
were there not other warning signs?
@Frank :(
@GodEmperorDune Nope. Just limping one day, in the hospital next from an infection, and amputation shortly thereafter.
damn, why is this this good?
@Avery because steven universe.
@Frank :/
It's tumblr, they're going to find a new meme soon enough
Show us the money: Canadians want to invest in companies that value men and women equally
Shared via the CBC News Android App
Q: Borderlands 3 at E3?

WarioinfernoAnyone think Gearbox will be revealing Borderlands 3 at E3 in the upcoming days. Since they've already shown a graphics demo of BL3 wouldn't it be a little strange to not reveal a bit more about the game at the worlds largest gaming covention? Who knows. I guess we'll just have to hope. Anyone go...

oh yeh, thinking of E3 has there been any more news on how Final Fantasy VII will be released?
11:44 PM
no I actually don't know
FFVII rerelease?
@KazWolfe the remake they announced last year
which they later said was going to be releases in episodes
@badp lol i figured that
@Wipqozn dat boilerplate text
Beyond Good and Evil 2!?
I guess it's not dead
Oh my God politicians x dril mashups are the greatest
meanwhile when you try jezza https://t.co/FjUrOWArW6
11:55 PM
that steak looks sad.
it got overcooked.
Overcooked with ketchup
Which is how the president orders it
@Unionhawk triggered much.jpg?

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