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1:01 AM
Hard to believe I stumped the almighty mods. Either the clue is really good, or really bad. I can drop a hint if requested.
Hint please.
It's you! You, n_palum, are the hint.
Oh snap
Is the answer SKYFALL?!
Count them letters in that there word
Is the answer SKYYFALL?!
1:13 AM
^ ?!?!?
How would that even match the clue? What's the def and wordplay there?
No, it's obviously SKYFALLL!
You said the hint was me
def: a strike, meaning a typo
My goodness, I'm not that much of a troll
1:15 AM
:) admittedly after it sat unsolved for a few days, I went back through the archives to check your CC history to make sure.
Yes. You can learn many interesting things from searching the archives...
1:41 AM
hang on, that's the answer?
1:54 AM
Cough? No, "cough" is not an 8 letter word.
so confused
@thecoder16 I'm pretty sure it's not confused
Confused is 8!
Confusion is carving a hole in my brain
2:21 AM
Alright, so you have the CCCC, the archives, and @n_palum. Put those all together, and you get...?
CCCCARCHIVESNPALUM? That's too many letters
The clue is also starred with the CCCC itself, in a way?
are you cheating?
2:27 AM
I am not cheating
I am, however, rather stupid, which sometimes gets confused with not following rules properly
The CCCC is solvable on its own, but seeing it in context may help
I'm so lost...
How do you see a starred item "in context"?
Permalink or History
Which are 9, 7 respectively
...and what does one do with a permalink?
... First (def) = band (RIM) divides friend (P_AL)
n_palum: Why are you dividing me?! ;_;
Deusovi: (First (def)) = (band (RIM) divides friend (P_AL))
n_palum: Stop dividing me it hurts
2:30 AM
Copy and Paste it.. or reply to people.. or link
and the current CCCC follows that immediately
Looks like the dog has the scent!
That context, unfortunately, does not help me. Yet.
That literal text is the context
I shouldn't need to... repeat myself
2:34 AM
oh. ding as a strike.
* * \o/ * *
gah, I was just about to say that, Anko
nice one
I looked at VIDI for a long time too
(and that's a great clue, Mike)
2:35 AM
I like the VIDI bit
D: D: D:
But why is carving = dividing. meh
I looked at VIDI three days ago and didn't look at DIVIDING because of that
Hm so who sets the next one?
n_palum does
hm? I thought it was Ankoganit
2:37 AM
n_palum got the word before
I assumed n_palum wasn't just blind guessing
I'm just upset that I've been done in like this again
If you really want to stump people, you could choose one of Gareth's contact words
Def is 18th century chamber music...
No because then he'll get it immediately
So.. do you want me or Anko to take it..
He gave the full explanation before I did
2:49 AM
were you just throwing a word out or did you know why it was right?
I kept looking at the word Dividing and was like... no way that's 8.. wait that's 8.. is it? and then it clicked finally...
I realized it could be VIDI inside, but my ? was because I was surprised Mike actually did that
welp. If you didn't actually have the construction in mind when you said it, Anko goes next. If you did, you do.
If Anko wants it, they can have it, otherwise I need like a minute to think of one.. my bank is at work..
Contact has started, for any interested
I've got a real easy one.
CCCC: Reinvented from riches, it's hosted by Sissel (5, 2, 7)
3:01 AM
I'm not sure that's an accurate definition.
...Or an accurate first word, for that matter.
But the answer is WHEEL OF FORTUNE.
Reinvent the wheel is illegal I presume?
("reinvent the wheel" for word 1, my avatar is a character named Sissel and I hosted a game of Wheel of Fortune for fun earlier today)
Maybe "it's reinvented", but certainly not "reinvented" by itself.
