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6:12 AM
@Tytoalba I feel pity for it too (¯―¯٥)
@terdon (。ŏ﹏ŏ)
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9:53 PM
@another'Homosapien' @another'Homosapien' all biases aside (:p), I agree that photos associated with posts is one of the more intriguing ideas that came out of your meta post. In other words, it might be the one that garners the most community support from various sites.
(Though I would say additional super/subscript functionality would be even more popular, but no point in pursuing something that @WYSIWYG said already failed before).
I would think that my "Species ID question template" suggestion (specifically, the expand the "How to Ask" instruction box) would be a good feature request internally (i.e., in our own bio.meta site.
But if you and others think that the photo search idea is good enough, I could expand upon it and submit it as a formal feature request on the main meta site.
I welcome feedback from the mods / other experienced users concerning that topic, though.
@theforestecologist I think I mentioned this in chat before, but the thing that kills this feature is that the tags are usually selected after the post body is written. You can't add the template if there is already text there.
What could easily work is to add a tag warning to the identification tag, you can add a few lines of text there to tell people which information they should add
@MadScientist right. I agree. But I think a modified proposal that just emphasizes expanded "How to Ask" boxes in general would be nice. I'm sure close to 0% of new users go to the help pages, so putting more info/links where people can actually see them would be great!
do you know how the tag warnings work?
go to stackoverflow.com and add ask a question, add the sql tag. There'll be a popup that adds some hints. That is something that is already implemented and could be easily added here on biology
10:07 PM
@MadScientist Yeah that would work perfectly well I think :)
If you want to get that implemented, propose a text for the tag warning on meta, get some community input and then we can ask SE to implement it
on Bio.meta you mean, yeah?
This doesn't need any developer time, just an SE employee to add the tag warning. But they like to see a meta post with some community support to make sure the change makes sense and is supported by the community.
10:13 PM
The fledgling bioinformatics site needs new users! Come on over those of you who're on the dry side of the lab!
Q: Is there a large enough community to sustain this site?

Robert CartainoSpread the word. In less than a week, this site will undergo a private beta evaluation. I had to postpone the pro tem nomination thread — typically posted today — because there simply isn't a large enough community signed on to support this site. We need to increase your numbers. Typically we ne...

@MadScientist great. Thanks for the info. I'll get that post up sometime this week or next then :)
@another'Homosapien' That's one proposal taken care of ;p
@terdon that message isn't a good sign
I know :(
Which is why I posted here.
Let's go for a less negative one then.
Come and join the new Bioinformatics.SE! Sign up here.
Could someone star that please? I'd rather not use my mod powers.
10:39 PM
@MadScientist Should I add the "feature-request" tag to this post initially, or wait for community support?
Thanks whoever starred that!
11:01 PM
@another'Homosapien' @MadScientist: New proposal created:
Q: Species Identification tag warning proposal

theforestecologistOne of my numerous proposals from the Redesigning Biology Stack Exchange Bio.Meta post was to create a template or instruction guide for species-identification questions. The goal is to improve the inclusion rate of info necessary for typical ID questions. User @Mad-Scientist suggested in ch...

@theforestecologist Nice!
@terdon :D
@terdon want to return the star favor? ;p
No, actually. That one, I'll mod pin.
It belongs here, after all.
oooo :D
I just didn't want to do that to my promotion of the bioinformatics site since it isn't really about this site, as such. I'll ask one of the local mods to pin it if they don't mind though :)
Which reminds me, @WYSIWYG the bioinformatics site needs posts! Come back!

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