Oh maybe.. meh it was an on the spot
I also happened to have purchased Ghost Trick earlier so I felt inspired
oooh! thoughts so far?
I haven't gotten to play, just downloaded it XD
I'll let you know
3:03 AM
then how'd you know the character name? :P
(if you looked it up, don't do that. seriously. huge spoilers.)
I've known it for a while....
ah, maybe I've mentioned that before
Curiosity about your avatar when I first came here
or someone else has
Nah it was my own doing..
3:04 AM
hope you didn't see spoilers then
that game is really easy to spoil
Nah just the name really
even the name is kind of a spoiler - you don't know it at the beginning of the game
I'll try my best to forget..
And by 'downloaded' it I meant I stuck the cartridge in to make sure it worked and turned the 3DS back off to charge XD
I was in the mall and Gamestop had a buy one get one on used DS/3DS games and I saw it and was like oh snap, Deus said that's good
it's very good
It's a puzzle ish game right?
3:07 AM
yeah, puzzle game
Cool.. been a bit since I've played a real good puzzle game..
I can recommend more.
Portal may be the last one I've really liked
I'd be open to recommendations although platforms may be an issue
Antichamber, The Witness, Ace Attorney series, Danganronpa series, Zero Escape series. There's also Portal Stories: Mel (and Portal 2, for that matter) if you haven't played those.
I've seen a bunch of ace attorney and danganropa.. I played portal stuff
I've debated the witness
3:14 AM
What are your thoughts on Talos Principle, if any?
Oh, and some more: Spikes 'n' Stuff (or anything by Draknek really), The Room series, English Country Tune...
If you're asking me, never played
The room?
Not that room!
@MikeQ Never played it. I got the demo and it seemed kinda interesting, but not enough to buy.
@n_palum Lots of people say it's pretentious. They may be right. But the puzzles are good.
It's pretty and it's available on multiple platforms
3:16 AM
That's the best room though!
You're tearing me apart n_palum
Is n_palum dividing you?
Sorry Lisa
Regardless of terrible movies and great video games, @deus has the CCCC now.
Oh, right!
3:22 AM
I think you mean, great video games, and greater movies
I most certainly do not. Have you watched the entire thing?
Actually, never mind. It's not related to puzzles, and discussing that film does not lead anywhere productive.
CCCC: Some say Rubio is after reward - broken leg led to procrastination (10)
Yep. :P
Rubio would be so happy
alright, hang on a sec
CCCC: Used part of clock (6-4)
3:39 AM
CCCC: Strengthen commitment to parts 3 and 4 of a well-known code (6, 4)
Commitment = word?
(@Rubio - pinging you because you may like my previous clue)
3:45 AM
Thanks, I was off elsewhere and missed it entirely
Why is that not 4,4 ;)
...Because the first word of the answer has six letters?
But Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right...
oh nevermind ;)
...I thought you would've gotten the answer by now
Not actually working on it, in the middle of something else
i get DOUBLE DUTY, maybe, from the wordplay, but drawing a blank on any sort of relevant well-known code.
4:03 AM
you're close
huh. I thought that'd be miles off :)
is this a gaming code or something that I may not know?
I can guarantee that you should be fully able to solve this clue
mumble. ok. if nobody gets it before I get back I'll noodle on it s'more. Off for a half hour ish
Double word?
Triple duty?
You'll know the answer when you see it.
4:14 AM
Okay got it but Rubio should get the points :P
Gotta be that
Double bond?
@Sp3000 You should go ahead and take it just to keep things going.
Fine :P DOUBLE DOWN (ddef)
Q: Martin Gardner's "The Twiddled Bolts"

Mike EarnestThis is a puzzle of Martin Garnder, taken verbatim from My Best Mathematical and Logic Puzzles: Two identical bolts are placed together so their groves intermesh. If you move the bolts around each other as you would twiddle your thumbs, holding each bolt firmly by the head so it does not rota...

THAT'S NOT FUNNY. ok it is.
4:28 AM
Assuming that's correct (no searching for the clue verbatim because I know it happens to have been used by newspapers, and it's hard to come up with a clue at work):
CCCC: Put on a very quiet German song (7)
shylied? lowlied?
4:41 AM
or maybe "German" = DE?
ok back. That clue @deus. lol
I was clearly much closer than I thought
A+PP+LIED ? @Sp3000
Ohhh, PP like in musical notation. Clever.
Yup that
CCCC: Covered the coals and put up for the night without sign of life, almost. (6)
2 hours later…
7:08 AM
Q: Where am I waving to?

Jan Ivan𝙸 can 𝚠𝚊𝚟𝚎 my hands at you, but I never say goodbye. You are always cool when with me, even more so when I am high! If you want 𝚝𝚘 be πš’πš— too, πšπš’πš—d missing sentence/word. π™Έπš is just simple riddle so… but now I have to go, b𝚒e… Hint 0:

1 hour later…
8:36 AM
Q: In standard isolated lab

Jan Ivan(Skip this story, that is not part of question, only might be helpful. Sorry for bad English, you can correct things, no stego this time.) Robot Dan (world smartest vacuum cleaner) and I went to the old isolated lab. It was standard time traveling lab, so kind of cool. However system of time trav...

Q: technothlon 2014 question

NavinHere is the question from technothlon 2014 paper I couldnot begin how to approach this problem.Any ideas?

9:19 AM
@Rubio I can think of a word but hmmm wordplay
Oh, you. Always solving my cryptics in like 2 minutes. hehe
[OFF-TOPIC ALERT] Hey I don't understand a chess puzzle
I was reading this and clicked this link
But I can't seem to solve the chess puzzle
Well atm I can only thing of one word that fits the def, and for that I'm excited. But no definites for wordplay yet.
What is the aim?
White to play and win
Actually, wait, it's 'can whites win in this position?.'
9:26 AM
I am not sure, but I don't think white can win there.
That's what I thought... but it's a puzzle, right? Usually they have unexpected solutions
Similar colored bishops mating black is not possible if my chess theory is alright.
Yes, but black has a pawn
As long as black doesn't move that pawn, he is alright methinks
But when you think about it, black has to move the pawn...
9:32 AM
Well, black can simply move the pawn up and we would have a stale mate I think.
Methinks the number of bishops is tightly controlled
Hmm... doesn't look solvable now
I think it is possible.
Try to move the bishop away from h8 diagonal.
Does it involve a Ba1 thing?
Ba1 also works I think.
Crap, no.
9:44 AM
I mean Ba1 at some point
Start with Be7
23 messages moved from Codenames
1 message moved from Codenames
(interestingly, now I can't undo my actions)
This seems impossible still
No. This doesn't work.
What? No! The room change should have solved it
9:47 AM
Stalemate looks inevitable.
Oh no, this puzzle is really annoying
You don't say
Okay, enough with the snide remarks
so - stockfish v stockfish is just playing things out to a draw by the looks of it
Chess engines are infamously bad at this kind of chess puzzle
9:58 AM
admittedly so, but thought it worth trying all the same
Yep, sorry if it sounded like criticism though
Whee, may as well take Stockfish out to 99 plies
So it is possible
Seems so, after a lot of moves
(btw depth!=plies, I found out)
I found the discussion page: braingames.ru/?path=comments&puzzle=556
(probably contains spoilers)
10:11 AM
Not if it's in a different language...
The title means 'Herd of Elephants', apparently
At least according Google translate
Elephant = Bishop
How come?
Quoting wikipedia, The bishop's predecessor in medieval chess, shatranj (originally chaturanga), was the alfil, meaning the elephant, which could leap two squares along any diagonal, and could jump over an intervening piece.
oh cool
10:13 AM
So I think it remained the same in other languages
This is going to keep me awake tonight
If there's a solution then it has to be of the form "let the BP advance to a3, clear a1 for the BK, allow Ka1, then somehow force the next move to be a2 rather than either Ka2 or Kb1, then give checkmate", and that bit I italicized seems impossible -- the WK can't cover both squares without being adjacent to the BK.
(Of course the above is not in any way a rigorous argument.)
This problem was beautiful
Give me a second to iron out one detail
Woah, we actually need all the bishops
It's really precise too, are you sure you want me to spoil
no, not sure :-)
10:28 AM
This should definitely be a puzzle
though I'm not sure I have time to work it out myself (am at work and should really be doing non-puzzling things; or rather, things that are puzzling in different ways)
This puzzle is actually awesome
It has got to be the coolest chess puzzle I have ever seen
Q: Horde of bishops

Wen1nowThis has got to be the coolest chess puzzle I have ever seen. Shamelessly stolen from here (Which is actually linked from the help center, which is how I found this) which links here. I don't believe anybody has posted this before as a puzzle though. The question: Can white win in this position?

Well, the answer is so cool it deserves to be a puzzle
10:50 AM
@Deusovi I said that as a sarcasm :/
How did the topic change so fast?
1 hour later…
12:10 PM
Q: Who is telling the truth and who lies?

J.DoeIn the question Who lies and who tells the truth?, rand al'thor explain a) correctly, but he did not display his mathematical approach about the first yellow block at b). Could anyone have time to solve with with logical expressions (modus ponens, syllogism, ...) (full answer for b))?

12:23 PM
Har har
Hush you spy
But it's always you
12:37 PM
You're the suspect one though
And I was a deserter last as I recall :P
Or a thief, I forget which
You know, those roles really don't help when people think you're the spy before the game even starts lol
No, no they don't XD
Or when Lithos and Jan just give incriminating answers but aren't spies
there are too many suspicious people
There's one now!
12:47 PM
@Deusovi Did you see that dot movement thing I shared yesterday?
Yeah. I've seen it before.
Grumbles.. Well okay then Mr Smartypants
Oh also Deus, I've got some bad news...
When your query somehow causes duplicate rows...
That you're the spy? Because that's not news.
12:53 PM
@n_palum Hm?
@Mithrandir No D:
@Deusovi So apparently you won the game that I left haha
@dcfyj yup! that was intense
@Deusovi we're stripping your diamond from you Ghost trick cartridge I bought is broke D:
12:56 PM
@n_palum Unbreak it!
unbreak.exe failed
Wait, are you saying your Ghost trick cartridge is suppose to have money and it doesn't and that's why it's broke?
I was about to say that it was available on iOS too, but then I remembered you saying iPhones are butt
12:57 PM
Yeah I have a Pixel
@dcfyj Slow claps No silly
@n_palum well then you should have said 'broken'
is broken and is broke are both fine?
I don't think "broke" is an adjective - at least not in "standard English"
The cartridge is broke. The cartridge is broken.
1:02 PM
I do think some dialects allow "is broke", but it's not formal
:( I say both interchangeably
The cartridge broke. So now the cartridge is broken.
I say it's broke all the time
(for instance, I'm pretty sure AAVE "allows" it)
Maybe it's a Philly thing...
We do tend to say other words weird..
1:03 PM
"The cartridge is broke" makes me think the cartridge is now out busking on the streets :P
@n_palum Whether you say it all the time or not is irrelevant, it's bad grammar lol
@Sp3000 Dc already made that joke
@dcfyj Let me live my life
the spy life
@Sp3000 You're behind the times :P
1:05 PM
@n_palum :( I blame not seeing it on me online shopping right now and my bank account will soon actually be broke
Easy solution, stop buying :P
Can't stop, won't stop, gonna make that bank drop
I'm guessing song lyrics?
goes to site to buy ONE thing "Oh hey, there was this other thing wasn't there" adds second item to cart "Oh I should check whether there's anything new for this" adds third item to cart "Oh hey, the site actually recommended something good" adds fourth item to cart
1:07 PM
So basically you need better self-control when shopping :P
@dcfyj can't stop won't stop part is but then I improvised XD
I think it's just from me being sad at not being able to obtain this controller instead (JP credit card only :/)
Less self control = more fun stuff
@n_palum eh, not really
= no money
1:08 PM
= no food
@Sp3000 What the heck is that even for?
I say this all as I only really spend my money on food
@n_palum Well make more then
I'll have you know, I save a lot of the money I'm making on coop...
Granted I've got student loans when I'm done... but that's besides the point
1:09 PM
@dcfyj Currently-in-alpha PC version of this arcade game: youtu.be/saDMFEHOc0k?t=24
1:27 PM
I enthusiastically endorse spending less money on stuff and saving more. (Having said which, I just spent over £2k on a laptop computer so I'm not in the best place to talk. But it's replacing a machine 6 years old and I am generally not very spendy.)
@GarethMcCaughan What'd you end up getting?
Lenovo ThinkPad P51.
Key requirements: (1) Wide-gamut 4K screen. (I do some graphic-design stuff and accurate colours are useful for that.) (2) Non-shit keyboard. (About half the time I'm sat with a laptop computer, I'm typing on it.) (3) Robust and reliable. (4) Performance that won't make me feel the need to get something newer in three years' time.
Interesting.. I presume you added a lot to it since they start at 1,300 ish
They start at £1500 in the UK. (Not being in the US is really sucky when buying computer hardware. Though some of the difference is in taxes that we do useful things with.)
(fyi I do actually throw most of my money in a separate account for saving :P It's just that once in a while I like stocking up on a lot of books and CDs at once)
1:30 PM
Expensive things I added: 4K screen, 1TB SSD.
Ah nice
Also: not-quite-the-cheapest CPU/GPU, 16GB of RAM.
My old laptop has a 500GB SSD and it's completely full. Though this may mostly mean I should be organizing my storage differently :-).
I was sorely tempted by some other prettier, thinner, lighter, cheaper laptops, but couldn't convince myself that if I bought them they wouldn't be making me feel sad three years down the line.
That's fair enough
@Sp3000 "When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left over, I buy food and clothes." -- Desiderius Erasmus
I enthusiastically endorse those priorities, too :-).
Idk... food is pretty good
1:33 PM
I do the food part but not so much the clothes part usually, admittedly :P
I just bought some new clothes yesterday..
I have no idea yet whether I made a good choice of laptop because the damn thing (ordered 2017-05-17) still hasn't actually arrived. (They were very slow to ship, I think because of supply difficulties with the display, and it's still in transit from China. Last I heard, it was in Germany.)
Slowly but surely
UPS claim it should reach me by close of play today. If so, then I can only assume their tracking system didn't actually register it when it arrived in the UK.
1:35 PM
looks up Desiderius Erasmus
I actually need a working laptop for tomorrow evening, though in a pinch I could use the old one (which now works only when plugged into the mains).
@Sp3000 You will see that one of his more famous works is called "In praise of folly". To appreciate this title you need to know that in Latin that's "Encomium Moriae" and that Erasmus was a friend of Thomas More. Mmmm, multilingual puns.
> sometimes translated as In Praise of More
Hmmm nice try translators
There's a lovely story about Erasmus that unfortunately is probably false. So Erasmus prepared a widely-used version of the text of the New Testament (note: this is a highly nontrivial problem because there are lots and lots of manuscripts of various dates and provenances and they all have little disagreements with one another). There's an infamous little bit of the New Testament called the "Johannine Comma" that (unlike anything else in the NT) gives fairly explicit endorsement to [...continues
... the (rather odd) Christian doctrine of the Trinity. It appears in some late manuscripts of the Gospel of John, typically mediaeval translations of the Greek text, but not in anything early, and is generally reckoned to be a late interpolation by people wanting to manufacture support for orthodox Christian doctrine. [...continues
So, anyway, supposedly: Erasmus thought this thing was spurious and didn't belong in the original text, but others thought it belonged in the Bible (because it supports the orthodox position, don'tcha know?). Erasmus responded to this with a challenge: Find me one, just one, Greek manuscript that includes the "Johannine Comma", and I will put it in the version of the text I'm preparing. [...continues
And, supposedly, someone found one and presented it to Erasmus, and he said ok, fair enough, in it goes; but it turned out that this Greek text was a translation back into Greek from a much later manuscript, and may in fact have been made only in order to force Erasmus to put that passage in his text.
But, again, it turns out that this story is probably false.
(Well, I think it's funny. My sense of humour is a little peculiar, though. My apologies to anyone who was simply bored by the above.)
It's quite an imposing block of text
I found that pretty amusing, the challenge at least :P
So does the phrase appear in the actual text?
1:50 PM
Depends on what you mean by "the actual text".
It appears in some later NT manuscripts that are translations from the original Greek.
It doesn't appear in any "original" Greek manuscript (i.e., any dating to the first 4-5 centuries AD).
Q: Fill this 5x5 grid

Alix EisenhardtOne day, a friend has shown me a 5 by 5 grid, challenging me to fill it with numbers from 1 to 25. Obviously, it is not simple because there are some rules: The number 1 is placed in the center of the grid The numbers are placed in ascending order Only two movements are permitted: moving two bo...

I think pretty much all scholars agree that it almost certainly wasn't in whatever the first version of the Gospel of John actually was.
But that first version is surely irrevocably lost in the mists of time and all anyone can do is to reconstruct it as best they can from the later copies.
@Wen1now That is so beautiful. Everything comes into play perfectly..
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